MORE Cool New Tech at CES 2020 / Part 2

MORE Cool New Tech at CES 2020 / Part 2

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  1. Christopher Yiwei Liang

    Love how you show a wide variety of cool stuff at the show instead of just showing the stuff from the big companies that are already covered dozens of times.

  2. Companies developing watches which can do a lot of stuff while we are sleeping and me who removes his watch when he sleeps 🙁

  3. I think she is the best
    Best channel ever looking good
    In photos and videos tooo
    Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. me: what im gonna do now im bored again
    me: lets go to Justine's house
    me: huh the door is locked
    me: where she is
    me: lets see on her computer
    me: wait whats that for message in my phone
    message: dear matin today i will go to ces 2020 i will home at 5pm
    me: lets replay
    message: yes justine but at 5pm im going outside
    me: why does she not answering me
    me: i wonder where that ces is located
    me: let me see on the map
    me: hmm so its right here
    me: now how will i get there
    me: if i would drive with her car-
    me: no no no police will arrest me
    me: guess i have to walk
    me: that will take forever


    me: so this is the building
    me: let go inside
    me: i wonder where justine is
    me: oh there she is
    me: she is testing amazon alexa
    me: now she is cooking some very bad
    me: wth she is doing
    me: an amazon microwave???!!!
    me: what are those things
    me: ahh those are capture cards
    me: omg that gaming pc i wish i could have it
    me: omg pc with ps4 and xbox one
    me: oh jenna is here too
    me: what are they doing
    me: oh a mic for iphone thats very nice
    me: oh those cameras
    me: heheheh lets make a prank
    me: but how will i prank her
    me: hehehe i know what to do
    me: so where are those computer
    me: so im gonna install windows 7 on this or that gaming pc
    me: let install on xbox one
    me: lets plug in the usb
    me: im gonna boot into windows 7 setup
    me: now its installing windows 7
    speaker: sorry we have some issues with the computers
    Justine: wth happened
    Justine: whats going on
    Jenna: look why is it installing windows 7 on that gaming pc

    Justine: idk i could just cancel it
    Jenna: no the hard drive is formatted so if you cancel the setup that gaming pc will be without the os
    Justine: yeah so
    Jenna: everyone would blame us that we did it
    Jenna: justine do you have windows 10 installation usb
    Justine: nope i dont have it
    Jenna: now why that computer is installing windows 7
    me: now lets disable electricity
    me: no lets spray on that ces logo
    me: but what should spray
    me: but im so stupid
    me: i dont have colors
    me: lets draw this on the road
    me: draws something
    Justine: i think we have completed the recording
    Jenna: yes lets go back to home to edit
    me: oh gosh i have to hide
    Jenna: look whats this
    the text: goodbye windows 7 2009-2020
    Justine: phew ill ignore it
    me: lets go quickly back to justine's house
    me: no im gonna go back to my house
    Jenna: there we are
    Justine: still was there said goodbye windows 7
    me: oh the video is not published lets go to justine's house
    me: hi Justine
    Justine: hi Matin
    me: whats that for picture
    Justine: idk someone drawed this on the road
    me: ill confess i draw it
    Justine: its very dangerous to draw it on the road
    me: yes but i didnt see any car driving
    Justine: but why does it says goodbye windows 7
    me: dont you know what date is today
    Justine: i know 14th January
    me: why i have to tell you that
    me: today is the day that windows 7 dies
    Justine: yeah youre right i forget about that
    me: so thats why i typed that on the road
    Justine: but where did you get crayon
    me: i didnt use crayon i used rock to draw
    Justine: srry that i forget about that
    me: always happy ending


  5. It seemed like the main difference between using the Shure mic and not was the volume. Maybe the directional focusing would be more apparent with volume matching?

  6. I know she has been like that all her youtube career but god she is annoying. Her sister is more calm than her and i prefer her reviews whenever she makes them.

  7. I just have a question that’s maybe not very relevant. Is there anything, anything that can make Justine upset? She’s just so happy and cheerful and sweet to everybody and everything.

  8. I know this might sound weird, but hearing that chick from Withings talk the functionality of the watch and REALLY know what she’s talking about is pretty damn attractive. 8:53

  9. every booth justine walks to: i dont need anything
    me after seeing every booth justine walks through: i need everything

  10. So cringy that I bothered to sign in just to dislike. With an 18 character password and 2-step verification… that's no small feat.

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