Make Money On Twitch! (Super Easy, Dude)

Make Money On Twitch! (Super Easy, Dude)

– Twitch streaming is SO EASY! You just point the camera at yourself and you play video games. And people throw money at you. How do I get money thrown at me? You ask. Well, today I’m gonna show
you EXACTLY what you can do to become a successful Twitch streamer and I’m gonna have some help from this animated version of myself. Hello! I’m the animated version. (coughing) Okay! Let’s get started. (upbeat music) You all know how much I love making lists. I HATE THEM! So we’re gonna do this in a list format. It’s just easier that way. NUMBER ONE! EQUIPMENT! The obvious thing to do
here is just start off by dumping a bunch of
money into equipment. Because the nicer the equipment is the better streamer you’ll be. NO! DON’T DO THAT THAT’S STUPID! Just use your PlayStation or Xbox camera because the content is
what matters the most here. A 300 dollar capture card is NOT going to make
you a better streamer. Fixing your sh*tty attitude
probably will though. NUMBER TWO! HAVE A SHTICK! Why are people going to come
to your channel to watch you? It’s important to have a thing. Sure your personality could be it, but would you be friends with you? To break it down into simple terms, there are two types of streamers. People who are really good at the game and people who are really funny. It’s probably easier just
being really good at the game, so do that. NUMBER THREE! HAVE A SCHEDULE! People need to know when
they’re going to see you. So set yourself a schedule. Wait. No no no. You need to stream more than that. I mean you don’t HAVE to but if you want to actually
gain followers at a good rate, you’re going to need to stream A LOT. Every minute you’re not online
is YEARS in Twitch time. Streamers who have achieved
monetary success stream five to seven days A WEEK, 4 to 12 hours A DAY! Four is on the low side. They usually do 8 to 12. Four is if they’re feeling
a little ill that day. So you need to do THAT.
8 to 12 hours a day. But don’t worry, you’re
way to gain followers quickly. So pick ONE game. Make sure you LOVE it ’cause
you’ll be playing it A LOT. Sure you can be a variety streamer but a lot of those variety
streamers start off by being part of a community and they successfully broke out of it. Which is no small task. So now that all of your followers are part of this games community you’ll have to play this game through all of it’s glorious ups and downs. And when you’re sick of it, TOO BAD! KEAP BEATING THAT HORSE! IT’S STILL MOVING! I SEE IT! NUMBER FIVE! BE A GIRL! Unfortunate– (coughing) Unfortunately, just being
a girl isn’t enough. You need to be a HOT girl, with BOOBS! But even that’s not enough. You need to show your boobs. Yeah! THERE WE GO! YEAH DUDE! WOOOOOOO! NUMBER SIX! ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE! You can’t just sit in
silence and play your game. You have to be engaging. You need to be talking constantly
as if you’re a radio host that is also playing a video game. Just try saying sh*t off
the top of your head. Well, maybe don’t do that. Read the chat how about that. That’s very important. It helps keep your viewers engaged and hopefully they’ll
want to keep coming back to hang out with you
every time you stream. Some people are really
good at reading the chat while playing the game. I am absolutely horrible! I read very slowly and I’m
playing a f***ing game here. I’m trying to focus. Have you ever tried to text
and drive at the same time? Of course you have don’t lie to me. It’s exactly like that except you’re not putting
anyone’s life in danger. Yeah. Okay. You’re good at texting and driving. You know, you’re a real
asshole aren’t you? NUMBER SEVEN! BE AN EXTROVERT! Extroverts gain energy from
the attention of others. A lot of people who play video
games are NOT extroverts, they are introverts. They play video games
to get away from people. Introverts expel energy when they have the attention of others. I am an introvert. Yeah I film videos of myself all the time but if there was like
a camera crew around me I’d probably freak the f*** out. For introverts, streaming is
incredibly exhausting work. Having the attention of all these people for an extended period of time and trying to keep them all
happy and entertained is BRUTAL! And when you’re just
saying sh*t constantly you tend to just say things that come off of the top of your head. So you’re being super
real with your audience. You’re letting all these
people into your life for extended periods of time and it can just be too much sometimes. How’s that sound? Is that making you uncomfortable? NUMBER EIGHT! DRINK WATER! You’re gonna be talking
for like eight hours so make sure you’ve got water handy. Eight hours is a normal work shift so you could do this. Except that, when I’m at work
I dick around in the internet every couple minutes or so and shoot the sh*t with my coworkers. Hell, when I’m playing
games recreationally at home I do so for like one
to three hour stretches and I’m answering texts and checking twitter and all that stuff. When you’re streaming, your attention has to be a
hundred percent on the game that you’re playing and a
hundred percent on your chat. “But Bob, that’s two hundred percent.” I KNOW IT IS! I’m proving a point here. It takes a lot of concentration and focus. If you get up for a minute or
two while you’re streaming, you’ll lose viewers. People tune in and see an
empty chair, they just leave. Keep your pee breaks short and… What were we talking about? Oh yeah. Drink a lot of water. NUMBER NINE! BUSINESS STUFF! So you wanna make this
a full time gig, huh? “Yeah! Play video games for money! WOOOO!” Well, like I said earlier,
you’ll be streaming for five to seven days a
week 4 to 12 hours a day. So yeah, like a full time job. Yes! Even when you’re
building your following. But, you already have a job? Well, you’ve go two options here. Come home every night and
stream for 4 to 12 hours or quit your job. So now that you’ve quit your job, you’ve got to make some money. Well, you should’ve saved up a little bit before you left your
job but we’ll make do. There’s a few ways streamers get money. Donations, Twitch
subscriptions, ad revenue, and sponsorships. For twitch subscriptions
and even ad revenue you need to be an approved Twitch partner and if you’ve just started
building your following they’re not going to make you an approved Twitch partner yet. And sponsors want their product to get out to thousands of people. So unless you’ve got
that kind of viewership, at first you’re gonna be off of donations. Let’s say you grow
followers rather quickly and you get approved by Twitch. YAY! Now you’ve got all that SUB MONEY! NOT SO FAST! Let’s say you get a hundred
subs your first month. That’s a lot of subs. Twitch takes about two out
of five dollars per sub. So that leaves you with a
whopping three hundred bucks. For that month. Oh boy. “What about that ad revenue?” Nope! Unless you’ve got hundreds
of thousands of views per commercial, you’re not getting dick. So to summarize, you’re
not making any money unless you’ve got a
decent amount of viewers, convince Twitch that you
would be a worthy partner, and convince sponsors that
you could sell their product. So if you’ve quit your job
to give yourself more time to build your audience, you’ll be eating ramen for a few months. Ramens good. And that whole convincing
advertisers that you could sell their product is a full
time job in itself. That’s why famous people
have representatives. NUMBER 10! JUST SHUT UP AND DO IT! With Youtube Gaming, Twitch,
and streaming support built into your consoles, the
barrier to entry is so low. So just do it already. You’ll only learn by do it. You have no excuses. And if you thought this
was going to be an easy way to make some cash… HA HA! IF IT’S SO EASY THEN GO
AHEAD AND GIVE A TRY! This video goes out to
all the people who thought playing video games on the
internet for living was easy. Take it from me, a man who
has a whopping two hundred Twitch followers and a schedule that’s virtually non existent. I stream once a week, whenever
the hell I feel like it. Because this sh*t is f***ing hard and it sucks the life right out of me. But if you’re actually
SERIOUS about this stuff, check out Professor Broman’s
podcast Streaming 101. There’s some much good information there. Yes! It’s very long but if
you’re serious about this you’re going to need to
put in some work man. There’s a reason why people get paid money to do this sh*t, because it’s work. Anyway, thanks for watching guys. Special shout out to
the GeekChic, of course, because she has basically
been my streaming case study for the last year. Being close with her and
watching her go through all the ins and outs of
streaming as a career gave me a lot of useful
insight on the matter. So, ANYWAY! What do you guys think? Do you still think it’s EASY? Leave it on the comments below. Add me on Twitter. All of this other social media garbage and what do you think about this format? Took a lot of work. I’m saying that before
I even start editing because this is just the audio part. But I know, I foresee it. I know I talked a lot about
Twitch but Youtube Gaming… I wouldn’t recommend starting
your stream on Youtube Gaming unless you already have
a Youtube channel there. Also, our WulffDen live, which we do every single
Wednesday at 9:00 pm. That’s easier sh*t because
I’m not playing a game and we’re just there to talk to you guys and we only do it for like 45 minutes. Simple as all hell. That’s about the only way I can stream. THANK YOU GUYS VERY MUCH! Have a good week. There are so many better guns out there now I just don’t know what any of them are and now that your weapons
actually affect your light levels something that a bunch
of you assured everybody wasn’t going to matter anymore you are now forced to use
whatever weapon you have that has the highest light level.

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