Scattered Stars | Star Guardian Skins Trailer – League of Legends

Scattered Stars | Star Guardian Skins Trailer – League of Legends

The sun and moon rise in time. To ash and mirth; the mountain takes all. Trying to slink away lizard? Your ancestors will feel this! Ray-a-maash! I think you intimidate the Star Guardians! Star Feather! Woo, powerful! Time to say farewell to those pitiful Star Losers. Murdering the Star Guardians! Evil never looked so hot! Ciao Star Nerds. Who stands in Neekos way? Dust and Dawn, the ending is the beginning.

100 thoughts on “Scattered Stars | Star Guardian Skins Trailer – League of Legends”

  1. I can imagine zoe coming up and one shooting half of them because they lost half of their HP at the so-called ''battle'' they had :^)

  2. Is it just me or this is the worst and least hyped star guardian release ever ? Weird dark star guardian skins, random missions, no icons, no temporary game mode, the new star guardian music theme is not amazing (not bad though)…This has nothing to do with the invasion event they did 2 years ago…

  3. Solo para informarles y creo que deben de ponerle otra gran demanda al juego de mobile legends ya que esta copiando modos de juegos de Riot

  4. Zoe was on Janna's team. There is an odd thingy being a star guardian but soraka and the Ahri kept quiet about it. Zoe found out something about being a star guardian so she turned against the first star and tried to turn xayah and Rakan against the other star guardians.

  5. Hope they release more corrupted skins

    So corrupted and non corrupted PvE 5v5 and an oddysey crossover?

    Kayn and zoe with rakan and xayah???

    This would make the best PvE event in LEAGUE HISTORYYYY

  6. Imagine having an Event!
    Imagine having content!
    And No Prestige Skins!
    Sounds like heaven to me…but eh Riot be doing Riot things, Tft gets the stuff

  7. I would say the skins are amazing but I'd be lying. Xayah and Rakan don't feel like legendaries at all. I'd put them in Star Guardian Ezreal category (he has some special voice lines on that skin). The special events are dead anyway so this release was just full of disappointments. Instead of making easy cash grab chromas for every skin you release maybe start making legendary skins up to par again. As soon as you introduced chromas to legendaries they don't feel so special anymore as everything else is lacking. Last three legendary skins were bellow expectation in comparisson to others due to having chromas included.

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