Sea of Solitude [Online Game Code]

Sea of Solitude [Online Game Code]

Sea of Solitude Review. Sea of Solitude offers up a lot to love, with
its rich aesthetics and well-intentioned design, but it fails to make a lasting impression
with its gameplay or story. Sea of Solitude opens by alerting the player
that the game they’re about to experience contains distressing and mature themes. Adding that developer Jo-Mei Games is not
trying to offer professional guidance on loneliness or depression. Rather, the game maker is only trying to share
an experience. Sea of Solitude’s story starts on a small,
wooden lifeboat harboring a girl named Kay, whose entire body is pitch black, save for
her glowing red eyes. She needs to find a way to deal with some
monsters inhabiting the sea in front of her. Throughout the game, shoddy dialogue and tired
clichés about mental illness are intermixed with random bouts of truly inspired, uncomfortably
authentic depictions of depression, making SoS’s attempts at eliciting emotion somewhat
uneven. Sea of Solitude isn’t just a thoughtful story
wrapped up in artsy window dressing; it’s also a game. It’s primarily a platformer and boating adventure,
wherein you’ll traverse the buildings and flooded streets of a decaying city as you
run away from, and sometimes even chase after, monsters. Movement physics competently straddle the
fine line between floaty and weighty. Gameplay is extremely forgiving, in the sense
that dying will never set you back very far on the off chance you fail a sequence, but
there’s a genuine sense of tension when you’re hastily platforming to avoid the approach
of a nearby monster. The only real motive to replay Sea of Solitude
is to find its collectibles. These include cute seagulls who give players
a tactically advantageous bird’s-eye view of upcoming terrain as well as bottles with
messages that reveal an interesting story within a story. Thanks to the game’s omission of invisible
walls between structures, experimenting with the limits of SoS’s platforming mechanics
to find these hidden items is supremely satisfying and rewards risk taking. Criticisms aside, there’s definitely a lot
to love in Sea of Solitude. It’s heartfelt and reminiscent of another
spooky game starring a lonely kid trapped in a hellish, surreal world: Little Nightmares. Not only do the two games have the same themes
and tone, but they even share platforming mechanics and bottle collectibles, and they
both have starring roles for troubled girls in yellow raincoats. So, if you like moody, eerie adventure games
with a striking resemblance to Little Nightmares, Sea of Solitude might be your cup of tea. Though Sea of Solitude represents a large
step forward for developer Jo-Mei Games. It’s more a polished draft with some narrative
hiccups than a fulfilling, emotionally complex roller coaster that strikes the right balance
between game and worthwhile storytelling vehicle. Kindly see the description for this Amazon
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