MECHANICA Gameplay – Cliffside Base! Building a Base in Mechanica!

MECHANICA Gameplay – Cliffside Base! Building a Base in Mechanica!

check it out and I made a thing it’s a cliff side bass oh and the lights just went to yellow because it’s nighttime let’s jump in here and give you a tour [Music] hey everybody Weem here welcome back to Mechanica gameplay today I thought I would show off my cliffside base as I am calling it and running up here you kind of see the beginnings of it this is gonna be a pretty short video I just wanted to walk you through what I’ve set up here how I kind of got this cliffside base going and show you a couple of the things that I’ve got set up around here so before I go inside I thought I would note that I’ve got a minor setup with a furnace and a storage for some different resources we’ve got copper here we’ve got the lithium here and we’ve got one other one which is the on over here the iron which just turns it into steel now with all of these I actually have these set up in a very efficient way as Vortac did in a video recently talking about fuel efficiency and based on some conversations in discord about how to kind of get that going well so this basically only runs the furnace when it can make a an ingot so it’s pretty cool it saves this fuel saves it actually pretty well I was noticing these can run for a long time now so anyway I do have all three of those set up under that over here we just have two water sources so nothing nothing crazy over here but anyway let’s go inside okay so when we first step inside I’ve got a really simple laser trip wire here on the door set to just kind of open the door really quickly for me so I can run through and if I step in here and look all the way down to the right I’ve got a similar setup down there nothing too crazy there I do have lights throughout the place all the lights on the ceilings in here are connected to this timer so that during the day they are white and at night they are red just a little subtle thing but at least with a setup that way I could jump in and add things like brightness if I wanted to or change a couple of the things but for now I thought I would start that somewhat simple there’s probably a better way to do this but anyway it’s been messy but it gets the job done now over here if we kind of step over to the left we’ve got kind of the farm setup here the green right I’ve got two spotlights they’re connected this switch that’s all and I’ve got obviously a lot of plants planted here we’ve got the stove for cooking and then we have storage for kind of an output to crafting some of those but I also put in some seeds and everything so basically the resources we need for the greenhouse now again there’s the entrance of the main entrance we’re gonna kind of step through here and we’ve got this side room I can’t really put a wall here because it clips into the rock and I thought about putting the half kind of this like iron wall but it doesn’t quite sit on there right so just yeah left it open I did throw two couch chairs in here if I spin around you’ll see I’ve got these screens on the window I told you I have the efficient power set up for the three different resources but I also have it set that if there is no fuel or there’s no power to any one of the two devices that this will show off so right now it says lithium is off this is my iron right here coppers all the way out to the right well let’s go let’s actually go look at the lithium because I don’t want that to stop it could and wonder if it went through the resource no there’s still resource here so it looks like it’s a battery thing let’s see yep plenty of fuel and you can see the furnace is turned off that’s cool so we’re just gonna go ahead and throw like two batteries in there that’s gonna get that going burn those up let’s go check the status of our screens in here so we should be back in business here that are actually just before I hit it it turned on I was like let me reset this thing it’s on a wait timer if I think five or 10 seconds but anyway at a glance here we can tell that all of those are fully functioning which is pretty sweet okay stepping down to this other doorway another kind of Exeter entrance we’ve got well I call this the storage room these are all things that I would have normally put in a storage box but I thought you know what I kind of want to just stack these up in a room kind of like I’ve got this little storage unit to stick things so you can see we’ve got the turret here and stove just all kinds of stuff I do have some of these I like to say like these workshops these tables benches whatever you might call them not being used right now but I’ve been really just kind of working on getting the base set up for so anyway I’m using this place for storage my little indoor storage unit now part of this we have this a kind of open roof and you’ll notice this between each one because you can’t put a wall and then another wall I could do just one which could be cool let’s see if I even have any of those on me I don’t have any of those spare on me but um anyway I kind of would want to and I would do probably this kind of opening like right here so you just walk through but again I couldn’t stack two in there for some reason but let’s go upstairs and check it check out what’s up there ooh yellow is on so we just went to nighttime okay so we’re gonna kind of roll up the stairs here as we get here I’ve just got a little couch kind of looking out the window here nice little view right it’s really not a whole lot up here right now I’ve got another light I think prior I think earlier I said that these were red but I actually changed him to yellow I forgot so we have space in this room to do some things haven’t done anything there yet and then I’ve got some more chairs in these light switches here I can’t remember I think this just yeah this is just for the these kind of lights which I’m forgetting the name of what are those that’s gonna drive me nuts now the floor lamps right so I have to appear and then I’ve got one that’s down in the greenhouse the switches for I just figured because it was another floor lamp I would just set up to the same switch okay so outside of the base I do have these walls up this prevents the robots from kind of walking and getting stuck underneath my floor up above that was kind of being a thing when I was inside and I’ll go ahead and show you the other side as well thought I heard a robot I do have these ramps up to this door because the stairs were a bit too low and they were kind of tilted when I tried to do them on the hill so I thought this was kind of a cool little compromise a little bit of a ramp but if I come across here we do have two more walls here kind of preventing the robots from going inside of there I hear them I don’t know where they are there he is so anyway this this basically keeps them from getting wedged and stuck in there let’s go ahead and run to the front I’ll show you the really simple defensive setup here obviously it’s the the Tesla coil so if I step in here this guy’ll come up to the door real simple set up here push the button it’s currently safe now it’s not it’s gonna run for eight seconds so I have it ticking down until it’s off you can still see it’s on up there two one and both are often it’s safe so anyway real real simple setup there but they do like to come stick at this door I think even want to go upstairs or do anything else they’d like to be right at that door so I just figured for now I’d set that up I’ll get something more automated setup it could be that I make this a doorway I don’t come in myself and just have traps to be triggered when they get there and I just use another door I could even pop a door over there so I could come in either way but anyway that’s how it currently is so to give you a closer look at the structure of the stuff that’s up higher these these floors actually do not stack on top of each other they kind of clip through and everything so what I did is I actually move them around it’s a little hard to see this is a corner right this the square is the structure above and if you clip it into some rock face and move it around a little bit there’s areas where you can actually like put it down and they don’t really snap to each other I try to snap to this one but it wouldn’t really connect and same with the other one they you kind of just get them where you can and then you use the stairs to bridge the gap so in this case I put two stairs down these actually aren’t clipped into the floor I just kind of like meshed them in a bit and then I’ve got one here coming up into this room now I did just make another one of these guys so if I actually select that and kind of move this around you can see it’s red pretty much ever but but everywhere but you can see for example this actually like right there happens to work so if I thought I could put that there and then get some stairs up to it that’s a thing that I could do but you do have to play around with it a bit at least for now I would love the possibility of snapping these to each other one on top of another but it’d probably be good to have a ladder because the stairs right now if you wanted to set it here for example to go up to the next floor it actually has to be really close in fact it’s probably easier to show down here so this the steps here start right you know right at this entryway here and I’m even going out over top and everything up to a higher elevation if this were having to come from here to a floor directly above these stairs won’t really work you’d have to have no floor if you kind of get what I’m saying there’d have to be such a big opening here so anyway it’d be cool to have like a ladder I’d love to see a ladder and have a hatch basically a ceiling with just a hole in the middle that a ladder could snap to that’d be pretty cool or maybe even a set of stairs that could be attached kind of snapped to the side to be out on its own platform that goes up you know and maybe connects to a doorway out a bit I don’t know a couple different ways that could happen but I’d love to see that we do have power out on our iron here I just want to make sure that my sign is correct yep iron is off very cool it looks like it’s just here because the fuel is really efficient like it does seem to want to go through batteries faster than fuel the fuel always seem to go faster for me but anyway it’s pretty cool setup let’s go check our sign should be on I think it’s a 5 second timer yeah we are good once again so I decided I would add one more section to this place and I did it right here stairs going up into this new one I kind of fiddled around lining this up right and kind of got it lined up along the upper beam of the one I’m standing on I thought okay I could do stairs at there let’s do one more so I’ve got a couple couches up here the lights I don’t have those switched in yet I removed them from down below but anyway you get the idea this is hooked and these will all go yellow when night comes but anyway kind of a cool little view up here got this like high vantage point I may throw another one in like if I could I’d love to be able to have like the cliffside base be built up on top of this and I think it’s probably possible to some extent I’ll just have to make some more platforms and experiment with some more of the stairs also through a storage in here for some of my ingots and everything that I’ve been running around and collecting so anyway just a couple more added elements to this awesome base while you were here I’m gonna run around to the side and show you another reason why I blocked this off here was you know as I mentioned to keep the robots from coming in here and getting stuck but also because these beams just kind of hang down they’re kind of ugly as you can see there’s kind of see-through them they kind of clip through but anyway it’s kind of a cool little setup here we’d be cool to go right up along there I think that’d be pretty sweet but anyway that would take some more experimenting and for now I think we’re gonna leave it at that like I said at the opening of this I just thought I would bring you in here show you my cliff side basis real trend it’s really trying to stick to the foundation and get some basics in but we’re gonna get into some more complex programming and I think next for this cool base so I’m pretty excited about that but anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this please subscribe like the video those kinds of things if you enjoy this otherwise I want to thank you guys for stopping in as always I appreciate it then I’ll catch you next time

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  1. Roof Fillers! As soon as I finished I ran into "Roof Fillers" which can fill those roof gaps. Now, at the time, I then tried them and they did not work thanks to a snapping bug preventing some snapping after a save, but as of this morning that bug has apparently been resolved!

  2. Hey Mike, have you ever played Kenshi? I'm currently watching a let's play and it looks pretty interesting. It's a 2013 indie game, from a very small team, still in development, but it's got tons of content from what I can see.
    It takes a slightly different turn from building/survival to brutal run for your life survival, then building if you make it.
    It has elements of Rust, xcom, sekiro, even Sims, lol it's pretty crazy.

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