Rainbow Six Siege: The Making of Void Edge Operators and Oregon Rework | Ubisoft [NA]

Rainbow Six Siege: The Making of Void Edge Operators and Oregon Rework | Ubisoft [NA]

into this territory of making the characters
a little bit less traditionally kind of military. Harry can hire an
aerospace engineer. Harry can bring in an
ex-convict into the fold. And when they gave me the
pitch, he goes through walls, I mean, the guy is just like a– [INHALES] an explosion of– [SMASH] –of, yeah, that is the
best way I can describe it. [SMASH] Every character start
basically the same way. There is the verbal intention. Every word, I’m being told,
acts like a bit like a fence. So they say, he is a guy
from the old continent. OK, so nothing
from North America. I see at least 75%
of the character with all those fences
that fell into place. So I see the playground and
what I can do with that. And that is, for me,
the best feeling. Narratively, it’s really
easy to get into that trap of ex-con, brutal
guy, this juggernaut, this hulking type of
character who’s very dark. Brutality was something
that we understood would be his function. But once we kind of said
to ourselves, no, it’s controlled brutality,
that’s the ability, it opened up all of
these different avenues. Who taught him to control it? This is what brings him to Kaid. This is what takes
him to Morocco. And this is what
ultimately impresses Harry. [GUNFIRE] [THUD] Is Oryx the one having the
biggest muscle on the Rainbow Team? You know what came
to mind was Tachanka. But Tachanka is like
an untapped demigod. So I don’t know, man. If they were to go one on
one, I think Oryx would win. Something that always
got everyone excited is just literally
someone who’s been to space and through
the use of her gadgets, has walked the surface
of other moons. You know, the
game is a Six FPS. So having a whole
new character that could be playable,
but at the same time act as a gadget
can mess that up. So we need to be careful when
we do these types of things. The possibilities that
we have now are bigger because of the clear
view of the tech challenges that we have
right now in the game. ALEX LIMA: And on
the narrative side, what we have to
do is figure, OK, well how do we ground
all of this technology? How do we make it make sense? How do we write a
bio that kind of gives her academically
the know-how to implement this type of technology? IANA: Bringing
replicator online. SAM ELDER: You play
it so long, it’s like level design comfort food,
where you’re very secure in it. You understand everything, made
its strats very repetitive. We wanted to work to like
alleviate that but keep the Oregon feeling. So some of those trapdoors
had been moved a bit. So they’re not as powerful,
but they’re still very useful. You know, especially
for grenades, they still provide line sight. We had our own ideas
on what was wrong. We also got feedback
from the whole community. Of course, we engaged
the pros a lot. A lot of the basement fights
were known for those stairs. It’s very hard to
shoot around them. There’s like metal beams
in places and railings and like not that comfortable. So we’ve done a lot
to clean that up. So the cover is very
clear and smooth. Yeah, the perception
definitely feels that it’s a lot easier and quicker. They kind of think
there’s a switch we throw, and that things
on, and it’s gone. And especially with a
map, that is not the case. Art has to come by and dress
up everything on that window, and build the mesh for the
wall, and do all the detailing. Nothing’s super quick. Sun, babe. We kind of started
with Year Four halfway through, how open
ended we leave things that could later
on pay off or be attached to this character
or that character. We’re building this kind
of web from scratch, and we’re four years late to it. But now the task is to take a
look at all of these characters and build the
universe with them. The novelty of each
character plus me going back to my roots, which
is doing it by hand, everything, the shape, so those two
things mixed together, I mean, I could go for
years in the future still coming up with characters. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Here, Ubisoft. Not sure you’ve put enough paid for content in Siege yet? Surely there’s something else you can milk money out of the player base for?

  2. You underestimate THE POWER OF THE LORD HIMSELF “oryx would win” no no no my friend the Lord stands in his presence and he will be SMITED

  3. Omg still updating less than one hour can’t wait to try!
    Things I can’t wait
    Ornyx monty trolling,
    New tachanka
    Iana hating
    Getting loss in new Oregon

  4. 65 gb update literally started it when i got home from school and couldn’t play it because i had to go to sleep for school

  5. Love how they talk about how hard it was to add Iana to the game but they dont talk at all about how they solved it, just saying it was hard LUL

  6. lightning gamingYT

    You guys should make a website so you can make maps and rework current maps and make it to where you can play the maps in customs.

  7. So now the question is, is Kaid some sort have some relation or friendship to Oryx. Because I see Oryx looking towards Fortress in the trailer 👀🧐

  8. i dont like the new direction, if you are going to the extremes of silliness, then you can also go on the oposite way and go extreme tatical hardcore with operators with real life inspired gear

  9. PandaHeroCommunity

    Don't know why nobody talked about this.

    But the heavy movement in the game is finally gone.

    Rainbow Six Siege always had this weird heavy movement when running or walking around in the game.

    Suddenly after the next few updates, it felt butter smooth to the point i feel like i have more control over the characters i'm playing.

    Played on Vulkan API & It's just overall an amazing feeling.

    Manage to grab myself a lot of eliminations in my games because of how smooth the game runs & feels now.

    Thank you Ubisoft!

  10. Man I was sceptical with the new devs when I heard the old ones would be replaced, but now with this update the future of Rainbow seems bright.

  11. You can’t tell me the inspiration for Oryx wasn’t just one team member drinking a glass of Kool Aid and him just hearing “OH YEAAA” in his head

  12. 50gb update…
    That's like a whole new game ffs.
    I just downloaded a 50gb update like last month. Soon this will be the only game I own..

  13. that drawing of Oryx at the beginning, aroun 00:29 please make that the splasharts for all characters, instead of this 3d model thing you have, It looks so damn dope

  14. Give us clash back y’all just made another over powered character and it’s gonna be getting complaints all day and you can’t even bring back the op clash back


  16. I hate these reworks. 99 % of the R6 players are not a professional player. I dont care if the maps are a little bit unbalanced. Most of the good spots are gone and my map knowledge is gone too. It took my years to learn all the spots and the map. The reworks on the map nearly doesnt even look close to the old maps.
    My favourite maps are the none reworked maps. And some of the new maps I really hate, like Themepark. Herfordbase got destroyed comepletly in my opinion.

    But I have to say that some maps are good reworked. On that maps they havent changed that much, like Clubhouse.

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