Practical Russian lesson with Boris

Practical Russian lesson with Boris

Welcome to practical Russian lesson with Boris This is what you will need for today’s lesson One ushanka and one authentic Adidas gopnik bag Adidas for best build quality And of course extra compartment Let’s look inside, ok? In bag you always have to have shot glass for tactical vodka reasons Another one just in case you are studying with friend Of course, the vodka itself And just in case you run out Or if you have limited access Here is some raw vodka instead Also for today you will need Opa! You will need some very own self-made mayonez But yes you are asking What is secret compartment for? It is for seeds. Sunflower seeds. Let us begin Ah pizdec! This means “f**k!” Just as many other words in this language do Welcome to Russian lesson with Boris My name is Boris So we continue our today’s lesson with some useful words For example: debil You an use this for expressing your emotions For example you can say Hey debil, you step on my shoe. Blyat! This last word “blyat” this is from last lesson If you were not here in last lesson Please follow link in description and please go through that lesson first But the word we are using right now – debil It mean idiot or moron Let’s say it all together – DEBIL Very nice Next up we have something a little bit more multifunctional This word is kazyol Now this is not insult unless you want it to be Because in translation it means goat Or actually male goat if you want to be accurate So why would you tell “male goat” to someone? Well, that is the magic of Russian language You can pretty much make any word into insult if you want Get out of way kazyol! You see? Is very easy! Next phrase you will be learning today is yobany urod It means f**king freak or bastard or retard And I know you are saying Boris why so many bad words? You want to know why? Because if you learn to swear in Russian, you will pretty much know the whole language So say it all together – yobany urod Very good! Okay let’s take small break And learn some words you would use with your friend And let’s start with “friend” – drug Another very common word you use with your friend is “chuvak” This means “dude” Because who calls their friends “friends” anyway So for example you say “chuvak idi nahui” For friendly Russian greeting among friends Okay, more words you need to know Hui – it means dick Very common word, usually found in other phrases like “Idi nahui” or “pohui” And this brings us to next word – pohui It pretty much translates as “f**k it” Or if you say “mne pohui” it means “I don’t give a f**k” So if you are at school and teacher ask you: Why is homework not done? And you say “a mne pohui” Then that would be technically correct thing to say Maybe not the right thing to say But at this point who cares? Your homework is not getting any less done Let’s continue So imagine this – you’re drinking kompot And this just happens to be the best kompot you have ever had So you say “eta zayebis” This means “f**king great” But remember friends, unless you want big head injury with rolling pin Do not tell zayebis directly to you babushka And who is this babushka? Babushka is grandmama And to her you say: Which means, this is the best kompot And not “zayebis” blyat! Next very useful word for you to use – ambal Again, this is not basically not insulting at all In translation it means this big heavy-set strong guy But because colorful variety of Russian language When you say to someone “are you some kind of ambal?” You increase your chances of getting a fight from 70% to full 140% And now, my friends We come to final word in today’s lesson Semechki. What is semechki? By far the most addicting drug sweeping slav nations Should you watch out for it? Of course! Go to shop and buy some! Go to squat meeting with friends, open bag of semechki And not only will that make time advance 6 hours But the high content of protein will give you the energy to squat for that whole time So for people who are having trouble making slav squat for more than 5 seconds Now you know what you are missing in your life Well thank you for watching, my friends This has been Russian lesson with Boris In this class everyone gets passing grade And gopnik award to prove it Now go, my friends! School is over! It’s summertime. Enjoy! And stay cheeki breeki!

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  1. Тарас Шевченко

    In Polish, it is enough to learn one obscene word to become pole – its kurwa)
    P.s. sorry for google translate…

  2. Этот чувак внес вклада в популяризацию русского языка больше, чем все министерство Культуры РФ, думаю ему должны дать звание Героя России

  3. Киностудия 'Quadrant'

    Эй!Ты Морс забыл!Компот и Морс,самыe вкусные напитки в России!

  4. Роман Вишняков

    Бля я в Англии живу и меня заипали уже этими словечками,теперь хоть знаю кто виноват

  5. Russian language os very similar to Polish
    Kompot – kompot
    Hui – chuj
    Zajebis – zajebisty
    Yebat – jebać
    Debil – debil

  6. Без вещей в начале видео реально в России не прожить (сами переводите, а то зачем Борис старался?)

  7. Literally Hit Lore

    Do you ever think to yourself, what if I choke on bird seed? Would anyone find my body? Omg! I died choking on birdseed. What would my headstone say? Doofus choked on bird seed. Haha. Dang it! Apparently, phuckit is a world wide curse of a word.
    Quit cursing.

  8. Есть еще жопаный шлюхан.
    We have words (he)жопаный jopanyi, (she)жопаная jopanyaa, (he) шлюхан shlyhan, (she) шлю.ха shlyha, (it) jopanyoe жопаное. These words are rare but are used in narrow communications and thats are bad words. Jopanyi it means taking down by some ass lol, shlyhanyi means taking down by some sкank

  9. Kapitän Klüster Feck

    I have a Russian dictionary that I've hardly touched. Maybe it's time to re-ignite the linguistic journey I meant to set out on 15 years ago.

  10. Daniel Nunya Bidnezz

    I once ate 5 pounds of Semechki in 2 days.

    5 pounds of SALTED Semechki.

    My tongue split down the middle, my mouth skin was peeling, and my teeth felt like sandpaper was glued to them.

    This was stupid of me. Learn from my mistakes. Do not become addicted to Semechki with salt on it. They will grind grooves and holes in your teeth from the salt acting like sandpaper.

  11. Daniel Nunya Bidnezz

    Я однажды съел 5 фунтов семечки за 2 дня. 5 фунтов соленой семечки. Мой язык раскололся посередине, кожа во рту отслоилась, а зубы словно приклеились к ним наждачной бумагой. Это было глупо с моей стороны. Учитесь на моих ошибках. Не пристрастись к семечкам с солью. Они будут шлифовать канавки и отверстия в зубах от соли, действующей как наждачная бумага.

    YA odnazhdy s"yel 5 funtov semechki za 2 dnya. 5 funtov solenoy semechki. Moy yazyk raskololsya poseredine, kozha vo rtu otsloilas', a zuby slovno prikleilis' k nim nazhdachnoy bumagoy. Eto bylo glupo s moyey storony. Uchites' na moikh oshibkakh. Ne pristrastis' k semechkam s sol'yu. Oni budut shlifovat' kanavki i otverstiya v zubakh ot soli, deystvuyushchey kak nazhdachnaya bumaga.

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