Welcome to moonlight square! Hello humans! It is my great privilege, And honor to show off something that you guys I was not expecting I had no idea was coming! The tea has been spilled on my own face fire me as your official taste filler. I did not know that Moonlight Square was upon us so Johnny, so lay the ever Helpful light of our community told me about this and I’m gonna go check out some tweets that explain how to get here What’s going on? The time has come to announce a brand new realm coming to Royale High made by MissRileyLane R0ssie_ and myself The realm is called Moonlight Square and it’s all about shopping! (and she wanted to use this opportunity to also announce her Mardi Gras collection which is now on sale!) So obviously guys please go check her collection out, support it , support all these amazing creators But I’m getting a little peek over here Mardi Gras decorations Look at all these amazing balloon arches and like I don’t know if there’s a photo booth But I see people with masks and I see a hat over here because this is very exciting The cars are finally back So Kelsey also gave us some Facts about the new realm and there are hidden chests that might have goodies inside of them. There is a surprise at night So I’m very excited to go. I put on a new Mardi Gras outfit that was in the catalog So we’re definitely going to have to head down. I don’t know what this machine does I’m gonna click buttons in case I need like a ticket. Okay, nothing yet Maybe that will end up being a ticket machine in the future. We’ve made it people Welcome to the subway. Okay, so I didn’t actually see the subway what we made it there is a beautiful subway station I’m gonna give you guys a 360 view there is also some lock is here So, I don’t know if we’re gonna use those in the future. Yeah some Inspirational posters. Welcome to Moonligghhht Squuare~ Run forward maybe this is the way out we take the elevator. Ooh We made it everybody we made it. Oh my gosh, this is incredible it is raining everywhere And I have my colorful brightness filter on let me take it off so you can see what it looks like without it So here it is with the default setting on and obviously it looks so much better the way they intended it I already see something seaford up here. Okay, so we’re zooming towards it. What is this? Oh, so there’s a focus Depot over here. You guys can have a nice little rooftop Rendezvous with the beautiful twinkle light and honestly, it’s not the most amazing place ever for a photo opportunity people. Look at this This is beautiful Riley Rosie and Kelsey are some of the most creative individual it’s so wonderful to see their work come to life in a whole realm and I can tell by looking at all the incredible amount of detail that they put into this place that they really put their heart and souls into it my hat’s off to you guys a huge round of applause Oh everywhere you look is so is aesthetic! Are you kidding me? How is this Royale High?! There’s even skyscrapers! Oh my gosh, I found one already!! There’s a secret chest , there’s a secret chest! Oh my gosh, and the chests are Mardi Gras colors this year. This is amazing! Oh my god, you know I’m gonna need to make a Mardi Gras version. It also matches my outfit already It is Mardi Gras. Friendly. What is it? What’s it sign? You found a magical chest with their mardi gras’ balloon inside just for you Oh my gosh, so we got a really good view for the parade everyone. We’re standing right here in front of the street I’m so so so excited Okay, so we have lots a lot coming in. He’s the beginning float of the parade Isis here this part doesn’t have any any wheels at all this Riley Rosie Kelsey Anna be ism iron claw all the devs of royal high here Oh my gosh, it’s Sukimeki. Oh There’s ready the teddy, oh my gosh Combee bob is just chasing after everyone So there’s ready the teddy closet skeleton and call me Bob just running along. So I don’t know if I can get on the float Okay, I mean there’s not an alien float. I’ll look you can You can sit on the flow with everybody. Yes. Oh my gosh coffee bob is just the best Okay, so this is basically the coolest thing ever We are in a full line of Mardi Gras parade, and I just I have to say this is so funny This is so funny So now we have respawn but my legs are still missing who took my legs There is a reward of a million robots if you find my way. This is not a game This is my real life and I can’t do anything without my legs. If you’ve seen them. Please return my legs. Well luckily I don’t need legs in my car. Thank you very much. But I’m sure you guys want to see the new accessory right here We go Mardi Gras 2020 balloon and there is my beautiful new festive balloon. I definitely want to see some more chests I saw someone on Twitter said they already found six accessories So I’m gonna be on the hunt Definitely tweet any fines to rht spill so obviously the point of this realm is to go inside and go shopping So I think we should buy a new outfit let by this outfit Hey, we’re gonna shop in every store we go to and we’re also gonna check for some chests. Hello Any chest this is cool how easy it is to shop. Oh, this is pretty there’s a perfume shop We have glitz and glamour princely prep. Oh my gosh, you guys look at all of these designs beautiful Maybe I should wear this to the block see is okay guys, the princess boutique has all the Disney Princess outfit boo kawaii couture So cute. I am Santa overalls. Yes Oh YUM. There’s a little treat shop Oh birthday cake pop princess cake pop cake pop root beer milkshake Rose milkshake creamy banana split chocolate cake lemon cream trifle. Oh my gosh breadsticks. Oh my gosh, perhaps Oh my gosh, I like glitched my screen. Oh my gosh Wait, but if I reset, I’m gonna lose all the food. Oh, no. Okay. I think I have a solution I think there we go. Use the crystal ball if you glitch because you bought so much food. Oh my god Okay, guys, so here is literally every single food We have the cake pops, which are absolutely adorable Like come on Jupiter actually loves cake pops when I get a Starbucks. She gets a cake pop. Oh look at that sundae Oh my gosh, we are definitely gonna eat a bite of this sundae right now because delicious. Whoa, look at this cake You guys are making me really really want dessert. Hey guys we wanted to see a couple more little tweets here so we could try to find out where some Chests are for you guys as you can see here. We have a tweet from Rath. Please roblox. It looks like he’s upstairs Oh my gosh, he’s even showing us Look at those amazing Mardi Gras earrings a bow tie the beads as of right now while I’m editing this video I just got notified by Anzu that the royal high wiki has completed their page about this if you guys want some more specific information Like where to get a certain item, it will show you where it’s located. What is inside the chest? It’s really helpful I will leave a link to it in the description of this video So just want to check the wheel really quickly just to see if we have any new items I know you guys are probably curious. Why is my hand glitched? My hand should be green. I have an alien How dare you disrespect me like this? Yo, there’s one of the stores that Supposedly has a chest behind it. Oh my gosh it here. It is chest over to chest number two. Okay. Let’s open it up What are we gonna get? Oh, I’m so excited. I’m so excited. We get a fabulous feather bass. Yes. Okay. So here it is. Whoa You guys this mask is beautiful look at it This could be useful for so many things like for theater Masquerade the balls like if you want to do something an evil. I am so excited about this Okay, so we are going to the rooftop gazebo over here, and we do indeed have Another chest people. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. I’m getting so excited They’re all glitched the opening sequence, but you still get your stuff inside. So we’re going for the celebration bow tie right now Very excited about that. So here’s what it looks like in your inventory celebration bow tie and here’s what it looks like on us, and it’s so So cute you guys I am in love with the fact that we have a bow tie now We’re gonna go for this next one He is buy a home store that has a blue outside with yellow windows and he said fly up and you’ll see it Oh wait, I’m literally right next to this home store. So whose home store is this or is this just a building? I don’t know but this is where he was standing and he said fly up and you’ll see it. Oh my god She was right. So there it is behind in the building. We have another secret chest everybody. This is very very exciting What are we gonna get inside? And you found a magical chest with a feather bowler hat just for you? I don’t know about you guys, but I am feeling Beautiful. Look if I look at my hat it has a fleur de lys. Oh my gosh historical Historical okay guys, they’re going to get our last chests over here in the train station There is the door We could go behind the door and there is a magical chest. So I’m really excited. I don’t I can’t open it Oh my gosh, please. Let me open this. There we go. It’s opening. Oh my gosh. We finally get to see the treasure Magical party beads. Yay Okay guys, so that is our fifth accessory here. This is pretty amazing And there is one more Mardi Gras seasonal accessory these are called the mask hoop earrings and you can find these inside the seasonal party like it’s Marty store and if you guys get a look at this screenshot here on the Royal. Hay wiki they’re absolutely adorable They have a mask. It looks like either flowers or cotton cups, and they are a giant hoop So there you have a people my completed. Look. I know it’s just beautiful I know this is so what you guys really wanted to see. I hope you guys enjoyed this update video They did an amazing job on it I can’t wait to do the workshop again here and I hope you guys found this helpful. Get you some Mardi Gras stuff See you later humans, it can’t get no hotter fish taco shrimp tacos of carne asada When I see a taco truck, you know, I got a (wut) Hey, give me all of their tacos. Wait you wear I love tacos It’s a fact you’ve got it tighter on my back. You know, it’s my favorite (SUBTITLES BY MAGICAL GIRL TSOY AND

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