Persona 4 Golden Review! [Vita] The Game Collection

Persona 4 Golden Review! [Vita] The Game Collection

Welcome back to The Game Collection, I am
SuperDerek and this is Persona 4 Golden! Development of Persona 4 began after the release
of Persona 3, and was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2008, well after the launch of the PlayStation
3. Persona 4 Golden is the enhanced remake of
Persona 4 that was released on the PlayStation Vita in 2012. It features new social links, new dungeons,
new side quests, new plot points, an extended epilogue, and much, much more. Because of all of this, it’s generally accepted
as the definitive Persona 4 experience. Persona 4 is a game with a split personality. By day, the game is a slice of life visual
novel, our heroes are everyday high-schoolers who have to study for tests, hold down part-time
jobs, and juggle a social life. But by night our heroes’ dawn weaponry and
traverse a strange world, and fight shadows using their Personas in highly stylized turn-based
combat! Mix in an ominous murder-mystery plot throughout,
and what you’ve got is an oddly satisfying way to spend nearly 100 hours. In Persona 4 you play as Yu Narukami, a transfer
student arriving in Inaba, a small, quiet, countryside town that’s about to get a whole
lot more interesting. Shortly after Yu arrives in town, a string
of bizarre murders turns the quiet town of Inaba on its head. Meanwhile, rumors of The Midnight Channel
begin to circulate, a show that only comes on at midnight on rainy nights, and shows
the face of the next murder victim. Yu and his friends decide to try their hands
at seeking the truth behind the Midnight Channel by entering the world inside the TV. The overarching murder-mystery plot of Persona
4 highly engaging on its own, but even that plays second fiddle to the character development
arcs found within social links, which make a return from Persona 3. As you choose to spend more time with your
friends and family, their own personal struggles unfold, and you even help some of them through
very difficult decisions in their lives. Depending on how you choose to treat your
friends, some of them can even become romantic relationships. It’s through these social interactions that
you, the player, also form bonds with the characters, which amplify some of the more
tender or gut-wrenching moments of the game. There are tons of people that you can develop
relationships with, many of which you might not even find on your first play through. This, coupled with the Game Plus mode, and
the many different endings, give the game substantial replayability. Back in my review of Persona 3 FES, I mentioned
that the game had committed two of the seven deadly sins of RPGs. Persona 4 is a far less frustrating experience
because due to plenty of fan feedback, Atlus decided to include direct control over your
party members, should you so choose. This can make the game vastly more accessible,
and cuts down on the number of times the main character will die, and in turn, the number
of game-overs. That’s not to say that the game is overly
easy by any stretch, but for those concerned about this, you can leave the characters to
their own devices, and there’s even a couple of harder difficulty modes for people who
want them. The heavy-handed symbolism from Persona 3
has also been toned down quite a bit. It’s still there, but Persona 4 doesn’t clobber
you over the head with it as often, which is kind of nice. And while Persona 4 is still a relatively
dark game thematically, compared to the previous Persona titles it doesn’t quite have the
same dark and broody vibe. And while that’s a slight departure from what
Persona fans may be used to, I don’t consider this a weakness, just a strand of individuality
that helps the game stand on its own. The gameplay of Persona 4 is obviously heavily
inspired by that of Persona 3. In fact, outside of dungeons, the gameplay
is nearly identical to Persona 3. There are slight differences in the way certain
stats are increased, and now you can pick up a part time job, and even develop some
social links at night, but the mechanics are the same, and will feel very familiar to players
of Persona 3. Inside dungeons, things have been reworked
a bit, mostly in the fine details. One of the biggest updates to Persona 4’s
battle system though is that as you increase your social links with party members, they’ll
gain additional moves, stat bonuses, and bonus effects which become indispensable in the
late-game. Persona 4 fixed a lot of problems that existed
in Persona 3, but they also made a couple of missteps. At certain points in the game you will need
to gain information about the people that you’re trying to rescue. This is to help you track them down within
the TV world. This sounds kind of neat on the surface, but
the way you gather information is by talking to people around town. And by that I mean talking to EVERYONE in
town. Sometimes more than once. It’s kind of a pain when it happens, and it
can bring your momentum to a screeching halt. To make matters worse, the things you uncover
about people are things that the player could already deduce based on previous interactions
with those people. This is easily the worst part of the game,
by far. Luckily, this only happens a handful of times,
and usually lasts only a half hour or so. One of the problems from Persona 3 that did
not get fixed is the time it takes to actually start the game. Early in the game your character is put on
a pre-defined path from which you can’t really stray. There’s a lot of exposition that needs to
happen first for the game to make sense, and I can understand that. But all told, from the time you start the
game to the point where you fight a monster, you’ll be going on about 2 hours of gameplay. If you’re only playing the game for the battles,
this might be a huge turnoff. But then again, if you’re only playing the
game for this aspect of the game, you’ll be overlooking the vast majority of
the game. On the PlayStation 2, Persona 4 was already
a half step better in the visuals department, but on the PlayStation Vita, it’s no contest. The animated cut-scenes in Persona 4 Golden
are really nicely done as well. The frame-rate is still on the low-side, but
the characters all look excellent. During the game, and especially during battle,
the characters are all very expressive. One of the huge improvements is the way that
each dungeon has its own distinct theme, and the fact that each dungeon is only 10 floors
or so keeps the game from feeling too repetitive and monotonous, like Tartarus did. These dungeons range from such amazing settings
as a castle, a bath house, a strip club and 16 bit RPG inspirations. Many shadow and persona designs from Persona
3 also make a return, with a nice helping of original designs mixed in for variety. The voice-acting within Persona 4 is, once
again, stellar. Many lines were re-voiced for Golden, some
of which were voiced by different voice talent. Chie’s voice actress sounds quite a bit different. That bugged me for a little bit, having played
the original release of Persona 4, but I think the new voice actress did an admirable job
of helping the voice of Chie sound a bit more distinctive, if maybe a little spastic. The music within Persona 4 is, once again,
phenomenal. It’s quite a bit different from the music
found in Persona 3. It features a lot of somber sounding piano,
as well as some high energy J-Pop during battle. There is actually a small portion of the game
where you can hear some music from persona 3 which was subtle, but a very welcome surprise. Persona 4 has spawned a few spinoffs, including
the fighting game Persona 4 Arena, Persona 4 Dancing All Night, the rhythm game, and
Persona Q, the first-person dungeon crawler which also features characters from Persona
3. There are also a couple of Anime out there
available to watch, as well as a manga. Needless to say, Persona 4 has become extremely
popular. Because of this, copies of persona 4 Golden
are rather inexpensive, and easy to find for around $20 or less, an absolute steal. Persona 4 Golden truly is fantastic, and is
overall the strongest and most accessible entry in the series. However I don’t feel like the game made any
concessions to broaden its appeal. The game has a solid narrative that propels
you forward, excellent character development, and highly addicting battle mechanics. While it’s not perfect, it was able to improve
upon the shortcomings of its predecessor, and that’s why it’s got a spot in The Game

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  1. Jimmy Hapa (Import Gaming FTW!)

    I'm thumbing down all of this guy's videos from now on because he started a Patreon. How dare he! I encourage everyone else to do the same. #sellout #phony #fathead #TheHairIsALie

  2. Excellent review! I personally love this whole series and I'm pretty excited for P5. Side note, I really enjoyed P4 Arena, Atlus and Arc is a beautiful combination.

  3. Classic Contagious Gaming

    I've not played a lot of Persona games even though I have quite a few in my collection.Β  I really like the Murder Mystery vibe the game gives off.Β  Is this one that could be played independent of the others?

  4. Super review, Derek! πŸ˜‰ I can't wait for your Persona 5 review!… eventually… πŸ˜› This game was my introduction to the Persona series and I loved it. My older brother bought this for me for Christmas one year and it sat on my shelf for a good long while. I eventually popped it in on a whim and I was hooked. The intrigue for the murder mystery and the excellent characters kept me coming back to the game whenever I had free time until I completed it. I haven't played the Golden re-release, but I know that I am going to have to at some point. Again, great review!

  5. There seem to be a lot of reviews for this game going around lately, and I really need to play it. It's been sitting on my shelf for a few months now, but dat backlog. Great review!

  6. Watching your streams of P4G has really opened my eyes to the Persona series. It's been great fun these past few weeks, and I'm really looking forward to learning about other RPG series I have neglected.

  7. Oh my, characters get costumes in this game? That's awesome.

    On a sidenote, how highly do you rate this compared to other Persona games? I'm kinda split as to whether I should play the other Persona games as I found Persona 4 slightly too streched out and too bland at times. Are the other games better?

  8. It's good to see someone review persona. I can only find a handful of good quality reviews. Id like to hear a little more energy in your voice but besides that it's a great review.

  9. Jake Duck pretty much said what i wanted to. I missed the final stream live for P4, but when i was there it was very fun. See you in the chat for Phantasy Star.

  10. You are still a bit quiet, but your audio quality is much better now than in your old videos. You're voice is good too, but your volume is too equalized. You almost sound as though you are droning. As though you are in a room afraid to wake somebody up. It makes us strain our ears to listen.

    That said, your content is great and your opinions sound well formed. I've subscribed. I hope you take my criticism as constructive and not critical.

  11. I haven't played any of the Shin Megami Tensei / Persona games, but they do look awesome. I'm the type of gamer that sees every game (especially RPG's) to completion. A Persona game would likely be the end of me

  12. Man I have been putting this one off lol. I got to the first dungeon and the got distracted with university. And dota 2…. and final fantasy 13…… and final fantasy type o…… and final fantasy 1…..

    ok i need to sit down and beat it!…. after type o….

  13. Not ashamed to admit that this game was basically the reason why I got a PS Vita in the first place. It's soo good. And totally worth it.

  14. i played this game on the vita maybe 6 months ago thinking i wouldnt enjoy it. its now in my top 10 favorite games of all time. also, thanks for making these bro. good to see someone else out there who still enjoys rpgs/jrpgs

  15. Thought the first of your videos I'd watch would be this one considering I recently beat this myself. Excellent review πŸ™‚ Think you'll tackle the spinoff/sequels?

  16. I might be getting a Vita for X-Mas, if I do is there any games other than this one(RPG or not) you'd recommend I add to my collection?

  17. Persona 4 is one of those special Games. It's easily one of my top 3 Games of all time and that was only the Ps2 version. I love Persona 4 golden, they improved a lot without breaking the game, which happens quite a lot in these "improved versions". And, like you said, the voice acting here is extremely good, one of the best english dubs i've ever heard….but i am still really pssed that we neve rgot a dual Audio version, but Arena git one. The japanese cast of voice actors for P4 is pretty much the best you can get. The should have at least released it as a DLC, i would have been glad to pay extra money for this. Well, Persona 4 is still one of the best Games i've ever played and now i'm looking forward to persona 5. Let's see what the have in store for this one ^^

  18. fantastic review, I'm subscribing. Persona 4 Golden is the my all time favorite game outta the almost 20 years I've been gaming and I'm playing through P3 right now. I've never been a huge JRPG fan but persona just kinda clicked for me. is there any other series you can compare it to?

  19. so overall would you recommend this seise? i have seen SMT fans hate the seise and call it the worst thing ever. I just want to know what you think because P5 looks amazing to me. in the end what do you think? Good?bad?

  20. Just a note while I could have forgotten as it has been a long time scene I last played persona 1,2 and other megaten games pesona 3 and 4 foucused on 1 theme persona 3 focused on death and mortality a dark theme as a whole while 4 focused on truth a theme that could be dark or light

    This is the main reason I like 4 more then 3

    As someone who was able to accept my own mortality before I played 3 none of it spoke to me

    But as someone who had history with accepting the truth and the things I hate about myself persona 4 had a direct impact on my life other then making people think I went missing

  21. TheFightingGamer503

    I sold my vita because it barely has games and I recently got persona 3 on my phone (psp emulator) and if i knew about the persona games being fantastic, I would have not sold it to play this. rip myself 😭

  22. I haven't beaten 4g yet but I'm about 45 hours in and so far I like the gameplay and graphics a lot better but I like the music and story much better in p3. Still both great games in their own right.

  23. CluelessDetective

    I just finished this this month, on the 20th to be exact which was pretty awesome considering the importance of that date. This was my third time beating this, first time with golden and now I'm tempted to start it over again, though waiting might be better. Golden is defiantly my personal #1 RPG

  24. Um ..,. You put some pretty prominent spoilers in this review- mainly 6:24 For anyone that is reading this skip about 15 seconds to around 6:40, to avoid this. Otherwise great review. P4G is absolutely my favorite game in the series and if anyone is on the fence, just play it- you will not regret it. I really do suggest avoiding a lot of the spin off games and basically the entire internet while playing Persona 4 because it is really easy to come across spoilers. That's why I'd recommend skipping past 6:24 …

  25. dude SMT Nocturne is my 2nd best J-RPG in this series after P3FES. i played both on Hard Mode <3 also i REALLY respect your channel. its a crime that you got only 11K….. my favorite genre is J-RPG. i grow up playing Wild Arms, and Breath of Fire. also FF4 wasn't bad, but the fact you played breath of fire 1 rocks. and so is with wild arms. again huge respect for you and your channel.

  26. I did buy a vita and p4g because of this review. it was really worth it. and i love the vita now. it has a lot of great RPGs. thanks Derek πŸ™‚

  27. I guess a slight spoiler warning for both P3, P4 and Dancing All Night to an extent within this comment

    I'm always super conflicted with P4. My experience with Persona is pretty much playing P3P then picking up a Vita and P4G almost immediately afterwards. From a gameplay perspective, P4G is better in almost every way (if only slightly, I appreciated P3P allowing you to control all of the characters unlike the original P3 releases) although the story didn't quite stand out as much as P3's did for some reason. The beginning and end were both really good, but I got fed up with the repeated, near identical story telling through most of the entire middle of the game. Although the dungeons each have their own unique flair, the fact that the story of each dungeon was literally the same kinda threw me off. The "accept yourself" thing was interesting the first couple instances, but by the 4th or 5th party member got kind of old.

    I think a lot of this has to do with the character development through Social Links instead of via the story though. My favorite contrasting point between P3 and P4 is the method by which the party members unlock their final Persona forms. In P3, each persona transformation occurs after a pivotal moment in the story based around each character and their story arcs. This made the acceptance and boost in power feel very coordinated and relevant. In P4 on the other hand, these transformations are handled entirely through the social links with each character which could potentially happen at any random time throughout the story. Although the Social Links presented are very good and rich, it's somewhat disappointing to see most of each character's growth happen outside the actual story and therefore be disregarded where it counts. What you're left with is primarily the base changes that the characters undergo upon completing their dungeon.

    All of that aside, both are excellent games and I had a great time with both, but after playing through P4 as well as most of the spinoffs, I'm definitely ready for a new kind of storytelling/experience with P5 πŸ˜€ (Dancing All Night's story mode was particularly painful due to being a carbon copy of the most uninteresting part of P4 lol…)

  28. "…compared to the previous Persona titles, it doesn't quite have the same dark and broody vibe"
    [Show Teddie]

    I chuckled.

  29. Canal Ovelha Negra

    They should bring Persona 4 Golden to PS4. It's stupid this awesome game being only available for PSVITA ( which didn't sell that much. )

  30. I haven't play P4G far, maybe 10 hours in before stopping. Can't say much about the story of course but from a game aspect I did not like it at all. My opinion
    Soundtrack was jarring. Haven't heard a single track I would rate above tolerable. The intro soundtrack was probably worst.
    Graphics felt whitewashed, plain and boring.
    Voice-acting was so far mediocre at best. Voice actors seemed well chosen, no painful voices luckily, but their performance was uninspiring.

    I intent to give it another try eventually. Perhaps I change my opinion then, perhaps with music turned off if that is possible.

  31. "On the PS2, P4 was already a half step ahead in the visuals department. But on the PS Vita, it's no contest."
    has Rise's opening commercial on screen
    Yeah… Yukari has nothing on Rise… I'm sorry what were we talking about?

  32. The P5 anime got me into the persona franchise. I’m gonna get a Psp and Vita for the persona Final Fantasy and Megaman games

  33. ηŽ›θ½ΌδΊšη‘Ÿ

    After playing Persona 5 I became hooked. Bought a Vita for this and was surprised that I really liked 4 more than I thought I would. Emulating the older games, found that the others are interesting to play for awhile but for many, they will not hook as heavily as 4 or 5.

  34. If you don't wanna invest 100 hours of your time on Persona 4, I very much recommend watching the English dub of Persona 4 The Animation. It has 20 something (24?) episodes, all the voice actors from the game and every important part is shown very well.

  35. Persona 4 Golden has to be my one of my Top 10 favorite JRPGs. Practically why I keep my Vita charged. I loved your review and kinda makes me wanna review or just talk about this game here on YouTube. Maybe someday I’ll consider review my favorite games like you do.

  36. False, unlike P3, all of the games combat/adventuring takes place during the day. Also, certain Social Links were exclusive to night time in P3 as well.

  37. The only part that drove me nuts about this game is having to listen to Teddie announce on every battle that a character has beaten an enemy or that one of your characters was in trouble.

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