Official Cobra Kai Trailer – The Karate Kid saga continues

Official Cobra Kai Trailer – The Karate Kid saga continues

Man: Get him a body bag!Whoever wins the next point
will be our new champion. Finish him!( dramatic music )♪ ♪( cell phone ringing ) ( keypad beeps ) Who is this?Banzai!
Daniel LaRusso here
for LaRusso Auto.
We are chopping prices
on all of our inventory.
Hiyah!Johnny? I knew it was you. This is Johnny Lawrence.
He and I go way back. Oh, this is the guy
whose ass you kicked. Well, if you want
to get technical, I kicked his face.
( laughter )Boy: Hey, where you going,
I didn’t know you guys were
trying to buy beer. – I’m–
– ( grunts ) ( laughter )
Hey! Watch the car, man. Get the hell
out of here, loser. ( chuckles ) ( grunts ) Ah.Miguel: Was that, like,
Tae Kwon Do or something?
It’s karate. Do you think you
could teach me?♪ ♪I’m driving home
from work yesterday,and in this strip mall,
I see…
After 30 years, I thought
that guy might have changed, but he’s still the same prick. I heard you beat up
a bunch of teenagers. I didn’t beat up any teenagers.♪ Ooh, yeah! ♪I kicked the crap
out of a bunch of assholes who deserved it.Daniel: Thinks he can bring
Cobra Kai back to the Valley?
Hiyah!Daniel: Not on my watch.You want those kids at school
to keep dumping things on your head?You want all the girls to
think you’re a wangless dork?
You’re gonna be
my karate teacher? No. I’m gonna be your sensei.♪ Back in the game ♪♪ Breaking hearts again ♪♪ You better watch out ♪♪ ‘Cause I’m back
in the game ♪
♪ Kickin’ ass again ♪( all cheering )♪ I’m back in the game,
oh, yeah! ♪
Johnny: I’m gonna teach you
the style of karate
that was taught to me:
a method of fighting
your pansy-ass generation
desperately needs.
– Let’s see what you got.
– She’s a girl. Johnny: And?
– I’m sorry. – Are you okay?
– Ugh! – ( grunts )
– ( yells ) ( groaning ) Girl’s a natural Cobra.♪ I’m back in the game ♪Daniel: Johnny, you and I…this…We aren’t done.♪ Ooh, yeah! ♪

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  1. 말라비틀어진시금치

    나치 하켄크로이츠 미화나 아무렇지 않게 쓰는건 못 봤는데 욱일기는 존나 맨날 나와..저번에는 올림픽 공영방송에서도 그러더니 팍씨 진짜

  2. This trailer does not do the season any justice! And I hate to say it this trailer put me off watching, and what a shame, because Cobra Kai is a phenomenal season.

    Thankfully I think they understood that and the Season 2 trailer has so much emotional weight behind it.

    If you’re watching this trailer and thinking it’s some kind of parody or funny take on the future of the Karate Kid films, just give it a shot and be ready to be emotionally invested in a well put together series.

    Oh and one piece of advice, watch this during the day or early evening, just in case you end up binge watching the entire thing 😉

  3. Miguel is such a sweetheart. He reminds of my own best friend except without the whole metamorphosis thing with karate. I like how he went from sweet and naive to confident then a badass. He's far better than Daniel. But the original movie is still a classic that everyone loves. I just like Cobra Kai how has an amazing script and good character development 😄

  4. Yo solo vengo a decir que…


  5. Probably the only "reboot" of an old movie/show that's actually great in it's own right and didn't just try to cash in on nostalgia dollars.

  6. deberian hacer una secuela de la pelicula de jackie chan y jade smith y que pertenesca al mismo universo de la franquicia, estaria bueno ver una batalla de estilos de pelea kung fu y karate, imaginense una batalla ente Dre parker y hawk, o el señor Han como el hombre sabio en ausencia del señor miyagi un aliado asi haria muy poderoso al miyagi do.

  7. Me tiene hasta la puta madre con sus anuncios en youtube pura verga voy a mirar esta serie esta bien que promocionen pero 3 anuncios de ustedes en un video de 3 minutos no la chingen 👎

  8. This is so perfectly done. It show's Johnny's true self. It really shows in depth characters. Johnny and Daniel want the same thing, but things just keep happening with misunderstanding. Part of me would love to see this on TV as a series…. but the other part knows that TV producers would ruin this product. Maybe if it were on AMC?? It's great to see that they brought back original cast members for cameos. Can't say enough about this series!!! 10++++++++

  9. I don’t understand.. so the Karate Kid sees that a struggling Johnny is opening a Karate Dojo and he decides that instead of being a supportive friend to someone trying to do what they love again, he has to try to shut him down, ruin him financially and humiliate him again?

    Johnny seems like a down on his luck guy and Daniel appears to be not very karate like.

  10. Does anyone think of "Toy Story of terror" combat Carl every time they say cobra kai? It sound so similar!!!!

  11. la descargue en hd 720p la primera temporada hace un año atras,luego en 1080p con la 2° y la volvi a ver y ahora las volvi a descargar en 4k y otra vez volvi a verlas,por que ¿? por que es espectacular pero los trailer son bien poca cosa para lo que es la serie en realidad.

  12. This has become my favorite TV show all time .. out of no where

    Love the 80s tribute, everything!!!

    Never knew I'd be rooting for Johnny all these years later

    Amazing work!

  13. in the original karate kid the cobra kais are literally a group of bullies that a douchebag teaches karate with the principal that might makes right so kick the hell out of em which goes against karates main teaching in the first place. In Cobra Kai it appears that Daniel thinks that Johnny is still the same prick who is trying to turn bullies into bigger douches when in truth hes trying to teach kids to defend themselves. Its literally all just a big misunderstanding.

  14. Some things are better to be left behind and yes i know , they are actors , i grew up in the era those movies were released , but its sad to see those two after so many years again "fighting" …

  15. 48 млн. просмотров. Такое говно смотрит 48 млн.? Остановите планету, я сойду.

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