LEGO Outs Incoming Nintendo Direct, NFL 2K is BACK & New Tony Hawk 2020 Title?! | PE NewZ

LEGO Outs Incoming Nintendo Direct, NFL 2K is BACK & New Tony Hawk 2020 Title?! | PE NewZ

Hey what’s up everyone OJ here
welcome back to another video we’ve got some pretty good news topics that I want
to discuss today so let’s go ahead and get right into it
and we’re starting off with a slip up of a direct coming pretty soon from Lego
and Nintendo so this was very interesting because there was an
announcement on the official Nintendo of America page dug Bowser on Twitter
saying that Nintendo and Lego are teaming up for some type of
collaboration now there’s been some other rumors going around that it’s
going to be mario block sets that you can build or lego sets that you can
build but there’s no indication as at this point that it’s going to be an
actual game now Nintendo and Lego have teamed up before in the past with LEGO
City undercover that game initially was a Wii U exclusive before going over to
other platforms and it’s also on the Nintendo switch there’s also the Lego
worids game that’s on the Nintendo switch as well and all the different
Lego games that have been on Nintendo platforms over the course of the years
or decades or whatever so Nintendo and Lego have always had a pretty good
business relationship overall and this seems to be the next thing but the
biggest thing about this is not necessarily that there is some type of
partnership but what was said before they fixed it on the official site the
lego site first and foremost and here’s what they had to say before they came
out and fix it so they kind of slipped up about the Nintendo Direct they said
quote hurt about the partnership between Lego and Nintendo the latest Nintendo
Direct announced their exciting collaboration the first time that the
two big brands have worked together details are limited at this stage but we
hope you’re as excited as us so I’m thinking it’s not going to be a video
game and it’s going to be some type of Lego block set or something like that or
some type of promotion or toys or something with Super Mario and also with
Lego because it’s the first time that Super Mario Wright Super Mario and Lego
so I think that’s what they were probably
– you’re not Nintendo but Mario Lego okay I get it now that’s right what
they’re saying is right the first time that these two brands Super Mario the
brand not Nintendo that owns Mario but Super Mario and Lego itself so that was
also what dug Bowser was showing off some type of Mario thing on Twitter and
all of that so yeah yeah that is correct in terms of that statement but either
way it does seem like there is going to be an announcement of a Nintendo Direct
pretty soon here and they accidentally let this one slip I’m guessing the
announcement of the Nintendo Direct will be this week or it’s going to be next
week sometime like that and I’m guessing this week so the announcement maybe
could come on Wednesday and then we have it on Thursday or Thursday then we have
it on Friday I’m not really sure but it does seem like they were a little bit
quick to jump the gun on that one and obviously it’s been a while since the
last Nintendo Direct I’m not really sure exactly what this is gonna turn out to
be but it doesn’t like it is going to be some type of toy set or something like
that and maybe there is a game tie-in maybe there is something that kind of
relates to it maybe there’s something that is added into something like Super
Mario maker like DLC or something like that we have the Mario 10-day obviously
so that was the announcement for today and it’s one of those things – what
we’re just gonna have to wait and see what they end up doing but the Nintendo
Direct does submit that’s going to be coming pretty soon here we’re gonna be
getting an announcement obviously like I said it’s been a while and I’m looking
forward to seeing what they show off I mean I have heard a few things here and
there and I think it’s going to be interesting when it comes to the
directive when they finally show one off obviously we have Animal Crossing coming
up so that’s a big game and Nintendo’s definitely gearing up for that release
as well so exciting times for Nintendo fans and in terms of what they’re gonna
be seeing and showing off so I mission to see how it all plays out this week or
next week will have to wait on that one so what are you guys this thoughts when
it comes to this Super Mario and Lego collaboration when do you guys think the
Tendo is gonna be announcing this direct have they already announced that at this
point let me know your thoughts in the comment section below
alright now moving on to the next topic here we have a pretty big announcement
when it comes to the NFL licensed EA and 2k games so 2k has officially announced
that they have a multi-year partnership to produce non simulation football games
with the NFL this is the first time in like what a decade that we’ve been able
to see anybody make anything with the NFL when it comes to football outside of
EA the last game was NFL 2k5 so yeah it’s actually been like more than a
decade in almost two decades 15 years so 2k has announced a multi-year
partnership with the National Football League encompassing multiple future
video games which marks the return of football themed titles the two K’s
lineup of sports games the games will be non simulation football game experiences
and are in early development starting for launch in 2021 specific titles
developers and release dates will be announced at a later date quote the NFL
is one of the most successful sports brand in the world known for creating
incredible entertainment for fans that 2k games president David is mayor we’re
thrilled to be back in the business with the NFL and a partnership that will span
multiple video games centered on fun approachable and social experiences it’s
exciting to bring together to case expertise in creating award-winning
sports games with the NFL’s renowned status as a world-class entertainment
and sports organization now an NFL senior vice president of consumer
products Joe Ruggero said expanding the NFL’s
presence in the world of gaming has become a focus for the league as we look
to grow the next generation of our fan base and reviving our partnership with
2k was a natural step in that effort 2k is a worldwide leader in sports video
games with a proven track record of creating best-in-class and award-winning
games and we look forward to sharing more about the projects as we’re working
on with them in the future now it should be noted that in this Agreement it does
not allow two k to develop National Football League branded football
simulation games so the 11 on 11 what you’d expect from something like Madden
or NFL 2k that is some that they won’t be doing what this is like it’s going to
be like maybe NFL Blitz or NFL Street or almost like the EA play type of versions
that they have with Madden on the Wii it’s gonna be
something like that maybe even like a flag football and tackle football mode
but it’s like three on three or something like that or nine man football
not really sure but it’s not going to be the regular simulation type of games
Electronic Arts EA they still have the exclusive license for that and he a
released their own statement because EA is crazy about this they also released
their own statement saying this quote EA Sports is the exclusive publisher of NFL
simulation games and our partnership with the NFL and NFL PA remains
unchanged Electronic Arts said in a statement our agreements have always
allowed for non-exclusive development of non simulation games on various
platforms our commitment to NFL fans which spans almost 30 years has never
been stronger and we’re having our biggest year yet Madden NFL 20 is the
most successful game ever in the franchise and all new modes like
superstar K oh and our Madden NFL eSports broadcasts are going to fanbase
we’ll be building on that momentum and more new and different experiences on
more platforms with the new ways to play in the years to come so I think the
biggest problem that people have with EA and with this exclusive deal is that
it’s not on more platforms that’s the funny thing they just kind of recently
went back to PC pretty much it was just ps4 Xbox one for the longest time
they’ve pretty much ditched Nintendo platforms obviously the Nintendo switch
is super popular especially here in the US and there’s no Madden on the Nintendo
switch at all and on top of that it does seem like yes they have grown yes
they’re selling a lot yes for having success but it’s only because of the
exclusive franchise if 2k was able to make simulation football games they’d
probably not have as much success it’s just because football is just so popular
American football is so popular NFL is so popular and this is the only place
that we can get it from they literally have a monopoly on the market so if you
have a monopoly on the market of course you’re gonna have success because yes
Madden it’s functional it works and it’s not a horrible game by any means but
let’s just be honest here if NFL 2k was allowed to continue making NFL games
there would definitely be better NFL games out at this point there would be
better NFL games because petition drives excellence you have to
have competition in order to not settle on your laurels or whatever the case is
right and not get complacent and Maddon I would say has gotten a little bit
complacent here and there over the years so I think that with 2k getting back
into the game when it comes to non simulation I think that’s definitely
gonna push things just a little bit now myself I have not bought a Madden game
in over a decade the last time that I actually purchased a Madden game full
price day one was I think mat in 2010 back on the PlayStation 3 so it’s been a
decade for me and I’m not gonna buy any Madden games day one when it comes down
to just because I haven’t seen the type of improvements that I would like to see
and of course they don’t have it on the Nintendo switch play it anywhere that
you want so yeah I’m good on that but this 2k game hopefully it does come to
more platforms hopefully it does come to everything it comes to switch it comes
to PC ps4 Xbox one whatever the case is right so more people can play it Madden
is so inclusive with it’s usually just two platforms just expanding the PC and
they don’t develop on switch at all so I mean I’m hoping that this 2k game comes
in and it’s a lot of fun because I’ll buy that day one non simulation football
we can still use the stars on the NFL I’ll buy that just so I can send a
message to yeh like hey I’ll buy this game but I’m not buying your game you
know so those are my thoughts on that what do you guys think let me know in
the comment section below all right and moving on to the final topic here guys
it seems like Tony Hawk pro skater is coming back yes Tony Hawk pro skater is
coming back in some way shape or form let’s hope that it’s not a mobile game
so on Twitter there was a post from the Nathan NS and he stated that there is a
person I think it’s abandoned there called the debt set and they said just
license five new songs to Tony Hawk 2020 game you’ll be hearing this bleep soon
so it does seem like there is a new Tony Hawk game coming since they did license
the dead-set license their music over for a 2020 game and one thing that the
Nathan said is like this seems like an NDA a nondisclosure agreement breach and
it definitely does seem like that or maybe the debts that just didn’t care
and they were excited just to announce it but Tony Hawk
could be coming back now like I said before let’s
hope that this isn’t some type of mobile bad Tony Hawk’s spin-off Tony Hawk ride
or something like that I’m hoping that it’s just like a standard really cool
Tony Hawk game almost like Tony Hawk pro skater – I really like Tony Hawk pro
skater – that’s my favorite Tony Hawk game of all time is coming back for
skated – I know people like the underground games and bam margera and
dancing and all this other weird stuff but for me it was always Tony Hawk pro
skater – rodney mullen man the hangar that was just fantastic so I’m hoping
that it’s just going to be something cool something standard has some nice
features built into it making some multiplayer in there skating around with
your friends and I’ll definitely pick it up I’m not sure if it needs to be some
type of big release $60 or anything like that I think it could be a download game
that’s just fairly good budget nothing crazy and just get back to the basics
when it comes to a good Tony Hawk games there’s a lot of tricks a lot of cool
sound effects a lot of good I’d say arena or skatepark designs pretty cool
single-player kind of thrown in there and like I said multiplayer skate around
with your friends have some competitions stuff like that and then you got
yourself a good Tony Hawk game that isn’t crazy doesn’t break the bank or
anything like that so to me I’m hoping that’s what this is but we’re gonna have
to wait and see exactly what happens here but what are your thoughts on this
when it comes to everything that we discussed from the Nintendo Direct –
also this 2k games with NFL and also Tony Hawk I’d love to hear what you guys
have to say in the comments section below
alright guys that wraps it up for this video here check out the link in the
description we’ve got Twitter go ahead and give us a follow on there stay up to
date on the latest gaming news and information also make sure you like
comment and subscribe and share the video if you can thank you so much for
watching and we’ll catch you guys for the next one these

38 thoughts on “LEGO Outs Incoming Nintendo Direct, NFL 2K is BACK & New Tony Hawk 2020 Title?! | PE NewZ”

  1. That Lego leak doesn't prove a Direct is coming. It more suggests that the Direct was planned before the Lego announcement but was delayed tbh. Would love to be wrong though

  2. It didn't "out" an incoming direct, it said "latest Nintendo Direct" meaning it was the latest direct that happened, meaning prior to that posting today. The only way it outted an incoming direct is if that post today was never meant to be posted today.

  3. I think it basically said there was supposed to had been a direct but it was canceled so that's a bad sign probably not going to be a direct for months very unexciting news for Nintendo fans

  4. Despite the awful microtransactions and intrusive ads of their NBA games, having 2K back in the mix for NFL licensed games is better than EA having exclusive rights at the end of the day.

  5. My guess is we might even even get an announcement today in a few hours. Animal Crossing Direct was announced at around 5 pm EST so it is possible they shifted their announcement times. If not I'm pretty sure there's a Direct in two weeks or less before their last 2019 FQ ends.

  6. "EA's commitment to screw fans (Especially Nintendo) for the past 30 years is stronger because we loot people."

  7. I desperately hope that this leads to further collaboration, mainly Legend of Zelda Legos, I am a HUGE Lego fan at 21 and am currently working on multiple builds of my own

  8. NFL 2K!!!!???. I can finally pack up my dreamcast because finally a 2K Football game!! I mean this honestly those Dreamcast 2K games are masterpiece sports games

  9. I heard someone mentioned that the Official picture of LEGO like Mario with LCD eyes, mouth, block the LCD part may be Nintendo Switch screen maybe they can do Labo X LEGO game+toys.

  10. I was excited initially about 2k but then when they detailed what they are actually doing with NFL, i realized there was nothing to be happy about. Same old same old. Smh

  11. NFL needs to end that deal whit EA. It ruined football games for people who don't like madden. Madden games have become mediocre.

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