My most anticipated Autumn 2015 PC games

My most anticipated Autumn 2015 PC games

Hello YouTube, it’s Tango Echo Alpha here.
I am armed with a cup of tea and in this video, I’m going to talk about the PC games I’m most
excited for this autumn. This year has been great so far for some amazing releases, but
also notable for a disappointment in the shape of Batman Arkham Knight. Despite this, the
remainder of the year is shaping up to be a cracker – here are my most anticipated releases.
Number 5 – Gears Of War Ultimate Edition. There’s a Gamespot video on YouTube where
they show the original release alongside some footage from the upcoming Ultimate Edition
– this is shaping up to be an excellent remaster. If you buy it on XBox One, you’ll get access
to the other Gears games via backwards compatibility – this has been confirmed by Microsoft. I
am looking forward to the prospect of playing it at 1440p with a buttery smooth framerate
however, so I will obviously get it on PC at some point. Gears Of War Ultimate Edition
will be a DirectX 12 game and as a result, will require an upgrade to Windows 10. Upgrading
to Windows 10 is something I am delaying, whilst the early adopters help Microsoft to
iron out any bugs or features that need to be re-implemented, as as the current automatic
updates solution. Gears Of War Ultimate Edition might be the software that tips my hand at
some point! Gears Of War Ultimate Edition is currently slated for a release later this
month, on the 25th August 2015. Number 4 – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Seige. This team based,
co-operative tactical first person shooter is something I am excited about and I hope
the feel of it will be a return to the older Rainbow games, rather than the newer ones
which have felt less tactical at times. Rainbow Six Seige will feature a team of players attempting
to kidnap a group of hostages, with another group of players as special forces personnel
attempting to rescue the hostages. Trailers and information released about the game so
far show that destructible environments play a massive part in the gameplay and this game,
more than most shooters, will need close co-operation with your team mates. Time to get yourself
access to a Teamspeak server! Rainbow Six Seige is currently scheduled for release on
13th October 2015. Number 3 – Just Case 3. Set after Just Case 2, Rico returns home to
find his island under the control of an evil dictator. The solution is obviously going
to involve a lot of destruction in an open world, but the game will also feature a new
wing suit for Rico – allowing him to come up with all sorts of crazy way to create total
carnage. Expect YouTube to be flooded with some crazy videos of weird and wonderful destruction
after the game’s release on 1st December 2015. Number 2 – Star Wars Battlefront. I recently
uploaded a video to YouTube for my existing subscribers, saying that I was hugely excited
about Star Wars Battlefront and that I had pre-ordered it – you can see that video by
clicking the link on screen at the moment. Despite not having a single player campaign,
many including myself are psyched for this game. Star Wars Battlefront is arguably the
third in a series, but it appears that that moniker has been dropped. Star Wars Battlefront
is being developed by DICE, so will make use of the Frostbite 3 engine – with any luck,
this will look totally amazing on a decent gaming PC. You will be able to live out your
Star Wars fantasies on the 20th November 2015! Number 1 – Fallout 4. A game series hyped
and loved by gamers in equal measure, this is due for release on 10th November 2015 which
puts it up against Star Wars Battlefront in competition for gamer’s time and money! I
have also pre-ordered this game, despite my feelings about pre-ordering – Bethesda rarely
let us down and I am looking forward to the game. Bethesda have claimed that there will
be over 400 hours of gameplay in the game, in addition to players not being level capped
after completing the many story and that players will continue to have access to any outstanding
side quests at that time. That may not sound like a big deal if you’re familiar with Skyrim
– but remember this wasn’t the case with Fallout New Vegas and wasn’t the case with Fallout
3 until the Broken Steel DLC was made available. Finally, I’d like to give a couple of notable
mentions. First, to Rise Of The Tomb Raider. Rise Of The Tomb Raider is due for release
on XBox this year, but isn’t due to release on PC until early 2016. As excited as I am
about the game, it’s a notable mention only because as it stands, the game isn’t due out
on PC this year. Second, to Ravel – a game which I found hugely endearing when it was
shown off at EA’s Gamescom conference recently. Ravel doesn’t have a release date set at this
time, but is available to pre-order for PC on EA Origin right now, so it’s possible we
may see it release this year – we’ll just have to wait and see. Thanks for watching
as always, I’ll see you in the next one – bye now.

4 thoughts on “My most anticipated Autumn 2015 PC games”

  1. good video all the games you said i can't wait for I have updated to windows 10 as i was finding windows 7 was getting slow, It's good and i will be talking about it in my next Tomb raider video

  2. I'm most likely going to miss out a few games (as I always do) but the list goes; 

    5. Gears: Ultimate Edition
    4. Mad Max
    3. Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain 
    2. Star Wars: Battlefront
    1. Fallout 4. 

    Some honorable mentions; Rainbow Six: Siege, Mirror's Edge and Rise of the Tomb Raider. I'm probably missing some more games, but oh well. I'm liking the new profile picture!

    Edit: Crap, I forgot Just Cause 3!

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