No podrás negar porque FlaSh es llamado el DIOS de Starcraft Remastered

No podrás negar porque FlaSh es llamado el DIOS de Starcraft Remastered

Take 7: Deathfate salute to the channel. Hello friends of Starcraft Remastered,
this video has an intro with our friend deathfate from deathfate’s channel starcraft and nothing, we decided to do this
because we had no way of making video together, we are very complicated with the
times and things then how was half complicated all that we decided
do this intro that I hope you like the whole community like it
that the deathfate channel follows us like the remastered starcraft
I’m going to leave the channel link deathfate in this video
in the description of this video if you do not they’re still missing out on
lots of good starcraft analysis like that they remain what now there I leave them the
link because he follows it on his channel and nothing thanks for this pseudo crossover
what we have done has been very funny make these videos have been a laugh mate,
it’s been very, very cool, this production of this let’s say has been very
good and nothing I hope you liked comment on what you think is
would like to see out there what we do with the trade
nadal some epic game I do not know comment what you imagine there in your
channel also so that we can give us the time and place to be able to do some
video together for the community and nothing this is also a message to all the
community because if we have more or less writers and let’s play the same game on
I think it does not matter that much, not what important is that we are with a
united community that we do not know if we let’s support and let the community
grow up so there’s no no if it’s that Some think that rivalry is with neither
with dead fight or with any other in youtube or starcraft caster there’s no
none of that I personally communicate with the majority in internal no and this and no
there is no problem and we do not have no problem is more we are always
thinking that the community does not stay no videos, so it’s very cool
a greeting also for all of them in fact and nothing we will see this battle
is against infernal on the outsider map 2.2 third state ended on 30
September 2010 and was carried out by the wcs a great championship the world cyber
games in 2010 one year super cool and there we have here to flash to not yet not
we have wanted flash let’s look for flex let’s flight here at 10 o’clock and
making the opening and we have
to our friend infernal
and I’m going to lower it a bit to hell we have here around eight o’clock and
mean so we have infernal flash playing on the map outsiders a map that
It has many peculiarities a map quite peculiar but pretty
interesting to make many roof this map for example you can do very well
the mineral book and it is something that is used a lot does not come out and that’s how your friend lives
flash make the initial deposit equal we see that infernal is going to put the first
ball most likely if we see gas early on the side of the project is that
go to dragons and then chau chau chau riber and the side of good the flash
it’s always a surprise because it varies very much very very slightly their
values ​​but can usually go out to tanks not tanks or vulturis so
let’s see here here goes our friend flash we see that he is putting his rap
at the same time that infernal has put your live and initial and we see there
doing the scout to flash flashback to the base down here fears there’s a base
are three positions on this map and we saw here there is infernal coming out also
it seems that they are going to find is already assimilated and also part refinery
of flash in the two is there do not do it early so we’re not going to have a
early a cheese or something it is used and they are already found
but it does not make sense for it to come by here surely has some plan something
he wants to make leave something can there they are already working on the gas the same goes out
here to work the gas look or not like this put a ball with a stick or is it to achieve
flash level is already approaching they are working at 3
know netflix cut in half let’s see if the dragon is still not taking
maybe he wants and make the maximum gas economy since
these people with 48 so let’s see it’s about to come out i saloni texworld and not
it does not take out a zeal does not get anything flash and begins to observe everything he does
if there is no health they leave school wisely
and we see flash already putting the factor and is not being here in racks sack
marin and now he’s pulling factor and until the end they take out where some still
do not buy the instance improvement but the dragons the ojito of the dragons
pulls out a second gateway so you know imagine that an early bus is coming and
has to defend this nexus that also already has a few there is a flash to point
also to expand but flash is already pulling out a star wars
star for already deposited also yes that is being somehow one one world
a factory racks and a pool so good we see you there already enters
gonzález begins to pursue the civil and is already buying our friend
infernal el ojito not the improvement that I made to increase the attack range
of the dragon to make an attack from further away not basically that flash
they still do not have 400 minerals this prophet watching the base of flash this one
is civil came out alive and kicking the hellish base that sends his six
these 6 live or this is wrong it will not serve cloning
to send the 6 but to different locations and they are not losing the
time like this in the in the capture of my level
is already pulling out the second one began to interesting what the tank the improvements already
they’re finishing the mines so it’s over the roof we have culture and almost at the same
time let’s see what is taking out egin taking out the box and so it’s going
very fast here in this part here there is a mountain and you can position something
here if he had a tank he will help a lot comes out as well
because he could not see he could not penetrate here does not know what it is that
has not know what it is that has flash they approach and the vouchers are
impatient now and to the improvement for the welters go up to the drop if this
it can be very dangerous for the infernal good and even waiting with four of
some minimum and a dump that is not working
is already taking out the robotics and is approaching already the box and flash flash and 380 ppm
download it vultures not yet down tank under the tank after the
mines are already put moves the bundle and raise the tank and leave the mine too
doing almost the same damage that generated the same infernal crumb and
low also makes the attack go down a prof
and my speed goes up again amazing in the flight just upload it
and again it is dividing the forces of infernal that only have some
two here if a single in aragon go out to put the mines already has not yet
still does not have the earthquake so protect or lower the tank with a siege
but we’ve also seen that flash already is working on the other base and is
taking out a factor and more terrifying chip it comes from flash part so it’s
making a very good figurehead is already the observatory because definitely
you have to see where those mines are where can they limit there
where that is not here this phrase is what I am doing
lots of things at the same time so I was doing it
for example the improvement of the yes is already finished
that more and more volt tanks and surely already ready to expand
we see here you drop the bags and look here look here
also other multiple more are lowered the dog and go straight to the base but
infernal has its forces divided here here too many more come
the one of the oxide returns has chivas here with a bag is attacking him by all
wow sides you have to have a lot of apm up to follow this game from there it goes down and
the colors are lowered my game as is losing the pros does not realize and what
It’s very hard to see here losing the weather
and again another factor and more is taking out and also already taking out a
command between massive with two drops additional a wow the stations of
a lot of damage and worst of all look this other prof without working you’re not
working merengue gas realizes send all three but has lost
a lot of time not those little ones details are those that can play very
how much income does soul have puts puts the mines with tranquility
because the some are going to approach while the other goes on the other side is
too much is up when they arrive not will be unfortunately and look at the
number of mines that you are planting flash
to our infernal level that to pass this is going to have to happen a whole
hell while the tanks begin to go down 6 and the prof
only one tank is lowered The bowling room works halfway while
that are not installed here and the double is loading more and more to come and do the
attack that goes up and down look at this ups and downs
raise and lower the tank while base double a lot of damage to the trees that
they have an earthquake and it could be many years a flash decides to check the jungle has
a file calf here is already moving in position to the convention of the
a third penalty expansion and also would send to work at six or seven
so bis three factors start again the attack vultures
of boxes and tanks do not also have you can here more tanks since you have to
climb clear up to make the bowler and Look, this is what I saw in that instant
arrives and he keeps them he does not raise them again and now it does lower them so
I have to slow that part guys because it’s too up and down
of the tank does tremendous damage to my baby and up and down goes up and down ups and
again come and the jimmy sees this continues not obviously he says yes but flash still
playing do not think that’s why they come out so how can you see there a play
excellent has not been good after that flash is the starcraft god
so called not so here I leave the build the initial miracle of the thing
early cultural growth plus fast expansion with drops and and have the two steps
detailed of what did flash sword and make this attack not obviously at the end
it’s super flash genius but that’s the idea nothing thank you very much
you can see this video we’ll see you in a next video star that flowers
mastered and do not forget to visit the face channel of our great friend
from españa see you

98 thoughts on “No podrás negar porque FlaSh es llamado el DIOS de Starcraft Remastered”

  1. Muchísimas gracias Jan por todo lo que aportas a la comunidad! Es un placer poder participar junto a ti para intentar que el Starcraft llegue a todo el mundo. Un abrazo amigo

  2. Cuando retas a un dios en el micro, el primer game de flash con Jaedong de la ASL 6, la frase épica de deathfate: flash está sangrando, es mortal es mortal

  3. Jose Daniel Aravena Orellana

    Muchas Gracias por un video mas! , Siempre estoy a la espera de tus vídeos haces un muy buen trabajo relatando las partidas..
    Saludos desde Chile.

  4. Jaja me recordó un poco a la partida de stork vs ample en el canal de deathfate, donde le empezaron a tomar ventaja con las motos tempraneras solo que flash si lo mató mucho antes. Excelente aporte sobre todo por qué eres el único que he visto que tiene las repeticiones y das a conocer los build orders. Saludos

  5. buen video saludos a ambos y que la comunidad del sc creaca buen trabajo Flash es mortal pero es el mejor lo admito y veamos la asl 6

  6. Joder… amigo esta batalla me trajo mucha nostalgia… buen video bro sigue con esto… q el star craft es para siempre… :V "lanzamiento nuclear detectado" :O XD XD XD

  7. Hola, no sabia que existia gente tan pro jugando este juego, que bueno que estuvo!
    Llege de casualidad pero ahora soy nuevo sub y fan de Flash! A ver mas videos mañana!

  8. wow que buenos recuerdos, el primer juego en el cual me envicié siguiendo al gran Slayer_Boxer =), vivan los terran =,) !!! llegué a tener muy buen micro tanks + vultures =) =)!!!

  9. Crees que es el mejor? Aun siendo un dios en el REMASTERED siempre tiene un talon de aquiles lo cual se ve bien en el juego ya realizado y el lo sabe, seria un gran contrincante para un verdaderl veterano y ponga a prueba su titulo y su nombre

  10. Bryan Anthony Quispe Rodríguez

    Ambos son grandes porque la información que brindan ayuda mucho a mejorar el juego, sigan así se volvieron de mis favoritos en StarCraft (y)

  11. Pobre infernal, parecía que iba a llorar tiempo que no veía esta partida del WCG 2010 si mal no recuerdo, en cual el mayor reto de Flash fue en las semis contra Jaedong

  12. como funciona el mundo

    Esta muy bueno el juego, el equipo que lo diseño, programo, testeo, etc. Deben ser unos cracks, y el gameplay también esta bueno.

  13. Mira te iba a dar dislike pero me encanta el starcraft y bueno a pesar de tu puta introducción, tu forma de comentar se me hace muy entretenida por eso te doy el like. Buen video. No hages las intros tan aburridas porfa.

  14. Randal Traducciones

    Esto me hizo recordar cuando jugaba con mis amigos al Starcraft ¿aun se puede jugar? Me gustaría jugar con mis hermanos, ¿se puede multijugador online?
    Gran video, fue nostálgico.


    Que no lo puedo negar???
    Pues lo niego y lo niego infinitamente
    Pprque yo soy mas que un dios en starcraft
    Yo soy innombrable


  16. Andrei Mateus Mancilla Herrera

    Mal micro por parte de infernal. Mandaba todos sus soldados a defender un drop sin dejar ni 1 en la expansión. Además, mal micro para evitar las minas, básicamente perdió el 70 % de sus soldados por ello.

  17. Me di cuenta que este es el último vídeo que subió, alguien sabe qué pasó? Al ver sus videos estaba pensando en volver al Starcraft ):

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    Hola que tal !! Una pregunta ; que diferencia hay en este estarcraft y el starcraft 2 ; haces narraciones del starcraft2 ??
    Ya me suscribi

  19. que buen vídeo me trajo mucha nostalgia fue mi primer juego en pc me gustaria saber donde podria descargar el juego por favor

  20. Это что новая фишка переводит на русский? Даа Flash хорош, но последнее время проигрывает…

  21. Wow yo también subo contenido de StarCraft pero solo videos de gameplay's jugando a las campañas, pero me encanta tu canal y también veo a Falcon Paladin, muy bueno amigo

  22. Pareces peruano. Me vacila la forma en que explicas las partidas, se nota que conoces bastante. Y tambien me vacila cuando dices la palabra "remasterizado"; con todo respeto, te da un toque original. Espero se sigan suscribiendo y hagas un tuto de como descargar e instalar Starcraft Remasterizado. Saludos!!!

  23. Si flash se llama. Dios de Starcraft debería manejar bien a las 3 razas, si no puede no se merece llamarse Dios de Starcraft…

  24. Ese flahs tiene dos cerebros con uno ataca con el otro crea edificios revisa su economía acaso será un super humano en una guerra verdadera si flash comandaria un ejército ganaría la guerra

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