Order & Chaos Online – Relic’s Key Update – iPhone & iPad: Trailer

Order & Chaos Online – Relic’s Key Update – iPhone & iPad: Trailer

75 thoughts on “Order & Chaos Online – Relic’s Key Update – iPhone & iPad: Trailer”

  1. A game on your iphone/ipod that you have to pay to renew your subscription? Seriously, i´d rather play Pocket Legends then waste my money every month for a handheld game, no mater how good it is. Thats why computer exist.

  2. @gabrielreichelt That was possibly the dumbest comment i've ever read. You'd never pay monthly for ANY HANDHELD MMORPG EVER?! What if something like WOW came out on iOS and Android with the same exact features, same exact graphics, same everything, and you already had a subscription on your PC? Technically, even though you'd also be paying for the PC version, you'd also be paying (although it wouldn't be a separate monthly fee) for the handheld version, technically.

  3. @ProTechGeek @Sethris134 Well thats my opinion, I would never pay monthly for a handheld game. And secondly, a game on the iPod or iPhone would NEVER have graphics and features to be compared to WoW, you know that. And yes, I know someone has to pay for it, but why not just leave the game for just a one time price? Anyone willing to pay monthly would pay it then. Another idea, they could sell in-game credits for more features 😀

  4. @gabrielreichelt something like wow graphics will be on the iphone in about 2 years (to be honest there already is), theres ps2 graphics on the iphone now, never say never

  5. Alright most of thie things people are saying on this video is pretty worthless, the only thing asside from getting angry that people are doing is wishing March of Heroes would come out. I don't think this game's update will make nearly as much of a hastle as MoH will, and information was supposedly coming soon about 3 months ago. Maybe if I was a Super Saiyan Turtle then that wouldn't be a long time. I'm not sure why information can't be put out? How would that "ruin the suprise"?

  6. @floydy16 If an iphone gets graphics like WoW, then imagine a console´s grafics. Still worthless waste money on this :/

  7. @Luis89142 haha they're not that sad to clone every aspect of call of duty, although a survival mode or any extra mode would be great! 🙂

  8. @deadanimalcorpse wow that's actually quite thick. You know they have to MAKE the game first and with them working on march of heroes, has it occurred to you they haven't got enough to make a trailer? Seriously, some peoples posts on gamelofts videos can be quite thick.

  9. Casper Stage Hansen

    @MrRallemulle maybe not.. but still.. when you look at this, it is obvious that WoW's graphics are outdated as hell …

  10. nice an update after 3 months and only 1 dungeon… really user friendly. probably takes a year before gameloft figure out that mounts are usefull as well… i will start playing again if they did some more updates and content that is worth playing. pvp all days is just useless and your even able to buy epic gear…

  11. @ProTechGeek Again, it could have in-game credits for sale that give more features, that would handle the managing part. If the game was a bit more expensive, the cost for it´s production would be reacquired. I dont know which part your not understanding, it would still be profitable. And also, there are other games for iPhone that are online and similar to this that dont require subscription.

  12. Um this not a dungeon it is like an arena where mobs come to you I don't like it, go back to the drawing board take ur time come back with real dungeons At least 3. one for lvl 45 and the other two for lvl 60 I would like it to be something to explore and get lost in with lots of hidden drops and a couple of pre boss rooms before the final boss. If you start expanding this game and listened carefully to ur costumers and try to give us what we want and u will have a 5 star game that is number1

  13. @I3lackDawn no idea, I'm on evolution 4g, rooted and I just edited my build.prop to get it, if u go that way make sure u know what your doing and make a nandroid backup

  14. @DavidGhilli3 Hey there! Your message has been forwarded to our team. Also, please e-mail them at [email protected] and give them as many details as possible, because it will help them with solving this 🙂

    Have a nice day!

  15. Hello gameloft, I am a huge fan of your games and I have recently purchased a 6 months subscription for order and chaos, but I'm having some problems with the game. The right bottom part is not responding to my finger (it is not my iPad, I've checked it) and I can't move properly. The game was perfect until I updated it to the new versions. I don't know if you have had similar problems like this, but I hope you can fix it, I trust you guys. Thanks!

  16. @gameloft please make it where you can use the same profile on ipod and facebook, that would be awesome! Is there any chance of that?

  17. @gameloft it would be really nice to have a starting guide for new players just some free app that has basic info like what each class and race does since in game there is no way to find out what class suites my style of play and the unofficial guides are not accurate usually and try to cash in on ur game so please make a free game manual app I guess something that breaks it all down like what do I pick to look like the guy on the cover? Human warrior? Monk? Mage? What does each do

  18. @salazar1134 Please visit our official gameloft website and check out for yourself if the device in question is compatible with the Order & Chaos.

    Good luck!

  19. @EpicGamer84

    Nope, neither. You can keep your chars, even if you don't pay your subscription for a couple of months, and when you die, you don't loose anything.

  20. @amir196N learn2plugin lol 🙂 i know, for a quick play on the go (on 3G/4G wireless), it's fine, but anything longer than 30 minutes, you want to be plugged in, sat down, and on wifi… that's what i do…

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