Real Football 2013 — iPhone/iPad/Android — Dev Diary

Real Football 2013 — iPhone/iPad/Android — Dev Diary

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  1. Na minha opinião o Fifa 13 ficará melhor do que esse RF2013. Já joguei o fifa 13, gostei muito! Só resta esperar o lançamento desse jogo para poder julga- mas concerteza esse RF ficara legal Tambem 🙂

  2. Sinceramente, acho muito difícil algum jogo de futebol para IOS superar o FIFA 13.
    Do Real Football 2013 espero, alias exigo, que pelo menos seja bem melhor do que a versão 2012.
    Já do PES 2013 não espero nada, a julgar pela versão anterior que praticamente não houve nenhuma evolução.

  3. Honestly, I think some very difficult football game for iOS overcome FIFA 13.
    Real Football 2013 hopefully alias Exigo, which at least is better than the 2012 version.
    Have PES 2013 does not expect anything, judging from the previous version that practically there was no evolution.

  4. this game is the most beautiful football game for smart phones. Hahaha, i just kidding it's really ugly without offense. Gameloft please concentrate on modern combat 4.

  5. We do not want FREMIUM RF 2013!!
    The consumer is willing to pay, since the game is good.
    RF 2009 REGULAR
    RF BOM 2010
    RF GREAT 2011
    RF 2012 GARBAGE
    RF 2013?

  6. Alexander Yakovenko

    FIFA13 лучше,на мой взгляд,но реал футбол может выйграть за счет расширенных функций футбольного менеджера и локального wi-fi мультиплеера. IMHO

  7. if you still play the one in 2012 just set the time on your device a day further. then you can set it back to automatic date and keep the stamina points.

  8. Guys the stamina system its not only painfull but EXPENSIVE. Just sell the game. Why we should pay 9$ for some game cash ir we can purchase FIFA 13 for 6$?

  9. FIFA 12 for android was soooo much better than RF2012 and PES2012 for android…
    It will be hard to believe that RF2013 or PES2013 are gonna be better than FIFA 13…

  10. ManchesterRedDevils4EVA2018 APINK TWICE BLACKPINK

    This game is just too hard….. Goddamnit, i cant even win one fucking single game because it's all screwed up and shit. They say that the city is beautiful, well 110% it looks piece of shit and just to rest and heal players it takes god damn 24 hours including building new buildings just to upgrade some shit. I mean, fuck you rf2013.

  11. hola. miren tengo un problema con este juego en el motorola atrix yo lo descarge desde la pagina d gameloft donde me pide un numer d telefono y me envia un mensaje. ahor cuando lo termino d descargar me dice q hubo un problema problema al analizar el paquete. por favor respondanme gracias d antemano

  12. Yes Fifa is better, because in this game we have to wait for Stamina to get in time, But this game is for free and that is the Advantage…..

  13. For cross u have to press and slide upward the pass button

    Its the best football game if the kits and club logos can be same and if have vs mode online also

  14. I wanted to thank you for gameloft six guns and dundeor hunter 3 for blackberry playbook but I would ask that you please do for real futbol 2013 blackberry playbook is a great game

  15. After installing it asks network connection even if the Wi-Fi is connected.
    Is it a problem or the game requires a network connection….??

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