Let’s Play: Happy Salmon | Ep. #4

Let’s Play: Happy Salmon | Ep. #4

100 thoughts on “Let’s Play: Happy Salmon | Ep. #4”

  1. Hold on Adam said in the beginning “welcome to let’s play in real life” usually it’s “welcome to let’s play i.r.l” just saying

  2. Kawaii_Squishies

    F I felt bad for Kara getting slapped by a real life fish tail and getting a lot of cards that are bad and not matching with others

  3. Lps orange Blossom

    Omg every time I watch you vids There is a commercial about ice cream Oreo and something else it's trying to make me get it!

  4. for some reason at 7:11 the way Ben said " that thing is nasty" remind me of the voice of Fix it Felix jr. in wreck it Ralph!

  5. Everyone: let's play Irl

    Jamie, to Adam: Just say "welcome to let's play IRL,"
    Adam: ok
    Camera rolls
    Adam: WeLComE tO lETs plAy In REal lIfE

    Vat19, except Adam: what the fuhck Adam?!

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