Real or Fake Applebee’s Facts (GAME)

Real or Fake Applebee’s Facts (GAME)

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  1. I watched the main ep but didn't realize until now… Bobby looks like if you slapped Rhett and Link together to make one person. Freaky.

  2. I really admire people that became successful from humble beginnings. Bobby left home really young, lived on the street, slept in a car. But he worked hard, kept at it and look at him now. 👏

  3. Decatur, GA basically is in Atlanta, GA theyre 10-20 mins apart…. if youre from Decatur you would tell ppl that arnt from GA that youre from Atlanta just so they know where your talking about

  4. I'm not convinced that many people know when millennials were born xD … Millennials are 1980-1994 so I think most of the time people are referring to Generation Z

  5. George Clooney convinced me to get a Nespresso coffee machine. I thought yno if it's good enough for George I'm gonna get me one. Great decision. So as a British person I can confirm we have George Clooney talking in adverts. And lots of Kevin Bacon, and who doesn't like Bacon right?😂

  6. Hi Bobby! Love love love Queer Eye, have seen every ep of all the seasons…and jonesing for the next season!! I really loved the game where the three of you had to work together to create something. Lots of fun!

  7. Accross 14 countries Applebee's is my #1 MUST AVOID restaurant. Only restaurant worldwide to serve me raw chicken.

  8. The Silent Cheerleader

    Everyone in this comment section is either complaining about Link or forgetting daylight savings exists

  9. Did someone else feel really frustrated trying to place who Berk looked like? After 20 minutes I figured Finneas.

  10. The beginning was a bit weird for me since I grew up in Springfield, MO and now live in Denver. Never went to an Applebee's in either city though.

  11. ugh Bobby is so wonderful, he’s so overlooked by people in comparison to the other Queer Eye crew. He’s funny and sweet and I just love him 😭

  12. Na sikyeosseobwa da chama
    Nine IHOP Nine IHOP,
    -UGH by BTS
    (I’m sorry i had to. If you know, you know.)

  13. Yeah, so I work for Applebee’s and we’re not owned by IHOP. We’re owned by Peter Piper Pizza and Boss Chicken.

  14. Hi I've been watching this channel for a few years? I'm 12 and I've been watching since I was like 10? Both of ur channels btw

  15. On Veterans Day, we only have a limited menu for the veterans. Also, it’s one of the busiest days of the year.

  16. Uh… it used to be a family show. They seem to be gradually going along with the mainstream. 🙁 But I still like em! 🙂

  17. Oh cool. I’m from Decatur. We have the first Waffle House over here too (technically Avondale Estates, but it’s in the middle of Decatur so…)

  18. We always called it the “International House of Prisoners” because a lot of the waiters at our local IHOP were prisoners on work release.

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