Maracaibo Extended Playthrough – JonGetsGames

Maracaibo Extended Playthrough – JonGetsGames

16 thoughts on “Maracaibo Extended Playthrough – JonGetsGames”

  1. This is AWESOME!!! I just got the game yesterday and played it Solo. That was tough, trying to learn the regular rules AND the Automa rules. You clarified a lot of rules and explained some I didn't fully understand. Thank YOU!!!

  2. Fantastic play through Jon. This is why your channel is crucial to this hobby. I’m heading up to play this with my Brother and Nephews on Saturday. I’m totally stoked now.

  3. This game really is basically Alexander Pfister's Greatest Hits Album, huh? I like most of his games, and like the look of this one, but it sadly shares the thing I hated most about Great Western Trail, and that is that a player can rush to the end of the game by going round as fast as possible. As someone who likes to take their time, I hate being rushed like that.

    Wonderful video as always. As usual, your editing and presentation is top notch.

  4. At 1:13:53 the green player used 2 combat to get 1 influence instead of England taking over an empty village and still getting an influence, which seems like a strategic error.

  5. I don't like how ties work regarding strongest and weakest nation. When fighting a battle, a tie means no one is best/weakest. When endgame scoring happens, a tie suddenly means all of them are the best. Seems strange and inconsistent… 🙁

    Other than that, it seems to be a nice game. Good Job!

  6. Very good play through, with different strategies per player.
    At 12'26" a misspoken location: green player places a cube in the last free city. That city is called Cartagena, not Santa Marta (which is a village).
    At 44'45" yellow player buys 2 cards, one of which is a Pioneer. Yellow forgot to return a worker to the general supply as it is an additional cost for the Pioneer.

  7. Great job Jon! This the second game after GWT that I bought immediately after watching your playthrough.
    Great game and even better tutorial and rules explanation. Keep up the work!

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