Today we’re going to the first fashion
show by Ludovic de Saint Sernin! The guys were beautiful! It was gorgeous! Subscribe to my channel
for more fashion videos! Warning! It’s the first show! We remember the first shows! Nothing beats the sleepless
night before the first show! The first shows are legendary; the first shows are like
The Louvre – unforgettable! This is the first show
by Ludovic de Saint Sernin, he has already made presentations
but his brand is young! My name is Ludovic de Saint Sernin,
I’m 28 years old and I’m a designer. I’ve created my brand 2 years ago. – And this is your first show?
– Yes, it’s my first show on the official calendar. So far, I had presentations so this is the first time
that everything comes out at once, in 10 minutes. It’s happening on the terrace of
Centre Pompidou by Renzo Piano, hyper-chic! Moreover, kind of miracle on its own, a
legendary Amanda Lear occupies the first row: she drank champagne with Salvatore Dali; she put her hand in David Bowie’s pocket! Amanda Lear… I was sitting next to her,
we chatted a bit. – You have a lilac beanie bag! It’s cute. Yes, I love beanie bags. You know, in Italy people
are very superstitious. In France if you wear green
at the theater – they oust you! However, in Italy it’s purple. If I come like this – oust, right now! Next to Olivier Rousteing of Balmain,
it’s Detox, the star of RuPaul Drag Race. Even the American
superdesigner Rick Owens is here. Swarovski crystals are
placed directly on the skin! – It’s too symmetrical. Evian water is sprayed on the models,
moistening the white organza so that it sticks to the skin and becomes
transparent to obtain this special texture, that of the glorious sculptures
of the Parthenon of Athens, where the goddesses’ dresses stick
to their body because of the wind. This is a first fashion show
so it’s huge stake for the young brand that can finally make its leap of faith. Become known in one stroke:
fame, money… Or just flop:
indifference, bankruptcy. So yes, Ludovic de Saint Sernin
is under pressure. The first image, the first silhouette
– there it is. It is a suit, it insists on
the tailoring qualities of the house, which is already famous for its underwear. It’s tailored, yes,
but also transparent. For this innocent dress, the reference
is Kate Moss’s famous series of photos on the beach by photographer Corinne Day
for The Face magazine from the early 1990s. A fashion series that defined the decade
and helped launch minimalism. Apron dresses, seamless dresses, leather
shorts for a night that will go oh so wrong… Materials with few molecules, because yes, Ludovic de Saint Sernin
is the only one in this once rich niche of sexual brands. He defends a libertine fashion,
of love and provocation. His concern is social media platforms
that tend to censor his images, too erotic to fit the canons. Nevertheless, the success of its e-shop shows that there
is indeed a market for premium libertine fashion. The day before the show, we went to see Ludovic
de Saint Sernin for the last fittings. Everything happened in
his own apartment in Paris. So, this is my studio.
Here we have the workshop and here is my office but we turned it
into a showroom just for this week. – We’re in a bourgeois apartment! Yes, which is cut in half! On the other side, there are
my private apartments and my bedroom,
but you don’t have access yet. – Ah, it’s still private…
– Exactly. – I see very strong Paracetamol! Yes, we have paracetamol and vitamins. This is a workshop, everything
is sewn and designed on site. Detox is in the house, already conquered
by the style of Ludovic de Saint Sernin. For this season I wanted
to have looks for women. Since the first season, we always made
clothes that fitted boys and girls. We did many dresses. The idea is that it’s a girl who is at the beach
and comes out of the ocean. She’s a little wet. In fact, Swarovski crystals are applied
on her shoulders – they look like sand. The idea is that we don’t know if the model is
wearing a costume soaked by sweat or water. – You worked with Ludovic, right?
– Yes, long time ago. We worked together,
two or three years ago. He is incredible. – Why? He is extremely talented, he is
extremely generous, extremely humble. A hard worker who achieves a lot. I admired his will, his ability
to create while forgetting the hours. Here is the highlight of this first show,
the garment that will ensure the buzz – suggestive and sophisticated because
it is not a simple towel but a noble one. – Is this a knit?
– Exactly. – I thought it was a
regular towel but no… It’s a towel that threatens
to fall at any time! Yes, it is knit reworked
in an illusion of a towel. Over-the-topness,
coutureness, hotness. This is the DNA of Ludovic de Saint Sernin, a brand careful of materials and cuts,
but with this naughty wink… These are also drops of water…
Big drops of water. – We think about the same thing?
– Yes! You thought right! After the finale, the guests were happy to witness this
first joyous demonstration of suggestive know-how. It is thus the first official
Ludovic de Saint Sernin bow! Amanda Lear is delirious. I found this show
very interesting, sensual, sexy! Finally it’s summer,
it put me in a good mood! And there were beautiful guys! Rick Owens congratulates the new designer. Olivier Rousteing from Balmain,
too proud of his former collaborator. – What did you like?
– The purity of it all, and the sexiness. How extreme and controlled it is.
It is well balanced. Sublime.
I am extremely proud of Ludovic. This was the first show
by Ludovic de Saint Sernin! Feel free to subscribe for more of my videos
of shows, fashion and Parisian excesses!

96 thoughts on “LUDOVIC DE SAINT SERNIN’S (almost) NAKED FIRST SHOW! by Loic Prigent”

  1. I personally really like something over sexy like that, i liked the transparent robes a lot but i agree that its not for everybody, probably people that are not quite as comfortable with their bodies wouldn't like quite as much

  2. Thank you very much Loic, I live in Remote Australia and I’m not very fashionable but I adore and admire fashion and your videos help me to keep dreaming, I love your commentaries as well…merci! 😊

  3. veuillez libérer la légende en français! Certains participants parlent et il est difficile de comprendre

  4. les Français eux-mêmes parlent et il est difficile de comprendre! veuillez mettre la légende aussi en français🙏

  5. kpan jean christophe Elie

    You are the best Loic Prigent…. j'espère un jours te Voir en vrai et pouvoir écrir un peu comme toi…Tu es un génie😘😘😘

  6. Il faudrait que j’aille voir de plus près mais chaque vêtement, derrière sa simplicité, semble à chaque fois être une vraie proposition : une serviette de bain autour de la taille, mais en maille ; un costume mais fantomatique, sans entoilement, sans padding, sans opacité ; un t-shirt mais multicouche au dos creusé d’une forme suggestive.
    Suggestive : il a ce don pour envelopper sa collection d’une atmosphère libidinale où les frontières qui délimitent le masculin et le féminin, l’érotique et le pornographique, l’habillement et le déshabillement, sont effacées. Et ça répond à un moment où, à côté de mouvements de retrait vers la pudeur, la morale, le religieux, se développe un monde libéral, libéré, qui a envie de vivre pleinement son corps et son esprit et pour ma part, c’est une expression que je trouve heureuse dans le pesant de notre époque.
    Et puis il  a de la délicatesse dans ce cortège, dans ces vêtements qui prolongent des érotiques du corps. Il ne me semble donc pas nécessaire de se projeter soi dans ces propositions pour se dire que c’est quand même prometteur pour un premier défilé.

  7. Hold my gay purse while I roll my eyes. I will say this tho, no matter how basic, dull and uninspiring the designs. Sex always sells. It’s Easy to amuse people nowadays.

  8. the model who has to keep pulling up those rhinestone pants that dont fit is annoying and unfortunate he should have just let them slide down his legs down and shuffled along with his bits out

  9. Je préfère ta vidéo à la collection un peu trop provoc’/porno aristocrate à mon goût, après chacun à sa cible lol

  10. Hahaha j'adore lire Les commentaires des français : " il est extremement brillant, extremement talentueux , …" On dirait du plagiarism de l'Art Romain avec les statuettes, l'Art et la photographie Homo-erotic. On est bien en train de Parler de la mode là "vêtements et accessoires" et pourtant il y avait rien a mettre, C'est tout confus s'il veut créer des vêtements que les gens peuvent porter ou pas. Merci pour la video

  11. Jorge Daniel Munguia Sanchez

    Just because the clothes aloud you to show your skin, doesn't mean that its creative or talented, does it looks pretty (on the right body) yes, does it made fashion, no.

  12. Надо было бы туда отправить кого-нибудь из дагестанцев или чеченцев с автоматом и мир стал бы чище….В хорошем смысле этого слова…

  13. Finally, a new designer with new ideas! The collection is fresh and- everybody’s describing how erotic, how sexy it is but- I thought there’s also this innocence in his clothes! Like being sexy but not knowing about it, more flirty, playful. Simple clean lines juxtaposed with abstract cuts.. it’s beautiful, I can’t wait to wear them next year!

  14. Edwin Touré Pégnougo

    Merci Loïc pour cette belle vidéo. J'aime beaucoup comme Olivier reste lui même en toute occasion. Il supporte ses amis. J'aime comme il arbore les lunettes Fenty de Rihanna. Beau défilé Ludovic simple, digeste, libertine et portable.

  15. if they wanna shook us, Im definitelly shooked with what people consider as an art. Except one guy with the towel, there is nothing to admire. Boring fashion, boring skinny models, boring show. Dissapointment.

  16. some of these man models are simply to handsome by word.. i mean is almost too exquisite, i cant desribe it.. make me feel soo small, like comparing potato and a glaze unreal

  17. One can hardly guess if these male models are still underage children. They have gone too far in the search for young faces.

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