Minecraft: GO TO THE MOON! (Custom Map/Only One Command)

Minecraft: GO TO THE MOON! (Custom Map/Only One Command)

Have you ever looked at the sky in Minecraft,
and saw a big shining beautiful Moon above you? Did you wonder if there was any way if
you could get up there? You might have tried pillaring straight up,
but you would probably be left dissapointed. That’s why we teamed up with Grian, the amazing
builder with a youtube chanel, to create a creation where you cán go to the moon. We have created two versions, which you can
use independetly. One is in one command. This means, you can install it in any world, even
worlds you currently already have. The other, is a custom map. This custom map
will be a fresh survival world, but with our creation installed in a really cool way. Let’s start with the Custom Map, Before we go to the Moon, we ofcourse need
a space helmet! This can be done, by crushing a glass block item on top of obsidian! By
crushing the glass, a space helmet will be created!
This helmet can be equiped by crouching while holding it, and it will provide you with oxigen
when you are in space! Now we have our space helmet, and have gotten
some basic gear to protect us from the dangers of Outer Space,
We need to build up, but this time, you won’t be dissapointed! When you reach build limit,
look straight up and jump! Because the gravity of the earth doesn’t attract
you anymore, you are able to fly into outer space, and land on the moon! The moon is a really cool new dimension. There’s
low gravity, and you will leave footsteps on the soft material the moon is made of. As you can see in the craters on the moon
you can find brand new, Moon Ore! This Moon Ore can be used to craft armor
and tools, but we will get into that later. There’s also this Moon village. This Moon
village is inhabited by Aliens. Aliens will spawn every so often in the hallway. Aliens
are pretty strong, and upon killing them, you will get
Alien flesh! This can just like the Moon ore be used for crafting. In and around the moon
you will also find some other stuff. For example, Spacetatos! These spacetatos are really weird,
and make you space out when holding them! If we are done on the moon, we can go back
down to earth by jumping off! Now we are back on earth, we can use our new
items for crafting! Crafting using these items use the same method
as crafting the space helmet. Place a downword-facing piston above obsidian and then crush different
combinations of items! To craft Moon gear, drop the amount of ingots
you would normally use for crafting on top of the obsidian, and then activate the piston!
2 make a moon sword, 3 make a moon pickaxe 4 make moon boots, 5 an helmet, 7 make Moon
leggings and 8 will create a Moon Chestplate! Using these items you will get different buffs,
all very handy! Dropping 5 Alien flesh will create an Alien
Orb. Alien orbs have huge knockback, and also levitate nearby enemies! You can punch away
nearby mobs like baseballs! It’s really addicting. Now to the command. It is very simular, but
also different in some aspects. To install it, go into gamemode 1, give yourself a command
block, place it down and paste the command in. After having activated the command block,
you will have the module installed! Now you can make a space helmet, and build
up in your own world, just like you would in the custom map! The moon will consist of all knds of different
layers, and in the center you will be able to mine the Moon Ore! Also, you Aliens will
spawn at the top of the planet, so watch out for them! At the center of the moon there’s an obsidian
core. If you break it, gravity will collapse and the moon wll get destroyed! So be careful! To get back down, simply jump off, but be
careful because you are able to die of fall damage!
The crafting recipes are the same as in the custom map. It’s really fun and useful to
use them in your own survival worlds! Once you are done, you can click the sign
to remove it. But all of your cool powerups will go away as well! Thank you very much, for watching this video.
we put a lot of time in it, so be sure to check it out. We really hope you enjoyed,
see you next time!

100 thoughts on “Minecraft: GO TO THE MOON! (Custom Map/Only One Command)”

  1. This is great! I've done a few LP's of your other maps, and I think I'm going to start a short survival series with this 😀 keep up the great work! and look out for my video 🙂 🙂

  2. Nice work Team Woolo! I really appreciate your work… I have a question… Can I join the team?

    I have awesome experience with command blocks and I know them very well!

  3. Use rockets, Team Wooloo! Make a new one where you craft a rocket and then go to the moon. Also I wanted to mention in the 1.9 snapshots (15wblablabla) you can do this to give a little float-y effect. (When you jump you slowly float to the ground) here's the command: /effect @p minecraft:jump_boost 60 254 It only works for players for mobs they jump in the air for some reason…

  4. To make the village naturally spawning, use the sreadplayers command to spread an armor stand and then clone a template relative to that armor stand

  5. If you want the custom map.
    1. Change your minecraft to version 1.8.8 , as I did.
    2. Download the map, find the link for the site in the description.
    3. Move the world from downloads to your 'saves' file in the '.minecraft' folder. Make sure the world is not a 'zip.' file!
    4.Press play, go onto SINGLEPLAYER and select the world 😊

  6. please help!! the download link for the map on your website says it was taken down because it violated terms of service. I must have this map because it is GREAT.
    Can you please help

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