Poki Train | Sykkuno and Lily Goes For Sushi | Chat defeats Janet | Anna finds out Jake has a girls

Poki Train | Sykkuno and Lily Goes For Sushi | Chat defeats Janet | Anna finds out Jake has a girls

Well, you’re actually so much braver than I thought oh my cuz you’re here hey Goodbye everyone and thank you for watching Michelle. You pick someone from the list of people Yvonne you were just playing with her right? She then that keeps Jaime. I don’t know but it makes it funnier. She doesn’t That’s true. I think I’ll host of on hey, let’s look straight upon All right. Do you have anything you want to say to them before we go? Uh, yeah, delete the vaad Delete the Vaughn I said, you know people have already screen capping. And yes, actually you’re already here. It’s not if I’m taking the army Okay. All right. Bye guys Goodbye. Oh No, I’m just that doctor evening. Oh, it’s already over. Oh, no No, it’s it’s I’m gonna like that they can still see it. You can still see us right now. I’m gonna in an hour. Oh No me and like we all joke about it so much but we all know why slicker isn’t partnered I Contemplated for a solid 15 seconds about whether or not to see some squad shit But I won’t it’s just because he used to say some controversial shit and twitch wants to wait like a month or two To see if he’s like, really? If he’s really reformed or not, and then they’ll probably partner That you would behind him so we’ll kill him mid s tastes like pennies interested in everything I never eat ass We will 101 So, I’m sorry but who is this Who is this dude hi pokey, will you Break us soon. Love you It’s just what’s left now, but Don’t be afraid to size down Because they’re pretty baggy and don’t be afraid to size up if you want something that’s oversized. What the hell I Can’t imagine kissing someone like that intensely. What is this, you know, sorry. What is this? I’m not like these mics. Oh, she will not go in for another kiss that’s impossible. Oh my Wait, I’m curious Two three four five one, two, three, four five one, two, three, four five One two three four five bubble glass is the first one that changes wait Just smack it they said it will turn into boarder glass they said Oh my god No, no you’re doing fine I’m sorry. My room is a mess. Well, it’s the same thing like last time, right? Yeah Just say it I didn’t just No, she’s a Knick majority months Big news hiya, so maybe could go car get cigarette Oh My god your trips gonna get bad for this one Sometimes I just like I hate love the Internet, press escape Cuz I wanted to sign out well, oh My god, don’t tell me I can’t all tab. I can’t all tab. Alright control-alt-delete No, I feel so suffocated. I can’t control us to eat bro What the fuck I feel kidnapped right now Alt f4 okay, I’m scared. Okay if I somehow alt f4 My stream like you ever alt f4, but it’s not the program you meant for you know Keyboards unplugged. Oh, yeah, maybe my keyboard. Oh my god. I Didn’t charge my keyboard while I was gone for two and a half weeks If I want to give you a high five and you ignore me Neither they all are look at this chat l gotta get clips. It’s so good These clips are gonna be gold please chat. He’s chat. Oh Fuck what the fuck? Oh my god. I need to do that. Oh my god What? Okay, go cause I’m killin, you gotta kill him. Oh my god. Wait, I wrote the five stars to talk But hey, it worked Miraculously, oh it worked so, you know Well what you hear something while you wait you’re getting scary I’m scared So much iron as she dies. It’s a shame How much iron do I have on me? On me How do you say communism in Chinese Huh? but So I have one long Chat monitor there on the left now and then I have my regular dual monitors. I really like it like this You said that you had a boyfriend that played a lot of video games and that’s why you broke up with him Second you think that will happen with me? No, I think you’re much That’s very nice of you to say but I’m not its World of Warcraft water. It’s not like a fucking game. It’s a life. It’s a literally a lifestyle I’m going to I’m gonna be the world’s best robe PVE pvp world PvP anything I’ll make some time for you. I’m Tuesday at 7:00 a.m No need your time, I’m visitor I Want to do a cartwheel She’s gonna get up for sure so all due to if we hit 402 to Matt’s an AC fan Thank You Marshall. We’re champ If you just take handouts oh Thanks, I mean I really don’t need brightness, oh wait this might have balance the whole brightness situation that was happening on my webcam I look normal now Fill the crafting table. All right Cha, I like you a lot right now You guys are being cool and like I really like it when you guys make sense, you know Smiley face. Okay now do I need to go to an anvil thingy? Oh she’s More enjoyed and then already leaving enjoy the rest of the G you spirit. Thank you for summing Bob headache, oh my god, my father he was like, she’s like I look like an alien. I love it Yo, actually now that what I think about like I kind of fuck with aliens It’s kind of cool like having an alien look Wants to Frick Aliens, poki train, queen poki reacts to maya’s song, hello ^_^ chillin for a bit then games ~ new sub emotes for subtember :D, Poki ?, Why Sliker isn’t partnered, lmao wut is this, hello ^_^ chillin for a bit then games, He’s in PagChomp, Every man with a pair of working eyes staring at Water, jake is too scared to eat ass, Anna finds out Jake has a girlfriend, Sykkuno and Lily on Yvonne’s stream, won twitch rivals so i could qualify to duo with lilypichu, Sykkuno face reveal (no troll!), SYKKUNO FACE Pog, big brain flash, Sykkuno and Lily goes for sushi, SYKKUNO FACE, ok it’s time to learn FTB PepoG, Chat defeats Janet

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  1. Why Jake be seeming like the beta in their relationship all the time lol just eat yo women's ass she clearly wants to try new things but frfr they're such an awesome couple <3

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