My Dad Decided To Try Everything In His Last Year

My Dad Decided To Try Everything In His Last Year

Hey guys! I’m Stanley. And this is my dad. He has been a little bit sad since recently,
‘cause he is no longer allowed to challenge me. This might sound a little strange to you,
but once, I almost lost my dad and got i scared to death. Here’s the story. When I was born my dad was already 50 years
old. I was kind of a long-hoped-for baby for him. That’s probably why he has always been kind
of overenthusiastic about things connected with me. For example, when I was a kid, my dad spent
much more time with me than my mom did. He was the one who taught me to walk, to read,
to ride a bike, and everything else. And I was happy to have my dad nearby. But as I grew older, his attention had become
really irritating. When my friends would come over to play video
games, for instance, my dad would join us. Or when we all got together to get ready to
take part in a skateboarding contest, dad bought a skateboard for himself and insisted
that I teach him how to ride it. At first, my friends said they felt awkward
about my dad always hanging out with us. But when started wearing the exact same clothes
that I did, everybody at school began mocking me, calling me the son of a weirdo. Of course, I felt embarrassed. Once, I’d tried explain to my dad that I
don’t want him to behave like that, but I probably chose bad time to do this. It was late in the evening and I was already
late to go meet my friends, so I was really in a hurry when I came across my dad with
a basketball in the back yard of our house. I wanted to borrow his car so that I could
get to my friends faster, but he’d said I could only borrow it if I won, you know,
the short game. I really needed his car, so I had to agree. And because I was in a hurry, I was down two
points to him in the first minute. Dad said he was sorry, but since I hadn’t
won I couldn’t take the car. Honestly, I didn’t want to yell at him. But this stuff with his overwhelming need
to be my pal and his untimely stupid jokes had finally just driven me nuts. I can’t actually remember exactly what came
out of my mouth, but I’d definitely said a lot of offensive things to him and then
I just left to go see my friends. I was really angry and somehow managed to
avoid talking with my dad for the next couple of days. From time to time I thought that I should
probably apologize, but at the same time I felt like I was right. Whatever happens happens for the best, right? But one night mom knocked on my door and said
we needed to talk. After that talk I felt like I was the worst
person ever, because my mom had actually explained to me why my dad was being so annoying. She told me he had cancer and he knew he was
going to die very soon, like in less than a year probably, so he really wanted to spend
as much time with me as he could. He didn’t want me to know about his health
condition because he didn’t want me to miss my teenage life by being with just him, because
of his illness. Mom told me that they had been aware of dad’s
diagnosis for a couple of months and he had already been under the treatment for it several
times. But the prospects unfortunately were still
disappointing. That’s why dad so badly wanted me to remember
him as an active and cool old guy. That was the worst news I’d ever gotten. Of course, I promised mom that I would keep
the fact that I knew everything a secret and be more kind to dad, but, you know it was
kind of unnecessary. I would be nice to him even if she hadn’t
asked me. I had the whole night to think over that situation
and the next day my apology to my dad was literally the first thing I did. Since then I have become more patient with
his quirks, but it had gotten really hard to do because now, I’d met a girl. Her name was Jess. We had met at a coffee shop and when I saw
her I thought that she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. It took me four days to find the courage to
talk to her and I felt like I was the happiest guy in the city when she’d actually agreed
to go out with me. But, you know, I screwed up our first date,
and the second one too, and I’d completely missed the third one. I don’t want to blame my dad for everything,
but he had actually played a part in this. You see, he needed something from me right
at the same time that I was going on these dates. And, taking his condition into consideration,
I just couldn’t refuse to spend time with him. So, because I consistently let her down, Jess
had gotten tired of me being late all the time and she dumped me. I was devastated. I was mad at the situation as it was and mad
at myself for being so incapable of managing my relationships with people. Apparently my mood had been reflected right
on my face, because eventually dad found out that I had had bad luck with love. He’d tried to cheer me up, and we went to
the mountains to go hiking. You know, it was almost physically hard to
be alone with my dad. I mean, there was not a soul there and I felt
so sad. I knew someday he would be gone, so I’d
tried to remember every single detail of that hike. In the evening, when we were sitting next
to the fireplace roasting some hot dogs, dad decided to tell me everything. It was a hard talk between two men and I felt
that I had gotten older in just a few minutes. I’d been badly trying not to cry, but telltale
tears were running down my face. Even though I had already known about his
illness it was hard to hear about it from him. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t admit
that I already knew everything. I could barely speak at all, if I’m being
honest. Oh, gosh, even though this talk happened a
couple of months ago, it’s still hard to remember everything. Well, dad ended up saying that he was no longer
going to insist that I spend time with my sick old man. But that time I really wanted to be with him
on my own and to make him feel like he was the coolest dad and the best friend ever. The next morning we decided to swim across
the lake nearby. For sure, it was not my idea, but I’d promised
to be supportive. I was leading in that challenge, by the way. But when I finished, I suddenly noticed that
dad wasn’t looking good. We had to rush to the hospital as fast as
we could. Dad was even fading in and out of consciousness
a couple of times while I was driving and that had scared me to death. The whole way I was silently praying to God
to not take my dad away. It was only once I was at the hospital that
I’d realized how many traffic rules and speed regulations I must have violated to
save my old man. That time we were lucky and dad survived. Doctors promised that he would live for a
while longer. However, he definitely needed to stop all
of these “challenges,” as they said. Well, this part is fine with me. Now I am ready to try out my luck with Jess
one more time, and dad said that he’d be happy to meet my girlfriend, whoever she was. If you guys enjoyed my story click the “like”
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    If you guys enjoyed his story click the “like” button so that we can see it. And feel free to subscribe to this channel. There are many more other interesting videos and stories that have actually happened. Good luck!

  2. Why would a kid talk to his freaking dad like that just because you didn't want a game and because you could have go out with his girlfriend

  3. I wish you the best of luck with that girl of yours. If you explain to her about your father, I'm sure she'd understand.

  4. Talk to your girlfriend about your dad, cause In my opinion I would rather spend more of the time with my dad if I could have the chance to again. Girlfriends come and go but you only have one dad. Treasure those memories. You have a year with your dad, I didn’t know that it was my last days with mine 😪

  5. It's fine jess dumped you if she was smart she would have asked what the issue was instead of getting mad and she should understand

  6. This almost brought me to tears because I can relate very much. My dad is 53 and I am only 13 and I am scared to death that something like this will happen to him because he works in construction and very hard, and is too old to be doing this type of work.

  7. i actually thik that these actually happened but they just have the same voice actors and stuff,but the stories are real…

  8. titanium gamerHD

    My nigga is he still alive.
    Like my dads 31 and my moms 32 and I fear of there death everyday beacuse they both have some sort of health problem

  9. To be honest even if you wete right you need to respect your parents and in th ten commandments it says to respect your parents

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