MG Newscast Episode 1 – March 4, 2020

MG Newscast Episode 1 – March 4, 2020

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  1. One item I'm interested in and I have to sit through the whole video. Please bring back game-specific updates.

  2. Hi Sam! Great to see you again. I wish I could back this game, but I have already 8 new KS games comming and are out of room. Maybe later when game stores in Europe have it. Have to play and sell other stuff first. Would love to try Solomon Kane!

  3. As much as I like Sam's voice, it's a terrible format for updates. I don't see why I should be forced to listen to everything instead of just scanning and picking the bits I'm interested in. Stay with written ones – saves time and data.

  4. Not a problem to have that kind of update, but for French Backers, you have to give us a French version please! 😉

  5. Yea never like the format, I only care for time of legends so have been jumping arround the video so I'm also on board to either go back to the old format or instead of having one video for all the games release individual videos( hell you could have used it to put the steam watchers add 5 times instead of just one)

  6. Please stop the video updates… besides just being unneeded, the fact that it is Sam will mean I never watch them. Come on…

  7. Very nice idea with single video for all games, it was already too many projects to write updates for each! Thank you Sam for an update. This will for sure give Leo a little break.

  8. To be honest, I found this whole "Newscast" -concept kinda cringy. Really not a big fan… If Sam is anyway reading mostly from monitor, why not just send that exact text to us, kinda like you used to…. And if you are going to keep this style forward, PLEASE add some b-roll or something to show us…

  9. Please go back to the written format this is not good at all. And I love how they don't even mention Canada shipment ugghhhh

  10. Thanks for the update. But, as asked by many backers several times, me included, is there any news regarding the AP set and sleeves?

  11. Reichbusters paint set ? Still no info on that. What is taking so long? Haven’t had an update in over 6 weeks. We are about to get the game and would like to paint the miniatures before we finish the game.

  12. Wow, bunch of really harsh comments. Personally I like this format! It's nice to get all the updates in one shot. If you're only interested in one update there's a timestamped table of contents. Only issue I have: I would like to see some pictures! The "What's Up Wednesday" posts always had tons of pictures so it would be cool to include those here as well. Keep up the great work, guys!

  13. Good thing to see Sam. Like the format. But if your doing video, you should use it to it’s full extent in that there are more visuals of the games being talked about.

  14. Really happy to see Sam with the Mythic team, but agree with a lot of the sentiments here. His talents could be better utilized elsewhere for the video segments that are produced. Prefer the written format for project status updates.

  15. Pas de version française ? Pas de sous-titres ? Et les scénarios solos promis il y a 5 mois !!! Que se passe t'il ?

  16. This is a bad joke. SFB is moving quite smoothly you claim? With only minimal delay? Shipping date was officially this month. If there really was merely minimal delay, an honest release schedule would be appropriate. When will shipping notification start? You have been asked about the release time line over and over again on kickstarter and refrained from answering such questions. Now, you claim that shipment will start soon and you still give no time line?

  17. Jean-Philippe Paumier

    It's way faster for them to do it that way, so it costs less time. I understand why they did this. I liked it nonetheless. 🙂

  18. Jordan Ciccarelli

    You guys were great with the weekly updates, as far as I'm concerned Reichbusters has been the least concern inducing kickstarter I've backed.

    However I got to agree that the written format was much better, while it doesn't have the production value as the video, like people have been saying dates and hard numbers are easier in a written format. Nice attempt though…

  19. While I like the video, I have to agree that for me personally the written updates are a lot better. If I want to scroll through updates or look something up from a previous update I don't want to sit through videos, and on top of that it's now a hassle to check on updates while I'm on a train/in a bus/at work etc.

  20. Please go back to the written updates, this is a bad way to handle the status updates. I'm not feeling a lot of love for Canada in here either.

  21. This isn't the Kickstarter update your backers are looking for.
    You just added a ton of friction to an otherwise working system (written KS updates). I get why you want this, you apparently don't get why lots (most?) of your backers don't want this. Baaad UX.

  22. Sam's English is very understandable, I appreciate this new form its quick and with so many project probably better and easier for Mythic Team 🙂 Thumb up for you Sam!

  23. While I have no problem with Sam, I'm also not a huge fan of this format. I very much prefer the old WuW format.

  24. Hello all,

    Thank you for your comments on the Newscast video. We have read all your comments and we appreciate that all this time we have been providing you written KS updates, so moving to a new format can be a bit challenging. There are several reasons that contributed to this decision, the main being time management. Maintaining a weekly pace in written updates is very time consuming for several people in the company, both from the development team of each game as well as from our marketing team. Time that could be actually used on the games themselves. As the number of KS projects increases, the time necessary to keep these written updates increases by a lot too.

    Furthermore switching to a video format allows us to give you more news in a compact form and it is a means of communication not only with our backers but also with all our followers and fans. It does not mean that we don't pay attention to our KS backers, simply that we are transitioning in a more dynamic way of communication.

    In order to help you out with this transition, here is what we will do starting from next week on:
    1. Add English subtitles in the video. The video already has French subtitles, so you just have to click the CC icon. This way you can watch the video in mute (even when at work) and it will also be helpful for those who prefer the visual format.
    2. Add a TL;DR version at the beginning of the KS updates, a few bullet points that summarise what is said.
    3. Of course when something needs to be linked (both on KS and here), for example we have a rulebook, new scenarios or anything else, we will add it in the body of the update and the video description.
    4. This video includes timestamps in the description and so do the WuW in their written part. You don't need to jump around on the video, just click on the timestamp of the project you want to see!
    5. Lastly, Leo will be doing a Q&A live every Wednesday, here on Youtube to answer any question you might have. The first one was today. In case not all questions are covered, we will try to cover them in our next Newscast.

    Thank you for your understanding! We will do our best to help transition to this new format for our news updates!

  25. "…coroa virus debacle…" corona killed more than 2000 ppl , have some respect please , it's not a debacle , its a pandemic issue.
    bissness is bissness and humanity is humanity too.
    j'aime pas lire , donc merci pour la video.
    le probleme c'est que tout le monde veux l'ancien format , qui etait bien , donc pourquoi ne pas garder les deux ?
    le pretexte de perte de temp en ecriture des updates n'est a mon avis que un pretexte.

  26. I, for one, dig the new format, and appreciate what Mythic does to keep everyone informed. I like the time indices too. Nice work!

  27. Jean-Marc Gauthier

    y a un truc que je ne comprends pas final fantasy brawl et arrivée bien après Solomon kane et vous allez lancer le processus d'impression de Solomon Kane après FFB ?

  28. Hey there, Sam! Glad to see you on this new NEWS segment! Since I back all Mythic Games (in for a penny in for many pounds in this case – hah!), and am partial to video format as much as I am an avid reader, what I LIKE about this format is the quick updates on every project as it saves me time from the many WuW reads for each project. For those that only back single projects, I'm glad to see the time markers shown in the Video Description and in the TEXT update for the project, so you can only watch what you need to. I do think it would be good to ALSO keep the WuW for each project in text on the project page, to cover TOP LINES (dates, main topics covered in the update), so people can then follow the link for details or skip the video as the Top lines have them covered. To me that provides best of both worlds, no need to go all out with tons of detail and repetition between every project, but can provide pithy, succinct info in the text, and if you want all the gory details, go to the news video to see images, vid clips, and of course, your smiling face! 🙂 Kudos on your quick promotion to Anchor of the Mythic News channel!

  29. Oh, video-updates … What a bad idea! I see quality of updates and new Kickstarter projects from Mythic Games went pretty low last days.

  30. I like the new format, the timestamps make it easy to only view what I've backed

    However, not the best format for dates.

  31. Bonjour, le format est cool Mais dommage que ce ne soit plus on écrit car tous les mercredis, j'étais content de lire ma petite news.
    Sinon bonne continuation pour vos projets.

  32. I like Sam and I like the video, but the written update is just better for some of us who don't have the time to watch or maybe prefer reading. Also, as some have said, for the dates, it's way easier to look up stuff in a written update. Maybe do both?

  33. I must say… I like Sam and definitely like his videos and his involvement with Mythic but get my updates back please! Plus when we will get Solomon Kane? Spring 2021??? So far everything looks that way…

  34. I am so happy to see Sam with a publisher that perfectly fits his personality. Looking forward to see what his influence will bring to the table. I do not currently own a Mythic game. I do like what I see, but I had to search for this video. Now I have subscribed. Steam Watchers looks like its in my wheelhouse.

  35. Hey Sam! any idea what I really don't want to hear anything more about, despite not having bothered to look inside the box, no it's not Kingdom death, it's Sam

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