PAUSE CHALLENGE with GRACE SHARER for 24 HOURS (Mystery Remote Found in Game Master Treasure Chest)

PAUSE CHALLENGE with GRACE SHARER for 24 HOURS (Mystery Remote Found in Game Master Treasure Chest)

– Aha Sharers, today’s
gonna be a good day because I got the remote and that’s right we’re going to do the pause challenge 24 hours on my sister, Grace. So let’s get this thing started. All I gotta do is hit pause
and the second I hit pause Grace will be paused and
she won’t be able to move until I hit un-pause. So let’s go get this challenge started. This is gonna be so good. Oh but Sharers, before we start check this out; we got
the swag packs back! Now the question is should
we start giving away these swag packs, a.k.a. these
YouTube Play button keychains to everyone who gets first comment? Comment down below #SwagPack if you think we should bring these back in the store. So let’s see if Grace is up. Yeah we got a lot of
construction going on so that’s why the house looks
totally destroyed but I think Grace is still sleeping. Her room’s all taped up
though this is kinda weird. She like taped her door
up, what is going on? Grace, are you up? Time to wake up, we got a lot to do today. I’m gonna have so much fun. Grace, wake up, wake up. Hello Grace. Sharers I hope Grace
didn’t tape up her door. She knows that the pause
challenge is going to be on her today because in her last vlog you saw that she did the
pause challenge on me and things got a little crazy. She even paused while I was drinking and water spilled everywhere. And Grace knows I’m super creative so she might have taped her door
up so I can’t open it up. Grace, open up! Grace, Grace, Grace,
Grace, Grace there you are. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Grace. – You can’t see me. – [Stephen] Grace. – You can’t see me. – [Stephen] Where are you going? – [Grace] Running away,
I’m gonna get paused! – Oh my gosh Grace, wait, pause! Stay there, hold on Sharers. Grace you can’t run away
from this challenge. – [Grace] Stephen, I almost
fell down the stairs. – I get to do this challenge too. Grace did it the other day on me. Grace, you stay there. –
[Grace] Stephen, I’m gonna fall down the stairs. –
[Stephen] We’re startin this challenge. – [Grace] I’m gonna fall down the stairs. – [Stephen] You better not fall. – [Grace] If I fall it’s your fault. – [Stephen] You can’t fall, you’re paused. If you fall then you
would lose the challenge. So you gotta wait until
I hit the play button but I didn’t hit it yet. Hmm, let’s see. – [Grace] Stephen. – Sharers should we hit
it? – [Grace] My foot is cramping up. – Hmm let’s see: three, two, one, play. – Okay, well it’s morning
and I want a snack and have some breakfast so
I’m going to the kitchen! – Hmm, kitchen I don’t think so, pause. Hold up Grace; you can’t
go to the kitchen yet. – [Grace] What, why? – It’s cold outside. Sharers it’s very, very,
very, very, very cold outside. Look at this. It’s raining but it’s super cold out. Hmm I wouldn’t want my sister
to get sick if she went outside in the cold with her short sleeve Share the Love merch on. So, hold on, let’s see
what shirt you’re wearing. Oh the pink and teal Share the Love shirt. I think you need to head to the basement to put on some more swag so, play. – Basement? – [Stephen] Basement time. – Okay, basement. – [Stephen]
Head to the basement. That’s right Sharers we
have a bunch of new merch in the swag store, So if you haven’t already,
head on over there. Check out the new merch
and Grace will show you some cool things that we
have coming to the store. So check out our very own merch room. We have it in our house. So check out the swag
store room. – Yeah look at all the new exclusive
items coming to the store! – Oh yeah, and sharers we
still have to figure out what else is in this treasure chest. There’s a lot, this is the
first thing that we found. And it seems to be working pretty well. It’s like the world’s biggest remote but it’s perfect for the pause challenge. Okay Grace you gotta get somethin on because it’s cold outside. – Also since it’s snowy and rainy outside I’m gonna put on the new snow merch. – [Stephen] Oh yeah. – Okay let’s go make
some food, I’m hungry! – [Stephen] Oo what are you
gonna make for breakfast, Grace? – You’ll have to stay and watch. – Hmm, you gonna make
something for me too? I’m a little hungry, I could always snack. – Um, if you’re lucky. – Hmm, I’m not sure I
like that answer, pause. Nice try, Grace; so I’m
gonna ask you again, Grace you gonna make me somethin
to snack on today? – Uh huh. – Perfect, play. – Woo. – Let’s go get some food
Sharers, Grace is gonna make me somethin to snack on, oh yeah! – Hmm, I wonder what I should make. – [Stephen] Oh, there’s Otter. Otter, hi, say hi to the Sharers! What’re you makin? – Oh, I think an omelet. – [Stephen] An omelet. – [Grace] Yes. – Sharers smash the like
button if you can make omelets. That’s actually pretty complicated, Grace. Cause you gotta put
the eggs on the skillet then you gotta fold it
over just perfectly. Okay well, I’m hungry for some eggs too. – Eggs or omelet because
I’m making a omelet. – [Stephen] Oh, is there
a difference? – Yeah. – Well I’ll like anything with eggs. – Welp, let’s get spraying. – Pause. – Stephen, Stephen! – [Stephen] Grace, that’s too much. That’s too much! – [Grace]
Look at this, look at this! – Grace that’s too much,
okay fine you’re right that tastes bad, play. Oo, we don’t wanna have
too much oil in the pan that could taste really bad. – Look at that pile of foam. – [Stephen] Oo, that’s a lot
of cooking oil right there. – Yeah well if they taste
bad they’re your fault. They might either taste
bad or really good because they’ll be super oily. Only one way to find out,
alright let’s crack an egg. – I don’t even want eggs
anymore if that’s the oil. – [Stephen] You gotta make it, Grace. You can’t stop now. – [Grace] Okay. – Whoa! – [Stephen] Oo, there we go. One egg looks pretty good. – The egg, one egg? One egg for you, one egg for me. – [Stephen] Alright let’s cook it up. Smells pretty good, Grace. Maybe… – Now I need the spatula. – Yeah maybe all that oil
made it taste even better. Hurry up and cook, I’m hungry! – Stephen, good cooking takes
time, you have to be patient. Well I think the eggs are all done. I gotta scoop these out. – [Stephen] Wait hang on, pause. – Stephen they’re gonna burn. The eggs are going to burn.
– [Stephen] I don’t think they’re done yet, Grace. – I see them getting brown! No we need more cooking time,
I like my eggs fully cooked! They’re not done yet! –
[Grace] They’re getting brown. – [Stephen] No… – [Grace] Yes. – [Stephen] They’re just
cooking a little more. They need to be nice and crispy eggs. – [Grace] Stephen they’re turning black. I can smell it, it’s burning;
look at all the smoke! Look at the smoke, it’s smoking! – Alright, three, two, one, play. Flip it, let’s see. (exclaims) – [Grace] Oh no, they’re
all black and burnt. – Yeah maybe we cooked
it a little bit too long. – Stephen I gotta turn
this off, it’s like smoking it smells so bad! – Okay maybe we cooked
that a little bit too long. (smoke alarm blares) Oops, smoke alarm went off. Alright that just means
it’s a little smoky in here. Grace we better open a door just in case. – Yeah let me open the door real fast. – Sharers definitely
don’t do that one at home. – It’s really smoky out, wait
Stephen I see a box out there! – [Stephen] Oo, package!
– is that new merch? – [Stephen] I don’t know, check it out. – It’s to me, I got this new merch! – [Stephen] What’s in it, what’s in it? – Let’s open it. – Oh wow Sharers, yeah
definitely don’t do the pause challenge while someone’s cooking. That could be dangerous, I mean look how black those eggs are. I don’t think those are edible
we better throw those out. – Yes, Stephen check this out! Look the Sharerghini long sleeve! The new shipment because
they’ve been selling out so fast we had to get more! Look at them, look how nice they look! – Oh yeah Sharers we got
some new merch but Grace it still smells bad in here from that egg that you overcooked. – Yeah. – Can you take out the trash real quick? – Yeah I guess I should
throw out those eggs. Oh wow they smell really, really bad. Let me throw them out,
oh the trash is full too. – [Stephen] Yeah good thing you’re taking the trash out Grace. – Yeah okay lemme put that there. And let me wrap this up,
whoa there’s a lot of trash in this trash bag. – Yeah good thing you’re taking
the trash out today Grace. – Good thing? – Yeah, good thing. – Whoa it’s so heavy! – Yeah it’s pretty heavy, isn’t it? – Yeah, I’m taking a run
for it cause it’s so heavy. – Yeah you better go quick. – Let’s go quick, quick,
quick, quick, quick it’s so heavy! – [Stephen] Okay go quick Grace, go, go, go! – I’m gonna put the slippers on. – [Stephen] Okay hurry. Go, go, go! – [Grace] Oh it’s freezing! – Go, go, go, pause! Stay there. – [Grace] It’s raining! – I forgot, Grace, you
actually need one more thing. Hang on, it’s raining like crazy. Hang on Grace, there’s one
more thing of trash to get. – [Grace] It’s raining! – Oops, sorry. It’s raining so I guess I better hurry. Get Grace’s other section of trash. The recycle. Alright, this up, we’ll
bring this to Grace too. She should take out all the
trash at one time, right? I mean, come on, let’s go. Let’s go see where Grace is, come on. Oh Grace is still paused. –
[Grace] Hurry, it’s pouring! – Sorry Grace, I got another
thing of trash for you, here. – More trash? – [Stephen] You have to grab that trash too. – [Grace]
Whoa, whoa I’m gonna fall. – Okay… – [Grace]
Stephen hurry, hit play. – Three, two… – [Grace] Hurry! – Play, okay now you
can take the trash out. Remember one’s trash, one’s recycle. – Okay trash. – [Stephen] Trash goes in the trash and recycle goes in the recycle. – [Grace] Okay. – [Stephen] Pause! Play, okay now Grace, I think
I hear Otter barking inside. I think Otter’s hungry, you
gotta go feed Otter, Grace. Time to feed Otter. Otter smelled our food
so now he’s super hungry. – [Grace] Okay, Otter, I’ll feed you! It’s breakfast time! Oh whoa, it smells so bad. – [Stephen] Yeah well this
is Otter’s favorite food. He loves that. – [Grace] It smells so bad! – [Stephen] Pause. – Stephen, hurry; Stephen not
now, this is not the time! – [Stephen] Why not? – Seriously it smells so bad! – [Stephen] It doesn’t smell that bad. Well let’s see, I don’t
know if Otter’s up here. Let me go see where Otter is. Otter, where’d you go? – [Grace] Stephen! – [Stephen] I don’t see Otter. Otter’s not here. Grace, Otter’s not here though. – Yeah, he’s right over there. I saw him when we… –
[Stephen] Oh my gosh Grace it doesn’t smell that bad,
your face is like turning red. – It smells so bad. – [Stephen] Okay we
better, we better hit play. – Pee-yew, pee-yew! – [Stephen] What? It doesn’t smell that bad. – [Grace] Yeah it does! I gotta clear my nose, it smells so bad. I feel like I was eating it. Oh Stephen, look that came out of my nose because it smelled so bad. – [Stephen] Ew, Grace! – [Grace] Yeah. – This pause challenge
is gettin good Sharers. – That was so gross I need to like rinse out my mouth with something yummy. Let me grab a cup, okay. I’m gonna get something good to drink. – Hm, something to drink;
remember the last time Sharers? – Chocolate milk, yum. – You do like chocolate milk, that’ll help get the taste out of your mouth. – Yeah. – The bad smell of the dog food. – Yeah that dog food smelled so bad. Okay let’s spill this out cause I want a lot of chocolate milk. – Yeah you need a lot of chocolate milk. I think even more than that, pause. – Stephen, Stephen, Stephen,
Stephen, Stephen, Stephen Stephen, I don’t wanna
waste the chocolate milk! – Okay we don’t wanna waste it, nevermind. Okay play, play, play,
play, play, you’re good. Grace you don’t need
that much chocolate milk. What happened? – The bottle’s almost gone! – Oops, you said you liked a
lot of chocolate milk though. – We’re out of paper towels! (dramatic notes) Oops, what are we
supposed to do about that? – Stephen, I don’t know
but clean it up fast because you made the
mess, I can’t move cause whenever I move I step on chocolate. – Wait, I have to clean it up? – Yeah you remember the
rules, if you make the mess you made the mess with the controller you have to clean it up. – Oh okay, let the cleaning begin. I gotta find something;
clean it up, clean it up clean it up, clean it up! That wasn’t very smart, we
didn’t have any paper towels. I probably should’ve checked that before oh we’re making a mess
everywhere all over the house. What can I use to clean up,
what can I use to clean up? Oh mop, mop, perfect! Grab this mop, yeah, this will work! Mop comin through, comin
through, comin through Ow! – [Grace] Whoa. – Ow, I hit the ceiling. – [Grace] Hurry. – [Stephen] Okay clean up, clean up, clean
up, clean up, clean up mop it, mop it, mop it, mop
it – [Grace] Hurry Steve! Look you even got baby
Otter’s toy all milky. – Oh no! – [Grace] From the fan mail. That was a fan mail toy! – Well Otter likes chocolate milk. Otter you want this, it’s
got chocolate milk on it. – Wait Stephen, no, no, no, no! Dogs can’t have chocolate,
don’t give it to him you have to wash it first! – Oh yeah, your right,
dogs can’t have chocolate. Okay, clean this up. – [Grace] Yeah you better clean that up really well. Ew, Steve, you even got it on the cabinet. It looks like dirt and it’s
all the way over there. Yuck. (shimmer sound) – Well it’s all clean now,
onto the next step of your day. – [Grace] Oh hey, it looks
like Otter’s done eating. Otter are you done eating? Are you done eating breakfast,
you wanna go for a walk? – Well I think it’s time
to take Otter for a walk. What do you think? – Okay, go ahead Grace. – Okay, Otter come here. Otter, you ready for your walk? Oh you want your leash? Okay, and your harness? Okay, sit, sit. Good boy, lemme put this on you. Sharers, Otter absolutely
loves going on walks. He doesn’t care if it’s raining or snowing he just wants to go out there and explore just like us, okay. You’re all buckled up,
let me get my shoes on. Okay, come outside. – [Stephen] Come on Otter,
you ready for your walk? Come on Otter, come on. Come on Otter, come on. Yeah come on, come on, come on Otter. Come on. Good boy Otter, come on, come on, come on. Good boy. – he’s so excited. – [Stephen] And pause. Oh Otter paused too, Otter. Sharers I didn’t know Otter
was gonna get paused too. Okay and play. – Okay. I got the leash, come on,
come on we’re in play. Come on Otter. – Sharers, Otter got paused too when I pressed the pause button. That’s so awesome, smash
the like button for Otter. Good boy, Otter, I didn’t know you knew how to play this challenge. – Oh yeah, Otter knows how
to play all the challenges. So comment down below
if you want us to do a challenge with baby Otter. – Oo, what challenge we could do a pause
challenge on baby Otter throughout his day. – he pauses us! – Baby Otter could pause us. Oo Sharers, comment your
awesome ideas down below. Oh and the good news is,
Sharers, if there’s too many cars on our walk, we can
always pause them but I’m not gonna pause that car. We’ll just stay on the sidewalk instead. Yeah Grace and I take Otter
for a walk every morning. And then after Otter’s walk, we go inside and see what chores we
have to do for the day. – Yeah, I’m not sure what
chores we have to do today so let’s ask Mama Sharer,
see what we have to do. – I mean technically we
already cleaned the kitchen so we can probably just still continue playing the pause challenge, pause. Pause Otter, good boy, Otter paused too. Look at this, Otter and Grace both paused. And play. That was awesome. –
[Grace] Okay go in Otter. – Oh, there you are, I was
wondering if you could help me with.. – [Stephen] Oh pause. Don’t say anything yet, mom. – Don’t tell the Sharers,
we have a surprise coming but we can’t tell them yet. – Yeah Sharers, we have
a huge surprise coming. There may have even been hints in the vlog if you rewatch it very carefully you might be able to
figure out the surprise. – Yeah you might be able
to see the little clues and hints throughout all the vlogs. – If you do, comment down below. If you get it right we might
may just send you a swag pack. – Yeah let’s see if Sharers can guess it! – There’s only one way to find out Sharers hit that subscribe button,
turn on post notifications. We’ll see you tomorrow so until then you know what to do, stay awesome and…play! – Share the love! – Peace!

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