Let’s Play CYBERPUNK RED | Overboard, Episode 14

Let’s Play CYBERPUNK RED | Overboard, Episode 14

Welcome to Overboard, Polygon’s card and
board game show. Today we’re playing Cyberpunk Red. This tabletop RPG is the
latest edition of Cyberpunk, the 1988 role-playing game that Cyberpunk 2077 is
based on still following like almost all tabletop RPGs Cyberpunk Red is led by a
game master who sets the scenes and portrays all the characters our players
will interact with in this game that’s me
Jenna are three role players have each crafted a character complete with
backstories stats and personalities that will quickly become apparent as they
explore the world I’ve created they’ll encounter challenges a character whose
lying to them a locked room or maybe even somebody who wants to fight and
that’s where the dice come in I’ll ask players to make a certain type of role
whatever seems most appropriate for what they’re trying to do it could be hacking
a computer a test of strength or maybe just a really awkward social situation oh sure but we’re just doing normal
bathroom stuff but there’s three of us depending on how well they roll and how
good or bad their stats are in that area I’ll give them powerful bonuses or
embarrassing impairments there are a lot of other little rules but we’ll explain
them as we go along for now it’s time for your morning update. The year is 2040.
Fivenight city is still recovering from several man-made disasters of the
early 2020s and kites are popular again. In world news, the Kenyan orbital base
has announced a new director and in Night City, two are dead from an attack
on Hypo’s Medical Center. The weather today is 75 degrees with a
chance of earthquakes along the coastal shore and a light chance of alkali rain
in the afternoon. Welcome to Night City. well one day dapper Tasha receives a
phone call from a kind of a low-rent fixer that you know who goes by Lionel Dapper Dasha is a fixer in Night City. If
you need someone or something she’ll find a way to get it. She grew up
comfortably but has fallen on hard times and is on the hunt for a big payday.
She’s also a poser, which in the world of Cyberpunk means she uses plastic surgery
to look just like a celebrity – in this case, Winona Ryder. You know I’m okay
so are you hurt there two people were killed down at high pose you know how
those medical joined yeah I know hi bosz medical joint do I know other people I
don’t know who you know I mean maybe you’re like a fixer right well just tell
me their names why don’t you just tell me their name and we’ll see if I know
them so one was the name Johnny he’s like a solo he’s just one of the
volunteers he seems to have been like collateral and the other one with scrubs
you know scrubs oh what a shame scraps yeah what do I need to know uh so I
think if you just like go down to hypo and talk to hypo again I both freaking
out your real concern I don’t know what the whole deal is yeah thank you so much you will be remembered Thanks so you
guys all know hypo I was very well known in this neighborhoods but he’s best
known because he runs a Medical Center where people can go to get clean and
it’s no charge just you just wander in when you are ready to get clean and he’s
there to help you through it so he’s just well known as being like a good
dude good night cities are place there’s not a lot of people being
this altruistic so just everybody knows hypo people volunteer at the clinic all
the time so it’s like a non-profit and he’s just trying to make the world a
little bit of a better place he looks like Danny Trejo okay and I’m streaming
six-night just playing games that’s what happens there’s two sequels after four
at night 5 1996 night and I’m streaming and burger chains is there just kind of
for moral support is this what we do when we’re doing the
phone call you’re not allowed to say that word on here my dude and hey this
is a – hello burger chains – yeah how’s it going – Tasha hello it’s so nice to
speak to you yeah I’m terribly sorry about that – it just moderating the
forum here what can I do you for headshot sorry young man yeah are you
busy uh just gaming but uh you know there’s always time for that what can I
do you what’s up I can’t do this voice the whole traffic burger chains grew up
on a farming commune and likely wouldn’t have left it if it weren’t for a local
AG recording the place down he may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but
he’s loyal to a fault plus he’s got a cool van which he first
drove as part of a nomad gang and later doing odd jobs around night city what’s
going on – it can I come down there and help you out maybe yes actually I need a
ride – hypo there is maybe a job down there for us and I I could use a lift
well you know me I’m always looking for work I’ll just swing around in the truck
you just wait right there don’t worry nothin bout it I just hear that over what’s going on
okay I decide to close up shop and cool everyone’s really upset because I’m such
a good gamer there no that was your cue count I was moderating the chat and I
can tell you the view cat was trash is just getting started on the streaming
side of things all right so we hop in my van and we cruise down from van gogh’s
place over to dashas you know I give her a call
gosh the downstairs do we need to do all this stuff do you want me to come up and
meet you up there do you arrive at hypose Medical Center so this is a
two-story it’s just sort of like a rectangle it almost looks exactly like
what I’ve drawn here on the perfect um so it’s just sort of this rectangle it’s
under a freeway so it’s like the freeways like basically on top of the
second story of this building and it’s pretty loud but you know the real estate
was cheap and okay really afford better cuz this is a non-profit so here we are
this is the first floor basically the moment you guys walk into the door you
can see the blood splatter so what we have is yeah off to the side there’s
like a front entry area where there’s like a waiting room and a desk for like
reception and then the back part of it is just glass and so you can see in
there and there’s a lot of beds and there’s like tables and chairs for
people to like gather and do group sessions and like sit and do crafts and
sorts of things and and each of the bed has like a little has a curtain that
they can pull around for privacy in the evening but otherwise it’s just like
this big open living space where all these people are just trying to get
clean oh there yeah hi bosz there you can see him like pacing in behind the
windows I look at the two mutilated bodies and then I look
I bow and I say doc these guys gonna be okay do you yeah do you know do any of you
know hypo personally he sounds like the kind of guy burger chains would like do
errands for oh yeah for sure yeah you might volunteer if it’s a clinic for us
think that Bango Bango thinks that there’s a lot of
content here so he’s probably like maybe if you’ve asked me to like fix up a
thing for i but like if he needs specific like tech stuff but i don’t
think there’s really maybe you just needed you to sit up there’s Wi-Fi – yes
I’m known around town for good Wi-Fi so there was only one solo on duty and it
was mostly just for show and then in the back left corner you can see just a real
a real splay like it looks like somebody just popped this solo like one or two
very good shots and got him when they weren’t paying attention basically but
it looks like the the body of scrubs which is the the name of the addict
who’s trying to get clean it looks like even slice and dice didn’t blown apart
and there is just a real real mess Bango Bango goes to the nearest window where
he can see his reflection he starts streaming immediately and he
goes hey guys Banga Banga saw a really sad thing today just wanted to check in
with you all make sure that you are safe out there again Bango Bango Bango Bango
woke up one day in a warehouse his memory gone in front of him a computer
logged into the moderator account on jumped trash net with nothing else to go on
vengo poured his life into the website generating content whenever and wherever
he can even if he lacks any real talent for doing so looks like looks like that
guy clean turned inside out yeah yeah you can see a lot of his innards thank you I appreciate that your dapper
right yes yeah it’s so good to meet you thanks for coming out yeah sorry you had
to be under these circumstances and I hate to say it but these are often the
circumstances but I find myself in here sometimes maybe maybe clean your soul a
little but we don’t have to talk about that now anyway I wasn’t I did not see
what happened but dr. Busey pulled aside a couple people who said they saw some
things we want to talk to him but I think we’re all just real soaking up you
know don’t you know people need to know that they can come to hypose and be safe
and get the help they need so Johnny worked here he was watching the door
yeah yeah then scrubs was he was just a patient man he was an impatient me see I
would love to talk to dr. Abruzzi if I could yeah yeah yeah I’m gonna I’m gonna
go I don’t know what I’m gonna do yeah I’ll get dr. pussy for you so you
see him walk off he’s just sort of like shaking his head he looks like he’s like
pretty stressed he’s a little shaken if I turn to burger chains and say I’m not
sure sometimes you get paid in other things like trust friendship those are
useful you’re right exposure yell from the side i booze out here and he’s doing
a good thing for the community and that’s a community that you’re a part of
you meet friends community that’s so true that’s so true let’s find dr. Lucy
yeah let’s mop up these two dipshits and figure out who did it then hit their
head several times I just realized I call these two dead people dipshit yeah so a slightly older woman walks up
she’s wearing like a it looks like a medical jacket but it is clear because
we’re in the future hell yeah over it over like just like a very dark brown
very mundane dress she has one implanted magnifier over one of her eye
that looks like it has like some sort of smart class that can magnify in and out
on things and it looks like all of her fingers are cybernetic in some way or
another and so you get the impression as a professional doctor she might have
liked surgical tools or some sort of implements that will make her good at
doctoring mm-hmm okay I’m sorry you must be dr. Busey yes Boosie pleased to make
your acquaintance I think I’ve seen you around here your burger right yeah I
Drive the VIN yeah good to meet you thank you yeah so go on yeah yeah and
your dapper Lionel told me and you know this guy you
got mean do I have to explain that’s Banga Banga and i just hold up my
hands for very ones I’m hoping that dr. busi recognises Who I am from online
he’s vengo vengo what more can I say he’s here to help with the Wi-Fi but
let’s keep going this conversation just like far enough away because I realize
I’m not yes you can so she says what I gathered is that two
people entered or a couple people entered they shot Johnny poor Johnny I
mean he wasn’t a great guy but he volunteered so Who am I to say and then
they walked over they walked into the the inpatient area and they looked
around and then they spotted scrubs and they popped his scrubs so they were
looking for scrubs that’s what the witnesses are saying I don’t know you’ll
have to talk to them I was gonna say can I roll for local expert because of my
forum to see if scrubs is ever come out there yeah that’s a 10 nice so I get to
because that’s a critical success right yes so you roll another and and whatever
else 11 at plus four plus my intelligence which is 10 so I got a lot
25 beautiful what a roll yeah all right yeah you’ve heard of scrubs
he’s been on your forum once or twice not for scrubs though he’s a big fan of
Alf that’s a weird part of the forums I hate
moderating that’s why I recognized yeah but he’s on there sometimes talking
about like his exploits which are mostly ripping off medical groups to try and
get drugs he was a drug addict yeah and so like you know basically his whole his
whole shtick was like he would work is like an EMT or he would work in medical
warehouses or things like that and then skim stuff up until he was found out and
fired and then he’d go to another place but I know all of that because he was
saying this in alpha role play at this point some really weird twenty forty
five year twenty I guess when I kind of like click that when I go over and look
at scrubs and I see his like the only part of his clothing that’s not
completely spattered is a picture of alpha on him Alpha Team scrub yeah yeah
okay so at that point I come back and I say hey guys vengo vengo again I just
wanted to let you know that scrubs has been a part of my forums really into
alpha that’s less important than the fact that he has been kind of getting in
with the wrong people and that he’s been stealing a lot of medical supplies so
and I mean we know how med stuff works now in 2045 I’m saying this as some sort
of explanation I don’t actually know is this are these people like the insurance
companies or they like so like trauma team yeah so trauma team is an aspect of
cyberpunk they are the modern ambulances they’re very fast but they’re faster the
wealthier you are like to better grade of healthcare you have the better the
trauma team you’re gonna get they’re all extraordinarily expensive and they’re
like farmed right yeah they’re super armed they’re very aggressive they will
fight for the right to get your money by treating you gotcha to get your money I
say that Boosie says yeah the three witnesses
over here if you want to talk to him I think that’s best yes yeah so you see
over basically the opposite side of where the messes there’s a couple of
people like sitting on chairs just like how huddled together and two of them
seem one of them seems like pretty jaded about the whole experience like they’re
like street life man I mean if you’re an addict you’re gonna get into some shit
one of them seems like really scared really scared and one of them seems
borderline comatose okay super scared one first yeah yeah I’m just falling so
I I’m just gonna follow Josh’s lead here right gentle demeanor here if I can do
you say that in character what’s your name she says I’m free fun
she’s got like a long black braid and she’s wearing just like kind of like a
long jumpsuit it’s really baggy it looks like scavenged maybe and she’s just like
sort of like I’m freefall you guys what are you looking into the terrible thing
that happened here I can’t feel good to see something like that in a place where
you wanted to feel safe does it do you want to could you tell me anything that
you remember about what you saw I saw it I saw it real clear I was sitting over
my bed my beds just to the other side of Johnny’s no just to the other side of
scrubs this one we comically look at everybody who goes to every bed in the
room this one that one okay yeah God honey
were so close I saw him as soon as they came in they looked real twitchy and
then they popped Johnny like right away they were not messing around you see the
hardware what were they sling it uh it looked like I mean but just like one of
the dudes was like pretty handsome pretty burly he had em he had tattoos on
his face like where his sideburns would be I didn’t get to see what they said
I saw the left one said stallion I didn’t see what the other one said
clearly though and the other one had like real real long blonde hair
she was real thin she had rippers she tore scrubs right apart and then I saw
as they were leaving another person joined them I don’t know where they came
from but she had like like a kind of like a bob haircut but like layers of
bob it looked bad like my haircut my bob looks better than the bob that you saw
come in it sounds like a real terrible thing to have seen do I know anything
about this fashion that would lead me to indicate that they’re part of a certain
group or subculture perhaps you see you have a rule what if I rolled a 19 okay
in total um so there are definitely gangs that this could be it they don’t
strike you as anyone specifically so they’re probably not like a famous gang
like they’re probably not a high-end gang it she still seems real nervous it
looks like she’s trying to tell you something else like she keeps starting
sentences and not quite finishing them because she’s so jittery did their did
the way that they looked match the way that scrubs looked before he died he didn’t see I it was weird I got a
weird I’ve got a lot of cool so I’m gonna try roll here what kind of rule
kind of rule I’m gonna try a probably a persuasion roll okay that’s a one which
is bad yes but I had a critical failure does not work okay what is okay so a
failed attempt at comforting this person to give them I promise you you will not
hey Berger I mean she could everyone dies Berger so you shouldn’t promise
that to someone because I’m saying is it won’t be be well be my fault I am so
sorry I was elevation did you feel sorry wow just gonna just gonna pretend that
that didn’t happen did you feel like you were in danger at all when they came in
yeah oh yeah well unexpected answer but they didn’t kill you why I think I think
chance really I think I don’t think they were looking for scrubs I think they
were looking for somebody do you think they’ll come back I don’t know can I
walk over to scrubs this body and do like a cyber tech check to see if they
took anything out of him yeah do a pure perception
cuz he’s pretty splattered okay that’s fine so I couldn’t have fun 9 plus 10
plus 4 so we go 23 okay that’s the only thing I have is intelligence cool yeah
you can sort of there’s a like an internal sequence when you’re like
breaking apart the chunks of it and reconstructing a human from it and it
doesn’t look like there’s anything so we are over here talking to a frightened
witness yeah and vengo vengo after saying everyone dies goes over all right yeah yeah in fact the person
next to them that looks really jaded goes like fucking bad I admit I can be a
little bit bad comfort in folks who need it but I’ll tell ya I’m really good
it pounded people’s skulls into concrete over and over again whoa until they tell
me exactly what I would like to know let’s do a face down seems like an
entirely fair in a face down we both roll a dice and we add our cool and
reputation to it and whoever is better is better okay 17 all right my dude
rolled very well but if not very cool or well known and got a 10 so he’d like you
see him like ready to start to give you lip but then as you keep talking he’s
like actually this dude I might really pound me into the ground and I did just
see somebody get murdered he’s like okay God Jesus fuck man fuck listen I didn’t
mean to come on that I mean you did though it’s a bit of a problem that I
occasionally have all I want to know is what happened here so we don’t have
another mess to mop up yeah yeah yes I’m talking about is potentially you Wow Wow
what did you see it specific I new script I pat burger cheese on because
I’m so fucking proud of him right now I knew scrubs we used to rip off trauma
team together you know you know I mean steal from the rich yeah no harm done
right and snork what you get that’s what they say no that’s a bit of a problem in
scrubs used to say we were always jackin their shit we were sneaking into their
Yulin says we were just getting whatever we needed you know we came here together
to get clean we were both doing real good I’m proud of you for that those
goons who came in here did you recognize him I didn’t recognize them
he’s the thing scrubs love dripping out trauma team I didn’t care I didn’t care
one way or another as long as I got the good scrubs hated trauma team I guess
trauma team hated him back cuz like look at look at him so you’re saying you’re
quite certain that trauma team did this it is what you said it’s what you
implied yeah I mean are you going back on your word well here listen here’s the
thing oh I’m listening you guys no hype oh he’s a good dude I
heard when I was working for trauma team I bow is blackmailing them you don’t
tell nobody that’s okay you don’t tell hypose about buying him nobody’s buying
him I heard he’s got blackmail but what would trauma team have that would be
held against them man if I knew I’d have blackmail and it wouldn’t be here I’d be
getting high somewhere that’s fair will you stay on the path reach out
listen reach out if you ever need anything yeah and I was mostly kidding
about the head bouncing stuff but I will do it but I was mostly kidding
getting real mixed signals do you give him your like agent number as a sponsor his name is amp you dance okay we never
asked hey what’s your name okay pleased to meet you dapper – uh call me if you
need to know anyone let’s find someplace private to talk okay we all squeezed
into this bathroom and I’m streaming the first part saying
hey guys it’s me vengo vengo again just streaming with my two best friends in
the you know bathroom just making sure that on that content grinds and then I
turn off my I and eyesight we’re not best friends but I just thought that it
would give that pair of social relationship to people thanks I was
going to ask about that because it didn’t seem true you are using a face
filter for me right yeah oh I forgot to mention
vengo vengo again can sometimes get up to some seedy stuff and as a result he
has a constant face filter over everyone who is on and the current face filter is
that it makes everyone’s face look like the cats from cats 2019 so immediate
it’s like an Instagram filter but constantly in my eye
free fall said that she felt that this was a random killing and am do you dance
implied that perhaps hypo has had some run-ins with trauma team in the past and
maybe being maybe their enemy perhaps they’re trying to intimidate him by
killing his patients mmm-hmm in which case I’m just gonna say that they didn’t
look like they were taking anything back they were in like repoing anything I
checked the body so they obviously weren’t doing it to like steal back from
scrubs so it might just be random trying to decide what our next step should be
you hear a knock on the door yeah almost done don’t you guys don’t say other
things we should only have one person in the you’re making it sound like they’re
more than one person that there’s only one person in the bathroom Bango Bango
did you lock the door because they’re trying it I always lock the door good
instinct so the door handles and you hear dr. Busey say are you guys what’s
happening I just needed a little bit of help in here it’s nothing to worry about
we normally only let one person in the bathroom at a time oh sure but we’re
just doing normal bathroom stuff but there’s three
of us so just give us another minute or three and we’ll be right out and we will
wash our hands okay did you get anything no no we’re still thinking about it can
you wait until we’re out of the bathroom to talk about this um yeah I turn on the
sink dr. Busey standing there you see her
magnifying I like magnify it and I don’t each of your faces as though she’s
trying to what is happening and Winona Ryder is quite pale so my blush is very
visible the witnesses you know I think that they are so traumatized it’s gonna
be very difficult to get anything out of them for some time that’s fair I saw
that uh laces was still pretty out of it she just got checked in this morning oh
yeah I mean she was a little bit more lucid before the mmm violence but uh
she’s been a little you know yeah we promise no more weird bathroom stuff you
just run ahead it wasn’t even weird we were waiting
very weird all right yes that’s fair and watch your hands
did that Lisa said well she’s going to get hypo I walked over to us what’s her
name sleep laces laces and I just give her a little wave and I say hey there burger chains never happen so kind I can see it in
your eyes and hey that’s mighty kind of you to say I was wondering if you could
help me out a little bit this one I give her another wave she like kind of she
doesn’t stab back in focus but she’s like realigned to herself at you they
say I am a good person and I want to do some good things I just need you to tell
me anything that you saw but also I saw two people that I’ve never seen before
but I definitely knew them like you know how sometimes you see somebody and
you’re like we’ve never met but I know your faces yeah where did you know from
um and then she days is also good hey there yeah your eyes are so – thank you conversation was just to build up burger
chains a little bit so he feels comfortable for the rest of the everybody role perception okay oh with a
16 you get the impression she might be talking about a poser gangs uh because
there’s somebody there are people whose faces look familiar but she doesn’t know
them those are gangs for those watching at
home our gangs of people who get radical plastic surgery like our own dagger – OH
to look like a specific person or a selection of people or like an era of
people or that sort of thing so so we know we have tattoos limits and
stallions or stallion yeah on their left side and we’ve got straight blonde hair yeah the layered Bob sounds would you
describe this layered Bob as a Rachel who are you asking and what hypo walks
up to you everybody’s saying there were there were two people shooting them and
that they they just like walked out and didn’t take anything let me ask you
honestly hypo do you think that scrubs was the intended target of this attack
he had no clue vengo vengo kind of breaks again he doesn’t necessarily pick
up on the subtleties of this conversation he’s like are you
blackmailing trauma team fuck he he like slack-jawed mustache drooping like eyes
wide open he says no okay oh my god here’s I rolled an 18 on human
perception to see if I mean he’s gob smash okay lutely he was yeah absolutely
you caught a minute and he is like how did because we all help you I mean we
should talk somewhere private yeah let’s let’s go everybody do a perception roll
okay and all good good that’s a ten so I get
another success I’m holding hot tonight 18 18 1 t 8 I’m really distract me while
we’re walking up the stairs I’m I’m focusing on not tripping over the stairs
I don’t really notice excellent so you’re walking up the stairs you pass
by a sort of a a long chained room and you notice on the door the sort of
keyhole it’s an analogue keyhole to the the door entering this sort of storage
area had definitely has signs of having been locked picked and open he walks you
past that and pulls out a key and opens his private door and leads you back into
his private office / the place that he lives and it’s nice it’s modest but it’s
very comfortable he has a lot of vintage rock posters on his walls
he was probably at some point a rocker boy you can assume but those days are
far behind him that’s great I so obviously I can’t tell them that I’ve
perceived this without because I don’t think vengo vengo can say that no way
that is cool enough for those two to know well when I get into the private
room I say I have to go to the bathroom and then I leave that so I can go to the
bathroom does my perception tell me if dr. Busey is around to catch me trying
to go to the bathroom I know she’s she’s downstairs um she’s actually probably
behind the desk talking to like a nurse cool so I do I do
just run real quick into the bathroom and wait until I like hear them go into
the private room and then I I’ll go to the bathroom while you guys are okay
what do you have on trauma team I mean so mad pack
and I just got I got some papers don’t worry how I got him this is like a
decade ago I got some papers on him that showed he was skimming off trauma team
trauma team just not like that but I needed medical supplies for like this
this empire I’ve built under this freeway but it wasn’t gonna be cheap to
get them so that blackmailed them just not like a lot just like a couple of
boxes and medical supplies here and there we need them the people need them
he didn’t need them trauma team doesn’t need them I need them I need them for my
people yeah I mean I don’t see any problem here I’m sorry that was really
defensive years I built up you know repressing that feeling animal hey we
haven’t had a problem it’s been like a decade
what can I get these guys off your back I mean what can you do for us so that we will
get these guys got a drug addiction I’m sorry I don’t
he goes I think that one if he walks over to he’s got some like file cabinets
and he walks over to him and he opens it up and he pulls out like an envelope
with some petty cash and he swipes through it he’s like you got I got
twenty crud is not alive let’s say dollars roughly equivalent so that this
is easy for me you know what I am going to help you and I don’t need your money
but I’d like you to remember that I helped you in some day maybe yeah that’s not what I’m gonna need you
for but thank you yeah and a hypo you know is good for his word he also has
like again he is everybody in this neighborhood knows him so doing him a
solid you know he’s gonna talk up what a solid hell yeah
hypo you’d be straight with me right if if you knew anything about these people
who came to shoot the place up would absolutely tell you I don’t know him
never seen him before dr. pussy doesn’t seen him before none of the staff has
seen him before they seem like real rough customers in
the meantime bang Banga oh that’s disgusting
I use the bathroom real quick and then I leave to check on that lock so I’ve
noticed that it’s been locked picked I try it yeah okay great awesome um I’m
not very stealthy as soon as I open it up I start streaming you can see I go
bingo what’s up everyone Bango Bango just walked into a locked room so I’m
still just streaming as I look around in there roll another perception just to
see if there’s anything like obviously missing that’s a critical so that’s just
a solid tent you don’t think shit okay so the area you walk into is just like
general supplies so it’s like there’s like a wheelchair and there’s like bed
linens and things that are just very general there’s gauze and things like
that so nothing like intensely okay it needs
to be protected but you do notice at the end of this corridor there is another
locked door and I’m gonna let your roll your lock kicking check roll from
earlier continue you can tell this one has also been locked okay okay Wow
special treat for you guys say it’s two locked doors I walk over to the next one
and I try to open it yeah it’s also okay great
wow what a surprise and I look around again do it is this the same perception
chequered yeah II think that you’re your bad feel pretty bad I’m so focused
on the content that I can’t you see what’s right in front of me yes what you
do see is that so this area is not chain-link if miss areas like actual
like walls and box did and it seems like it’s a little bit more secure and you
can see that there are boxes just clearly labeled okay alright well I
guess with that check I just look at it and I’m still streaming and I say Wow
trauma team boxes everyone I guess it’s a bus for today and then I stopped
streaming and I walk back out great and I close the doors behind me but how many
people were watching that stream probably not many if three was mine six
nights dream hmm I I was actually watching it and when you wrap up I just
okay thanks for screaming okay so you know that somebody appears to have
broken in to their storage can he do a perception check through my stream
through myir else I don’t you know what I was watching the IRS yeah I just see
shames yeah yeah you’re under I find quite excited building any metal cage in
a building the reception is actually very poor yeah so even though you
weren’t physically feet away from him burger chains who are you texting
vengo isn’t he just in the other room isn’t he in the bathroom are you texting
van Gogh on the toilet right now is I’m just checking up on his hydration Thank
You van Gogh opens the door this Banga Banga you’re codependent the thing is
very strange actually as you’re walking to the door for
hey Bo’s personal room you see that this door has also been lockpick I’m really
good at noticing that seems right for vengo vengo to just be focusing on the
tech okay I come in I say Bango Bango you’re do
you like to pick your lock hi bye do you like to like come in the middle I prefer
to pick my nose funny do you wanna I just was wondering if your like because
I sometimes like pick my own lock just a practice so I was wondering if that
because your locks been pictus what mile I knew that I had this finger me oh yeah
I heard that on the stream what’s dream he was just streaming from
the the room with the shit you were dreaming what yeah three so there’s so
you got I mean I you never answered if people like to if you like to pick your
unlocks but my doors been picked yeah oh you see him rush over and he has a
moment of panic and you see him rush over to the cabinets and pull open one
like he had a lock he opens the lock with a key like a normal person I’m not
picking it and opens it and he rummages around and he pulled out a safe-deposit
box which he also thank you for and he opens that and it’s empty a key man I
see what was in the box he walks over to his bed and he sets it out and he like
his whole body goes limp and he’s like I had a little black pill with all of the
blackmail against Matt pack on it what am I gonna do
what am I gonna do without it well obviously the you’re gonna let the
blackmail go cuz that’s how the technology works no no not if we we can
stop it from happening we’re going to get it back okay
he said but you’re right why didn’t they just destroy it if it if they if they
just wanted to destroy it why didn’t they just destroy it
you’re blowing my mind here we try to suss this out with my own brain to brain
cells between us okay does anybody else hate Matt pack – I’m not hate hey it’s a
strong word I mean you don’t have one hey Matt pack you just need to love
money yes and I understand that very well does anybody else not care about
Matt pack as a person you hypo doesn’t know yeah he’s like basically he tells
you basically after he made the blackmail deal he has not heard hide nor
hair from Matt pack since then he tells you that Matt pack was the owner of a
trauma team warehouse so not like a medical dude himself no I’m just excited
cuz that sounds like a place I might get to shoot someone thank you um he says
yeah he just owned the warehouse he was just uh he wasn’t like a higher up in
trauma team he just owned a warehouse it was easy for him to skim goods and give
them to me in addition to selling them on the side which is what he had
blackmail for it sounds like it might be time for this matpat guy you know where
his do you know where his warehouse it’s funny cuz where and where it’s it’s the
same word but it can mean two different things
do you know where the where yes wordplay thank you you’re so clever
man thank you I haven’t thanked you enough
for coming over here this is a bit it’s nothing it’s lesson I was already in the
van I wasn’t in the van but I got in the van cuz I wanted to come see you
that’s so good so you’re so smart and you’re so worldly and you’re such a good
guy I think you guys like maybe one of those
three is right let’s say three people wanted to go drop by a warehouse and see
if they can figure anything out where would they go heipo doesn’t know but he
says maybe if you look up mat pack on your agent or contact somebody from a
fixer or find that information I know that sounds like the GM talking type of
a meal do we know any fixers I’m a fixer how
dare you ask that in front of me that being said to a local expert oh I never
heard the name Matt pack in my life yeah I I can’t this ever hey Lionel love to
talk to you twice in one day yeah no clothes yes oh my god it’s so
good to hear your voice have you can I ask you a question yeah
I I really am free tonight thank you yes I will call you later for that as well
but I want it I just needed your expertise you know on a certain issue
have you ever heard of Matt PAC Matt Matt Matt
Pat Mac and Matt Matt Matt Matt I ain’t never heard of him no no you want me to
look him up for you yeah all right let me get my my yellow pages no this is good I’ll look it up for you
you owe me a favor yeah so you do go mad pack you get an
obituary fuck from six years ago hypo this guy is dead he’s mad pack is dead
he died six years ago then who’s have been sending me all this
medicine phone calls coming from inside the house now hold on a second if he’s
dead who’s been sending the medicine because if he was alive yeah it would
make sense the his obituary because it’s the future and privacy is not really a
thing anymore yeah concept of privacy is generated so badly that in addition to
like his obituaries also get like a full list of like here’s every place he
worked place you went to school here’s addresses here’s a whole bunch of
information including the address of a warehouse a trauma team warehouse that’s
not too far away drivable you might say how wonderful it’s time well at least
even though he is dead and this raises a lot of questions for me his address the
address of the warehouse is in here so I honestly don’t know what we’re going to
find there hypo I’m a little apprehensive I know you can’t believe
I’ve already outside of that the building now I don’t want to meet a
ghost hard cut and I think the thing to try
is me most is that they could be inside of things you know so there could be a
ghost inside of me and there could be a ghost inside of a ghost
it’s Bango Bango chimes in he’s just like chilling out like on his agent on
the forum still moderating basically at this point in time and he’s like don’t
you have a ghost in your van don’t you have a ghost in your van yes I do
so inside um there’s an AI reconstruction of a celebrity in there
but when I was getting it installed they were out of all the good celebrities I
wanted Keanu Reeves they had Keanu Reeves but only Keanu
Reeves from Bram Stoker’s Dracula so my car is that and not a very good version
yes that’s the technology that’s not me being bad at Keanu Reeves and Dracula yeah your car says forsooth we’re here you’re in the warehouse district so it’s
a lot of big rectangular buildings with no markings unknown worthy but you pull
up against the one is it obviously like trauma team like there’s no trauma team
brand-new look there is no branding on any of the
warehouses so yeah what’s the security look like sorry for surfing I look
around 22 17 15 thanks okay with a 22 you can
peek around and it doesn’t look like there’s a lot of people bustling inside
would any of you have any experience with warehouses oh yeah yes yeah either
yeah either you as a fixer you have probably been to some dodgy warehouses
to pick up some a few warehouses so that both of you
know that warehouses are largely automated at this point so usually it’s
set up so that robots will pull things off shelves and load them and then
they’re usually like a couple engineers on site to make sure if the robots work
and there’s maybe a couple of solos or a solo or some guards just to make sure
everything’s cool and then you’ll have like the overseer or the manager of the
warehouse which is what matt pack was may he rest in peace okay you can see
looking around that indeed there does not look to be like a lot of people here
you can hear the were of robots like clanking and going down and pulling
things off shelves but you don’t see anybody I say we walk in like we belong
there okay okay I don’t see any problem with the plan that makes me second-guess
it but Bango Bango I just make sure he has his weapons on him no me too but
assumably you all have weapons in it all time okay yes cyberpunk future is bad so
basically when you walk in you can see it’s just very very tall repeating
shelves of goods its boxes it’s much like the boxes you saw in hypose
warehouse or in hypo storage section about the second-story level there is a
catwalk that goes just around it so that people can walk around and observe
what’s happening right ahead in front of you and to the left there is a staircase
leading up to the second story catwalk as well as a boxed in office with very
large glass windows basically it’s floor-to-ceiling glass windows on the
second storey office gotcha and there’s you see somebody leaning or like
standing next to those glass windows and they spot you immediately as you walk in
my wave at them oh hey they pretend I don’t see them and I’m going to carry on
walking like I belong here excellent so they you see them call like a pickup
like or they see them like gesture to their agent and they know
and then you see them walking down there wearing like a pretty cheap looking suit
that doesn’t have sleeves on it but no dear it’s like your choice
yes but it’s like a very otherwise a very classic looking suit but cheap as
hell and they have a bunch of implants along their arms that allow for like
easy injections of medicine and or what-have-you but they they walk down
and they were those stairs and they walk up to you and they say Kenneth
help you yes hi Tasha I’m here to pick up a shipment for rod
Talbot rod rod Talbot bra and you came he yes
like I was told to roll yeah yeah yeah 18 okay they rolled lower to detect
whether or not you rely so they don’t know you’re lying they think you’re just
confused they say here this is a warehouse we don’t really give things to
people and they wander in somebody told you to came here somebody gave me money
to pick up their shipment and I was told to come here and do it that’s weird
ah in his striking me as very strange now that I’m thinking about okay so
you’re like with me like this is like weird yes okay let’s go we can just go
to figure this let’s do that I come up with me do you mind if my driver waits
down here yeah that’s fine I’m so sorry for the trouble man we both drive they
both I also Drive it’s a two-person driving car it’s a sort of situation
where I got up I have trouble with the brake and the gas at the same time so he
just sits on my lap and he does those for me and I steer I need to remember
that my character has +9 cool and I should not be saying things like this I
was 16 and I’m gonna cash in 3 points of law to great yes she’s like that’s super
weird but okay well you know I don’t come I don’t come to the box Factory and
tell you where to move the boxes that’s totally fair and Android your shouldn’t
and you don’t we’ll be down your day oh my god do you have any I can appreciate
you ended up here with this being like your help I know do you have a stiff
drink up there because I could use one oh I’ve got all kinds of things up there
this is gonna be great I’m Dasha nice to meet you I feel like
come on up you guys stay here please don’t touch anything that robots are
very sensitive definitely don’t touch anything let’s just no I can I roll a
perception and see if there’s any place I can hack in this area yeah 17 isn’t
quite good enough I would put this at a difficulty 18 just to be able to hack
into their internal stuff that’s fair based on the situation okay yeah so I
just don’t see anything no I mean there’s stuff that’s around that
hackable but it just doesn’t look like you’re gonna be I just realize I have
stupidly high perception for some reason I guess I mean a sensitive person yeah
so I um well not really no that’s true I very low empathy you perceive things but
you don’t know how to interpret this so I’m just gonna sort of take a couple
passes up and down these aisles and just do a perception check to see if I notice
anything amiss that’s like 13 yeah I mean you noticed
like it’s you’re walking around you see like one guard walking around the higher
the catwalk on the second story and you see another sort of walk over so they’re
standing just outside the office just sort of like being there as a presence
in case this is something weird okay but otherwise it looks pretty
straightforward and I do a thing that burger learned from a little film called
die hard and I take out a Sharpie I just write take a note on my arm that there
are two guys on the upper platform that’s great I don’t know their names and lucite walks you up to their office
gosh I can’t believe that we’ve had this misunderstanding it’s been such a weird
day this neighborhood did you hear what
happened to hypos oh my god everybody heard what happened at hypose sure he
was upon the news did you like hear the news they said two people did not like
drugs I didn’t listen to you closely though yeah I mean it I mean he doesn’t
want to hear those kinds of things right I mean I I know hi boo like not like
clothes but like hypo helped my sister get clean and like I owe hypo like so
much like what a good guy yeah he’s really great
what’s her sister’s name cry lux names good ass name I’m gonna write down yeah
my sister cry Lux was like bad like she was in like a bad way and hypo just like
took her in and got her clean and she like she’s like relapsed once or twice
it’s like it’s like hard like drugs are like bad she likes idly scratches that
one of her injections anything but like she got there and I’m so proud of her
and I’m so like I thought what a guy did he ever come around here because I heard
that he did know oh god what was his name Matt you see her like she stuttered
a little bit she’s like like Matt hack I just heard that name oh oh yeah it is
ago yeah years ago like everybody knows my pedagogy well basically you know like
I knew him did yeah you know the other way yeah oh my god pretty okay for me actually yeah yeah
how did he die I think it’s just like a car accident I
guess I’m gonna set that in the obituary that are yeah it was a car accident it
was a car accident I knew that and I didn’t I just checking
yeah very quick point of order about information flow do we just not know any
of this stuff or can we like say that we’re all listening in on our scouts or
whatever yeah if you want to so yeah your agents hypothetically can act as
like shortwave transmitters just to make things easier okay I perk
up as soon as she says that she got his job and she’s a cloud chaser I guess you
have two great drivers like I do mm-hmm yeah they went way back didn’t
they what Matt pack what I mean like not that I know like I didn’t even human
perception for no reason for no really is 14 oh okay so you tied but you are
the defender and the defender always wins in a tie against you to lie to you it’s really hot out in the van can I get
a Capri Sun and they wink at you oh my god like we’ve got like some juice packs
they’re not Capri Sun branded but like they’re still okay go accept it yeah
we’ve got like um we’ve got like some tea
we’ve got like some opium light we’ve got like red eye you want some red
eye what is red I do it’s an injectable that is your
perception vote which is highly addictive yeah that’s all right I had
some earlier okay yeah you want does your other driver want like anything I
already peed I’ve gotten a real bad situation with bathrooms and I’m not
trying to really small bladder okay okay you should probably see yeah anyway she
like busies herself bringing you drinks and then she’s like so you were looking
for like Rodney what was it Rod’s how big rod Talbot I’m gonna look
around the office in here sixteen and my logic roll the same thing that she’s
rolling okay and it’s very much just like rolling around oh look – oh that’s
a critical failure oh that was yeah that was a four so okay so it’s like an
office yeah Wow there’s like a nice desk and then there’s an other desk that they
both have like computers on them and there’s some filing cabinets and like
just looks like a very mundane area there’s like a little coffee pot that’s
clearly like years old and has not been cleaned in a while not a great also
nasty okay I just to get this straight in my player head we are at the
warehouse where Matt pack used to work where he would skim off the deliverables
that hypo would take and we’re looking for pill that someone may have taken and
also for murderers yeah here’s what you know about lose sight they took over
after med pack died presumably worked here and then rose through the ranks
their sister got clean from hypo and they feel like they owe them a debt and
that they are lying about something having to do with Matt pack and hypo and
okay so Pat brain nutburger brain brain like currently smart thoughts and I got
my head my current theory that I’m working on is either the automated
shipments have continued after his death or leucite has been continuing those
shipments out of some perceived dead and I don’t know maybe
trauma team caught on and eventually they’re gonna show up here and fucking
sign up that’s what I’m worried about I’m gonna actually casually super cash
as I’m observing the coffee grounds here so what does your sister do now
Oh like she works for like another trauma team she’s like training to be an
EMT she has dreams now and it’s like what does she look like yeah it she so
she looks like she’s got like really short buzzed hair light brown she’s sort
of shorter they’re both relatively short they’re probably shorter than all of you
we haven’t talked about your height but sake too soon and pretty pretty stockily
built yeah so she’s like but there’s no like obvious sign that this sister shot
it down here wow she must have lots of friends now that she has that she’s
training to be an EMT that’s great do t for lots of friends well I mean they
work in teams right trauma team it’s right there in the name trauma team
that’s true yeah there’s no I in trauma team no there’s a two in your head for
this drink so I think burger chains mm-hmm is getting very antsy
yeah because he is upset about what happened at hypose clinic and he wants
to make somebody hurt for it yeah and burger chains this point of view where
just sitting here shooting the shit I have finished three juice packs my sugar
levels are up so I guess I’m just gonna do some burger change shit okay go off
yes blue site opens like a filing cabinet and starts looking for definitely a real person oh geez I suck tell you what I saw some stuff this
morning and it didn’t sit right with me you know someone need this stuff at
hypose clinic right if you knew anything about hypo and you and the boxes that
come and go from this building would you tell me let’s do a face down yeah oh
yeah that’s 15 for mica nice she wolf poorly and it’s not very well-known
because she works in a warehouse so yes she like yeah she like freezes them and
stops flipping through and she like closes drawer and she turns around and
she looks at you and she says nice clearly already know and you’re not
being very cool about this if honesty is cool let’s be honest we are not but well
do okay well I’m not sure what you want from me that in that situation I stand
beside burger chains and I am right yes 510 extremely 510 5 6 and I am 6 feet
tall um I will stand beside burger chains and say we are here because of
what happened in high and we would like to know everything
that you know about the arrangement that he had with Matt pack right now all
right like here’s the deal Matt pack was
skimming a lot of stuff I don’t obviously have a very good person will
accept that thank you he was skimming symbol at the top and
selling it on the side and hypo found out I don’t know how this was like a
decade ago which is like a hundred years ago he was skinny so off the top and I
found out and so hypo started blackmailing him to get stuff for his
clinic and Matt pack like died and I took over and I definitely didn’t take
over the rest of his business but I did take over giving losses time that’s
great I mean like that’s what I feel right like trauma team doesn’t even
notice cuz they don’t even care so it’s like if a couple boxes Joe by oh geez
now hold on a second I think they might have noticed trauma like why why do you
think that I mean somebody came in and wasted those two dudes yeah
like trauma team doesn’t kill you guys they’re not cops right I should have
checked this earlier you can totally do not cops right we’re in our cars sue I’m
a driver just reminding you that that’s what my sits on my lap right I got you
yeah that’s right and you’re like delivery or whatever yeah yeah that
doesn’t seem like trauma team they are more likely like if trauma team knew
that I was skimming they would kill me and probably hypo and probably like all
the nurses and doctors and probably just blight the entire land so they’re like
nobodies you have a point a very compelling point
but then in that case who do you think maybe want to intimidate or scare or
ruin hypose reputation um idiots I’m not like a detective I run a warehouse
honestly neither are we my job so much more straightforward than this usually
but I really want that favor mm mm do you have any shipments for hypo right
now yeah can you show me them shows showing that shimmy the shimmy those
yeah I guess she walks over to computer and she types in a command and one of
the robots that sat on the floor kind of buzzes around and picks up a stuff and
drops it down in like a chamber and she walks you down and like pulls it out and
I was like do you guys want to take it to him since you guys are like drivers
that would like save me I Drive yeah I mean it seems to be working out for you
guys I guess it’s it’s a they call it a symbiotic relationship thank you
to drivers for the price of one that’s incredible is that a deal we split a
paycheck yes vengo vengo is struggling right now not to just be like this is
obvi I’m Way smarter than this pleased to meet you yeah so nice to meet you
lucite so chill lovely yeah thanks for all your and if anything happens here
you’ll give us a call yeah that’s great if only we could figure out maybe what
else had been stolen from the three lockpick truth Willie someone had
perceived anything now my instinct my instinct is
to take this stuff somewhere and see who comes looking for it hmm the old wait
game you ever seen the film home alone no you so that’s a great idea except the
people who are gonna come looking for it are the addicts who don’t have the stuff
that’s helping them at hypose place Bango Bango anti pose clinic war was any
of the medical stuff taken did you happen to see when you were looking
around whether anything there were any boxes I I feel like we should probably go back
to these hi phones because if there’s we can we can give this and we can also
kind of clear what’s going on with lucite because that’s a strange
situation that it seems even hypo doesn’t know about yeah away mobile we
arrived excellent forsooth we know right all right so
we’re back at the clinic hustle right back home and in the main level in the
main floor do we see anybody in there yeah so you see that they’ve sort of
cleaned up mostly if they’re still stains yeah but it looks like in the eye
probably like a couple hours and you guys have been there they’ve started to
clean up and making everything better you see a couple of people the two amp
you dance and freefall who you saw and talked to earlier they’re hanging out
and chatting free-falling a little bit more steady which is really for her and
you see doctor busi sitting next to laces laces is like vomiting
and sheikh ali drinking water and just seems to be more lucid but more
miserable yeah and you don’t see hypo okay he’s around he’s in the meantime
can I still just be out in the van and I want to do another local expert check
just to see if maybe maybe the two followers that streamed my thing to see
if they noticed anything in my in my stream of the locked doors you can also
go back oh yeah I’m just gonna go in I don’t think you can you guys while those
who do their thing I’m gonna roll local experts to see if there’s any
information whether it’s about people who are like hiding or whatever god damn
it critical failures there’s one comment on this stream and it says lol is that
high post place why does hip trauma two boxes I think I just marched right up
that room and cuz I know about it and I know things are missing I would like to
do a perception check on 16 16 yeah so you can yeah better 14 no nope okay what
exactly are you doing I’m picking up boxes I’m looking in them okay I’m
seeing if anything was taken yeah it looks like there is like it
looks like all of the boxes have been rummaged too and you don’t see from the
outside but when you open it looks like they’re all kind of in disarray like
somebody was rummaging through them and it’s hard to tell if things are missing
but it definitely like it looks like somebody who’s been clawing through all
of these in fact you see all marks oh I know one of the boxes we are bringing
the boxes upstairs to this room oh no and yes after we do that look
through the box and I say Dasha do these look like claw marks yes okay looks like
okay somebody really just dug through here with the complete disregard for the
things inside this box we know when the ladies that front heads together to
brain cells okay had rippers locked but it’s people that came in nobody said
that they went upstairs you’ll recall that free fall said that
once you press turn yeah initially she said that there were two and then she
said that there was another person who joined them as they were leaving that
they didn’t see where they came from yeah it’s it’s also noteworthy that
nobody else saw that because it’s like everybody was so startled by the
violence and paying so much attention to the violence that it seems like just
nobody else managed to see that person okay
sneaked down okay okay so if you were a fixer or a smart person which I am
bullshark because I have an intelligence of nine how the hell would we get a lead
on this crew maybe they are hired for this maybe we could ask your contacts if
anybody’s hired a three-person team for a job recently for a dirty some for some
wet work or can I can I roll local expert to see if I know who to call to
ask about a three-person team being put together sure okay so I’m thinking
really hard about everyone I know I roll a twenty one okay that’s a very good
rule so you call up who do you call up give me a name um excelsior
great you call up excelsior a fixer friend of you that you know who
specializes in like putting together teams and he says I don’t I mean yeah
maybe what do they look like oh I do know the answer to that my
good friend I love talking to you I’m talking to you too just so eloquent
Lionel had a phone cuz he’s old-school excelsior our agents there was a woman
with long blonde hair and rippers there was a person with a bob that was Laird
and it was hideous as far as I’ve heard I mean there was another person who was
very handsome but the odd thing about them was that if
they had a stallion tattooed on the left side of their face where their sideburn
would be oh the Italian stallion do you know that guy
are you kidding the Italian stallion yeah the Italian stallion all Jojo yeah
the Italian stallion I know him yeah he’s a real rugged it’s an expensive hot
I mean you know I don’t I don’t ever use him for teams cuz his team is like
pretty addled they’re a poser gang they’re pretty weird I don’t really ever
deal with them because I don’t like them so I don’t ever really deal with them
but I do know that they hang out at that old that old nostalgia cafe well
acquainted with I don’t ever work with them cuz again they’re weird
yeah weird how I mean the assignment fashion right yeah they Excelsior pauses
like they don’t want to stay it’s cuz they’re posers let’s roll let’s do it
the entire time that you guys have been in there I was like saying I’m gonna
check on the forums to see if like anyone has said anything but you find me
there and I’m just looking through cat so we roll up welcome to this most
righteous cafe do I know you know anything about this
place I know a few forum posters who do this but they they like to hang out here
just kind of for the like aesthetic of it and they like to post on the forums
and it’s all the retro stuff so I’m I’m already out of the car walk in the door Garcon drink already
I brought a juice box Garcon yeah first I’d like you to tell me what an egg
cream is and then I would like an egg cream okay you want eggs e cream and
like a cup if that’s what it is I don’t know what it is you guys walk in
immediately in front there’s a sign that says there’s a bunch of four top tables
each which have like a little console let me pull up console with the computer
on it cool in the corner there’s a vending machine with some retro drugs
there’s opium light there’s Mary James if you want to try that out but they’re
very they’re very much alike that the decaffeinated version of those drugs
like a fun novelty yeah everywhere it is very much like a modern retro nostalgic
cafe that’s a weird thing I just said that’s what it is so it’s like it’s got
a countertop with seeds and it’s got a bunch of booze and a bunch of table tops
and it’s covered in like 80s and 90s sitcom memorabilia but it’s all black
and white or sepia tone for apparently no reason yeah so there’s like there is
Alf stand-ups yeah there’s one booth that’s just entirely Frasier themed okay
and you see in the second-to-last booth it’s pretty pretty empty it just says
it’s a little bit before the dinner rush in the corner of booth you see five
people sitting one person is like unconscious they are clearly strung out
like they are clearly dope out of their mind and no
you’re conscious and you see the other three three if the person who’s
unconscious matches the description of the person with the horrible Bob that
you saw okay and it is okay the other person you can see with your back to him
you can see him as he’s turning and talking definitely has Italian in style
yeah it is super hot tattooed he’s pretty attractive goddamn
and to his left there’s a woman with a short black hair who looks like she has
a bunch of cybernetics in her arms based on what Kim you can see and then
sitting in a chair at the end of the booth there’s a guy gesticulating wildly
and he’s talking very loudly and you hear him say we did it we heist it we
kill some people could we be any cooler I knew it I was
gonna say I hope it’s the fucking cast of friends I like I have enough
I feel like cultural understanding of that to be like okay I’m putting some
pieces together with Alf and with the cast of friends and I ignore both of my
friends and I guess sit down at one of the tables so I can cop on one of the
computers yeah excellent go for it put yourself in your can I’m gonna
insist on coming all the way to the back and I don’t say anything to those people
as I passed fine but I want to be back to the wall looking out over everything
but with console in front of me and is there like I assume it’s just connected
to the Internet there’s no global Internet in cyberpunk it’s red it’s been
you’ll see it’s been fucked up real bad so you can’t really access it but there
is an internet for like local areas and probably this net cafe can access the
night city internet no I want to get into this system really quickly and
actually check to see like if I can figure out if these people have logged
in like anytime recently and would that be an interface or would that be because
I normally if you want to interface with
things you have to be a netrunner skill but net running is basically its own
separate thing and we didn’t want to get these two to not have to play a game
with me so I’m gonna either be using basic tech or interface just so I can
kind of yeah we’re house ruling that because net running is very cool but not
for a video and not for the other people on the team who are not yes yeah
cool so do you want me to do interface or do you want me to do interface so 15
just a solid 15 okay yeah you hop on the forum there is a friend’s role-playing
forum in this tech forum okay so why not yes and you bounce around and there are
definitely it does seem like there is a group that is like the main friends role
players and do you does your character know about friends I think only in the
same way my human person me knows about friends we just say has understand some
references to it but is not into it that much okay yeah yeah you remember like
skimming their posts in the past just to make sure they were being cool mhm and
they make references to like how they had a six-member known as Rasul who is
tragically slaughtered and so it’s just the five of them the core group and you
get the I mean you get the imprint they’re very dedicated to their
role-playing and yeah if you don’t know more about friends okay anyways can we
sorry let’s resolve this no uh well that my basic thing is to see if they have
like any if they have role played recently talking about how they need to
get some rid of someone that there’s some like out of character or weird talk
where they’re talking about like how Rasul racked up a lot of medical bills
before he died and how the like if Rach seems to have some sort of addiction
that she’s not in control of okay and they all seem to have actually pretty
large outstanding medical okay from trauma team and so it seems
like trying to find some way to to get back at trauma team or get leverage over
trauma team to be able to pay off their bills cool so I immediately just on my
agent sending a message to both of these two folks and I say friends in
parentheses not YouTube and I say they have the black I’m going to make that
assumption part because that feels like a thing that vengo vengo would do and
then I do its insist on writing Bango Bango at the end of it and then I do two
slashes and then the B emoji I I’m gonna put Simone in a difficult position here
can she roll against me for something I’m about to do if she chooses to yes
because the second I recognized the Italian stallion thing on the side of
the guy’s head I pick up my tin cup of egg cream and I cock it back to fuck him
throw it at his head because I’m just gonna go over there and fuck him up
until there’s only one of them left and then I can ask that one anything I need
to ask really dexterity safe um so this is gonna be if this is a thrown weapon
actually I do I do kind of want to try to have like a reactive like I see the
arm go back and then I let I want to like start to but I also really want to
fail that okay okay if you want to not succeed that’s good yeah so this is
gonna count as a ranged combat attack okay so go ahead and roll that for me
which is your reflex plus your marksmanship plus a d-10 okay that was a
seventeen okay and which one were you aiming for Italian Italian Italian
Italian Jojo it doesn’t necessarily have to turn into
combat 17 okay 17 hits because you guys are very close
combat yeah can you describe the action oh yeah
so the Garzon has given me a tin cup you know the sidecar like you get with a
milkshake yeah and he’s just filled it with eggs and cream he cracked an egg
yeah he dumped some cream he kind of jostle took one sip spit it back in
Seong Italian stallion got really fucking mad and I just pitch it at him
full speed and it just dogs off the back of his head and it gets egg and cream on
everybody it’s great so it’s washes everybody Rach
does not react for other friends turn to look dead at you and like a wiping egg
and cream off their face does that do damage um I don’t see why not
give me I mean a d6 yeah give me 1 d6 for damage against Jojo ok real quick
when they look at me I go it would make sense that you’re into the friends and
you’re also really big into the Kate Bush forum like good grounding and retro great so Jojo turns in it like fuck look
at this fucking jabroni you get the impression that these guys you
especially who’s not therefore impose get the impression that they actually
not watched a lot of friends Kezia Joey never said your protein no
absolutely the aesthetic yeah that they love the aesthetic of this like 55 year
yeah about 55 year old show but I’m not like watched a ton of it it’s not about
that the friends is within you it’s not a show so so Jojo stands up and is like
who the fuck is this jabroni well names burger chains just passing
through looking for a bit of information about a couple of fellas who got iced
over at hypose clinic and I don’t want to be too forward here but unless you’re
willing to talk with me on this particular topic
your love life ain’t gonna be the only thing that’s deep oh that’s a really
good shit tone um Joe don’t go so look at this you got to come in here into my
cafe and you got a bad mouth me and my besties which is what they called it you gonna come in here and sass us
you’re gonna say you’re gonna you’re gonna say this to my good friend Monica
who’s gonna Nick your face all up you gotta say you gotta see here and look at
Phobos in the face and say you’re gonna do you gonna attack us
you’re gonna sass us with this you gotta you gotta well you can bully chances
good you see if you say now hang on for just a second okay if you say one more
word I’m gonna take it over to the Frazier booth and I will toss your salad
and scramble your eggs I don’t know what that means
Thank You Sango is just furiously control I grabbed him by the lapels and I say you’re gonna talk right now let’s see that roll shit their pants
they do I’m not even so like a Jojo looks like you aren’t instinct you gonna
talk back to you but Chandler’s like listen talk well tuck you in the top
we’ll talk we’ll talk you wanna have a seat let’s simple talk we don’t want to
bust up this place Jojo we don’t wanna bust this place up
this is our place this is where we come this is our town back in the
conversation okay it’s our turf okay um you see minissha has the cyberblades in
her arms that have partially popped out as it’s like she’s already to pop them
if she needs to um phobos who’s a rocker boy and has her
her guitar nearby it’s just sort of like like her hand is on her guitar you think
maybe there’s not a guitar inside the case so everybody that like a
ten mm-hmm just ready for things to pop off but they all sit back down mm-hmm
and they say Jojo says yo what’s up how you doing Bango is still control I think
every word that is being said just trying to find anything that’s I’m going
to be straight with you did you kill two people at hypose clinic earlier today
yeah we don’t did you take money for that no you just did it you’re just
besties well for themselves he gets very why cuz we’re the besties no not that
why did you shoot people oh yeah I mean listen we we heard that hypo was
getting some trauma to stuff and we wanted that trauma team stuff so like we
figured we’d just go in and boosted it you know what the fuck is wrong with you
the fuck’s wrong with you sorry didn’t mean to escalate and you
live out here on the streets you know what it is I don’t live on the streets I
have a perfectly adequate apartment all right listen excuse me all live in night City
right you’ll know that it’s bad well I mean I live in a van in night City okay
you’re living with us Bobo’s lived on the streets for a really long time
you doesn’t have anything nice as a van now but you know this already of all the
people that you could steal from though the person who is helping people for
free I don’t care I don’t care about fucking hypo in some bingo-bango is
still at the table he has not joined necessarily but he stands up again after
looking at the screen and he’s like you guys know that the person that you’re
trying to blackmail is dead I guess it isn’t your day your month or your year
or your wake actually they’re very delighted okay I mean where the fuck did
you come from but yeah I’m sorry I think the pun made it I think you forgot I did
just say that you’re black males are useless oh I mean that can’t be true hi
boo still giddy getting boxes sent to him we seen it you got you got some
trauma team shit well the person that he was originally blackmailing has been
dead for six years so that’s where you should stop that sentence yep yep goes
onto the computer you know look really sad they all look really disappointed
actually can I get a check from you because they’re not necessarily gonna
believe this give me a persuade even though you’re telling the truth yeah
that’s a bad look for me sorry yeah persuasion is cool that’s an eight
okay well do I can I get a plus two for the court but you can get some content
then okay I’m not green my cool is through Oh God oh yeah I chose to talk
at the wrong time which is all the time um yeah so Chandler’s like okay but they
were still getting boxes it’s like what shit well in the shipping business
that’s what we call I don’t know what they call it it’s a goof um up then mean
to do it great give me a roll and get a +3
because you’re clearly an oh man who knows shipping it’s like five so what I
end up saying is like juice truck the problem with trucks is uh have you
ever seen a bird is really scared yep um they all live in night City which does
not have a lot I really don’t know what to tell you
the person that you are trying to blackmail with this little black pill is
that that is a fact and you need to stay the fuck away from hypo in his clinic if
you have to steal look I don’t give a shit
steal from somewhere else I mean give me also a persuasion role to see if you
persuade him or if you want to face down you got you need it you need to improv
at what you end up saying dear uh yeah how you fucking okay I hypo that he if
you you should rob a grave if you we want stuff from Matt pack the guy who
works in the warehouse where lose sight now works is the boss now
fuck you so sweaty so yeah it was like I’ll delete your accounts I stand up and
I’m like I know that normally I say this first and foremost and literally
everything I do Bango Bango I’m a little moderator no
your accounts you know that I will delete every single at one of your
accounts and I’ll believe every single one of your role plays as well if you do
not give us the black pill immediately give me a base down okay three sub 10
okay I’m just gonna go ahead and I’m gonna just waste all my luck right now
and I think I’m just gonna do all seven okay 17 yes I’m gonna justify that luck
in the fact that it is the luckiness is that I know who these people are on a
form that they care about yeah yeah they tied and tie goes to the defender with
shit so they so they said Jojo stands up when he says you think you a big man you
think you can come out here in our meat space and our Netscape and this is
specifically with with Jojo okay so I have I can back down now or I can
have a negative three ongoing with every role that I do that I delete his account
I immediately press a button I press is that a basic tech or could I just do
that I think you can just do that okay I just delete Jojo okay he gets like a
little his agent pings and he looks at his watch it goes you fucker I can’t
believe you do this Italians don’t you do this to Jojo kill them and he like sits down my high five you
honestly I love it yeah all right that sounds good to me let’s do you have any
other last-minute things that you can possibly do and roll good at I think you
just have to fight okay I’ve got nothing baby
so everybody roll uh Chandler ducks out immediately because he has a
noncombatant that’s fucking great so he just like runs out the back yeah he like
I mean like he like goes this will happen in the background of combat but
you see him like pick up a rage right and drag her back okay
so just the three of them and it’s Phobos Jojo finish so the order for
combat will be burger mango Dasha the Betsy’s all right great
and to lead it off you I mean it’s pretty clear that it’s the time yeah it
is happening right now so you go first okay I grabbed him and I say well I wish
somebody had told you it was gonna be this way and I grabbed him yeah I’m
going to attempt to grab him and drag him into the kitchen and do some things
to him in the kitchen oh yeah and I grabbed him and I try to
fucking chuck him over the bar okay that’s great so that’s an 18 okay that’s
a great roll they’re gonna roll that’s a 1407 right so they are gonna try to avoid being
grabbed he rolled an eight and he’s got good in all of those so you grab ahold
of him yeah you or cannot like get quite the trajector gonna like hit him over
your hip and over it but you can if you want to just grab him and like move him
if that would help yeah I start shoving him towards the bar
okay so he’s on a stool effort yeah that was an action do you want to take a
move no I’m just gonna try to stay with him there that’s a good call you get the
impression he is the most dangerous then he’s the one that reads most outwardly
as a solo and making it van Gogh okay do I just want to kill these people are we
gonna have to kill these people they’re probably gonna kill us
the thing is you failed at a lot of soulful check yeah okay well vengo vengo
stands up and says I hate to say see people leave the forum pulls out his
shotgun and he just blasts into the booth great okay which one of them would
you be aiming Oh I’m aiming for the one that’s closer to me okay so that is
Monica okay Monica cool that’s 6 plus marksmanship 9 Plus reflexes 10 so sorry
sorry no 19 yeah that hits okay and then it’s 5d6 so 15 okay range with the shotgun so I’m
gonna spread that the rules are not very clear about armor and shooting and
placement and this where it hits so I’m gonna split that evenly between head and
chest they all have some armor so it’s gonna
take some of it and some of it it’s not gonna take okay it’s the first person
we’ve shot I know how’s it feel for vengo vengo he is more
just mourning the loss of audience but you know what hey I’m the moderator
I got a weed out the bad people you know all right
yes physical moderation yeah do you move or that you’re I’m going to I’m gonna
I’m gonna stay where I am I think I think I’d prefer to be a little bit
further away yeah making it Dash’s turn was it Joey who said I looked like I
look like shit yeah shit I’m going to I’m not gonna get up I’m gonna lean back
on this table and pull out my heavy pistol and I’m gonna take a shot at his
head great are you aiming for the head yes
yeah using the specific mechanic do it so April 3d six five six seven eight
okay not as good as it could be okay and he’d already taken two from the
egg cream how could we forget the true first one so it is the best Eastern the
first thing you see is that the man behind the countertop was there
initially you see him like very calmly walked back to the kitchen exit stage
left and then phobos cracks open her guitar case and pulls out a very nice
long heavy pistol and is gonna point it at Van Gogh you shot her let’s do that
really notably I can use reflexes instead I got it
that’s a critical success beautiful and then plus a three so that’s 13 plus 5
which is 18 plus 10 which is 28 all right really good they rolled a 9 which
is also very good but I don’t think it’s gonna hit you all right so she draws
from her her guitar a comically overly long and he shoots it almost point-blank
what do you do to dodge i I just duck straight down behind the computer
basically because I’m not cool when I’m doing this it’s just it’s just out of
like necessity fall over yeah you get lucky and you trip all right so she’s
beautiful yeah uh and it just you’re just not there okay great
yo stands up and pops out her cyber arms right yeah so she’s got two blades
coming out from her wrists and she is pointing them out I think at so she
comes up to me yeah and so right oh yes it’ll be reflex plus evasion plus the D
10:19 okay you do a beautiful job so she comes out you with her blade like out
kind of like a praying mantis sick and she like slashes at you and slashes at
you but you were you are not there to be slash all right slip down and then aside
we’re in the matrix delightful some very good cool smooth moves from the game
Jojo and now we’re fighting back to back that’s beautiful just like very good
yeah so Jojo who is currently within your arms draws out ah actually because
you’re in close combat he pops out his rippers yeah and is ready to slash it
yeah okay 21 okay and his he got in nineteen see
you all just definitely avoid he pops his rippers and he just sort of like
scratches at you yeah I’m just holding him it I have my hand around his face
and I’m just holding him back and he’s kind of scratching at me but he’s not
really getting anything excellent okay yeah you guys made it through this whole
round without getting damaged yes so bringing it up to Berger yes so what I
would like to do is I would like to grab him by the head push his head on to the
counter pick up a stool and just bang it on to the top great love school combat
it’s my thing that’s 16 okay here older one oh yeah so um so because you’re
already in such close combat not able to he’s so concentrated I’m
trying to swipe at you that when you like pull him back and push him back
down yeah he just can’t fight back um so you get two hits with the store good
because you get for melee attacks you get two attacks twice with the student
in a weapon yes I think we decided two stools were one detune okay okay so boom
a beautiful one crack of the stool yeah and then four okay which is I don’t get
him as cleanly on that one but I definitely just hit his head against the
bar twice with the stool great yeah you hit him one good crack and on the second
crack the the stool breaks a little it doesn’t do as much damage cuz this tool
just like disintegrate this man is only being injured by diner equipment
vengo vengo is now kind of like struggling with the fact that he’s done
– very cool things and so the only people who could know about it are the
people from the forum that I’m trying to kill and it’s making me very very upset
is it Phobos in the okay but listen and still in the same place okay I guess at
that point I’m gonna try to I don’t love where I am because my back is against
the wall and these two are kind of like in a bad situation so I’m gonna I’m
gonna try to run I’ve got six move so one two three and then I’m gonna take a
shot as I’m running and this is gonna be since the shotguns out I’m gonna do the
same thing so that one was a 6 + 9 19 okay and then that’s again so for 710 as I’m running past I’m just
like going through the different quotes that I found on the thing and I just
instead I just start singing the Seinfeld’s based on all the booze good
great yeah great I’m making it I can’t fucking
follow that honestly I think I’ve got to take care of
Nakia Nakia who is menacing me with these rippers and I am not I’m not
burger chains here I’m not used to picking up things in my environment ever
so I’m just going to take a shot at her from what is apparently very close range
yeah yeah yeah so I guess what happened okay yeah cuz she menaced me and I
backed up against burger chains I kind of swing around my pistol in a panicked
way right in front of me um and I rolled a seven and that is 15 excellent and
that matches Oh ties go the defender though so you do not hit I fire off a
shot in it right by her right sorry about a year axiom move or do anything
else I’m going to try to back past burger chains and just get further away
from here and go back up against the counter then okay the door to the
kitchen opens and two men step out one of them wearing a full apron and like a
little burger cab and the other one the Garcon that helped you earlier they both
have submachine guns and they lay down a layer of blanket fire over your head so
for a suppressive fire everybody in line of sight that is not behind cover
you know none of your behind nobody behind covered sufficient enough for
this you roll your will plus your concentration and the d-10 and we’re
gonna see how you do 17 though 20 yeah 23 okay I don’t
fucking care if Dylan ducked down while still like this um so as so the role is
if you succeed you don’t have to go undercover nice because they are not
actually trying to shoot anybody they’re just trying to stop what’s happening
okay and you all succeeded so you do not have to take cover let’s see how the
besties did they all rolled in 11 so they all have to duck as much as they
can he can’t duck his thinking you’re
holding him down Jody cannot duck um but faux ghost and manikyam both like fall
like to their bellies as the guns are going overhead you guys are just I guess
its jaded just opened fire on three people speaking of booth at her
restaurant frankly I don’t see them come out until they start firing and at that
point I’m just like so those two dudes like oh just give like one big ol burst
of fire over your head and then who helped you say you guys need to leave oh
my god these maniacs that are dressed like friends we don’t fucking care get
out of our restaurant friends turn I think this is going to be a face down
yeah okay so it’s gonna be them versus y’all that’s a critical success for me 7
728 yeah 31 may I ask permission to do something okay so can you give me the
last thing that he said it told us to do get out of my fucking restaurant
way ahead of you Mac and I grab I run for this booth is this
a window right here yeah I run for this booth I pick up Phobos and I just
tackled her through the window you rolled so well yeah you she’s starting
to like stand up because it is also their turn so after they the ground you
see her starting to stand up and you’re just like boulders her through you need
some sort of check to see how well you do this all right I think again
athletics or brawling so 13 17 plus my role which is four okay so you do a
great job of just destroying this woman I’m sorry I’m so you pick her up and you
just piledrive her through the window and she’s like flat out on her back she
is clearly like very seriously moving and she doesn’t get back up on this
round so you don’t really know what happens
um Manikya I’m gonna get trauma team here man Nikki it backs up and also
because she she stands up she uses her turn to stand up and move and because
there’s now a window opening she also just runs out window and geojo failed as
well so he is also gonna after you bail he is also going to bail has to be well
you guys both also failed so either you can howl which in this case I think
means also leaving or you can try and stick around but take minus three
against two I’m gonna I hope these people never see
me again I don’t want to come back here I’m going
to very stiffly in a way that is is dignified as possible walk across great
yeah i yeah i also i go out the one that too i do one last look at
the two people and I say make sure to LIKE and subscribe and then I hop out
the window and I guess I’m just out there with you all as phobos’s cat like
completely broken yeah I mean she’s pretty seriously done she’s out she’s
still on her back we haven’t killed anybody have we not yes I look around to
see like what the state of the Italians down the Sally and Joey is uh so he has
definitely taken some damage not as much as Phobos you get the impression he’ll
fight until he stopped one way or another so he he’s like actually let me
just roll athletics for him and see if he successfully jumped through the
window in a cool way he didn’t actually did yeah so he likes so I walk up to him
I put my boot on his back pull up hatchet my shotgun but at the base of
his skull I say let’s wrap this up right now but I got a feeling there won’t be a
reunion show thank you bit to New York no I liked it give me a roll 24
beautiful very good he like he’s like okay okay you guys are not cool and you
see like Phobos and sort of like like shakily like reaches into his jacket and
he pulls out the little black built in he offers it to and he was like I mean I
don’t know what we’re gonna do with this thing it’s useless yeah you keep saying
that just give us the pill and stay away from
hypose clinic okay find somebody else to rob rob somebody with money we will okay
good I can reinstitute your account if you
promise to be cool about it no promises they just run they bail nice
can we just go back to hype oh really good
a good way to wrap up three friends get back in their van and drive back to high
post planning with the little black pill so did any of you see that I did where I
put the guy’s head on the counter and then I hate him with a stool two or
three times burger chains if you can promise to fight that well I can get a
lot more jobs for you I mean I wouldn’t call it fightin well but I appreciate
what you’re saying and I’d love to do more jobs with you and I’d also love to
just hang out if that’s the thing you would be interested in if only we had a
lot of subscribe regaling his audience from the back of the van staring into
again a mirror and just IRL streaming you guys had to be there it was a very
good it was I did a lot of cool things I ducked out of the way of a bullet also
burger chains jumped through a window it was really good content I should have
been streaming was happening but I you guys can trust me on this make sure if
you subscribe now there’s gonna be a lot more of this I will stream next time I
promise and then I closed out my stream a little bit upset that things didn’t go
just as planned for old van go bang go and then he starts the stream back up
and he goes Bango Bango and then he turns the stream off again
alright you pull up into a high pose medical joint and a vast above my c hypo
cool so he filed out of the van and we walk up to hypo and I just dropped the
pill in his hand oh great well I mean let’s just say we had to Wine and Dine
them hit a guy in the head with a stool thank you you’ve done me a great service
this day well hopefully they don’t correct that error yeah Venga Venga away
from this Isaac bad eyes a completely useless chip the only reason you’ve been
surviving this long is because of the philanthropy of others yeah I know men
you like everybody your volunteers yeah I’m you say go Pegasus marvellous and
then he leaves so we uh I think we took care of him if I were them I wouldn’t
come back around here but they are still alive so that’s good you didn’t kill him
but if you decide that you do want them to be dead you know who to call so I
head towards the door I say thanks again for everything you do by the way Matt
pack died into the adventure and the end in the
video what do you guys do now Bango Bango is gonna give a little call to
action that’s a critical failure hey what’s up guys it’s your boy vengo vengo
make sure to LIKE and subscribe to polygon and share it with all of your
friends if you want more cyberpunk content you know me vengo vengo out here
on that contact brines will have a Bango Bango

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