Playing a Fun Game – Family Friendly

Playing a Fun Game – Family Friendly

Whaaat’s up guys This is part two of The Hungarian Milsim After the enemy sent us back to the repawn in episode one, our opponents gained lots ground And are now spread over the entire field It’s a kind of situation in airsoft where you need to have your gun up all the time since the enemy could be hiding in the bush right next to you Somehow Fabi and I made it on top of that hill Even though it was surrounded by enemies With M180 (spring) installed in our SSG24 and .46 gram(BBs) in our mags This, in combination with the high ground enables us to completely out range the AEG players down there Most players on the field are afraid of the BBs but the biggest threat is the field itself With its holes in the ground, glass shrapnels and rusting hills(?) -Ah hit ! Nov: Hit ! We all get killed since nobody of us was checking our back What a beginner mistake Back from the respawn , we tried to work our way back onto that hill Those guys on the top are the ones that shot us on the back The enemies keep pushing and are about to surround our respawn If we can’t defend it , this Milsim is over -Hit! -Ahrrr *An AEG shooting* -Hit! -Hit! -Nov: Hit! I get shot Bleeding time is 10 minutes Let’s hope a medic will come to revive me The enemies are retreating back into the dense vegetation Now I that I’m back in the game I need to go find those guys The Enemies left lots of tracks when they were falling back Let’s follow that tracks I can hear Hungarians whispering It must be enemies that fleed into the forest I can’t see them but the sound they are making it’s very hard to tell how far they are actually away from us -Nov: Hit! Our two SSG24 buddies are moving to the left Nor they are switching the enemies attention on them, we can advance further on We have to be silent If I manage to get close to them without them noticing, it’s going to be easy to kill the entire squad But if we get spotted this chance of convert is going to be nightmare for us We took all of them down Now we have to knife kill them so they cannot get move afterwards -Medic ! *Missed* Hope you guys enjoy this gameplay This is Novritch, see you guys next monday

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  1. Edward Ochakovsky

    youre awsom and im going to by a airsoft gun to renember you youre bieast i love youre vids pls subscribe to supergameredwardo171 and i will give you my airsoft gun ok

  2. Hey Novritsch I have just started airsoft and I have made a 8 square mile feild to play in, I have orderd a L96 rifle that shoots 510fps and it comes with a sling, a scope with illuminated crosshairs and it comes with a bipod I also got a M1911 A1 GBB. My rifle is a spring rifle, like you said spring is more reliable. You are my favorite YouTuber you are the only person that I actually care about watching you are my idle and I wish to be just as pro as you. A patch with your name would make me sooooooo happy you are the best. I dont need a knife all I need is BB's and a patch for my suit. Your the best thanks for the entertainment and I will always like your videos. My Snapchat is dab-king420 I would love to send you a picture of my guns when they come in the mail. Oh and by the way im going to keep commenting this same paragraph on every video just to let you know I like the video😃

  3. poor YouTubers have to put "family friendly" in their titles to their videos so they make their chances of being demonitised smaller…

  4. Hello, I want to get into airsoft and I cannot find good information on whether I should buy electric or gas pistols and rifles. Help is appreciated!

  5. твоя мама гей

    Novritsch, I'd like to get into Airsoft, but there are no fields near me and my friends don't own Airsoft guns. What should I do?

  6. God damn bro some dude had your sniper and it put a hole in my ear😂 that shit hits hard it gave me a free piercing

  7. Do you think you could do a AIRSOFT GUN GIVE AWAY!!!!!! that would be awsome. I really want to buy your gun at but i cant afford that you know.

  8. Anyone else think they should have an airsoft game on consoles and it would be what NOVRITSCH does in his vids

  9. Congratulations to your videos, many follow you and try to imitate you in the right way … rsrsrs. Continue, then you will only grow !!

  10. ive always been fond of sniper rifles since childhood being able to kill your target from such a long range its just mmh

  11. Thor S. Badh-Drost

    I've been watching loads of Novritsch videos today and now, to my right, is an ad for the city of 'Norwich'. Looks like YouTube is implementing lots of adware algorithms.

  12. Memes For The Soul

    I'm not new to airsoft but I am new to sniping my gun shoots well but it curves up slightly every time I shoot ,I've checked the hop up and zeroed in my scope, don't know what else I can do to make it better, any tips?

  13. NOVRITSCH!! I'm a huge fan! A fairly new fan. I really love the videos when you explain the personal stuff going on. Your a killer shot man! And I admire the honor and integrity you carry with you on and off the field. Fabi and Chris are amazing too! Can't forget about those guys!

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