PART 4 Destiny 2 Lore 50 Mysteries | Myelin Games

PART 4 Destiny 2 Lore 50 Mysteries | Myelin Games

A single flash of invisible power sears away
all possible futures except one. She feels her soul itself has been ionized,
blasted into a higher energy state. The light pierces the darkness. Not like the sunrise, not like a wall or a
flood, but a single crepuscular ray—a finger of radiance that reaches out through deepest
night to touch her. It illuminates Mara, Uldwyn, and Yang Liwei. Welcome back guardians, before starting, this
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lore episode. [INTRO]
This video is part of my 50 mysteries series. In 2016 I released a video about 50 unresolved
questions in Destiny, I have been revisiting these questions in blocks of 10, Part 1, 2,
and 3 covers questions from 1 – 30, and this video will be part 4, covering questions
31-40. You can find the other videos on my channel
home page. Plus, at the end of this video, I am going
to include an additional question, which is “how did Shaxx lose his horn?”. I saw some information about this in the Season
of Dawn lore and thought I would throw it in. Ok, so lets start, Number 31, What are Toland’s
motives?! As you likely know, Toland was part of Eris
Morn’s fireteam and ventured into the Hellmouth to defeat Crota, however, Toland was thought
to be inspired by more selfish motives, specially he was trying to learn the Deathsinger’s
song. Toland did meet a Deathsinger which resulted
in his “sort of” death, or more accurately, his transition to the glowing white orb we
meet in the Dreaming City. During the Taken King campaign, Toland would
go on to angrily message us about disrupting the Hive hierarchy and leaving a power vaccuum
i.e. killing Oryx, and not replacing him. The messages made Toland almost seem sympathetic
to the hive, or least, agreeing the Hive philosophy. So, the question is, is Toland an ally or
an enemy? Is he playing a larger game that we just don’t
know yet? Or did he switch sides? Well, with the release of Shadowkeep and also
Toland’s dialogue in the Dreaming City, we have more information about this. Toland’s in-game dialogue leads us to believe
his is not allied with the Hive, he says this, “Sympathy and study do not breed alliances. Don’t mistake me.” This reinforces that even though Toland understands
the Hive philosophy, and might even be sympathetic to it, he is not an ally of the Hive. With that being said, Toland also says in-game
that he is neither an ally of the light or the Dark, he is neither, have a listen
“Tell me, Guardian: Do you trust me? Do you believe I am an ally of the Light or
a servant of the Darkness? What if I told you I was neither? “
Despite Toland saying he is on neither side, personally I think he is tyring to prepare
Guardians to battle the pyramid ships or the Darkness itself. The Lore tab for the re-released bad juju
is a message from Toland where he taunts us for not knowing that there is a greater looming
threat, have a listen, Hello again, my trenchant Dante. You have stepped in and out of sharp-edged
worlds, hewn gods into blunt fractions, twinned yourself with powers whose names cannot even
be held in the language of little gray cells. You think yourself very high up on the pyramid
of contumely. If you only knew how high that pyramid goes. Higher than I knew when my radiant killer
unsung me from biological squalor, or when I witnessed a royal secret turn death into
a chrysalis. Higher than I described in my journals, or
told to our mutual three-eyed friend. Higher than even I, sailor upon the Sea of
Screams that I am, can yet see. Perhaps I will tell you about them. This idea that Toland is still helping us,
guiding us, to face off against a greater threat, is reinforced by the Toland, Shattered
Notes entry from Shadowkeep, it reads, “Guiding the uninitiated toward a final battle
of spectacular futility used to be my specialty, you know. Forgive me if I’m a little rusty.” —Toland, the Shattered
Also, in Shadowkeep, Eris says that Toland must have known about the Pyramid Ships, she
says this when you give her Toland’s journal. That… is one of Toland’s lost journals… I have never laid eyes upon it… He knew. He knew about this Pyramid. He must have. And said nothing. So, to answer the question, what are Toland’s
motives, my prediction is this, Toland knew about the Pyramid Ships, he knew that this
was our greatest threat, and his plan is to guide us to the final battle with the pyramid
ships and darkness. Moving onto question 32, What was Felwinter’s
Lie? Destiny 1 players will remember the iron banner
shotgun, Felwinter’s Lie that plagued the crucible, but what actually was Felwinter’s
lie; what did he lie about. Whilst, we don’t have confirmation of this,
we do have some more possible answers. The first answer, is Felwinter is lying about
his name. Felwinter is an Exo, but doesn’t follow
the Exo naming convention, i.e. technically he should be Felwinter-3, or 6, like Cayde-6,
or Eriana-3. His name change is told to us in the lore
tab of Winter’s Guile, where Felwinter’s ghost gives him his name, it reads,
“Listen to me very carefully. They’re coming for you. They’ll ask you for a name. Your name is Felwinter.”,
“I don’t think that’s my name.” “I know. Say it anyway.” “Why can’t I remember my name? I always remember my name. Something’s wrong. Was I damaged in Crypt processing?” “I don’t know anything about the Deep Stone
Crypt. Before my time.” “What the hell are you?” “You don’t trust me.” “No.” “You will.” “You’re a very presumptuous little drone. What makes you think that?” “No one else will help you. It’s kill or die out there.” Interestingly, I wonder if Felwinter’s lie
has something to do with the Deep Stone Crypt, which is where the Exo’s were created and
their memories wiped. Would be really cool if the future Deep Stone
Crypt includes Felwinter in some way. The other newish piece of lore that may explain
Felwinter’s Lie is how Felwinter broke the Iron Decree. Felwinter was initially a Warlord, but then
joined the Iron Lords, and when he joined the Iron Lords he had to agree to the Iron
Decree. The Iron Decree forbid the Iron Lords from
targeting ghosts, i.e. the could not permanently kill another Guardian. Felwinter broke this rule, have a listen to
the Loose Ends, part III lore entry, it reads, “Let me ask again, then,” Wu Ming said, straightening
to his full posture in the stupid chair. “Will you break the Iron Decree? Will you kill for real?” “As a Warlord, I did many things I’m not proud
of. Under the Iron Lords, I adhere to strict rules
of engagement,” Felwinter said. His voice sounded hollow inside his armored
skin. “Ghosts are not valid targets.” “I heard you care very much about right and
wrong, and the delivery of justice to those who deserve it.” Felwinter’s eyes glowed brighter. …
Wu Ming told him a story about a long-forgotten town far away called Eaton, early in the age
of Iron Lords. A Lord called Dryden had brought food for
the town’s starving people, but in return, asked to use them as bait to bring a local
Warlord into position for an ambush. This, Wu had learned, went against the code
set out by Lord Radegast, the founder of the order. Dryden had broken the rule of involving Lightless
individuals in Iron Lord business, because it was those people the Lords had unified
to protect. The town had agreed, of course. What choice did it have? But the ambush had gone horribly wrong. The Warlord target had brought a whole fireteam
to the fight. Eaton’s erasure was utter and complete. Though Wu later learned that Dryden won the
battle, he lost every Lord under his command, Ghosts and all, and he committed the additional
sin of inflicting final deaths on the Warlords he defeated, in an act of bloodlust and rage. In the intervening years, Wu had learned that
Dryden kept this under wraps, and that he and his Ghost were now among the most decorated
of Lords, next to the likes of rising champions like Lord Saladin and Lady Efrideet themselves. Felwinter stood, and politely motioned for
Wu Ming to take his leave. Wu sighed, shrugged, and left the chamber. He had a long climb ahead of him. The Exo parted his coat and drew a long, bronze
shotgun from his side. “What do you think?” his Ghost asked. “Call Lord Dryden. Prepare my Iron Banner arsenal.” My gut feeling for the moment, is that Felwinter’s
lie likely has something to do with the Deep Stone Crypt, rather than this story about
breaking the Iron Decree. But let me know what you think. Onto number 33 and number 34, number 33 is
what are the Queen’s Harbingers, and number 34 is, what happened to the last remaining
Harbinger. The harbingers are the weapons the queen and
her techeuns used to target Oryx’s dreadnaught and it was said that they used all the Harbingers
except one. We never knew the exact nature of the Harbingers
and what happened to the last remaining harbinger. We actually got more information about the
harbingers with the Dreaming City, specifically the scannables provided further insight. It confirms that the Harbingers are living
things that the Techeuns bond with. They can also be used as a weapon. Have a listen to this in-game dialogue. Shuro Chi: Generations of techeuns have stood
where you stand now, dreaming of a future where they might twin themselves to their
own Harbinger. Shuro Chi: I used to come to this bench and
sit with Nascia. She and I entered the coven at the same time. She bonded to her Harbinger before I did – I
was so jealous, and I could not say so, because we were taught to feel no jealousy. Not all lessons stick. Shuro Chi: This was a summoning ground, once. We called the Harbingers here to speak to
them, to persuade them, to listen to their whispering – strange songs in languages we
all felt we should know. Shuro Chi: We used to use that spire to summon
the Harbingers. They’re all dead now – all but one, and only
Queen Mara knows where it is. A good thing, too, considering that me and
my sisters were Taken. Shuro Chi: I called my first Harbinger standing
where you stand now. It was mine, and mine alone, and I sent it
to its death when we attacked the Dreadnaught. A being of immeasurable age and power… destroyed
in an instant by that beast. Shuro Chi: This was once a place to call the
Harbingers. It is a pity that you cannot see them as they
were – ageless, unfettered minds, twining through the mist like ribbons on the wind. They were beautiful. So, it doesn’t give a tonne of information
about the Harbingers, but does provide a tad more insight into the Harbingers being these
ancient living beings, that the techeuns summon and bond with. It also confirms that only Mara Sov knows
the location of the last remaining Harbinger. The other thing that has been revealed to
us, is that the Harbingers assisted Mara Sov’s plan to escape death and try to invade Oryx’s
throne world. Mara Sov purposefully died to Oryx’s dreadnaught
weapon as a way to invade his throne world. Have a listen, to Tyrannocide V, it reads,
The shockwave strikes. Mara dies. In one way, she is vaporized with her Ketch,
the bonds between the very particles of her body questioned by the harrowing logic of
Oryx’s weapon and found inessential. The mechanism of devastation is spontaneous
fission. The author of the devastation is laughing
in joy. In another way, a more true and symbolic way,
she is impaled on Oryx’s blade. She has thrown all her might at him, and he
has answered. He has snuffed her fledgling divinity and
her meager claim to royalty, he has exposed Mara to the raw and caustic hostility of his
High War. She has been defeated by the sword logic. She dances down the blade and steps into his
throne world. The Harbingers give her the gate and she takes
the step. She is dead, consumed by Oryx: She is dead
in his will, his Ascendant Realm. There was no other way inside except this
true way. Now, I am not sure, if this reference to a
harbinger is the last remaining Harbinger that Mara Sov kept which allowed her to invade
Oryx’s throne world, OR if this entry references the other Harbingers they already used. Either way, the Harbingers are still quite
a cryptic topic, hopefully when Mara returns we will get some more information. Moving along, question 35, the Speaker’s
mask, what power does the Speaker’s Mask hold? Now we actually have a pretty concrete answer
for this. The Speaker Mask was created as an amplifier
after the collapse to allow the Speaker to hear the Traveler. The Singing lore entry from Season of Dawn
reads, I can’t make the Traveler speak. Or, at least, I couldn’t. For weeks, I have worked in secret on a project,
gathering scrap metal and old, broken things left over from the time before. I’ve cobbled it together, tinkered with the
mix of strange and half-understood technology, tried to calibrate it to my needs. Carefully, lovingly, I build a mask. An amplifier. No one knows about it but me. I won’t get their hopes up, even though mine
are sky high as I put the finishing touches on it. It’s not beautiful like our old technology
was. It is scuffed and bent and rusted, like everything
we own now. But if I’m right, if I can do this, it will
do beautiful things. I can’t bear to fail. I have failed at everything else so far. When I’m finished, I wear the mask. Pieces of it, not sanded down, are rough and
sharp against my face, but I dream for the first time in my life. || I have cried out unheard for so long that
my voice is raw. ||
So there you have it, that last line is the Traveler speaking to the Speaker. The Speakers Mask is an amplifier allowing
the Speaker to hear the Traveler. Moving onto the Question 36, What is the light? We actually have a pretty good understanding
of this from the unveiling lore book now. The light and the dark, were the cosmic forces
before time itself, they created the universe and everything in it, they were initially
in balance until the light broke the rules, according to the Darkness, the light was the
one to break the rules, and in breaking the rules the universe was created from chaos. The Gardener and Winnower lore entry reads,
Once upon a time,* a gardener and a winnower lived** together in a garden.***
* It was once before a time, because time had not yet begun. ** We did not live. We existed as principles of ontological dynamics
that emerged from mathematical structures, as bodiless and inevitable as the primes. *** It was the field of possibility that prefigured
existence. They existed, because they had to exist. They had no antecedent and no constituents,
and there is no instrument of causality by which they could be portioned into components
and assigned to some schematic of their origin. If you followed the umbilical of history in
search of some ultimate atavistic embryo that became them, you would end your journey marooned
here in this garden. In the morning, the gardener pushed seeds
down into the wet loam of the garden to see what they would become. In the evening, the winnower reaped the day’s
crop and separated what would flourish from what had failed. Most of our understanding of the Light is
from the perspective of the Darkness, however, if it is correct, the light is this cosmic
force before time itself, it’s role was to create, and the darkness’ role was to
destroy, and together they were balanced, once the light broke the rules and disrupted
the balance, there has been warriors of the light and warriors of the darkness fighting
for control. Moving along, number 37, what is the Darkness? Well, it is the opposite of the light, as
I just explained. Its role in the universe is to destroy to
maintain balance. The Darkness argues that it is not evil, but
rather the Darkness is necessary, have a listen to the lore entry p53, it reads,
Would you tolerate a bomb in your body, waiting to detonate if you deviated from the needs
of society? However, without p53 as an enforcer, the body’s
utopian surplus of energy becomes a paradise for cancer. Cells cannot resist the temptation to steal
from that surplus. Their genetic morality degrades as tumor suppressor
genes fail. The only way to stop them is by punishment. My question follows. Is p53 an agent of the Darkness, or the Light? Moving on, number 38, what actually happened
during the Collapse? Now we actually have some more information
about this. One of the theories that I came up with during
Shadowkeep, is that Clovis bray accidently caused the Collapse. Clovis Bray was experimenting with the Anomaly,
which has a similar description to the orb we find in the pyramid ship. They initially thought it communicated with
the Traveler’s home land, however, the orb caused all the same symptoms as the pyramid
ship, such as hallucinations. I speculated that it was a transceiver/beacon
for the pyramid ships and the Darkness. See my lore video about the Hidden Artifact
for more details. BUT I definitely think that Clovis Bray’s
experiments on the anomaly has something to do with causing the Collapse. Then, what actually happened during the Collapse. My predictions at the moment is that it was
the pyramid ships and the Darkness itself. If the traveller closely represents the light,
I would say the pyramid ships represent the darkness. The best description of what people experienced
with the arrival of the Darkness comes from the pre-awoken people who were in space when
the Darkness arrived. Have a listen to Cosmogyre III, it reads
An incredible sensation washes over Captain Li. A rumble and a thrum down in her gut, in her
marrow, in the lowest, basest elements of her body. It is the vibration, the sound of the very
fabric of her being scrunching up and stretching out; the distance between the atoms of her
body collapses, then expands. The cycle repeats again and again. For a moment, she feels her fingertips and
toes pulled away from her core, yanked by tidal forces. It feels like the lowest rumble of the biggest
subwoofer ever built. It sounds like the deep voice of God whispering
ASMR directly into her ear. It tingles, it thrills, and it leaves in its
wake a subsonic tint of dread and anticipation… Alice Li has the distinct sense that something
ancient and malevolent is operating upon them: a trillion-fingered hand reaching in to caress
the very atoms of their being, setting protons a-spin, strumming nerves like guitar strings. A tongue with ten billion slithering forks
tasting the surface of their brains. The sense of imminent doom crescendos. She knows, absolutely and utterly, that what
is about to happen to her and to her crew is far worse than death. The darkness knows them now. The thing that has come to kill Humanity has
their taste. So, that is my prediction for describing the
collapse, the arrival of the Pyramid ships and the Darkness. Moving onto number 39, what happened during
the Fallen Whirlwind, the Whirlwind is the Fallen’s version of the Collapse when the
traveller left them. As far as I know, we don’t have any new
information about the Whirlwind, we definitely have more references to the Whirldwind but
no new information added. All we know, is that the Whirldwind happened
and the Traveler left the Fallen, and the society quickly collapsed. Have a listen to the lore entry, Unknown Space,
it reads, He and his fellow scribes passing Judgment
in their soft, furred robes. Then the Whirlwind, the Elders torn apart,
the pillaging of the House. Variks, kneeling before a window, staring
up at the Great Machine. Watching it vanish. The long journey in the darkness. Moving on, number 40, how were the Awoken
Created? We have a lot of lore explaining this process
now. Basically, it was what we thought. The Awoken got caught in space between the
light and the Dark during the collapse. At the intersection of Light and Dark, Mara
sov threw herself into a black hole created by the energy and birthed the Awoken in a
different universe. I know it is super confusing. Have a listen to the lore entry Cosmogyre
IV, it reads, She has gone outside Yang Liwei to die in
starlight. She cannot bear to let anyone see her fear
or her awe at the scale of destruction or her pity for the billions of souls dying in
darkness back around Sol. She cannot be among the other crew as they
cling to each other and whisper reassurances; not even with her mother. She cannot surrender her mystery. So she kicks off the hull on fifty kilometers
of tether. But there’s no starlight to die in. The darkness is absolute. Gravity waves tug on her line, pulling her
back toward Yang and then hurling her away. …
A single flash of invisible power sears away all possible futures except one. She feels her soul itself has been ionized,
blasted into a higher energy state. The light pierces the darkness. Not like the sunrise, not like a wall or a
flood, but a single crepuscular ray—a finger of radiance that reaches out through deepest
night to touch her. It illuminates Mara, Uldwyn, and Yang Liwei. It is not quite enough. It cannot vanquish the shadow. Thus Mara finds herself drifting on the edge
of the Light and the Darkness, on the dusk-and-dawn gradient between the two. She feels a contest. A battle fought, an equilibrium reached: not
a truce, but an infinite limit, like an equation dividing by zero, a collision of two violent
eternities. The collision of light and dark creates a
Black Hole, and Mara Sov, still tethered to the ship, floating in both light and dark,
releases her Tether and throws herself into the Black Hole, have a listen to Cosmogyre
IV, it reads, A singularity is forming around her. A kugelblitz: a black hole created by the
concentration of raw energy. “Mara!” Uldwyn shouts. “Mara, you’re too far out!” Mara thinks of her mother’s face. She hears Osana say: I can’t watch over you
like a mother would. I have to make my own choices now. She fires the detach command into the tether. Gravity seizes her. She falls forward in space and time, into
the future, into the mystery. Yang Liwei is behind her. Uldwyn is behind her. She wants to be the first. That is a brief version of the Awoken creation
story, check out my video on how the Awoken were created for more details. AND so, that was 31-40, and now, I want to
give you a bonus question, how did Shaxx lose his horn? This is actually what prompted me to continue
this series because Season of Dawn hinted at how Shaxx lost his horn. Have a listen to the lore entry, 10: War Stories,
which describes Saint-14, Osiris and Shaxx defending the city against the Fallen, it
reads, Saladin: I’m impressed, Saint. How many deaths did your charge cost you? Saint-14: I did not die. Elriq provided wonderful cover fi—
Shaxx: I DON’T BELIEVE YOU. Saint-14: Is that because you died, Shaxx? I heard the Fallen broke your horn. Shaxx: Where did you hear that? Of course, this doesn’t confirm how Shaxx
lost his horn, however, it is the only reference I know of that even hints about how Shaxx
lost his horn. The other interesting fact about Shaxx, is
he was previously a Warlord, this will be my last fact for this video. The arbalest lore entry reads, “I forget you used to be a Warlord.” “What do you mean ‘used to?'” “I thought you’d thrown in with Saladin and
Felwinter.” “I did. But I never stopped being me.” “Then why—”
“‘Warlord’ is too many syllables.” “Gambit needs more candidates like you. Should stop by sometime. Whatever you want to call yourself.” “Thank you. You’re a liar and a cheat. Stay out of my Crucible.” There you go, confirmation as Shaxx as a previous
warlord, but warlord was too long, so now he just goes by Lord. And with that that concludes this 50 mysteries
video where we covered question 31-40, the next mysteries video will cover the last 10
questions. Once again, a big thank you to Shudder for
sponsoring this video. Use the promo code “myelin” at
for a 30 day free trial. If you would like to support the channel and
cannot think of a comment, you can leave the word, Lord, to represent how lord shaxx was
once a warlord. As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is
myelin games.. peace.

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    I believe that the Dryden incident may be connected to the Drifter, and the village he was apart of before it was caught in a crossfire. Additionally, a far fetched theory could be that Felwinter's lie was that he was Felwinter. Felwinter was a warlord, and when Exo Felwinter awakens, he is told that "they" are coming. Perhaps they were the iron lords?

  23. Myelin man, what a great video. You have been such an inspiration for so long and I just love being able to brag to my friends that you are subscribed to me and not them because we all love you sooo much. I personally have been a fan from pretty much the start (the same with destiny as a franchise) and you keep delivering better content even when I think it has peaked. Keep up the good work, great job.

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