LILY LEAKCHU: POKIS DIARY | Lily Admits Her Feelings For Fed | Poki’s 2020 Goal | Offline TV

LILY LEAKCHU: POKIS DIARY | Lily Admits Her Feelings For Fed | Poki’s 2020 Goal | Offline TV

Gregory Gregory The demon Azrael donated $2. They just stole your ASMR mic I mean, hypothetically if someone were to do that, would it even be a problem because like I What about cursing Anon donated $6. Tell Carson and the rest of lunch club. I said hi I don’t want to shower today, but I needed to But what’s one day of not showering gonna do you know, I Just wash my face That’s good enough. I’m getting pimples. Well, they’re really small So it’s a really first world small problem but I haven’t been washing my face properly because I don’t want to rub my eyes so I’ve been really non efficient Dear diary Today, I woke up and I decided to stream I’m not sure what to stream today, but I’m sure I’ll think of something later on Lily came into my room and asked me for food this morning I said, yes, then we had some breakfast together. It was really nice We touched hands that was also a really nice. I Gave Lily $2,000 because she’s a mess I was trying to make it up as I was coming along but I couldn’t do it in time How did I don’t know I’m just a first as a nervous IIIi don’t know his place, but I think just imagine is handsome Tomatoes and tomatoes evolution. Sometimes you bring the sandwich home right on the way home Every time there’s a commute right and then on the way there the sauce seeps into the sandwich, too Much and so the lettuce too much so it becomes like really stream. That lettuce is 10th It would be in goop and mix with the shitty gloopy tomato Marinade sanrak shit tomato booger garbage nightmare bad bad tomato bad tomato. Loser girl bad. I Get a little passionate about my tomatoes The best way people say the best way to a man’s heart is good food But actually the best way to a girl’s heart is good food because they don’t stop being girls. Just don’t stop eating I swear I’ve told this story before but I had a crush on a guy and it was in like I Look back on it later on and it was entirely because he made me good food Well, not entirely but god damn I’m gonna have to re-watch all of fuckin Gordon Ramsay shows now on trains is Looks like looks like looks like trains actually come in useful Train I will cook you an omelette. That’s all that Gordon seems to do Like he does a YouTube video of an omelette in a different country every time here I’m good at making omelets and scrambled egg Okay, because I said I liked a guy that cooks doesn’t mean I’m gonna like every guy that cooks okay, so Like John and his Kassadin kind of thing. It’s like when you know, you’re damaged. I’ll put that much. It’s like it’s scary to watch No Great value the food brands ladies calling you an edible poking. He’s calling me like a discount pokey The early pipe I’ve played Pike a couple times I don’t particularly like him either he’s not my favorite. It’s okay Like I just don’t know she does not. Oh Wait, you’re telling me that knob I don’t know. I know it’s crazy. I’m telling you right now Hey God you like to wait wait towstee took so long. Yeah, cuz I do my red buff But the continuous meat is also incorrect Redeemed give my cats a treat from Gucci Batman. Thank you This one came first, here you go That’s for rengar Hazel do you want yogurt today? She fell Okay, go let go good girl There’s a picture from them This is from the first time we went to the scuffs maid cafe Fortune Of all the single people in this house. I would pay very good money if we leave a single by the other year Oh my god. Oh, hey good money here By the end of the year, you’re not gonna be you. You think you’re not gonna be single. I think I might be single, okay This is the easiest better by fucking how much money dollars okay sure easy easy. I have you in my room Actually, you want me just know you could just give it to me now. See you. Not the way. Oh, yeah Somebody first 2020. Okay. Yeah easiest I’m not All right, you got the source of seeing seal these Sona pink it oh So close Thanks for the fucking leash news I Wake up tomorrow morning like fresh in Chengdu you That’ll be fun to assume that why this good weather really plays a part of my emotional my travel But we’re gonna be walking around just aimlessly exploring it’s a legal places to check out that the food reading to checked out Guess he needs to visit Some corporal spots, of course. We’re in China. Let’s see a bunch of crazy malls and hopefully meet some local friends First time in 20. Yes Can you spent a think I’m excited. I did I am bringing extra pepto-bismol 10 know that my asshole is gonna be on fire Such as I Don’t know they just well actually shouldn’t say that cuz when they vote such as Jeffrey Jeffrey Epstein oh Yes such as free Epstein. Yes finish the sentence shop If you can all agree Some people are like Don’t read out loud, okay Thank you so much gravis, thank you. Thank you. Thank you Thank you for the wholesome don’t know yes, I hope he plays Nautilus, okay Bye Santa I do not like it when I’m Otto in someone and she hides them from me Different world but you have to find your prayer partner to travel. Yes. The permit is good Good pervert person got it. Good perfect person Yeah, she means kinky she means Well, okay, it’s really bad If one of the partners is kinky and the other one is super vanilla because you’re not gonna have a good time, right? So it’s good, it’s like a pervert and a pervert Get together But if like a pervert and a vanilla person get together then somebody’s not gonna be happy. Yeah Oh Guys, we can learn today. We’re gonna learn Japanese words. That’s one. Yes, Japanese with cont shirt Which means Octopus in Japanese boys taco seems perfect you go up Oh bot game Which means ghost? It’s all a lie marriage is a social construct I actually heard that I used to want to be married you you marry for the idea that you’re together and Then when you split they take 50% so you got to marry someone who’s richer and you make money. It’s like an investment but like I told Lily my ideal girlfriend is Rich and close to death that’s like the – wait isn’t or is that what you told me? That’s what you told me I didn’t tell you this. Are you sure? No I never said this I Did not say this. Okay, Lily. I have out you told everything that’s at Chad don’t lie My goal thing, you know, it might as well be anybody can do that I can do that. Okay do it Hey Why are you actually good at that? I Don’t know. Yeah, I Can’t somebody could at it I practice sometimes in the bathroom. I look in the mirror and I go wow look at me I’m an anime character. Oh Yeah Can you teach me No, I can’t and they made them like not streamer specific but maybe like I want to do it Yeah, we’re like very very like kind of Mimi emotes about to attack for example a Cat and a bottle of vodka if I guarantee you that if the level 5 emote was a cat drinking a bottle of vodka We would hit this. We would hit the doughnut. We would hit the scam train every single time level 5 guaranteed Right, I went shopping today, and I was really feeling myself today I took some highly narcissistic pictures Oh Oh my god, oh my oh my oh, where did those come from? Oh my god Oh, I lost myself again. I hate when that happens Oh okay, I Bought that shirt by the way Curious huh? Yes. Yes, and when you looked like época, that’s not so you look like This That’s what you guys look like Damn, pulling like this be a stick with a camera. I got lights. I got pretty colors I got a cord come out of my ass Saving this for December 2020, POKI EXPOSED: DIARY LEAKED, Tomato loser girl, What is even going on this stream, Poki’s 2020 Goal, Lily admits her feelings for Fed, Condinments are really aggravating, That’s not how it should work, We Must Go Deeper, Things are getting heated in the Sandwich fandom, You Just Got Robbed LULW, Michael lost all semblance of civility and started saying words, silver 1 climbing to dia, Kissing a girl Pog, robbed again, Train’s stream is helpful PogU, Epstein didn’t kill himself, moeee playwith poki, Scarra’s ideal marriage partner, LILY LEAKCHU: POKIS DIARY, s10 placements on smurf with toast, Jake with revolutionary idea to improve twitch’s hype train, Chat draws the attention of Boomer, Jake wanders into a ‘stash’, Learning Japanese via Ceo Andy’s shirt, DomCons exposed, owl going for walk, AYE WHATS UP, Kimi watches hachu + jimin kdrama, kimi finds Tyongee part 2 You

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  1. Lilly leakchu is the perfect name. I watch her for her and Michael together, but end up getting news about the entire house and more

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