MEN’S BASKETBALL – Louisville Players Postgame

MEN’S BASKETBALL – Louisville Players Postgame

9 thoughts on “MEN’S BASKETBALL – Louisville Players Postgame”

  1. I still think Huff is the key to how far they can go. They need to run more plays for him because lobs and dunks fire up the entire team on defense. Diakite, Huff, and Key are as good as any front court in the country, when they are playing well. I really wish the offense was geared a little more toward getting the ball inside to them. I also wonder why they don't go after offensive rebounds more when they have such good rebounders. And they are very lucky that "ball control" they use at the end of close games hasn't lost them a couple of games. There is no reason to run down the clock and then take a bad shot.

    Still a great job to end the year the way they did. The freshman need to step it up. They have an entire season under their belt now.

  2. Mamadi is so well-spoken. He personifies the best of a Coach Bennett player: calm, confident, possessed of an inner fire, teammate to the end, and committed to excellence.

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