LGR – Pizza Worm – DOS PC Game Review

LGR – Pizza Worm – DOS PC Game Review

[typing] You know, there’s just some
foods that go together naturally, like they’re made for each other. Chips and dip. Bacon and eggs. Bread and butter. Pizza… and worms! Mmm, yes. Pizza Worm. This is a freeware game from 1994 developed by Sami Lehtinen from Finland and released under the name Zorlim Software. It was actually his only completed game, as he previously worked on a clone
of Rhett Anderson’s Arcade Volleyball, succinctly titled Zorlim’s Arcade Volleyball, but that never actually left
the beta stage of production. Pizza Worm, however,
left all kinds of stages of production, and was actually updated as recently as 2007. Not sure if it’s official or not, but there is definitely a version from
then that is a little more improved. It’s pretty much a Snake clone,
before Snake was even a thing. So I guess more accurately
you could call it a Nibbles clone, and by that, I mean you’re a snake. Or rather a green worm, in this case, that goes around eating things and
getting longer with each thing eaten. If you run into something that isn’t food, you scream and it’s game over in quite the spectacularly bloody fashion. [echoing scream] Or maybe it’s pizza sauce. But you know, that’s boring.
I always like thinking of it as blood and gore because I was a teenager when I played this. Yes, this was one of those games
I played endlessly in high school, before the age of any kind of decent cell phones that could keep you occupied during class. Or more specifically, study hall. Mmm. When I think of study hall games,
this one exemplifies that perfectly. You see, back then, there was a computer class I took where the teacher actually put me in charge of building and setting up and installing all the
DOS and Windows 95 computers around the school. And me being a DOS gamer
with tons of responsibility, I always carried around a
few floppies in my book bag, filled with random freeware and
shareware titles to quote-unquote “test” my freshly-built DOS machines. And, you know, because I was a cool guy, I hid the games on a subfolder on the C drive and let my friends know where to find them. That way, whenever someone had a
study hall, or just wanted to screw around while the teacher was facing the other way, they could play a game instead
of having to do something dumb like schoolwork or paying attention. Yeah, I was a great influence like that. Anything to help out my fellow classmates. Anyway, Pizza Worm was one of those games that I always installed on those machines, and there’s a good reason for that. It’s freaking Pizza freaking Worm. You’re a worm that eats pizza and explodes in a gory mess when he dies. What else do you need? You DON’T need. But even still, ugh, there’s more. I mean, he even has things to
say when he partakes of a pie, which is really a step beyond for a Nibbles clone. [worm]
“Yum!” I still say “yum” like that sometimes. That’s the kind of effect this game had on me. It also made me appreciate turning in circles, because you can turn in circles in
this game, and that’s kind of amazing. Like, how many other games like this can
you just change directions in any which way and not have to rely on 90-degree angles? I wasn’t aware of any back then, that’s for sure. And as such, it changed my life. It really does give the game
a unique spin, so to speak, and there’s something bizarrely addictive
about making all these swirly patterns on your goal for total pizza domination. And if you wanted to,
you could even play against a friend, which meant you could play against a friend, and that is quite friendly. But I never did that because my friends wanted to play it all alone. Because they hogged the computers that I so
graciously built and installed games on them. That’s, uh… that’s high school for you. But, you know, whatever. Pizza Worm… is lovely. I like this game because, man, I just do. I-I can’t tell you why. Maybe–
maybe it’s the silly Zorlim’s Pizzeria in the background. I always wondered what the heck is on those menus. Things for worms to eat? You know, like, dirt? Maybe apples. Oh, no! I guess not. Apparently, pizza. Worms like pizza. Who knew? I know. I know now. I’ve always known
because of Pizza Worm. Thank you, Zorlim Software, for making everything better with Pizza Worm. Want more worms in your videos? Or references to things in high school that don’t matter? Well, there’s more videos here that probably don’t have either one of those,
but you can still watch them! Or you can just subscribe. And as always, thanks for watching.

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  1. I just got a couple of Dell XPS T600r systems the other day and put Win98 on one, and have been reliving the DOS and Win9x days. I found this game online and gave it a go.
    Did you ever play the shareware game "Castle of the Winds?"

  2. Had kinda forgot that game.. gaved numerous hours of fun and challenge in its time, when the screen was practically so full of worm you couldn't fit no more. It was lot of yam yam. And fun fun.

  3. Holy crap! Growing up I had a version of pizza worm, but it didn't have the blood, didn't have that background, and didn't have that scream. Weird.

  4. GZ-doom is Zdoom with OPEN-GL it is a more advanced engine capable of a lot more. Try video options and open-gl NOT software mode.

  5. I got new speakers for my computer, and oh my god. Your voice is so relaxing now.  I mean, it always was, but especially now. I need to go make a playlist.

  6. Nice to see a game from the great Finnish freeware scene of the nineties on the show. A topic very dear to me. Many of the most memorable ones sadly are only in Finnish, so most of the world is out of luck there, but this is a great one indeed.

  7. I remember during our computer science class in 1995 we used aval avc 777 or something like them and we would have to write video game programs for our class assignments, basically we would clown around until someone finished first and then pass the floppy around, loaded and then change a little bit of code so they all didn't look exactly the same. Oh memories…..

  8. I do the same thing at school, LGR. I'm in middle school, and we have laptops. I bring USBs full of games like DOOM, Wolfenstein, and Jazz Jackrabbit for my friends to get, then they give them to their friends.

  9. ''Hey, wanna play 2 player Pizza Worm?''
    ''Nah… just gonna keep playing 1 player, beat it.''
    ''You Pizza shit…''

  10. Did an older version of this have different music? I thought maybe it was the music to Alfred Hitchcock Presents, or maybe it was just a weird dream / false memory??

  11. Gamer of Darkness

    In the version I played, there's no death scream. Also, when you eat a pizza, you shoot forward rather than grow in the back. This made it a lot harder, but I got a score of 104.

  12. Have you played Wings or Auts, or any other classic dos cave fly-and-shooters of the sort? Wings especially was an endless source of enternaintment for my friends and me, and it has a great soundtrack. They were popular around the same time as Pizza Worm.

  13. I came down to the comments to see if anyone else commented about that outrageous death scream. I wasn't disappointed.

  14. we played Little Fighter 2 in computer class! we had it installed on all of em'! you should do a video on Little Fighter 2

  15. Had a buddy in highschool that worked in the computer department. He showed me how to access the server/ network drive. Suffice to say, Quake and Quake 2 were ALWAYS installed, even after being removed every week.

  16. I knew this on a cd-room called Game A Roma, which also included a game called "The Last Eichhof", how about doing a review of that one?

  17. This is so simple and fun to watch. Very relaxing indeed. I was born much later so our free time at high school was all about playing Quake 3 and Starcraft.

  18. Reminds me of when I had a Gameboy and NES emulator and a few roms on a 3.5" Diskette too play at school. Didn't have much time to play it for more than a few minutes though, mostly it was just to fire up and impress my friends with.

  19. OCG - Overwatch Console Gameplays

    I completed my classmates works so we could play Halo trial all together! I was this dude too

  20. I remember my friends father used to work for the IRS, and a few years before his retirement he bought, or at least took with him, an old work computer home. I believe it was a 386, but i'm really not sure as this is a very long time ago (man, i'm getting old).

    Anyway it had this excellent game installed on its hard drive among other things (CIV 1!), soo many fond memories of playing this as a child and seeing who could get the highest score.

    As an adult it kinda makes me happy that some tax man had installed this on his work computer. I also remember playing "Beerworm" a couple years later. Not as good as this game though.

  21. I think i played this game on the Amiga!… it inspired me to create another game called traps… rather dead now but i could probably upload it some place. it works with dosbox. however i never got the audio work again…

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