Potion Explosion – How To Play

Potion Explosion – How To Play

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  1. Well … looks like I'll be making another Gen Con purchase in a few weeks. **adds it to the already lengthy list**

  2. This looks like a fun family game. Thanks for the instructional video, Rodney! I will have to look for this one.

  3. Looks great Rodney. Do you happen to know if Cool Mini or Not will sell replacement marbles? I can just imagine someone hitting the table, marbles hitting the floor and shattering.

  4. Only question I have, if there are 3+ of one color, and you pull one from the middle… Does that cause an explosion?
    Game looks really fun!
    Excellent explanation. (as always)

  5. This game definitely looks better then I first thought. For sure would be good for a wide variety of players. Nice job Rod Man.

  6. Great video, Rodney. However, I don't recall the rules talking about how a potion can only be part of a 5-different set or a 3-same set. In fact, the rules say:

    "In the moment you complete a 3rd Potion of one same kind, you receive a token. In the moment you complete a 5th kind of Potion, you receive a token. That’s it."

    No mention that that potion should not be already used in a different set, right?

  7. You are no doubt the best game rule teacher in the web and beyond. Watch it played is my benchmark of comparison when watching game rule videos. Definitely took the art to another level.

  8. one thing that is unclear to me, maybe I'm thick :), the rules say once the last skill token is taken the game ending condition is triggered. You play till the rightmost player to the first player has taken a final turn. What if the rightmost player is the one who triggered the end, does the game stop instantly or do you have one more go round. We played it that the game ended instantly since everyone had equal turns at that point.

  9. The BoardGame Renegade

    I need to get this. I think that my family would enjoy it.

    p.s: You're the man Rodney. The best game teacher ever.

  10. I was playing and came across the colours all in a line. Is it legal to take the center marble and have the other two that were surrounding it now cause an explosion? I believe so, but it seems a bit cheaty to me.

  11. Professeur Board Game

    This looks like a fun light family game. Would be fun to play with my nieces for sure. 🙂 Thx for the video Rodney!

  12. I have a question. If there are, lets say, 3 red marbles in a row and you remove the middle one for your normal pick, will the other 2 trigger an explosion when they come together?

  13. I know you probably don't have much time and don't know if you take requests, but the new Conan game from Monolith just came out through a Kickstarter. I'd love to see how you play it! Also, the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came from IDW is about to release through Kickstarter as well!
    Here's a look at the game.

  14. Your tutorial is the best sir. I didn't even noticed the minor rules you pointed out in the book. I would have played it the wrong way if I didn't see your video today.

  15. I didnt hear anything about an endgame winner. Did you mention about counting point? I assume the most green banner points a person has is the winner?

  16. Martin Řehořík

    Hello Rodney! As always great how to. I have one misunderstanding which popped into my mind once I re-read the rules twice. In the actual rulebook I didn't see that once you complete 3 potions of the same kind that you can't use potions from that to contribute towards the 5-different potions diploma. So I don't know if I am just blind or misunderstood the rules :/

    Thanks in advance for clearing this up if you read this <3

  17. Is there a sequence to the game like do you ALWAYS have to do your regular pick first? Or can you drink a potion then do your regular pick?

  18. I saw this game at the fair when it was barely launched. Bought it immediately and it soon became one of the favorite of my elder son. Components are great, and the game is quite easy to be understood.
    Btw: as house rule we encourage to trigger as many potions and combination one wants to each round, replacing complete potions with new ones immediately. This makes the game funnier for us.

  19. I had a question, if you do your regular pick that causes an explosion are matching colored marbles taken out only from the vertical column? Or does the explosion happen and any matching colors touching it from the column and row count?

  20. This is a really good game. I played your clip in the background as I made up the very cool dispenser box. By the time I'd made the box I had the gist of the game from your fabulous instructions. I enjoyed the construction too. I am going to take the rules in and colour photocopy the potion definitions so everyone gets one as we didn't use the potions as much as we could have due to just not remembering what they did. It's good you get back up marbles because we did klutz a few onto the floor. I thought the 'junior version' modification that someone suggested below was a good idea too. (First to five potions) I will use that when little people come around because they will love it. Your instructions are great but I think you don't convey the fun element very well. A few people have commented it looks complex and they don't see the fun. It has a high fun quotient.

  21. Can you pick from adjacent colors to create an explosion? For Example: If there are 3 yellow marbles in a row And you pick the middle one, do the remaining yellow marbles create an explosion?

  22. ​ @Watch It Played: Hey Rodney awesome video. I must have missed it but did you explain what happens to the extra marbles that do not fit into the flask? I tried to rewind the video but can't seem to find it.

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