Lost Cities: Rivals Final Thoughts

Lost Cities: Rivals Final Thoughts

hey everybody final thoughts time for lost cities rivals the little brother two lost cities which as I really it shouldn’t come as a surprise this is a rock-solid game from the doctor design himself Reiner quinita we are living through the Rye nurse aunts these days folks he is on a tear just great game after great game often revisiting some of his old classics and I love this that he’s taken ideas from lost cities you know that that kind of straight building element now and that kind of pushy like will should I just cash in now should I take it or should I try to go for a bigger run and the this central mule push your luck bidding mechanism of raw this notion that the cash is get of the the you know what everybody wants is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and sooner or later somebody’s gonna call raw and start the bidding how big do we let that get and actually I’ve never played it by no he’s got another old game that had this idea of us players bid the money goes into a pot and then at certain points that money gets spread out amongst everybody so you get half of your money back but you’re giving the rest to other to the other player or you know depending on how many players you’re gay I think that’s a really cool idea to I know that came from another game I’ve never played it I don’t remember the name of it sorry folks um but I’m sure if you read the show notes somebody will have pointed out because they’re longtime Ryan or fans I like that too but all things aside I think the coolest thing about this game is the notion that just because you win the auction doesn’t mean you take all the spoils that almost never happens often because the card you win you can’t use because you’ve already locked yourself out of them or you could use them but you dare not take them now because you’d be locking yourself off from a lot of cards since you want to wait yes should I take this blue six I don’t know if I do I mean it’s two points or maybe four or maybe six or whatever but well that I mean but I could still get the the the three and the four and the five and just and they haven’t come out yet or there’s still one coming do I push my luck do I take it now or I mean because I might not win it later on somebody might win and destroy it you know that central notion I mean this is a this is a game with a little bit of teeth I will be honest uh because often you’re not bidding to win any of the cards you’re bidding just to destroy a card that you know is a linchpin for somebody else or even if you’re not went bidding to win of course it’s like a regular auction you’re bidding just to drive the price up to really make them pay that’s fair enough but if you do win you know chances are even if you can’t use any of the cards it’ll still it wasn’t necessarily in vain because you’ll be taking cards out that could really push somebody else up so that notion that the kitty that we’re all bidding over is very different to everybody everybody’s looking at it eyeballing different things they want out of there different things they want to destroy and that means they owe the key to success is not only pay attention what you need but really paying attention everybody else needs so you can evaluate right how much are they gonna try to outbid me how bad do they want these cards because I know they don’t want my cards they can’t even use my cars that’s really cool and really fresh I like it a lot that said as a two-player game don’t you’re wrong this is a good two-player auction but man I would so love to play this with more than two because well there’s a couple of things one I wonder about the scaling because we found in a two-player game it’s pretty easy to hit that hey let’s make sure you’ve got four cards of a number to get those eight bonus points I mean with what you know the fact that cards were not removed and you know players have twice as much money as they would at higher at a four player game means that’s all but guaranteed gonna happen so there’s not as much interest or assignment I could see that being a tougher harder thing to pull off with more players because hey now this same number of cards has to be split amongst everybody I really feels like it should have been something more along the lines of you know maybe you have to fight at five or even six to be able to get that eight point bonus I don’t know I’m sure there’s a reason you didn’t do that far be it for me to question the good doctor design but it’s just I get the impression having only plays the two that it would be so much more interesting with more players for the reasons I talked about but also just because of that tension it’d be tougher to pull off those bonus points because I mentioned tension that’s a really the original law cities is insanely nail-biting ly tense because if ever you start an expedition you start so deep in the hole you have to work so hard to claw your way out it is dangerous to start an expedition because if you don’t get the right card you could lose points you lose money at the end of the game and you know which is why it’s rare that yo players will go for more than three I mean it’s crazy to go for four let alone five expeditions because you’ll you’ll never make any points if you do that so you really have to focus here that tension that danger is completely gone there is no negative at all and that makes it a bit more laid-back game you know nowhere near as tense and I suspect some of that tension might come back because it’s kind of a positive feedback loop it’s not that this game smacks you around oh you started an expedition and you failed you’re gonna lose a lot of points um here it’s oh you start an expedition you didn’t do as well as you could’ve cuz you’re not getting that aid bonus points oh you should have gotten if you would push harder I think at the higher player account things are gonna get a bit more interesting like I said though we still enjoyed this as a 2 player auction make no mistake because it becomes all the more about evaluating you know you know trying to eyeball when am I gonna go for when am I gonna try to win this not because I care not because I’m gonna take any of them but just because I’m not only gonna keep you from getting a card that’s good for you I’m gonna remove it from the game buh-bye that’s six eight points that you know or it could have been really crucial to you that was the last card you could have gotten or what have you um so that’s still there and if you like a little bit of teeth if you like a little bit of player interaction I mean auctions are implicitly interactive anyway I mean you can’t get much more interactive with the old bidding and out bidding and trying to get in the headspace of another player but this extra little twist of yeah I I bet high to keep you from getting what you wanted that becomes all the more prevalent in a two-player game because I know exactly what you want if I if I win an auction that gets me a card that allows me to destroy a card that would have gotten you six points that’s the same as me getting six points so and that can be a little heartbreaking for you I have to admit Jen and I we were not particularly crazy about that we didn’t really feel the need for it and again at a higher player count I suspect it wouldn’t feel quite so just ah yeah I mean oh I I just destroyed this card because I can’t use it not because you wanted it but just because I can’t use it here in the two-player game you know it’s it’s a very very different beast and yeah it’s good it’s good at – I suspect it would be great at a higher player account but you know just like uh you know is more recent Medici games you know he’s really just revisited Oh what was it Oh almond ray – really good effect a Reiner is you know doing a greatest hits tour you know building on his old designs and coming up still coming up with cool new fresh stuff and really amazing this is a sharp design there’s a lot of really cool stuff and like I said that central conceit of you know what I want out of this is different than what you want and you know I’m gonna leave behind and push my luck yeah I’m not gonna take that six now because hopefully I’ll be able to win it on the next auction in the meantime I’ll have filled in the spaces between it’s neat it’s cool it’s clever it’s fun it’s fast it’s super portable it’s lost cities rivals and that’s the run-through folks thanks very much for watching have a very very nice day and talk to there so long bub bye

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  1. Maybe you could try removing 1's , 2's 9's and 10's and maybe 1 wager card to make 2 player tighter? Shortens the game a bit, still the same though decisions and makes it harder to get 4 cards because there will also be trashed cards along the way.

  2. Thanks for this run-through, rahdo. I watched your Lost Cities videos a few months ago and liked the game back then, too. I only wish you had spent the last five or ten minutes of the extended play-through video to show the end game and scoring, which, for me, would have probably made your decisions and Jen's more plausible and would have answered the question I was projecting at my screen "Grab that stuff…why wait any longer.??" 🙂

  3. i felt if I didn't think of this game as Lost Cities and its own game, I liked it more than I did if I thought of it as Lost Cities

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