MESSY MAKEUP TRIVIA ft. Nikita Dragun & Gabriel Zamora

MESSY MAKEUP TRIVIA ft. Nikita Dragun & Gabriel Zamora

(James Voiceover and bubbly music in background ): Hello, sisters and welcome to Messy Makeup Trivia! The game show where no matter who wins, we ALL lose. Let’s meet today’s special guests. Our first guest will always tell you his truth in 48 minutes or less! Please, keep it 100 for Gabriel Zamora. Through all of his scandals, we are genuinely shocked that this next contestant still has a career! Here, live in the studio, with unmatched foundation, please welcome James Charles! When a conflict arises, our last contestant is nowhere to be found. Coming straight from the plastic surgeon, let’s give a warm welcome to Nikita Dragun. (All): Hi sisters! (James): James Charles here, and welcome back to my YouTube channel! As you guys can see, I have two amazing, and very, very messy, special guests! Nikita and Gabriel! (Gabriel): Hi, everyone! (Nikita): Hiiiii! (All): *Laughs* (James): So- (Gabriel): Messy?
(James): Yeah, you’re very messy. (Nikita): I don’t know that. Messy? Never heard of that. (Gabriel): I only speak truth. No mess. (James): You keep it 100.
(Gabriel): I keep it 100.
(Nikita): I think I don’t speak at all. Sometimes saying less is more.
(James): True.
(Nikita) Right? (James): Yeah, definitely something I have learned many times in my career.
(All):*Laughing* (Gabriel): I say more.
(James): *laughing*
(Nikita): A lot more. (James): 48 minutes more. (Gabriel): *laughing* 48 minutes more. (Nikita): Oh we’re gonna start it off like that?! (James): For today’s video, I am bringing you guys a brand new series here on this YouTube channel, and that is Messy Makeup Trivia. This is gonna be so fun, so fresh. Let me tell you what’s going on here. Regardless of how long we’ve actually been doing makeup, the makeup community itself and the industry has been along for a very very long time and its history is definitely rich, to say the least! Over the past three years has been amazing brands with amazing launches with amazing products with amazing people and Lots of more amazing things, but at the same time as well there’s also been a whole lot of things, such as a sister scandal, such as brand failures and lots of other things associated. And with all those things comes a whole lot of history. In this new game show series, we’re going to be testing my and my friends knowledge of the makeup community. So here’s how it going to work, we’re going to be doing our everyday- *laughing* What are you doing?
(Gabriel): *laughs* (James): We’re gonna go through our everyday makeup routines step by step and on every single step We’re gonna have to answer a trivia question and that is why we have these little buzzers here in front of us. My writer’s behind the camera and he’s gonna be asking us all the questions today. None of us has seen them, we all want to win fair and square and I know we’re all very very competitive as well.
(Nikita): Yes You have to wait until the question is asked in full before actually hitting the buzzer And then once you hit it you will have 5 seconds to answer the question. So we all have our regular products and there’s no penalty for not buzzing in. (Gabriel): Okay (James): But buzzing in, if you think you know the answer, is high-risk high-reward. So for each step, there is a major sabotage So for each step, there is a major sabotage. Major major major.
(Nikita): We love a sister sabotage. (James): We do love a sister sabotage. Now if you buzz in and you get it right, you get to assign the sabotage to one of your other two opponents (Nikita): Oh wow!
(James): But if you buzz in and you get it wrong, you have to take the sabotage. (Nikita): Okay
(Gabriel): Okay We’re gonna go through our entire steps And by the end the winner will be determined by all the sisters down below of who they think looks the best. (Nikita): Okay.
(Writer): Are you sisters ready? (James): Yes
(Gabriel): Yeeeeess! Let’s sister start.
(Nikita): (in Spanish) Si, Senor. (Writer off camera): We’re gonna start easy and the questions will get harder as we go along. (Gabriel): Harder?
(James): *laughing* Harder.
(Nikita): Harder and messier! (James): We love-
(Gabriel): Messier!
(Nikita): Harder and messier baby! (Nikita): Harder and messier baby!
(James): Oh god!
*laughing* (Writer): Question number one: nowadays you guys get most of your makeup sent to you for free let’s see how much you know about prices these days. What is the average price of a liquid lipstick at Sephora? *James’ buzzer*
(James): Oh.
(Gabriel): (Gabriel + Nikita): Oooh!
(Gabriel): You pressed it!
(James): $20 (Writers): Wrong (Gabriel): *Screams with laughter*
(James): *Shocked gasp* *Gabriel and Nikita’s buzzers*
(Gabriel): 18 (Writer): Yes, correct.
*Gabriel screams with joy*
(Nikita): Wait, was it right, 18? Okay good. (Gabriel): I’m not even a make up artist.
(Nikita): Oh my god, we get the sister sabotage first! (Gabriel): I just love to shop you guys. My Shopaholic sister tendencies have allowed me to win this question (James): What is the sister sabotage? (Writer): For your sister sabotage, you have to apply your foundation without a tool. (Gabriel): *gasps* Come on hands! (James + Nikita): Ewww! (Gabriel): Oh, no, I guess you can’t use your morphe sponge which you can use code James Charles to save money on. (James): Code James sweetheart. (James): This is disgusting
(Gabriel): I actually like to apply it first with my finger. (Gabriel): I actually like to apply it first with my finger.
(Nikita): Oh my god! Are you doing it really with your finger? (James): Thank god I’m having a good skin day, honestly. I’m not going to lie it kinda looks okay. (Nikita): Can I buy your hand at Morphe.
(James): A lot of people have been speculating whether or not it’s colabing with Morphe. and the answer is yes, my releasing my hand.
(Gabriel): Oh wow Wow Exclusive here. (James): Exclusive here you guys.
(Writer): I hope that wasn’t too bad cuz it’s gonna get worse (James): Oh god!
(Nikita): Like it. (James): Okay ready for question number two
(Writer): Number two Everyone had to start somewhere. Name three influencers who worked as freelance makeup artist or retail MUAs before their rise to fame on YouTube *All three buzzers*
(James): Patrick Starr, Manny MUA, Jaclyn Hill. All worked at mac. (Writer): Correct Congratulations, you got to pick who is sister sabotage.
(James): Okay.
(Writer): This sister sabotage is… use a dry beauty blender to blend out your concealer. (James): Oh that’s not even that bad!
(Nikita): That’s not that bad (James): Urgh
(Nikita): That’s not that bad (James): Okay, I’ll give that to Gabriel.
(Nikita): That’s not bad, come on! That’s easy.
(Gabriel): I’m gonna remember this. My truth will come out yet again.
(James + Nikita): *laughing* (Gabriel): It’s not an issue for me
(Nikita): Face tune (Gabriel): You want to talk about face tune.
(Nikita): What? (Gabriel): You want to talk about face tune!
(Nikita): I don’t know what face tune is. (Gabriel): Hmmm
(James): Right
(Nikita): I’ve never seen it (Writer): Now that your faces are concealed. It is time to set them in place or is it? For number three, we have… We all love animals however the beauty industry is known for not being the kindest to them in the past. Beauty products are no longer considered cruelty-free if they are sold in what country? *All three buzzers* (Nikita): China
(Writer): Correct.
(Nikita): Yes, I got the Asian question yay! (Writer): The sister sabotage is don’t set your face (Nikita): Okay, that’s not awful.
(Writer): Who would you like to sister sabotage?
(Nikita): I’m gonna have to sister sabotage James, I’m sorry (Nikita): I’m gonna have to sister sabotage James, I’m sorry sister.
(James): *sigh* (Nikita): I just can’t do that against…
Gabi’s been through enough girl, like. (Gabriel): I’ve been through a lot. (Nikita): Come on sister Gabi’s been through a lot.
(Gabriel): Like I took a month off James. A month! Oh my gosh. Should we cheers? G+N: Cheers G: I love setting my face. I think that’s probably one of the most important things that’s really changed my makeup game J: Yeah
G: is like setting my face.
J: Is it, yeah? G: Yeah.
N: You know what sister has had problems with setting powders in the past. true. So maybe G: True. So maybe this is good.
N: Maybe I’m just helping her. J: Thank you so much.
N: I feel like, you know what-
J: you’re right J: Oh, this is so gross.
W: Ready?
J: Yes W: Now that you guys are sisters set or at least two of you are, let’s move on to question number four. You guys know brands hate being copied! Some even take it to their personal social medias to call out other brands. Which two brands got into a public feud over their use of unicorns? *buzzer* J: Two faced and tarte W: Correct. J: Thank God! Any brand that makes a unicorn or a mermaid collection at this point you are destined to fail
N: Girl nobody’s asking for
W: The sabotage is… You may only use one eyeshadow brush to complete the rest of your face makeup. Who would you like to sabotage?
J: Nikita G: *laughs*
N: You *dolphin noise* J: Well my face is gonna melt off.
N: You are such a *bell noise* J: Sounds like a personal problem. You shouldn’t have made my face melt off. N: One? Or are we saying like one collection?
J+G: One cuzzo for my whole fan base N: Cause can I do like…
J+G: One N: For my whole face?
J: entire face
G: for your whole face N: You guys are so f-ed
J: *sarcastically* Oh I’m so sorry,
N: but like up to this point Like it hasn’t been like actual sister sabotage. And this is like a real like a real sister sabotage G:Well, I mean this is-
J: Sounds like a personal issue if you ask me N: Everyone, I would like to introduce you to the morphe five three five brush
J: Use code James for 10% off N: Use code dragun for
J: James
N: Code dragun J: James
N: You’ll save more
J: hmm J: I heard that you actually get 10% added to your total when you use code dragun.
N: I heard that you get free shipping when you use code dragun J: Definitely not true
N: and um
J: Definitely not true N: I’m gonna show you guys how you can do your whole face with one brush.
J: Oh like I let I love that. Yeah N: Like I love that.
J: Yeah Mm-hmm. This is a sister surprised to say the least N: This is a sister surprise to say the least J: Why does my nose contour look like that? G: Why does my nose look like this? J: karma Oh! N: You don’t think I’ve been trapped in an uber on the way to a date with only one make up brush and just a contour N: Honey!
J: No. I hope that you have. Okay from afar, I look okay
G: from afar G: from afar
N: uhhm *banging brush repeatedly* N: Sorry, it’s just taking me a while with my sister single brush *Drum noise over top of banging brush* G: Much sister sympathy on this side
J: really brave of you. You guys look W: You guys look… Okay.
*gasps* W: But here’s number 5. Influencer collaborations with brands are a common thing nowadays Which influencer collab was crucial in paving the way for all future collabs with major makeup brands in Sephora? G: Jacqueline Hill W: Brand?
G: Becca product of champagne pop, correct. I W: product?
G: champagne pop W: Correct
J: Ohh
G: *giggles* *Giggle gets deeper* G: I actually bought that before I ever knew
J: so did I G: like Jacqueline as a person like I actually went to Sephora and I bought it N: must be nice
G: and it was expensive. It was like 30 something dollars J: It was
N: It was too expensive for me G: I remember where I was. I remember who I was with. I checked my bank statement before I was like
N: Wow G: Okay don’t go through, it was that expensive N: Wow. I contemplated stealing it but you know I didn’t.
J: Ha! W: this sabotage is you must highlight the opposite highlight regions So wherever your contour is is where you must highlight. J: Eww W: Who would you like to sabotage? G: Who sabotaged me? J: No, I do not you did.
N: you sabotaged him G: the dry as sponge
N: you sabotage him
J: that was an easy sabotage G: *laughing*
J: That was so easy and you know it G: Sister James.
J: I don’t want to mess up my nose it already look so pretty G: Oh I hate that N: Oh She’s shiny, oh wow
G: It just looks like you’re oily. Like usual. J: that means actually highlight my under eyes G: Yeah J: Oh. Gabriel I hate you. I looked better G: And you’ve looked worse
J: *laughs*
N: A lot worse W: Now that you guys are sisters shining it is time for question number six. Rates and salaries of influencers is a very touchy subject What was the number released by Marlena owner of makeup geek in her video about experiences with influencers? *Buzzer* J: $16,000
W: correct The sister sabotage for this question is Doing your brows with no mirror
J: Oh G: Okay, I’ve done that W: James? J: Really? Mr no brows. G: yeah
J: you think you can do that? G: Yeah.
J: Oh, that’s good cuz you should take that.
N: Ah G: It’ll be easy J: Really? G: Yeah. Because I have no brow. I can just draw whatever I want. *All laugh*
N: Write your name J: Oh adorable
N: Like whatever. J: Well, you might have to look good by the end of this
G: oh it’ll look sisters snatched J: You take it sweetheart G: Sister stunning
J: you sound real confident sweetie. Why don’t you do it G: Sister stunning N: What was your first impression?
J: Oh, that’s good. N: Right? Let’s do that moment.
J: Okay. I remember meeting you and Not knowing who you were at first because you weren’t really in the scene yet But I remember you being so incredibly nice like I was just so, like you were just so beyond sweet to me And I also was like, well, I really want the Lilly lashes.
G: Yeah, I was the plug at the time J: Yep you really were.
G: I was the plug for Lily lashes. Everybody wanted them and I was like i got you J: And Nikita I remember seeing you. My first thought was I did not know how to pronounce your username because it because it was
N+J: nycdrag J: I didn’t know if it’s like New York City dragon
N: yeah J: Or like nick dragon
N: Damn that was a while ago J: and then once you had introduced yourself I remember thinking I was really really intimidated by you But I was super excited once you invited me to your birthday dinner, and then I was super Sad when I got uninvited because we couldn’t sneak me in G: My first interaction with Nikita was like. oh I clocked her. I was visiting LA and I was seeing with friends and we were going out – WeHo when she walked in and I was like Oh, there was something
N: we can’t say it.
G:We can’t even say it N: we can’t say it
G: but there was something that was like oohh N: that only we know
G: only we know nobody else knew and I was like Oh, she knows about this. Okay, cool.
N: That was that was my first thought too and I saw you. I was like J: Wait what is this?
N: Wow
gentle? Ah G: Can’t tell you
J: oh! What? G: for you I met you that night of the party. You just had a lot of energy I remember that
N: I was gonna say this G: I was like I damn he has hella energy like even to the point where I’ve always thought you had ADD
J: really? G: Yeah, like you run like
J: oh, yeah
G: you go and im like Oh my god, even watching like YouTube videos on your computer stresses me out because you haven’t won like one point.
J:Oh, yeah G: Like fast forward. I’m like, oh my this is too much. But I like lived you were very like a deer like very dough eyed J: yeah
G: and very just like oh. I was like aww N: Obviously when I first met Gabby we had that moment, but then I was like wow He’s a real one cuz I was real messy messy messy That was a humbling moment. When I was over the sink and handed Gabby my entire wig.
G: Not the same girl. Oh, sorry G: Not the sink girl.
N: Oh, sorry I’m at the toilet the toilet first night ever met him first night ever going out to any of the clubs here in Los Angeles Throat literally perfusely throwing up
G: and I was like, let me go in there N: and at first she was so nice – holding my hair back like not trying to clock me and then I was just like she literally just, we just took the whole thing off and she was just holding the wig and that was that moment So I was like okay live for her. When I first met James I remember meeting you at beautycon. Like Gabie said you had a lot of energy and I was just like oh my god He’s like so like just like dadada J: a lot
N: Hi, like it was a lot and I’m obviously known to be a lot too so I was like Okay, like we’re cool like whatever and then I, I think it’s because I knew, to be honest, I’ve been working on it more and more but I feel like it’s sometimes hard Cuz I feel like I’m I’m actually kind of like introverted a little bit
J: like with new people with new people N: With new people but I feel like actually in actuality. I know no one’s ever gonna believe me, but I feel like I’m actually introverted I’m actually kind of awkward and like shy and especially back then too Like I was just more shy
J: yeah N: so, you know and it’s more so of a concern of myself not really the other person It’s like I didn’t want the person to clock me or I don’t want the person to like, you know, think of me weird so it’s just like No, no, it’s a moment anyway so I remember I met sister and that the whole birthday thing happened and it was weird and then I feel like I Don’t know when we interacted next. like I we were following each other J: We were following.
I don’t know what but then we had our whole drama to make probably yeah, that was a moment N: yeah, that was a moment But that made us sister stronger.
G: Oh my god, I was there N: Yeah Gabbie was there
J: Everyone was there N: It made us sister stronger. Should we address that
J: go for it? N: I just think that in that moment I’m just very a protective friend and I think that you know this now yeah But everyone knows like if I’m a real friend with you,l like I just get really protective and I just like I’m very outspoken so in that moment, I took it upon myself to say something and Was it the right place or time or right way to go about it? absolutely not, but I just felt like at that point I was like Girl, excuse me. My sister was very sister shady but in the end I think what I’ve always loved is that we’ve been able to communicate and be like Grown, even though we’re not even that old and just being able to just like move past it You know
W: now that your brows are on and you guys have more expressions than before Let’s move on to number seven. Number seven, a lot of influencers, some more than others, have made mistakes which have gotten them public backlash Name three influencers and the scandals in which they’ve been involved in *buzzers* J: Kathleen lights Jaclyn hills snap chat situation. James Charles flashback Mary. Laura Lee racism Correct N: Okay. My God!
G: She just said she’s gonna keep it a hundred N: Oh my god
G: What’s the sister sabotage? J: Oh my god W: Well, then. The sister sabotage is… Eyeshadow must be done with wet eye brushes. J: Oh thank god.
N: Okay W: Who would you like to sister sabotage? N: Are we just going back and forth at this point
J: Nikita N: Yeah I feel like we’re just going back and forth with the sister sabotages J: Do you know kind of look you’re going for tonight Nikita?
N: I want to do purple J: Okay
N: So maybe the water will just make it extra pigmented Oh, you know it’s kind of working a little J: Oh my god!
N: not the worst J: Oh my god it’s literally like paint.
N: Sister. I think I have a new like sister secret. J: Nikita, how’s that working out for you?
N: It’s okay J: That brush isn’t wet.
N: This is my wet brush J: No, no, no. that’s not how it works
G: No, no no.
J: Everything is wet. No No! Cheater G: If you’re gonna use one brush then you have to use one brush for the entire face N: But this is my one brush from earlier
J: That’s not okay sweetheart G: That’s cheating
N: That’s not cheating. Okay wait let me- G: She’s sister shady J: Alright, so we’re back. We just finished our eyes off camera and me and Gabriel Trust me made sure that Nikita’s brushes were all soaking wet while doing this challenge and for she was not cheating N: Unfortunately, but I feel like it came together pretty okay.
J: Well you cheated through half of this so-you guys are almost done W: you guys are almost done, don’t worry, a couple more steps to go. Number eight… People on the internet love memes and some of them have even contributed to the fame of some influencers What powder calls the infamous flash back mary meme.
*buzzer* N: It was Kody airspun powder
W: Correct N: Yes! Okay. I almost thought it was like, um the Makeup Forever HD, but I
G: That’s what I would have said G: But I was like I don’t actually know.
N: It was the Kody airspun. Mm-hmm. All right for this sabotage we have apply lipstick while talking J: Mm-hmm.
W: All right for this sabotage we have apply lipstick while talking N: Okay.
J: Oh
N: I’m gonna give that to sister James J: Oh.
N: You should do it while singing yeah some way you guys are trying to get G: Yeess
N: Yes
J: That’s so annoying J: You guys are trying to get me hate comments
G: Yeah you should be singing a song N: No I think you should be singing james J: *singing* Oh say can you see
N: You have to annunciate J: *singing* by the dawn’s early light
N: that’s not talking that’s like mumbling J: *singing What so proudly we hailed At the twilight’s last gleaming J: *laughs* OH!
G: Stunning sister
J: Shut up. *James returns to singing* N: *makes bang noises* That was fireworks *makes same noise* G: Sing?
J: Shut up
G: sing sister *James sings* N+G: aarrrggg G: Keep singing N: *Makes plane noise* Those were the Jets those are the jets flying over W: All right sisters your faces are almost done. Just one step left to go J: Setting spray
W: For this one we chose the juiciest question J: Oh god
W: Number 9 is nowadays Everyone is all about the numbers name the top 5 performing beauty channels by views on YouTube within the past month *Buzzers* G: Jeffrey star James Charles nikkietutorials Jacqueline Hill Laura Lee incorrect W: incorrect N: You know it come on
W: Anyone else *buzzer* J: James Charles jeffree star nikkietutorials Tati Westbrook Laura Lee W: Incorrect J: Really? No, that’s definitely correct.
W: The order is not right J: No, definitely is.
W: it’s Jeffrey star James Charles Tati Westbrook. Nikkietutorials. Then Laura Lee. *beeeeep* W: Just checked my sources and you are in fact, correct? So there will be no sabotage this round
J: Oh kind of good. Let’s all sister set each other. J: This is kinda a setting spray shower
N: I’m living for this sister spray J: A sister setting spray shower. Oh my god no! I’m going to melt I don’t have powder on! N+G: *howl with laughter* J: Oh No!
G: oh I love that for you
W: all right guys, thank you so much for playing the messy makeup trivia game J:Oh my god that was good. Oh my good that was so fun
N: Yeeees I had so much fun
G: Yeeees J: Did you?
N: Yeah I had a lot of fun
G: I think I won right? J: Hmm G: I think I won
J: you look really beautiful. So do you , I feel like we all kinda like did- N: I feel like we did whatever challenge came our way. I feel like this is a metaphor like, whatever challenge comes your way whatever challenge comes your way at the end of the day just look cute J: still waiting for the video sweety J+G: *laugh*
N: What video J: I had so much fun doing this today. And thank you guys for joining me These trivia questions were like actually so cool to kinda like Look back at the history of the community everything. That’s kind of going on. Of course We got a little bit messy, but it’s all in good fun And these are all people that we respect and love
N: I mean, it’s just makeup at the end of the day J: It just make up
All: It’s just make up J: Its all fun and games
N: Its just make up If you guys enjoyed this episode today of messy makeup trivia with Nikita and Gabriel Please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and come to your sister support and love it Truly means so much to me and also click that big red subscribe button down below as well and come join this sisterhood it Is a pretty lit time we were eight million sister strong and like the bell icon so you can get a notification every time I upload A brand new video definitely leave us a comment down below and let us know who you think won at this challenge today I definitely think that we all look pretty good at least on the monitor from what from what I can see N: Yeah from afar right
J: Up close is a different story
N: But like I don’t know about up close but from far I think its cute J: and let us know who do you think killed these challenges and questions the absolute most if you guys liked this series as well, definitely let me know I would love to do more episodes in the future. Let me know who you want to see me challenge Let me know any questions that you want to be asked, tea about the beauty community You guys know I’m always here to provide if you’d like to follow me and I make up journey You can follow me on Instagram or Twitter They’re both just James Charles and my snapchat for more behind the scenes stuff is james Charles with an extra s after charles N: oh my god breath. Oh my god. Oh my god G: Oh my god! N: *Tries to talk fast* You can find me at Nikita Dragun at LLC
All: *laugh* N: I don’t know find me on craigslist. I don’t know I’m around Nikita Dragun Instagram YouTube
G: you can find me @GabreilZamora everywhere else N: I think I’m like an underscore Nikita_Dragun. It has to be separated. It’s like too much all in one J: Oh true
G: Oh yeah whos the sister shout out Oh my god can we pick
N: Like we’re taking the sister shout out very seriously G: We’re taking it real seriously because- This video is a sister shout out courtesy of Nikita and Gabriel, but love you two the most. Goes to sister Cora. Thank you so much love for always following and supporting – I love you so so so much and if you like to be the next videos Sister shout out. Don’t forget to always retweet my video links when they go live on Twitter. Alright sisters Thank you so much for watching this video today. I love you, and I will see you in the next one. Bye N: Bye
G: Bye everyone! Use Code james!

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