New MOTHER 3 Nintendo 64 Details – PART 1: Mother 3 Times Vol. 21 & 22 Translations

New MOTHER 3 Nintendo 64 Details – PART 1: Mother 3 Times Vol. 21 & 22 Translations

Hello everyone,
Kody “NOKOLO” here. While reminiscing on some old posts on the forums,
I found a related server for the still enthusiastic and curious community
documenting information about the cancelled sequel to EarthBound or Mother
on the Nintendo 64 dubbed “EarthBound 64” or just “MOTHER 3 N64.” This older
N64 version of the MOTHER 3 we have now on the Game Boy Advance
contains many beta elements of the game that were either reworked or cut
entirely in its GBA release, and I’ve always been curious about its N64
version myself. After hearing that there were plenty more issues of a monthly
article about “MOTHER 3 N64” called the “Mother 3 Times” in the “Dengeki
Nintendo 64” magazine between the years 1996 and 2000 that still weren’t
documented yet, I decided checking Japan’s National Diet
Library and using their remote photocopying service to have a few sent
to me. After receiving the initial bunch in this article, I’ve since ordered a lot
more, so this is only the beginning of the new information I’ll be posting
about “MOTHER 3 N64.” Please stay tuned for more in the future!
“Mother 3 Times Volume 21,” written May 21st 1999. “Everyone’s head-over-heels for
Boney!” Tazmily villagers are head-over- heels for a mutt called “Boney” (estimated
to be about 1 year old). The name “Boney” was given to him by his
owner, Flint’s eldest son Claus, but it seems that other Tazmily households
each call him “John,” “Benjamin,” and other names they prefer. No matter what he’s
called, Boney, who’s often pleasantly wagging his tail with charm, has become an
idol for all of the villagers. A peaceful trip in Tazmily – Part 1: Toilette Falls.
This new series visits historical and famous sites on the outskirts of Tazmily every month. The site of Part 1, located several kilometers east of the
village, is Toilette Falls. This 10 meter high waterfall flows from a river
directly into the sea, a very rare sight, and, with this sublimely romantic and
dangerous view, it’s enjoyed by the young Tazmilian eyes that travel by it.
“Mother 3 Times Volume 22,” written June 21st 1999. “The secret of twins Lucas
and Claus?” Everything you need to know about look-alikes Lucas and Claus. How do
village residents tell them apart? And what were the results of the survey? The
sons of the Flint family: Lucas and Claus. the two share the exact height, weight,
and hairstyle – they’re what’s called “twins.” We
interviewed the villagers on how they’d even think to tell the difference
between these two. “The docile one’s Lucas. Claus is reckless.” “No, no, Claus is
actually gentle. If you ask me, Claus is the one who has a mole off to the side.”
“Oh, then here’s a secret in that case: Lucas puts his pants on with his left
foot first.” We heard many things like this in our survey about telling the
difference between the boys. But, the easiest way to distinguish them seems to
be what this person said: “It’s the color of their hair that’s different!”
And the caption for the picture is: The one with the gold-colored hair is Lucas,
and the one with the chestnut-colored hair is Claus. … But how would you tell
them apart if they put on hats? “A Peaceful Trip in Tazmily – Osohe Castle.”
“Osohe Castle is located in the northeastern direction from Tazmily.
It was once a castle with splendor to boast about, but…” The caption for the
picture in this section is: Could there have been a princess in this castle?
Northeast from the center of Tazmily, standing before travelers is the lone
figure of Osohe Castle, the ruins of dreams from the once praiseworthy and
glorious King Osohe and Queen Senaca. In a visit to what’s left of this place
now, only the courtyard is used by villagers as a garden to grow fresh
vegetables. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this translation, leave a like
and subscribe for more. You can support us on Patreon through the link in the
description, too. Thanks to all of our patrons for their support! This has been
Kody “NOKOLO” signing off, and, with that, always remember to return to the source.

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  1. Getting old 90's photocopies straight from Japan..? Now that's showing some initiative! And that's the kind of hustle I like to see in a YT channel. Great work!

  2. Cool to see more info on Mother 64. This reminds me of finding some screenshots of Dinosaur Planet in some old Nintendo Powers mags that I had never seen before. Wish I still had those scans…

  3. Hey everyone, I'm one of the lead members in the server dedicated to EarthBound 64 in this video. If anyone's interested in checking out all the material that's been found so far, check out this Drive I made:

  4. I just got goosebumps. I’m obsessed with this lost game, seriously. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to preserving this precious info. I’m loving the new renders too!!

  5. This info is great! It reminds me of the snippits of info (travelogue?) about each area throughout Earthbound's guidebook. Thanks for the research, I'm looking forward to seeing more~!

  6. Dude I really wish one day some how some way we can get a hold of a build of the game. Just to see what could of been mother 64.

  7. That interview with Itoi and Miyamoto has one thing Miyamoto said that perfectly explains why the 64DD and all its developed software as a result failed
    Dont got the exact quote but it was basically "we should have built the 64dd into the hardware at launch."
    Yeah. If that had happened, instead of waiting 4 years to release the add on only in japan through an exclusive subscription service would've meant Ocarina of Time would've been bigger. Super Mario 64 2. Mother 3. Cabbage. Mario Studio's unreleased titles. Doshin the US. Animal Crossing in the US on the 64. Tons of stuff.
    But they didn't.

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