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Online Gaming Strategies NBA & Personal loan USA you know and in beats with the 19 I’m
enjoying every bit of it so far let’s see what they want to do here okay so it
looks like this is gonna be like like I’m just gonna pass it out type stuff so
yeah let’s see she was doing it all right he was giddy this game was so fun
I can’t wait to bring part to you guys let me know in the comment section what
you guys think about this you connect seen so far look at this gameplay if I’m
just basically passing it out learning days work good awesome alright and be chicken my team presents this game looks so awesome man it takes
forever though I mean I hope they added that on the where you could skip on what
you can call it where you could skip bigger the cutscenes cutscenes were
annoying missed you and you guys can think about that I’m not gonna give him
right now because I want you guys to see the gameplay of course wood
if I need to skip on my I will you know if I if I already been through them and
they’re annoying to me I’m escaping charged in nearly well connect you were
good in rotation and active on the offensive glass you really think that
yeah you really push the temple I push the tempo okay in transition you push
the tempo in transition the coach tell you to say that to me well I I just
heard him say it to the papers I’m working man that should have been mush
we won the game how do you think I play go play good I thank you way yo I’ll be out in a
minute see wasn’t that hard you know just quick to the point I think you
improve will soon be – can i – neither where you could do your own voice overs
you could sound like your soul thank you thank you no it sounded like
okay I’m just a guy okay she’s doing boys and I’m saying cuz they had a face
features they should have voice because she liked me better than boys to be a
cabbie for us is it both comes down the way man was that it’s a him and she and
the Jets oh you mean keep before word all right well I’ve got to get running
team ends this game here right here let’s see how it they got a guy with a
solid Vertigo’s let’s see how I do when you later chump I was young so Sylvia
this is chuh chuh a young yeah until until cookie data rate I think I dare
take over how much are my best to go to a four born and how do you thank you
shall among from do it reach it worked – I’m attending the cheetah alright
first gameplay man just switching the camera right here man
don’t like that type of camera I want to switch it to 2k 2k is the best camera
okay the champ will conduct random watts we have a th Ferg on the phone tap water
tower on the top right you see I missed how did I miss the easiest three-point
shot I’m a shark a turbo I forgot what I was
I just know whatever okay so far so good I’m enjoying
everything so far that sickening thing has to offer including the game please
the game gameplay is definitely better than last year’s did you could tell I
guess has some similarities but it looks way better like the features footpaths
right there okay ball moving out okay let me get those I can’t take that I
already missed that one area I’m going and I’m going missing every every layup
bro I gotta step up my game bring our horrible game foot here sorry
about that guys all right all right we gotta get in here
easy come easy go Oh baby let’s get it and get that works let’s get it okay
how’s it be ready I’ll do it I’ll try sort of charge should we run a little
bit to the left on that one I need to borrow here it’s here okay oh yeah okay
oh yeah oh good good passing sir oh it’s baby
that’ll suit you know one thing I like like so far
it’s on the defense like it feels a little bit smoother than last year like
I could actually stay on I know this is the prelude and I know this is probably
the other things having a battle royal courts I like beef and so forth I could
stay on we’ve had small forward almost my floors oh well yeah it feels way way
better over there bro I love small forwards in this game I
think a small bullets to kill it now I don’t care what bill you are I’m gonna
feel small for what you’re gonna kill his gun that’s a fact all right good
give me that give me that steal no okay okay all right
okay give me give me give me give me give me give me give me fast fast fast
right here right here now oh good shot good shot good shot good shot my
takeover is slowly building up okay see you see one saying I mean I know he’s
not doing it input you could stay on oh goody goody goody do you have time we’re
killing them boys man let’s get it okay plus eight plus eight man I’m doing so
bad four points into is this
what is my first Prelude man you better gotta give me an A for effort here man
just trying to get the controls down and rows are not bad but I gotta get him
down better they’re different to do crossovers and stuff this year I got the
reach-in foul though can’t wait to see the neighborhood and all that cool stuff
and show it to you guys I think any be cool just stepping down would be all
right right here right here you know see what we could do your oh yeah okay I’m
gonna shower create oh I’m sorry oh we’ll look for the pastor pass honey the past oh where oh I says get
your own team a great super high up though
I love this news so if you ever have a team in grades
good super assist and I just got a lot of this issue give me give me give me
give me fool why did I think I was just family a house family the pass button so
our dad explained good these thing could be let’s see we could do here yeah Oh
turn over no good deed good deed good deed from him alright see what I could do is see what
I could do alright oh yeah I’m getting another minute
please oh yeah let’s go bro I had to turn down the announcers commentating bro it was giving me a
headache bro no offense to you know any of the Asian
commentators out there it was giving me a headache guy I love everybody enough
oh yeah I didn’t I didn’t understand what they were saying that was just like
like you know why no offense at all love everybody spread love all right
see what I could do see what I could do okay
he miss you miss I got I got I got ya know small forwards could do everything
bro funny more to the honey-bag they were
rounding buddies fishing buddy gameplay or yeah just like
for you you my god gotta get better in the pain that hit
the weight room gotta get the weight room get this week people give me that
yeah he passed he passed block I get those I get those babies okay to me
alright oh I do I miss that I believe I missed that easiest layup in my whole
life bro bro in the comment section if you guys Rose me bro I honestly give you
guys permission because I’ve been missing every single shot uh-huh okay I
was about to say it that way oh my guess the second one like Chris move says that
some to Kate cheese that’s crazy yeah I was all over him bro like that’s
that should have been like a miss all right I wanna get out of this time out brah
get her this time I dare you I was spamming the button though all
right get to it opening my doing roll what am i do I literally don’t he miss you miss we get
that boy get this okay I shoulda suggest shot
those it pass because okay okay another block that pass is you see
let’s get let you get that working so there’s beautiful Wow emails see
messy messy messy business I actually made do like the steam is
trash well I made this one I made this one I
got this one let’s go he’s Gary baby buzzer yeah Oh
box box box about 4 days but four days all right get into the fourth quarter but I can’t wait to see how this game
like just NBA 2k overall like 2k 20 you know to get 23 24 when they come out
with those type of two K’s we’re looking the PS 5 version bow they’re gonna look
like alive bro yeah I the gameplay is just gonna look tremendously amazing bro brothers this is an easy dog Brad we’re
getting this one no matter oh hi all right let’s get come on thank
you go with me good baby I got you as get it right I think I also just made
that by love I’m gonna be honest all right did we get it right here brother
right here oh yeah okay so what I could do
okay okay Oh and I miss that bro how broad I’ve been
giving you guys crash gameplay though Oh Oh another thing is both the mayor is a
little like okay I made it easier to steal on mph weekend I did not okay
I don’t know if you guys noticed so far for pretty sure if you have a gold
pickpocket bow you’re getting a lot of steals everything even if you have
silver pickpocket pearl you’re still getting steals that’s another one of the
things I like so I mean if you’re gonna like night you know get it stolen from
gaming game out have good ball security hmm I reckon that daddy’s people are
gonna try to steal a bunch of time so you don’t want to get thrown over all
right guys I might just leave you guys with this gameplay or whatever is left
of it if you guys enjoyed the video don’t hold
it to the light I change the channel don’t forget to subscribe
be part of the charge family man let’s get it we keep growing man we we keep
growing that let’s keep it that way I want to start doing giveaways once I
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take care peace hey hey you got a second yeah yeah sure
got some time for a few questions you held y’all with Han Qi that says
that’s the thing right yeah I mean that dude vertical I can’t teach it you can’t
learn it it’s just just in there he says so so yeah I know I mean kind makes you
wonder about like the moment he first realized you’re like well maybe he’s
just a little kid running through the streets with his friends and suddenly
like a I don’t know a cat jumps in his path and then then BOOM yeah I do a
Soyuz man air beneath his feet distance from the earth like he’s never felt you
know like he just learned that he could climb walls so a brief even light right
right pure joy I know my life has changed but
you don’t know why or for what reason yet did your thing out there
people starting to take notice keep it up thank you
hey um but you uh you wanted the reporters or some something like that
see you around AI

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