Real Survivalist Tries Not To Die In The Long Dark

Real Survivalist Tries Not To Die In The Long Dark

I have some sardines I’m gonna warm it on the fire melt some snow and and welcome to any living people that come even dead people are welcome but mostly living people my name is Christopher Naresh and I’m a survival educator I’ve been teaching outdoor survival skills since 1974 when people come to our classes we primarily teach them about increasing their awareness of the outdoors how to recognize the plants that are growing everywhere how to recognize the minerals and know how to use them but it’s like anything else the more you do it the better you get at it this is my first experience trying to play a survival video game I’m thinking that at the very least the the intellectual knowledge of what to do will translate I guess it’s been 30 years since I played pac-man so let’s give this a go a mysterious geomagnetic storm has brought your plane crashing down okay how long can you say oh my god okay press any key to continue okay so here I am Wow okay I didn’t realize it’d be snow okay now I’m gonna let C walk check this out thought there’d be some buildings or something here of course the plane crashed I could be anywhere let’s see what I have in my pocket okay I have stuff in my pocket looks like I have a way to make a fire okay so I’m probably okay see we’ve got out here I can run a little bit and I’m warming up that feels good what’s that something not frozen but that’s still not a great area to be stuck in what do I push to see if this is a resource there’s no name so that might be a resource despite the game that might be grass that I would eat the reality is most people survived by the minimal use of the landscape and the most minor thing is often the thing that you would survive what so those grasses growing in the winter I mean it could be a cattail it could be a grass but none of them are toxic hey hey hey there’s something look at that Oh at this point I have no weapons with me I would probably look for a rock where’d that guy go okay he got away that’s typically what happens okay there you you could actually run one of these guys down sometimes and I want to apologize to all the vegetarians in the group but in a survival situation you’re gonna eat whatever you can’t now it looks like oh hypothermia risks I’ve been running so that guy might get away I’m getting tired chasing the rabbit that’s good for days but look there’s another one there’s probably a whole colony of these rabbits out here okay I’m gonna go through that pass just to see that’s for the rabbits are going so maybe there’s food out there see that right there I could if I was literally stuck here and I had to let last this storm this is where I would make a lean-to so I got stuff to make foam there’s a can to cook in but I’m looking for something to make a shelter boy I got nothing for a shelter this is getting rugged going downhill good good good look at that on that grass I could I could cut grass fast try to make a lean-to but it doesn’t allow me the option to do that Hey look at that I’ll get in that car under vehicle all right awesome okay now I’m just gonna hang out in here until the storm passes search the glove box all right look at that wood back to strike-anywhere matches awesome take it flare take it open Google of box is empty good so we can make the fire do I want to leave the vehicle no see this is a terrible situation I don’t know where I am but for several hours I could get out of the wind and out of the cold and still gonna be cold in the car but being in the vehicle well I could I could trap some of my body heat and I won’t go into hypothermia so I might try to get a nap in the car sleep advance time by sleeping reduce fatigue okay let’s do that so I’m gonna advance five hours all right sleep wonderful sleep ahh okay you fade it into the long dark what does that mean I died hours awake Wow I died after three hours that’s terrible how long can you survive I can do hopefully do more than an hour I’m just gonna go like this oh oh okay I foolishly did what I tell people not to do rather than rush out to what seems like a good area and just rapidly go you hug the tree you take stock of your situation and and I went in the opposite direction of where all my supplies were that’s that’s so that’s why I lost this is like some old outbuilding let’s see what’s in there I walk up to it hello anybody home frostbite risk so see I would probably get into that in real life so let’s get out of this area it’s just a run oh oh oh okay search frozen corpse somebody died there Hey God I don’t know if I want to I want the dead guys thing when I’m freezing so I’m gonna take it okay there’s kind of an open road if there was a road through here would have been a long time ago see if I follow the clearing where a vehicle could go it might get me out of this area but we could be miles Hey look at that you know tractor there’s fuel in there there’s your barn so that’s really rundown oh my god I’m gonna go into that barn and I’m gonna break one of those bales open then what’s that look at that pry bar that’s awesome I’m gonna use that what’s this a pry bar take it take it okay I got a clock what I’m trying to do is break this Bale open it doesn’t if you can allow me to do that but I would break that open have it all loose in the pile of the shed and just burrow into it to stay warm okay what’s that awesome Jerry Kent I’m gonna take it but containing fuel okay that’s good too whoa whoa whoa what’s that that looks good whatever it is I don’t know what it is Oh rifle ammunition all right hey kit ammo is good for fire starting so let’s go back to the crate click the crate reclaimed-wood break down let’s do it I’m not seeing much else in his barn let me see what it shows me for my toolkit okay that means make a fire so I’m gonna use wood nap just to start it okay let’s see what that does so that might be a signaling for somebody else it’ll keep me warm Hey all right my hands are warm I’ve got a fire let me see how that feels that feels good now I need a can to cook some tea recycled can alright so I could melt my snow and let’s see if there’s anything to eat food looks like the nice thing with sardines oh no eat them have some sardines I’m gonna warm them on the fire melt some snow and welcome to any living people that come even dead people are welcome but mostly living people water unsafe we see but you see you know we’re just all melt snow that’s what I’m gonna go to hell with the unsafe water melts no 18 minutes and until melted so and it does take energy to do it we’ve got enough wood burning so what I do in the meantime fiddle around play cards I probably would not be in a hangout mode because there’s a dead person nearby hey hey okay let’s be quiet dear Oh you go for the weakest one of the smallest one you don’t you don’t get the strongest ones okay my approach raced all the hell up okay okay I can’t outrun a deer when you’re really in the situation you get the umbels the fumbles the mumbles stumbles if this is more than just a game to me if I really would want to know how I could do cuz I was in this situation I have to then apply something so I have the intellectual backing to then go okay there’s a deer he’s not far could I make a spear so let’s go back to the barn wherever it is no I’ll probably lost cuz I ran so far look at that guy see that I’ll talk to me I even know there’s the barn one of the things that happens in the snow is snow blindness and then you wander off in the wrong direction this was a blizzard I could have wandered off in the wrong direction and not even found this part there’s my oh look at that it died down I’ll have some drink potable water boiled drink it ah oh that’s good you know because you could go into dehydration even when there’s snow and water run if you’re not drinking let’s get out of here this looks good this looks really good I should be able to wiggle jiggle this door open oh my god just go inside I gotta get inside hopefully there’s open door okay did I die no I’m inside nothing in the crates what kind of a barn is this keep walking let’s see what else we got what is that well that’s just the wall okay you know I’m starting to see a little better oh there’s the vehicle is that an old truck in there maybe I can will this truck to somebody right died what happened to that truck I’m getting the umbels the fumbles I okay where’s that truck I thought it was over here there it is basically uh oh my god I didn’t even survive a whole day it was actually kind of enjoyable though for what it was [Music] hey it’s daytime look at that so the storm is over what is all this stuff in the barn hey you know could I just drive this truck out of here and her vehicle why not okay I don’t want to leave let’s see search the glove box why not what’s in there empty there’s the seat cover see that’s that would be useful because that’s a fabric but I guess I’ll get out of there because there’s nothing to do in here Oh upstairs let’s check that out I would hang out in here it’s always warmer the higher you go let’s search the locker gotta be something good in there I’m booked something to burn when you’re freezing well I’ll take it hey what’s this looks like lighter fluid all right that’s awesome I’m gonna take that accelerant all right oh there’s a metal container search it let’s see what it is hey of course take it tin of coffee awesome I’m gonna take it hey look at that there’s a there’s a toolbox right there hey fish hook take it okay let’s try the other door search the drawer all right now things are getting good things are looking up all right take it take it it looks like some seeds oh beef jerky okay I’m taking that Hey look at that drawer search the drawer okay Warren I’ll take them take them take it stale I don’t care if it’s stale you haven’t eaten for two weeks stale doesn’t mean anything Planck okay okay so you break it up for wood now I’m not gonna be carrying wood around but let’s just say I’ll break it down why not there’s the game and then there’s what I really might do the wood I could go burn somewhere without having to burn the barn down the the burn house okay oh oh sprained ankle and wrists affect movement oh my gosh let’s just do a quick 360 take stock of our situation okay let’s go over there what is that some fire cedar firewood okay you know I’m gonna make a little fire oh hypothermia risk oh hey what is that v8 it looks like dog food hey I’ll take it small arms handbook but you see I don’t really need a book about small arms I don’t have a gun with me you know take it anyway you can burn it if I had to okay I’m gonna make a fire start fire let’s do it keep it small though guys I have all that wood that I’ve been carrying around put some wood in there I would put some of the bundle of Oh what I don’t think I would have failed really but I understand okay there’s no words all the ash just disappears and goes to fire heaven okay let’s try it again I need that fire insufficient materials to start a fire need tinder need tinder so maybe I that what about the book it says I have playing cards so I have tinder it won’t let me burn these bees these bales of hay or a major resource so I would use those bales of hay for shelter and for fire look in that wind is picking up – I’m starting to get a little worried here you know I wouldn’t if I could get into that little tractor thing I just stay warm because my my vitals are getting cold that’s not gonna have much insulating value though I’m gonna try to get into the barn I’m gonna collapse and sleep for a few hours and hopefully I won’t die in my sleep okay I’m in good that’s that vehicle is this this I can’t tell it’s the same place I was just at my mind is playing tricks on me I’ve been in this place Club box is empty okay let’s get out of here so let me see if I can heat something banged up pinnacle peaches stale granola bar I’m gonna eat it let’s see if there’s something else I could eat energy bar let’s eat that okay I got to get some water water okay today got nothing to drink there’s snow outside let’s just look around in this place since I’m here is your fate oh this is almost like a various dreams that I’ve had were you you’re experiencing it but you can’t do anything in a real emergency the reason it’s an emergency is the supplies and the resources that you need are scarce and you’re not finding them that’s my definition white sand emergency so whoever put this together they they gave you scans few little resources any one of them I could have exploited more fully than I was able to in the game helps your mind expand think consider the options but really if if you’re doing this for more than entertainment and you really want to know the skills you got to get out there and do some training [Music]

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  1. This reminds me of when I (a wrestler) played DND (as a character with a wrestling background), and kept trying to use wrestling moves on monsters, only for the DM to repeatedly tell me that the game didn't have any mechanics for it.

  2. Dont hang out in cars. Basically a giant refrigerator. It will feel better than the weather but you will freeze in your sleep.

  3. You should've told this guy how to equip clothing he found. He died all 3 times because (I assume) he was only wearing the starting t-shirt & shorts.

  4. Enrique Villasenor

    "Do you have a Youtube Channel?" Yes. He has also written 14 books, thousands of articles and taught survival skills for 40+ years. He has a wealth of knowledge, enjoys teaching and is easy going. See

  5. while i love a survivalist playing a survival game, you picked the poor guy who hasn't played games in over 30 years? Still totally loving Nyerges <3 <3

  6. Basically, survival games aren't complex enough yet to be survival games. We need this guy as a consultant when making the next survival game.

  7. Usually I get impatient when people talk about how it isnt realistic you wouldnt be able to do something in a game, but in this case it wasnt at all. Makes sense since he's a survivalist but it made me wish the game was more advanced if anything. Great insight!


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  9. i love his personality, if he streams i would watch him all day. i wish someone explained the mechanics to him though. he was scrambling for food when he was freezing to death. IRL you would know instantly what was wrong when your body tells you

  10. They really needed to explain the game. I know the point was to let him figure it out but he would have been able to see more of the features of the game. It’s an amazing and deep game

  11. I love that he's freezing to death at the end of round 3 and just desperately stuffing his face with food, trying to ignore the cold.

  12. Interesting video but someone should have explained him the basics of the game, he didn't seem to know what the health bar stood for or how to use the inventory

    All his ideas were really interesting though, but the game is clearly too simple for him haha

  13. I hope he had someone experienced with the game nearby, helping him with stuff. Example: teaching him that when he picks up the book about firearms, he can read it to get better with guns, instead of burning it.

  14. He said his only experience with video games was with Pacman, and that was over 3 decades ago. They should have explained how to navigate the GUI, what controls do what, etc. In real life when you're freezing, or starving, or bleeding, or in pain, you can feel it. Obviously, video games use progress bars and other methods to communicate these stats to the player, but how the hell would he know how to read them? Buzzfeed should have done a better job telling him this.

  15. Обидно за мужика, посадили его играть в игру, в которую он не играл, и наверное опыта в играх не имеет толком. Надо было объяснить, что каждый индикатор означает, помочь разобраться в механике игры, как переодеться, с чем можно взаимодействовать.

  16. 5:17 "I would break the bale open to get some shed and burrow into it."

    Bruh I've never thought this even I saw it over 100 times before.

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