Precision Training with Tennis Prodigy Borna Devald | Gillette World Sport

Precision Training with Tennis Prodigy Borna Devald | Gillette World Sport

I started playing tennis when I was 6 years old, when I went to school. But even before that, I used to play tennis with my grandfather. I loved playing tennis, so I decided to really focus on it. I also used to play football… …but tennis was definitely more interesting. So for last four years, I’ve only been playing tennis. I am an offensive player, I like to attack, but I can also scramble around the court. I can move well for my height, which is really important. My favourite tennis player is definitely Roger Federer, it always has been. His style of playing is really interesting, especially how versatile he is. I don’t think I play like Federer yet, but obviously I would like to play as similarly as possible to him! I practice twice a day. Usually we combine tennis practice with fitness and conditioning… …but sometimes it happens to be three sessions… …two tennis and one
fitness. And it’s quite hard! It’s not easy to balance my schoolwork with practise… …but I have a great relationship with my teachers, which really helps. I have won a lot of tournaments, both in Croatia and abroad. Until recently, my best result was when I won 3 ‘Tennis Europe’ tournaments. But recently, the Orange Bowl was an amazing achievement, a class above the rest. The Orange Bowl was a new experience for me, and an opportunity to play different players. From the beginning I played quite well, and as the tournament went on, my tennis got better and better. When I beat the top player from America in the quarter-final… …I felt that I played great tennis and that I could win the competition. And at the end I did win, which is great. I saw Andy Murray and few top players have won it before me. It’s a remarkable feeling that my name will be written in the history books of the Orange Bowl. Of course, I would like to become the world number one, but right now that seems very far away. For now, my career is going well, but we’ll see where it goes.

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  1. essas feras de 16 anos pra baixo,podem ficar tranquilos,que eles vão dominar,dificilmente dentro de 10 anos, apareçam jogadores dominantes como Federer,Nadal e Djokovic.

  2. Christopher Robinhood

    Won't get far with that awful backhand takeaway. Waste of time and energy. Just copy Novak or Murray and keep it short and sweet and then unleash.

  3. I am saving this video in my Favourite and I am 100% sure that 6 or 7 years later I will watch it again saying " that's the boy I predicted him to be a champion "

  4. Roger Federer is his favourite player though he plays more like his generation's number 1….hmmm I wonder why?? No nationalism in tennis. 🙂

  5. Look out for a player named Steezo McMillian! He would beat this kid like a red headed step child! TAKE THAT TO THE BANK!

  6. 0:50 "My favourite player is definitely Roger Federer"
    1:03 "My favourite player is definitely Roger Federer"

  7. I’m 15 being playing since I was 11 and had coaching for just over a year and hope to gradually improve my game and get better and eventually enter tournaments

  8. He’s gonna ruin himself playing so much at this age Serena and Venus Williams stopped playing tournaments after they had done 50 some one them cuz their dad knew that it wasn’t good for them

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