Molten Aluminum on Clear Ice is CRAZY

Molten Aluminum on Clear Ice is CRAZY

It’s nice hey guys I am Nate I’m here back at the dome, and I am Zach from the YouTube channel Jerry rigs everything We’ve got another fun experiment that we’re gonna be trying out today We are going to melt down some aluminum until it’s nice and molten hot and then we are going to pour it down Inside this block of clear ice what do you think’s gonna happen? Well I know what I think is gonna happen I think the whole thing’s gonna explode But either way hopefully we get a cool design out of the aluminum once. It’s cooled down again I think the aluminum pouring into the block of ice might heat up the water so much that it expands and a steam just shreds The block apart, it’s possible that there won’t be enough power to break the block But instead it will shoot the aluminum out the top of the block and that would be pretty cool Or the aluminum might just settle inside the ice melting its way and cooling down at the same time and give us some strange Formation, I don’t know which of those is gonna happen or something else entirely But let’s find out so this right here is our pouring device by pulling the pink string. It causes this to tip and Once that’s full of its molten aluminum that should pour down right into the ice We’ve got some aluminum cables that are wrapped up into bundles and these will be melted intrusive Three two one LAUGHTER That was amazing holy oh! (AND IT EXPLODED!!!!!!!!!) holy cow My gosh that was beautiful, haha MORE LAUGHTER Yes, I didn’t think it was going to you because I saw it pouring in and I thought oh It’s just gonna settle down inside there That’s cool But it’s not asked and right about I was thinking that’s not as cool as if it exploded it exploded in a huge way look at this like the Explosion is probably what 10 feet out at least there’s little ice at least Everywhere.That was cool That was obliterated Man That was as good as I could have possibly hoped for oh well my binder. Clip is like aluminum welded to our I Can’t get it off (ICE SIZZLES ON HOT CRUCIBLE) Oh My gosh exactly what I wanted to have happen Seriously Man look at these shards Just shattered pieces It’s like broken glass, too That’s really what it looks like I’ll give you take it like a coke bottle or something yeah And I think it’s partly just because we’re not used to seeing ice That’s so cohesive like these clear blocks of ice They don’t have the the brake lines that you would get if you had ice It’s full of air bubbles and so just really seeing ice breaking this crystalline shapes is pretty different The outside of this cup so it poured in At that angle and then the the aluminum exploding just completely coated this Better coat at the bottom of this to a little bit Let that cool down and melt its way through a block at the same time That was amazing that was seriously one of the coolest effects. We’ve ever had happen on this show the explosion alone was That thing just shattered into a trillion tiny little pieces and sent shards of ice flying really hard I think we had some go almost 20 25 feet away, and it was loud Really really loud. It’s like the initial as we were pouring it in. I was like oh alright. That’s all it’s gonna happen We’re you know a little cube of aluminum that is all dry, but then BOOM So blood projects like this are always great And we’ve been doing so how long is the king of random it doing? It’s been about seven years now Yeah, I started my youtube channel about six years ago and it’s been great being able to turn my hobby into a career and Luckily the king of random and I grant Thompson And I have we’re gonna get together with a bunch of other large youtubers and talk about how to form your hobbies on YouTube and online into a career It’s a seminar called self-made and we’ll leave a link in the video description Where you can sign up to come and listen to us? Whether it’s online or in person and establish your business online? Hey guys. Thanks for watching if you’re not a subscriber yet Just hit the bomb to get in the club if you missed our last video or want to see it again Click up here at the top click down there if you want to see what the internet thinks that you should watch next That’s it for now. Have fun. Be safe and see you tomorrow

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  1. I was a glass major at RISD in 1997 and I had blocks of ice delivered to our hot shop. I used a giant ladle to pour hot glass onto the ice and i recorded that happening. I did not get the explosion that you got, but i think this is because I did not create the cylinder opening that you had in the top of your ice block. I just poured it on top and the molten glass melted (rather violently) through the block. I was able to save the glass by annealing it for quite some time (some sections were very thick and some paper thin so i had to bring it down from its initial 3500+ degrees pretty slowly). I have photos of those pieces of glass but the originals were displayed and then put into storage someplace that would require quite a bit of effort to locate. I would love to see this again but without the opening for the aluminum to pour into. While the explosion is exciting it really leaves you with nothing all that interesting to look at…imo.

  2. Darn, I can't search the comments to see if anyone mentioned this. The bucket of Thermite ignited on top of a block of ice is famous. It was even on Myth Busters. A YouTube video showed it exploding, BIG TIME. Like this only bigger. Myth Busters didn't see why and did if themselves. Hiding behind a plexiglass barrier…BOOM!! Ice everywhere. Surely related to this. WHAT CAUSES THE EXPLOSION? I have not heard a definitive explanation. "It's what happens when you heat hydrogen and oxygen", says someone below. Yeah, but ice is frozen water, not H2 & O separately. Unless the heat breaks it down, then ignites it. Seems like it's more than an energetic fracturing. Anyone? Who can do more than just guess?

  3. I was in a foundry pouring aluminum castings and it was time to drop in the tablet that causes oils or other impurities to rise to the surface. What we didn't notice is the light bulb in the cabinet where the pills were stored had gone out.
    That light kept the inside of the cabinet very dry.
    When the tablet was dropped in the metal, it erupted. Molten metal flew in all directions. Fortunately no one was hit, which was lucky because about 6 people were in the danger zone.
    We think the humidity had gotten into the tablet. Amazing how powerful a bit of steam can be.

  4. Lithium Valley Rocks Prospecting

    Molten aluminium and water is super explosive since it makes super heated hydrogen … people die from aluminium explosions

  5. thats cool, but what happens if the ice is contained? like if there is 5mm steel plate surrounding it so the ice doesn't explode? does it shoot up like a cannon or does it just crack and decintegrate the ice?

  6. I am glad you did this experiment and did it from a long way off….
    Here is something you can try…

    I once saw the tests for the rather large leak of a molten sodium cooled nuclear reactor.
    The reaction is that the very hot moltern sodium hits the water and explodes chemically which creates enormous amounts of heat, and it explodes thermally, so the "big pour" detonates and all the pour explodes and creates more fragments of molten sodium – which detonates chemically and and thermally – and this reaction is repeated endlessly until the sodium is minute particals – with an enormous amount of surface area, and an enormous amount of sodium to water detonation, and thermal explosion as super heated steam….
    Basically it was something like a huge tank of water, that I think was replicating the conditions inside the heat exchanger (very hot water like 400*C at 200 PSI) and the observation window as something like 4" thick, and I think something like 20 litres of molten sodium was injected into the water – like a small hole had formed in the sodium pipe and the explosion was so severe, it destroyed the laboratory. I saw the experiment on film once or twice and it appears to have vanished as a part of history – in a documentary and or over time, or it has been made to vanish. This is THE video to get in terms of molten metals and water explosions……. Been searching for it for years, I have never been able to find it again….. I saw the film 30 or 40 years ago….

  7. My guess is the melting ice produced STEAM. And the high pressure of the enclosed STEAM caused the actual explosion. There no reason aluminum itself would explode under these conditions. The ICE – WATER – STEAM quickly heated to a very high temperature created a change in PRESSURE. And the high steam pressure caused the explosion. Think it through guys.

  8. this is kinda like the plot from the film Armageddon where they drilled a deep hole into the asteroid & dropped an H-bomb down it to blow it up.

  9. What's amazing is that you two think it's amazing that molten aluminum poured into an ice block then just for some more icing on the cake you think the way the ice shatter was extraordinary.

  10. Markiyan Hapyak

    How is that possibleβ€½ πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯!!!!

  11. Who here knew immediately that it would explode? The molten aluminum would instantly cause the water to boil, creating an overpressure in the void below the molten mass and BOOM, off it will go.

  12. Too bad, you did not also use an ultra slow-motion camera, Please don't get me wrong what you did was really cool and it was great to see and hear that place you all choice was really super for sound effect just added to the coolness of this happening but, perfection is what I'm of you all.

  13. Playing with molten metal wearing jeans and trainers? Really? You really want that sort of injury? Streuth, plastic gloves even!

  14. aluminio extremadamente duro se consigue enfriandolo super rapido en el vacio y a una temperatura sumamente fria dentro de una centrifuga.

  15. Water expands 1000x so that was not a surprise. It's like dumping water on
    a kitchen oil fire! Don't do it in real life!!! It will blow out and set the house and you on fire because the water sinks to the bottom and then expands!

  16. Take a trip to a glacier and try it out. Would be interesting to see the result. My apologies to all environmental activists, I mean no harm and I come in peace.

  17. Sathyanaarayanan Sridhar

    The most important question here to be asked. Does the ice scratch at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7 ?

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