Let’s Golf! 3D – Nintendo eShop – Trailer

Let’s Golf! 3D – Nintendo eShop – Trailer

16 thoughts on “Let’s Golf! 3D – Nintendo eShop – Trailer”

  1. Here's a few reasons why your game sucks:

    1) Costs more than iOS version, but with less content.

    2) No online game play like iOS version.

    3) Is converted to 3D, rather than tailored for it, making the effect awful by most reviewer's accounts.

    4) Your games have no character and no soul.

    5) Controls are mediocre at best.

    6) Tons of lag and this game isn't even online.

  2. @SolarEXtract Hello,
    First of all, please use a language based on common sense, otherwise we will have to delete your posts.
    Second of all, thank you for sharing your opinion . We always appreciate also the positive and the negative reviews/ feedback.
    Feel free to send us further suggestions and thank you for understanding the language rule!:)
    All the best!

  3. I'm guessing march of heroes will come out next week Thursday Becouse 9mm comes out two weeks later silent ops and the march of heroes

  4. @newbies4u Actually Let's Golf is a game that is played by allot of people! And if one 3D game was released, what makes you think others won't follow up? 🙂

  5. @Mchuskers Yes, Gameloft Live has gone trough an update but is all good now.

    Try it and tell us if you are having any other type of trouble.

  6. Gameloft made a BIG mistake by not adding online multiplayer to this. I wont be buying it for that reason alone.
    I want to play online against others with my 3DS.

  7. Dear Gameloft: I see you've ported lets golf to the 3DS, I see a lot of comments saying they would rather see N.O.V.A. 3D or Modern Combat 3D, I have to agree. Let's golf isn't a bad game or anything. Well you got NOVA on psp, so there really needs to be one for the 3DS

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