Q119 What's Next For Tekashi 6ix9ine In Federal Prison?

Q119 What's Next For Tekashi 6ix9ine In Federal Prison?

Oh Takashi 6:9 is finally going to the big house or the two videos predicting this first video was well Takashi survived in prison because he had a sex offense of a 13 year old girl that's not going to go down very well that my case work split and my other video about him was will he do state or federal time I'll put the links above these videos in the description box below this video now what come in is the state have give him a pass on his other charges but the feds have come in and they are charging him with Rico and this is why he's got no bail bond and he's currently housed in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn the same in the general population which isn't going to go down very well with this charge he had over the thirteen-year-old girl Rico is something they slap on people usually the Mafia or gang-related or any kind of Co conspiracy among a number of co-defendants I know this because I had the state of Arizona equivalent slapped on me I got continuous criminal enterprise conspiracy crime syndicate so with Rico it's part of an ongoing criminal enterprise and you could become responsible for the crimes of all of the other people all of your co-conspirators and in this case we're talking about the ninth ray Bloods gang prosecutors saying he's a conspirator in murder drug dealing extortion racketeering these are all heavy-duty charges and crimes so whatever the other members of the gang do you're held responsible for and they're using evidence against him all this stuff that cash is putting out there on Twitter like tray way shout-out to nine trade Bloods gang signs all this stuff is showing that he's part of that gang now in the beginning the prosecutors they froze much charges as possible at you in the hope that's just some of it will stick so the same he's facing a life sentence right now is in the remand jail and he's probably absolutely crapping himself thinking he's never ever gonna get out the stress of thinking you could possibly get a life sentence is overwhelming it's worse than the conditions it's worse than anything else that's going on there but these prosecutors they are like used car salespeople they throw those huge charges at you in the beginning to terrify you and all the time they'll come down they'll negotiate that down and you'll end up usually most cases signing a plea bargain because the feds you know the conviction rating quois almost 100% you don't want to take your case to court at the end of the day things in his favor are Takashi's worth 4 million not exactly bill cosby kind of money four hundred million is bill cosby's net worth almost half a billion which enabled him to get his sentence really small in comparison to what he did to cash he's got four million boy who's up against the US federal government in court now the US federal government has all the money in the world and the court is theater so yeah cash you can get some high-priced lawyers with who's four million but the feds can outspend him all day long and put on the best theater show so what will happen is all the time they'll offer him a reduced sentence now the thing that will determine how reduced his sentence is is how many of his co-defendants agree to cooperate with the state so in my case over a hundred people arrested they're arrested in various groups SWAT team raids it was a high-profile complex case but out of all of those over a hundred people only four agreed to testify to cooperate with the prosecutor at the end of the day everyone was very tight-knit the prosecution everybody would agree to cooperate and that would have sent my sentence in range off the scale yeah in the beginning they slept serious drug offender status on me which carries 25 to life I had over half a dozen charges in the beginning in the second year they doubled my charge you spent twenty plus charges so if I'd have gone to court and lost and they too stacked my charges not running concurrently running consecutively each one carried a maximum of ten for twenty plus charges I could have got a 200 year sentence and they made that quite clear another guy who was at a similar case to me they offered him a 15-year plea bargain and then he refused to accept the 15-year plea bargain and he ended up getting 200 year sentence so how tight are the tre blood co-defendants Takashi has been arrested with you know he's the high-profile one they'll be going after him he'll have seniority because prosecutors trying to make their bones off this case if they can nail Takashi they're gonna get pay rises they're gonna get career escalation maybe they're running for to be a judge or to be the governor of the state they use people like Takashi to rise up the ranks so depending upon how many of his co-defendants agreed to testify against him will determine his sentencing range Sammy the bull that was a big ecstasy case that came before mine he had about 57 co-defendants and all of them agreed to testify against him so that what's what escalated the sentencing range for Sammy the bull and Sammy the Bulls son in this Detention Center it's completely brutal it's just a were house for human beings that have been reduced to commodities there's hardly any programming Harley any recreation food is really lousy this is a dank grim place we have a lot of people in the involved with the drug gangs these places are divided racially so it will be up to whatever race Takashi falls under that will determine you know what's gonna happen to this guy regarding the offensive the 13-year old he put a video on Instagram of him thirteen year old was naked in front of him he was slapping her behind and she was given one of his homies oral sex so if he gets a pass on that from the nine trade Bloods and they're protecting him some money's gonna be half the changing hands if he doesn't get a pass he's gonna get smashed right away or they're gonna smash him and say look we can stop this from happening if you give us some money but going in there with that rainbow her and his rainbow teeth and his high-profile nature he's just asking to get his wig split so it's gonna be he's gonna be you know walking a very fine line to try and get through this situation unscathed he's not getting bonded out his lawyers will probably file a motion now to have a bond hearing and resubmit that and try and get him bonded out but in the meantime he's gonna have to fend for himself in this federal jail now this federal jail has various security levels women are housed in a different section from the men and the emerging because of his high-profile nature and because of the seriousness of the charges is going to be housed in probably the maximum security facility of it when I was in the maximum security facility at the remand jail I was allowed into a day room there was two runs of cells and upper tier and a lower tier two men cells 15 cells in total so I was allowed to mix with 30 guys in the day room during the hours we were allowed out for some recreation my recreation just meant going into the barium I didn't see sunlight for almost a year when I was in maximum security and in that maximum security where I was housed it was the white gang the Aryan Brotherhood the black gang the male male the Mexican gang the Pacers and the Mexican American gang the Carnales if you go in there and there's issues with your charges your racial gang decides your fate I rolled in the after being a medium-security for a year from Towers jail there in the prison walk knowing the slang trying to fit in with the white guys and they were like hey would work you roll in from this was like the head murder this guy called bullet now I'm like Towers jail throwing out the slang hoping that they'll accept me and not smash me they told me I could stand at the table I couldn't sit and and yeah I couldn't sit down even like I spend at the end of the table and at the end of the the chow later on the gangly the bullet the murderer came into my cell threw down all his legal paperwork and asked me to read through it so he saw through my act as a tough guy pretending like I'm in a prison system he saw through that right away he saw was an educated person and he saw I was a resource to him so that's what enabled me to fit in was my education became my currency so in Takashi's situation he's going to ask himself now he's in there he's not getting bailed out how on earth is he gonna get to fit in and while he's trying to play around the gang rules you know he's also got our work around the garden rules the guards rules and the gang rules are in conflict and the guards cuz he saw my profile I imagine he's going to get picked on by some guards some guards maybe asking him for his autograph I was in a newspaper article in Phoenix and some of the guards were asking me for my autograph for that and they put it on the wall but other guards they get pissed off you know that you were out there doing these things and it's in the media and and it brings you in their focus and these guys have got little power in their lives but they got all this power over you now so they can make your life a living hell in these kind of places so he's gonna have to play around the gang rules he's gonna have to play around the guard rules he's got the prosecutor on his ass trying to make her name off his case so with his legal team hopefully he can negotiate that down over time if lots of his co-defendants don't agree to cooperate with the prosecutor but I think he's at quite high risk right now of getting his wig split because this sex offense and the gang are gonna wanna split his wig just so they someone else could come in and say hey we can stop that happening we can protect you send some money to this person on the street that happen for you he's definitely in there for a rough ride with his with his multicolored her knees multicolored teeth so yeah he's been out there saying what bad ass he is let's see how long you last now he's in the big house appreciate all your comments support the channel went over hundred thousand subs recently and please write write whatever comments you want on this I'm gonna be filming with wild man later this week be credit to him helping me get over 100,000 subs he keeps it real and will be doing more videos responding to your comments and questions so if you got any fans ask wild man put it in the comment section now on his videos and his playlist and we'll get around to answering those later this week mob in Cheshire on tour right now doing my pablo escobar talk speaking in lon Liverpool on Friday so if anyone out there wants to come and see this it's on the website if you're unemployed or a student hit me up with an email might be able to put you on the free guest list for that one appreciate your support Cheers from witness you

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  1. He'll be in PC" protective custody "he gets transferred from MCC or whatever federal detention center he's in . BTW THE PC WING IS WHERE THEY KEEP RAT'S AND SEXUAL OFFENDERS LIKE THIS RAT SNITCH TALKING HERE .

  2. I hope he gets dealt with by the crims… he’s a sex pest and a child molester, rock spider, filthy scum sex offender… lower than a cockroach… hope he gets f****d up beyond all recognition… people like that don’t change, they’re sick in the head and deserve life sentences…

  3. I seen him and he thinks hes gangster and nobody will fight him. This is perfect karma. Now he will see the real thing and see hes fake not the king. Imagine this skittle head chomo-ho freak in prison 🍿 📺

  4. He’ll be okay. He will either be put in protective custody, or he’ll pay protection money to all the head dudes in his pod.

  5. Hey Shaun, I hope you'll read this. I have a very rough question/Idea for a video, but it's really harsh and I apologize if it offends you. In my opinion, drug dealers are responsible for getting quality drugs to their client just as drug producers are responsible for making it (I mean that 2 officially similar pill should produce similar effects) and drug consumers are responsible for taking it. So, without any judgement, do you know if drugs that you sold/help sell ever killed anyone? Did you know personally (not necessarily a friend, but someone you've met and were aware of his existence then death) someone who died from them? How did it make you feel? How does it make you feel to this day? Can you rationalize it and say "I never forced anyone to take anything" which is true or have you ever felt guilt….assuming it happened…I'm not judging you at all here, I've been commenting a bunch of times, you probably don't remember me lol, but what I mean is that I think you are a good and "rehabilitated" individual even though I don't think that there ever was something wrong with you except for the circumstances that you found yourself in…..I personally think that most people would act the way you did to some extent at least if facing the same circumstances. So yeah, no judgement no nothing, I'm just curious and thought it'd make a great video. I completely understand if it's something you don't want to talk about, if it could be incriminating in some way or it's just too personal, etc. Take care man, I hope you're doing good!…..BTW, Im Still thinking that you should do a conference in Canada someday and still willing to see if I can help with media coverage and arrangements……but I know it doesn't seem to be on your radar screen for now lol.

  6. He's going to try to make a plea deal for 30 years in the same prison as Madoff and Michael Cohen……..and they'll refuse hahaha

  7. You do the crime gotta do the time simple ! but hard I'm sure
    But thats the price you pay but with Dirty nonces i have no sympathy
    He will get a great reception at the jail they'll be queueing up to have a go.

  8. Hope that little mug gets punked out every single hour and minute he is in there!!!
    He may even get turned inside out 🤣🖕🏻

  9. roy The Lightning

    Hey Mr, Attwood,
    I admire your open video's, but I was wondering. Do u need the youtube money to pay the bills? And does youtube pay off with 125 k subs and your vieuwcount? And how much time do you spend on your channel?

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