Mobbed Episode 3 – Online Couple, Big Fish Flash Mob – January 4 on Fox

Mobbed Episode 3 – Online Couple, Big Fish Flash Mob – January 4 on Fox

SHEENA DIMATTEO: Another episode
of Howie Mandel’s show Mobbed is set to air pretty
soon, and I’m pretty excited. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying
this show and all the hot dancing on it. Plus, the personal stories
are always pretty cute. The next episode is focused on a
man named Steve who wants to take his online relationship
with Dana to the next level. They’ve never met in person. What better way to meet than
through a flash mob? Let’s check out what Napoleon
and Tabitha are planning for this first meeting. And don’t miss it when it airs
January 4 at 9:00 PM on Fox. -We’re on top of the Hollywood
and Highland. This is where the mob
is going to start. -Five six, seven, eight. -That looks hot. -Our mark thinks that
she’s speed dating. But her date isn’t going to turn
out well, and it’s going to break into a huge
dance number. -We have six different
key areas here at Hollywood and Highland. So we’re walking through what’s
going to happen in each element and all the potential
problems that we could run into. -We are four hours away right
now from the actual mob, and we’re not even halfway done. -Not even close. -It really may seem like I’m
happy and positive, but inside I’m stressed out and
I am sweaty. -Steve and her have this
common movie, Big Fish. We’re really trying to recreate
this scene for them. -Frozen position,
frozen, frozen. -And it’s all hinged upon
a mob that freezes precisely on time. -Our girl is going to come out
of that elevator, and this whole mob comes to life. [MUSIC – “I WANT YOU

37 thoughts on “Mobbed Episode 3 – Online Couple, Big Fish Flash Mob – January 4 on Fox”

  1. i watched this episode tonight. it made MEEE nervous haha. was routing for the dude the whole way. Big fish is also a great movie (watch it if you havent) and it made this episode even better. Reminded me how single i am though haha. sucks.

  2. very good show. I am a guy that never shows emotion, and doesn't like any kind of romance or anything. But man, if this didn't make me like romance.

  3. They have the full episode on ……………. i loved the music and the choreography, had me smiling and warm hearted throughout the whole episode.

  4. Damn… I'd pay for a copy of the versions of "Open Arms" and "I Want You To Want Me" used in this episode if I could find them anywhere.

  5. This is the most stupid thing I have ever seen. Improv Everywhere had a concept based on total anonymity… no cameras, no stage, no mics. They went in, gave a person a taste of the unusual and left them feeling like they'd been apart of this strange event. This is bullshit.

  6. No they're actually not. She was completely uninterested in dating and only said they were for the publicity. Steve had a girlfriend that he dumped for this flashmob and then came back to after Dana got bored.

  7. damn jeanette–you need to check yoself girl. your comment couldn't be more false. it's amazing how much people love to speculate on this whole thing. ruuude.

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