Me & My Crush Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

Me & My Crush Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Between the two of us,
who’s more attractive? – Oh, definitely you. – Oh, I’m glad you said that. – Yeah (laughs). – I would have said that too (laughs). (upbeat classical music) – I’m TJ. – I’m Jasmine. – I’m Sepra. – My name is Riley. – And we’re here playing
Truth or Drink with my crush. – Hi! How long have you had a crush on me? – Seven-ish years? – What? – Yeah. – I just wish you would
have told me earlier ’cause I was super insecure in high school and you could have boosted my confidence. – I fucked up, we here now. – We started talking a couple months ago ’cause I cast him for a photo shoot. – (laughing) And now we’re here. – Yes, yes we are. – She asked me if I wanted to go on a date and I guess that’s just what it is. – [Interviewer] How long have
you had a crush on Jesse? – Since the day I saw
your Instagram (laughs). I thought you were a guy at first. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – How did you feel when you
found out I was a girl though? – Oh, I was fine with it. I was like, “cool.” I have a vagina, she has a vagina, I know how to, I know what to do with those (laughs). – I think what drew me to you was that you weren’t all in my
face and like “Hey” and– – Hi (laughs). – Yeah, no, yeah. I get that often, so it was kinda cool
that you played it cool. Cheers. – We’re supposed to cheers, what in the hell? – This is why we haven’t gone on a date. – You ready? – I’m ready. – Between the two of us,
who’s more attractive? – Oh, definitely you. – Oh, I’m glad you said that. I would’ve said that too (laughs). – I feel like I’m pretty attractive. – It’s you, it’s you. – Definitely you. – No.
– Definitely you, yeah. You fine as hell, what you talkin’ about? Come on now, look at you. – I’m getting sweaty.
(Jesse laughing) Ick. (Jesse laughs) Can you cut that part out? That was ugly (laughs). That was so ugly. – On average, how many dates do you go on before you sleep with somebody? – Two, three. Two, one to get to know and then one to– – Get to know?
– Get to know (laughs). – I will have sex on the first date. – I mean this is a first date. – You can’t (sighs).
(Riley laughs) You’re not wrong. – What is your favorite
sex position and why? – Oh. Probably like, the standing doggie style. – Ooh.
– Yeah, it’s a good one. What about you? – Definitely doggie, or I’d say, would it be
like a reverse cowgirl? On the couch though, like where they would have
like a seat and I could – That’s a good one.
– Right? – I’m changing mine. I like that one. – Are you just trying to match mine now? – No, no, that happened once, changed my life, yeah. I’m changing mine. – Oh, if I was your sex slave, what’s the first thing you’d ask me to do? – Ooh. Damn. – I would definitely have you eat me out while I play video games. The second one, would definitely have you
jerk off on the train. – Strong pass, but okay, cool, cool.
– You know, public humiliation,
they’d be a lot of that. – I would probably ask
for a blow job first just because it’s something
we messaged about a lot. I’m not gonna lie about that.
– No, that’s fair. – And I’m curious, I gotta see if the hype
matches what it actually is. – I mean, I would probably, if I were you, ask for the same thing, so – Oh, see, the hype. There’s a lot of hype going on right now. – Sex slave, so like I can’t say no. – I’m not sure. Damn. – I need you to take a drink. That’s lame. – I wish I knew the
answer to that question. – Me too. – Do you want children? – Yes, I do, I want one, I want a boy. What about you, do you want
any more than you have? – I already have enough. I mean, yeah, maybe one more, but I need a ring on my finger first. I keep doing it wrong. Do you wanna carry the baby? – No, thank you.
– No? – I’m good, nah. Will you carry my baby? – Will you get me ice at 2:00 in the morning without bitching about it? – Yeah. – Okay, well then, we’re cool. – Do you want kids? – Yeah, eventually I
would like to have kids. I’ve got names picked out in my head. Whoever I’m with is gonna have to accept that I’m gonna name the boys, she can name the girls. – Okay. That would not work for me (laughs). I want zero kids. – Really? – No kids, I’m not a kid person. – What’s the kinkiest thing
you’ve done in the bedroom? – I’m really in to butt stuff, so like plugs and I’m trying to reach a certain goal. I haven’t–
– Goal? – I haven’t gotten there yet, but I’m trying to do anal. – Yeah, all right, cool. – So how about you, what’s the
kinkiest thing you’ve done? I’m telling you, you sound boring! – Name something about me that
you find very unattractive. (interviewer laughs) Oh, no, no, no, it’s okay. – No–
– Cause you just– – I just kinda wanna drink. – What is it? That I make that ugly noise
when I’m itching my throat? (Jesse laughs)
Is that it? It’s so ugly.
(interviewer laughs) – What do you find unattractive about me? – Sometimes (laughing) when you toot, it smells like eggs and I don’t like that. – I dare you to kiss me on
the lips or take a shot. (lips smacking) (lips smacking) (glass clanking) – You wanna kiss me? (lips smacking) You have (laughing) lipstick all over you.
– Probably have lipstick all over me all over me now. I figured that would happen. Does it look good though (laughs)? No? – On a scale of one to 10, how good of a kisser am I? – See, you only gave me
like a five second sample, but that was like a strong
eight for just a little bit. I was like, “Ooh, okay.” – So only an eight? I’m offended.
– You wanna show me a 10? – I mean. (lips smacking) (laughing) – You’re a nice kisser. – You’re a nice kisser. – [Interviewer] Are you guys more or less into each other after this? – I’d say more.
– I’d say more. – Would you go on a second date with me? – Oh, yeah. – I’d hang out with you again. – Yeah, likewise. – I know. – (together) Go to – And buy the game and play it. – Yeah, and you can do
this shit off camera so you can actually get wild with it. – You had the option too, but that’s fine.

100 thoughts on “Me & My Crush Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut”

  1. Yall coming for the girl w/ the dreads guy but tbh she was just telling it as it is LOL. Its ok my man you'll find your match but yall aint gonna work out

  2. Guy with the dreads is so nervous, his legs couldn’t stop shaking. He’s probably in disbelief that he’s on a date with his crush. She is gorgeous though!

  3. I feel bad for the dread guy, he seems chill and like he’d actually be fun.

    That girl came off a bit aggressive idk bruh

  4. Y'all really feel so entitled to women pleasing every dudes ego and feelings even if she's not into him 😬 u can't "earn" a girl, he's gonna live bruh

  5. Omg when the guy with dreads pauses to answer and his crush is staring at him and yells, “I’m telling you, you sound boring!”.. he’s sooo nice I feel bad..

  6. Even if he didn’t feel comfortable talking about his sex fantasies he still could have been smooth in his answers lol. So like: “I’m not comfortable talking about it on camera but just know that if you allowed me that control I’d have you do some truly terrible things.” A bit of heavy eye contact throughout and she’s yours loool.

  7. The guy with the dreadlocks is literally me like hello I got cameras on me the world is watching and my mom is gonna find out how kinky I really 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Shit I can show you better than I can tell you 🥴

  8. Beyond weird and awkward. That guy isn’t boring he’s just not stupid enough to say those things on the internet meanwhile she’s talking about stretching her asshole lmao. He is trying to be respectful. This was gross af to watch lol

  9. Such a turn off when the one chick says “I know” when the guy says he would go out with her again. She was not being sarcastic, just bitchy.

  10. Dread dude bombed. Got a girl who’s admitting she’s stretching out her ass, and he freaks out to even come up with a made up sex scenario.

  11. Dreadlock guy should've never come to this video lol I get it if you're shy but god damn I'd rather have someone else that is open. You should know what you're getting yourself into, or he's a virgin.

  12. The guy with the dreadlocks was raised right. He did not want to disrespect her or herself by answering these personal questions. He should look for women with more class, not attention-seeking buttplug queens.

  13. “I have a crush on you because you never pursued me and that’s just sooo rare”
    “I think I’m more attractive than you hahaha”
    “You’re so boring”
    “I don’t wanna kiss you”

    Is this how people flirt now?

  14. Come on.. Dude she's trying to find out how adventurous you are. Are you gonna tie her down on the bed and give her the D or not?.. I am so disappointed.. And you can tell the kid is inexperienced, can't keep his fucking knees still under the table lmao.. calm down little boy..

  15. Jasmine: "What drew me to you was you weren't all in my face"
    Obviously his shyness was mistaken for "cool"ness. This video disillusioned her and that obvs made her a bit blunt

  16. The guy with dreds is just too respectful. The girl is an easy 10 and honestly his sexual fantasy was Probably just to have sex

  17. MotolaniBliz MilleniumBoy'sVEVO

    i was just like him (guy withe the dreads) a nice and or shy guy but thats not what the girls i like are in to so i change into a extrovert sometimes. people aren't static we are adaptif beings thats why we made it all the way over the world and not just stayed in africa. what im getting to is this you need to adapt to you situation and act the part that gets you result. im shy and a been a introvert all my live but when i act like e extrovert people are drawn to me like a magnet. extrovert means you get energie from being with people end introvert means you get energy from being alone. so when im being extroverted i need to recharge for like 2 days but its worth it. so for all the people simping for this dude dont it wont help him teach your kids to be adaptive because thats the world we living in and it will yeled the best result. i found this out when i went to studie psychologie me becoming a psychologist is the best thing that happened to me because i get so much out of live i know why people are the way they are and i can play in to it how i want

    remember we are all actors in this live act how you want but dont complain if the roll you picked doesnt match the act you play in the other actors got the memo and played the part so why not you too

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