Shark Dash – Shark Week Trailer

Shark Dash – Shark Week Trailer

39 thoughts on “Shark Dash – Shark Week Trailer”

  1. Im gunna get a pet shark and name him fin! Then i will go attack all the mean ppl who want to eat him. He will be the horse of the sea!

  2. Gameloft porfavor saquen el zombie infection para android y lo digo xk el juego dead trigger de madfiregames de zombies está genial pero es mejor el zombie infection pero xfa

  3. @gameloft peoples I got you guys a hacker on NOVA 3 named jasonhuber2 rank 100 he has a hack where he can fire the rocket launcher without reload. Definately ruined our whole game. Not fair that he got that rank with hacks because most of us play fair and rank up with skill

  4. The shark names are sharky in the home levels
    Sawey is in Japan and Rome
    Hammy is in hotel
    Schoby is in Rome and he has a snorkel why does he have
    To have a snorkel his a shark they live in water weird?

  5. Something has gone wrong with the new Shark Dash… It was lagging… No new sharks but in the app picture it seems to be a picture of an orange Sharkee. It was strange

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