Sinister Six | Game the Game

Sinister Six | Game the Game

(upbeat, energetic music) – Hey friends, welcome to Game the Game. I’m your host, Becca Scott,
and today is a special day because we are playing Sinister Six! Let me introduce my
lovely Sinister four here. We have Denise Pentoja. – That’s my most sinister look. – Good, yeah, give me your most
sinister looks and phrases. Phillip Correa.
– We are Phillip. Oh god I feel like, that was so bad. – Too late, only one take.
– Good. – Bonnie Gordon! – I’m a sinister spinster. – Love it!
– Yeah! – Sweet.
– Yeah? – And the Jake Michels.
– This is gonna hurt. – Look, Jake’s here every week, but today he’s sitting at the table. – Yeah, I’m in front of that, not behind, I’m in front of the camera. – Wait a minute, who is directing? – I don’t know!
(all screaming) (group laughing) Nah, who needs direction. – No one is directing this episode. – Okay, this is gonna be just
wild jump cuts constantly. – Okay, so we’ve made a How
to Play video for Sinister Six and there’s a link to that
in the description below. But we’re just gonna assume
you already watched that video, or you just wanna fly by
the seat of your pants and watch us do stuff that you may not understand for a while. – I’m not even wearing pants. – Oh no!
– Oh my gosh, none of us are!
– None of us are! (mock screaming) – Who is directing this?
(laughing) – We should have put
that in the call sheet. Wear pants! Well since none of us are wearing pants, step one of the game is already complete. – All right. – Tell me what villain from Spider-Man Universe you’re playing. Denise?
– Lizard. – Ooh.
– Do a tongue thing. (all laughing) Phil?
– I’m sorry, we are playing as Venom, and he also has a tongue
thing, but I’m not gonna do it. – Do it!
– I’ve been barred on the internet from shoving my tongue– – We’ll blur it, do it. – Okay, just make sure to
CGI a long tongue here. – They’re definitely gonna do it. – This is why I’m not allowed. (voices interposing) – We have a great budget on
CGI here at Game the Game. – We’re gonna need a lot of
saliva reflection on that. – Yep.
– Yeah. – Who me? I’m none other than Doc Oc. – Ooh.
– Who is a woman in Into the Spiderverse, I might add. – Yeah!
– That’s true. – Very true.
– Unpredictable. I had no idea, big twist, spoilers! (group laughing) Well, since in honor of Callisto
6 and my electro powers, I am playing Electro. – Ooh.
– Yes! And my electricity–
– We CGI’ed all those sparks. – Ouch!
– There are reflections– – Sorry.
(all laughing) – That was just static. I forgot to take my
clothes out of the dryer in a conventional manner this morning. – Wait, what’s an unconventional? You know what, let’s just move on. – I am playing Kraven. – That’s not–
– I’m playing the black marker I’m playing Kraven.
– Perfect. Now you’re covering–
– Now I’m covering it, I am playing Kraven.
– Wow. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. I feel like it should
be a Spider-Man Villain. – Yes!
– That’s like perfect. – All right, so what happens here, us villains gotta go on heists. – Yeah!
– And get loot! We love loot. So what we’re gonna do, we have four heists and then
a big fight with Spider-Man, all lined up, some of it we see, some of it we don’t see. But what we’re gonna do
is go around in turns to complete certain
skills within each heist. And once they’re completed,
we’ll claim the loot based on who helped with that heist. – Okay.
– Okay. – There’s more technicalities, and we’ll come across them as they happen. – Cool.
– I have a prominent ability as Doc Oc and that is, this
is Doc Oc with a bowl cut, I get to look at all the tech
tokens in the active heist. – Oh dang!
– So I’m just gonna go for that right now.
– What? – And now I know what that is. – What’d ya see there? – I can’t tell you, I’m Doc Oc. – Can you, though? You can, but you don’t want to. – We’re kind of a team,
I just want you to know. If you’re mean to me, I can fry that tech. (gasps)
With my eclectic powers. – Whoa!
– Oh no. – I know.
– I won’t be mean to you then. Okay, I wasn’t gonna
be mean to you anyway, but now I definitely–
– We’re all friends for now. We’re all holding one of your arms. – All right, first things first, we don’t have a turn order yet. So!
– Oh. – You know what to do. We each have five little
tokens in front of us and they all have a number on them. – Okay.
– All right. – Okay, mm-hmm.
– Of various distributions. One’s always gonna be your lowest, and some are your highest, and you know everything in between. – One will be your lowest, it will also be your highest. – That sounds like my dating life. – Okay, everybody reveal
on three, two, one, flip! – Ooh.
– I’m going last! But I’m gonna get a Black Market card. – Sweet.
– We all are, except for– – So Denise.
– I did it on purpose. – Which turn order token would you like? – I would like–
– To go first? To go last?
– I’m gonna go first. I’m gonna try first.
– Okay. Next up.
– It’s gonna be us, I’m Venom, not dropping this loot. – You’re taking three instead of two? – I’m taking three, it’s a little safer. You know what I mean? Or sorry, we’re taking three, dammit. – Okay.
– I’ll take two (mumbles). – Well that worked out well for you. – I’ll take you on, I’ll take four and a Black Market card. – I go lasties. No, I like it.
– Okay. – Black Market card?
– Ooh, that’s a good one. – All right, we all started
with one Black Market card. They do tricky things.
– Oooh. – Oh man.
– Okay. Well, first up is Denise. You may do one of three actions. You may play one of your ability cards, or your special ability card, you may play a Black Market card, or you may dodge by discarding a card which keeps you from being
captured by Spider-Man, meaning you get no loot for the round. But you don’t have to
necessarily play a card and help complete the heist. – I’m gonna play my telepathic
control over reptiles. – Typical.
– And then, and so sorry, sorry. – You just sent all your reptiles? – There we go. – All right, so your two symbols there, you’ve got fire power
and you’ve got stealth. There’s no fire power showing, but there is a stealth.
– Right. – So you get one villain
marker on the heist, which will mean you’re
the first to claim loot when we finish this heist. Jake?
(laughing) Jump.
– I’m gonna play Two Leopard Attack, also
using animals to my service. So I get a this action. – Are you being serviced by animals? – I think they’d have a problem with this. – No. – A gear and the deception,
is that the symbols? – That’s correct.
– All right. So I get to place it there and there. – That’s some loots right there. Phil.
– All right, so kind of what we bring to the table here is that we, you know this
suit used to be on Spider-Man, we know about his spider sense. I wanna look at those cards and see what spider is
coming to the party. – Ooh!
– It’s my passive ability. – What?
– That’s crazy. – Yeah.
– Crazy. That’s a great ability.
– Mm-hmm. – Whoa.
– Okay. I know we’re a team,
but we’re also villains. So I’m not gonna tell you what’s in here. – What, I got so much
shade for doing that. – I’m sorry, but we love you guys. And–
– So you see the spider is coming for us, and you’re not gonna warn us? – Can I pass?
– Yeah. – Yes.
– You are just out of this. – Yeah.
– Then okay. Noted.
– So you’re gonna be captured. – No good, I’m gonna get captured. – Oh, he saw the spiders coming and got captured anyway.
(all laughing) – Go ahead.
– Na na na. – Take us away.
– Know what? I’m out.
– We’re good. – Wow.
– You like handcuffs. – Got it.
– Okay, well since he’s not gonna go. I’m gonna actually play something. I can do that, look at me go. I’m gonna use my lightning
arcs, pew pew, pew pew, and cover up this little
muscle right here. – Oh.
– I know! I guess that’s all I’m doing, right? That’s all I got. Do I, I think that’s all I’m gonna do. I don’t wanna–
– Yowzas. – I don’t think I can do anything else. Becca.
– Oh geez, okay. Well, I’m not feeling great
about whatever’s under there. – No.
– Just ’cause Phil did it. – No, Becca.
– I’m gonna get captured, too. Friends get captured together. – Wow.
– This is not a Sinister Six. – Doc Oc loves–
– Right? – Just putting away. – We’re a frightful five. – Yeah, frightful four. Frightful four, yeah. – So we’re like looking
at what’s in the vault and you guys are like, well,
we’ll let Spider-Man take us. – Well, all right.
– All right, fine. More loot for us then.
– Back to Denise. – Oh boy.
– What’s the one left? – We call those schemes. – Schemes.
– Duh! You don’t know that’s schemes? It’s blueprints.
– Oh blueprints. – It’s blueprints!
– Oh! – Reflex and leaping and I’m gonna– – Scheme it up?
– Leapedy. – Wow.
– Leap there with the scheming – Ooh, double picks, all right. We have just completed Greenwich Village, the location has heist card,
so now good heisting y’all. Looks like we’re getting
away with the loot. But wait, no! A spider swings on the
window and it’s Spider-Man! – No!
– Now there’s two more skill symbols needed to be required, and then there’s another card there. But we add more loot when it’s Spider-Man. We add a cash and a resource.
– Yay! – So that makes it Jake’s turn. – Yes, so I will play Jungle Potion. (ladies ooh) (laughs) Yeah. Which allows me to do
both of these bad boys. – What?
– Oh! – So I’ll Jungle Potion
Spider-Man right out the window. – That’s when I got
drunk off my first time– – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Out of the cooler. You just fill the cooler up with juice. – Another Spider-Man? – More Spider-Men.
– And more things! – He gets knocked down.
– Woo. – But he gets back up again. (laughing) – He’s never gonna–
– Never gonna keep him down. – I feel you really misled me. – Yeah, I realize that now. – Yeah, I thought there was a bunch of Spider-Gwens in there. Spider-Gwen is super bad
’cause she takes away loot. So I thought, wow Phil
didn’t wanna be there. I better get outta there. But no.
– We are chaos. – He’s sinister.
– Yeah. – Misdirect.
– Yeah. – Well third would be Phil
and then Bonnie’s turn. – Oh, great. Great, great, great. I don’t like this.
– Kill that spider. – All right, I’m gonna
use a Black Market card, and in doing so I immediately
get this loot, correct? – Yeah.
– I’m gonna take that. Okay, okay.
– Now I’m gonna cover up the corresponding–
– Right, for the Black Market. – Scheme symbol, black market. – And this also gives me the ability to switch the position
of two villain markers. – Aww.
– Oh, dang. – So, I’m gonna put myself–
– Bonnie first. – Well I guess it doesn’t really matter. – Yeah!
– When you’re on top, you get to choose which
one piece of loot you take. – There’s already so much bad blood, why not make it worse? – You should definitely go for first. – Okay. Becca.
– Well, what I’m gonna do is move both of these down. – Nope, only two. – It says switch the position of two, oh I see, I see. I was–
– I see completely– – Bye, sorry. Okay look, you’re still
gonna get plenty of loot, I just wanna–
– Your card doesn’t say, make everyone unhappy.
– Well. I just, oh, oh yeah. – Oh, it does say that. – No, yeah, in all honesty
I didn’t really even have to switch it, it
doesn’t really matter to me, but I feel like–
– Obligated. – To be a villain. I’m trying to be my true self. I’m trying hard to live
up to villain standards. – Denise. Up to you, the only
symbol left is a muscle. You could always discard a card if you don’t wanna get–
– Tail attack! – Okay.
– Oh. – Intense, all right. – Boop, we did it! – What? What a great heist we’ve all done, except, Venom and Doc Oc were–
– Except the three of us. – Were captured.
– You’re like covered in webbing up in the corner somewhere. – But hey, it makes
Spider-Man feel important when he gets to catch people. All right, Bonnie, you are first. We’ll take away this one
that was just marking. – Sure.
– One of the spots because we are five players.
– Okay. – And Bonnie you get to first decide which loot you want.
– You know what? I knew you looked at the tech and then didn’t stay in
the game for that round, so I’m assuming the tech
is not all that great. So I’m just gonna build some cash. (laughing) I’m gonna make it rain
a little bit, not a lot. Just a little bit. – You have to pick it back up. – Yeah, I gotta pick it back up because I’m taking the rain back. Not in Africa.
– Oh man. – Okay, Denise, you’re next. Oh, we got cash, we got
resource, and we got tech. – I will take the top resource, which you just touched. Thank you.
– Jake. – I have the special
ability called Hunter, which is when you take your
first loot from a heist, look at two and choose one. – Ooh.
– I’m gonna roll the bones and choose both of these tech, or look at both of these tech here and choose one to keep. I will keep this number. – Is it the good one? – I would guess. – Is it the–
– Denise. – He took the bad one. – I like the bad one.
– Quick picks, quick picks! – Give me the last resource, please. – The last resource. Was it the accent that threw you off? – Yes.
– I’ll take the next tech. – Oh.
– Yeah. They were both good. Phil misled me, okay. Now two more per take. – Oh dang, I’ll take both the resources. – Jeez.
– And then– – Then I get all the rest of the cash. Right?
– No, no, no. Denise gets ones more. Would you like one or two? – One.
– Number one. – She’s number one!
– No I just had one. I just needed one.
– Okay. – Yeah, I just you know,
gimme some cash, y’all. – And everything left goes back. – Okay.
– Now we’re on to active heist number two! (hums victory music) – So first things first, everybody take your turn order token, put ’em back in the middle, and let’s all decide on
so that we’re in order. – There we go.
– All right. – Okay.
– Mkay. – Okay. – Okay, as I hold off on
that, I’m gonna do this. – Ready? Three, two, one.
– Oh! – Flip.
– Oh. – Ooh!
– You’re both six. – Whoa, or am I a nine? – I think you’re a nine, ’cause– – I’m the nine because
green is the lowest. First to pick turn order, what turn order would you like? – We apologize for last time. So we’re gonna go ahead and take one. I wanna show you guys that
we’re committed to this. – I’ll take two.
– I’m next. I’ll–
– Time to get one. BM as it were. – Nice.
– Three, four, five. – Yeah, I’ll take three. (player mumbling) – Okay, 20 is Denise,
here’s a Black Market card and four or five?
– Thank you. I’ll go five.
– Okay. I will take four. (laughing) – Here’s your BM for the day.
– Yeah. – It’s healthy.
– Okay. – Okay, first player. – Okay.
– Okay. Can I look at these two cards real quick? – You can look at this. Oh, yeah, you can do anything you want. – Yeah.
– Wait, but doesn’t your ability say look at any?
– Any? – Any unrevealed spider cards at any time. – Any unrevealed.
– My gosh. – I’m gonna look at– – Just you don’t wanna do the one that we’re actively fighting? – Wait, we’re actively fighting that? – This one.
– Oh, just the one, that’s right, okay one at a time. – You can look at those, too. – Okay.
– But I was like, give us some intel, man. – I can see the future. – Does it look good or? – It does. – Can you only do it
from the active heist, or can you do it once per round? – Permanent ability, at any time. – At any time, all the time. – Look at ’em now.
– He’s just gonna be sitting there like, well yes.
– Okay, I’m gonna use my genetic memory. – Whoa.
– And get all of the– – Hell’s Kitchen?
– Disguise guy? – Yeah, that’s a little stealth. – And then the agility.
– Ooh. – Okay.
– All right. – Okay.
– On turn order two, and this is all I’ve ever wanted was to just release the Octobots! I will play one diversion, which is dynamite and
one scheme of blueprints. – That makes it my turn.
– I don’t know if we mentioned for the people at home,
but in between rounds, we did not pick up cards
that were already spent. Which means they’re one time play, but before we get to the big
boss battle with Spider-Man, then we’ll get to pick up. – We lose our Black Market cards. Those are gone once we play them, right? – Forever.
– Forever. – Oh really?
– Well that means that I’m still gonna burn one. It’s called the Huge Blaster. It allows me when you put
the Black Market token on the explosion symbol?
– Mm-hmm. – Then I get to take one
resource loot, right? – Yeah.
– Is that what it’s called? Resource?
– If you like left or right? – Oh, I’ll take the left.
– Good choice. – Thank you.
(group laughing) And then the special
ability of the huge blaster is to replace one villain
marker with your villain. – Ooh! – I got nothing last round. Don’t do it to me.
– Neither you or Phil did, but I’m sorry Phil, I’m
gonna have to take it from either you or–
– That’s fair. – Eddie Brock, is that his name? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Boop.
– Boom. – ‘Cause it’s top on the turn order. – So now it’s my turn?
– Wait a minute, we got a reveal!
– Oh, that’s right. – Hell’s Kitchen has been dominated by the villains, but wait! Look, swinging from the
buildings, it’s Spider-Man! Again!
– Spider-Man. – Daredevil’s turf.
– It is. But he’s out of town? – Okay.
(all laughing) – I’ve added an intel
and a cash to the pile, and just ’cause I’m cool,
I’m gonna look at this tech. – How is it?
(Becca gasps) (all giggling) Oh it’s good, okay.
– Okay, okay. – I have a one-time ability to
add two of my villain markers to any Spider card.
– Oh. – So I’m gonna take that last two loot that’s gonna be at the bottom there. – Bada-boom.
– Very nice. – Looks like our active
heist has been completed! We have villained good. – I call that shocker!
– Well, yeah. – Did we villain good or villain bad? – Yeah.
– A little bit of both. – Yeah.
– Okay, so let’s go down and claim our loot. Looks like Kraven is first claim in. – I’ll use my Hunter ability again, when you take the first
loot token from a heist, look at two and choose one. I’ll look at that tech. – I hate your stupid fucking ability. – Yeah.
(laughing) – I’ll look at one of the intel, too. The intel.
– Yeah, that’s a powerful. (all laughing) – Cursing is so funny. – So angry.
– I know. – It was cute. Oh man, all right. I’m gonna leave it, actually. – You little bitch. – Yeah, I guess–
– I’m Kraven tech, then. – That makes sense. – Hey but guess what, Becca? I didn’t take the one you wanted. And also, I think it’s your turn. – I think it’s my turn. – You get exactly what you want. – I’ll take it. I know what it is. I’d like the enemy that I looted better than the enemy that I didn’t. Hey, Phil!
– We used to be a photographer can I get one of those intel tokens? – This one? – No, the other one. – Okay.
– Yeah. – Awesome.
– Wait. – Get my hand back.
– Yes. – Oh that’s the Rhino’s hand. Thank you, ow. – Ow. – Oh it’s me! – Okay, so intel. It’s either a two, and eight, or a nine. That’s pretty good odds. – Doc Oc is just freaking out and like not deciding which
safety deposit box to open. Like, just go! – Like each arming is kind of going and– – Do I, do I? – So it’s not one of the
numbers written there. – Oh I think it’s a nine. (group laughing) – All right, I’m just gonna
take this cash and resource. – Okay, but nobody’s allowed
to steal it from me now. – Gosh.
– When you’re using insider information,
insider trading is illegal. – And that was it.
– Okay, one cash back to the pile. Oh my gosh, we’re already
on our third heist! – Wow.
– Turn order’s back in the pot Okay, three, two, one, woo! (gasps) I’m first! First in the turn order. – I’ll take second.
– Ooh, good choice. – 24, you get one BM. – Yeah, give me a BM please. – You have to make that
happen for yourself. Drink coffee this morning. – I did.
– Okay, great. It’ll happen. Turn order, I’m getting in– – You just gave me three, but I do want three.
– Okay. I just assumed, and then Jake,
here’s your BM for the day. And Jake, here’s your BM for the day. – Thank you.
– And would you like a four or a five?
– A four. – One BM and one five.
– What I wanted. – Cool. Good, good, good.
– Ooh, I love going first. – I’m so mad, I think you
just ruined my plan forever. – Well, yeah, I guess.
– Oh. – But I didn’t know I was. – Yeah, it’s okay. I’ll just plan for it next time. – Hey.
– Yeah. – You know what could cheer you up? – What?
– Watching me do a tentacle climb! – Oh, gross.
– Yeah. It is gross. – I’m gonna go do the running man, and I’m gonna scheme. – Okay.
– Dang it. – Nice.
– Okay. – I am next. – Good.
– And surprise! I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna play this card
and put him on the next two. – Oh, that’s great.
– Oh, very good. – It’s a good move.
– Yeah. – Wasn’t the move I wanted to do. – Wait, what’s this? Explain this.
– Oh, okay. The Supercharged, TNT. I’m putting it on some dynamite. And then whatever that one was– – Mastermind, which is a wild. – It’s my wild card. – All right.
– Go, Venom, go. – We are gonna use our Symbiote Voice. – So.
– Put your tongue back in. – A turn in the wind. I mean, now we reveal
the Spider-Man, right? (Becca gasps)
– We did it! – We’ve revealed a Spider-Man. Now I, all right. We’re gonna add a cash and a tech. – Ooh. – Now unfortunately,
you covered up a scheme and you also had a stealth, but it’s already the
wrong order of operations. – And they don’t carry over. – And it doesn’t carry over. – Sadly.
– Bummer. – Ooh, who’s first? – I am. – Go, Kraven, go!
– I will. I’m gonna do another Black Market card and do glass cutter. So I’m gonna cover up this stealth symbol with the BM token. I will take that tree resource loot. And then the ability is
swap one of your resources in your stash with one
resource from a heist. – So it could be from the–
– It must be this one. – Down here?
– Yeah. Will you hand me one of those and exchange it with–
– This one? – Oh that sounds great, thank you so much. – Oh, excellent, excellent.
– I could choose the other one – I don’t think it’s–
– Pile of loot you have. – I know.
– I’m gonna be very upset. – There you go.
– Jake thinks I’m lucky. Phil thinks I’m unlucky. – Who is right?
– Hard to say. I will be captured.
– Yeah. – Oh! – Really, ’cause you didn’t
play a card this round? – Yeah, you haven’t played anything. – That’s nice.
– Yeah, that’s nice. – That’s fair. Okay, smart. Dang it, we’re back to one. – Yes.
– Which is me, who you– – I must–
– You have to play. You have a lot of loot in this. – You gotta a lot of arms in this heist. – You got a little hands, you got a lot of things in the pie, yeah. – You got a lot of tentacles in the pie. – Fingers in the, yeah. You knew where I was going. – You said pie again. Where is this pie? – Arms in the cobbler. – Arms in the cobbler?
– The cobbler. – No, no, no, no, no. – Cobbler, cobbler. – Let’s go ahead and Octoharness ourself. (group oohing) – Yeah, this is a big sacrifice. ‘Cause–
– It’s a big sacrifice. – I don’t get to stealth anything, but I’m just gonna muscle
with my Octoharness. – No Gwen.
– And, yeah. Let’s hope for no Gwen. It’s Miles Morales!
– I love her. – Doing the running man.
– Oh we get to, we get to add more things. – One intel, one tech. – Hmm.
– And this seems like a good time for me to
look at all the tech. – Wowzers.
– Too much. Too much.
– That’s crazy cool. – Okay.
– You can do what? Tell me your ability again. – Just look at all the
tech in the active heist. – That’s awesome.
– Mm-hmm. – Okay, is it my turn? – I was number one and I just played. So two, yes. – All right, I’m going to do this, use a Black Market card, so I’m gonna take one of those techs.
– Ooh. – And I am going to–
– This one. – God!
– Shh, Nike. – Dammit.
(laughing) – And that means I put that on there. And it also says retrieve one
of your used action cards. – Oh very nice.
– Nice! – Oh!
– Great jet pack. – Shh, to you sir. No, to you, Sir.
– Ah, yes. I’m gonna use some pure adrenaline, which means I can do the
running man on Miles Morales. – Mm-hmm.
– Oh. – As well as retrieve one
of my used action cards. – Oh.
– Dang it. Which cash would you like? Option A or option B? – Ah, man, upside down cash, big money. – Like a tarot card, I get it. – Mm-hmm.
– All right. Well, looks like Tribeca
has been conquered. In the name of good evilness.
– Whoa! – So I am going to choose first, which means I will look at all the tech, ’cause that’s what I can do
and I’m gonna keep doing it ’cause memory, and I will take this one. I like that, and then it’s also me. And ooh, I like the odds on intel. Now that I know how numbers work. Yeah, that’s bad news, okay. Bonnie, you get two.
– I do! I will take intel and, I feel like I didn’t learn enough, so I’ll take intel again! – Okay, Phil.
– Well, it seems like the tech is pretty bad, but
I’m gonna take one of ’em. – Which one?
– Top one. We were right.
(group laughing) – Yeah, you really should have
listened to yourself there. Okay.
– All right. – Now I regret saying
out loud that it was bad. But I’m glad you didn’t listen to me. (laughing) – So for the fourth round, there is something that considered, too, if we’re running low on cards, but you don’t have the skill points, which is something that’s displayed, is the dodge action is simply
discard a card face down, no matter what it is,
and you still stay in– – Right.
– Okay. – Potential.
– Very cool. – Yep.
– The loot. – So, time to do things. Ready, three, two, one, flip. – Ooh.
– Two, three, 10, 12, 23.
– Ow. – I heard that.
– Yeah! – Well I have a very–
– Cut to the hospital. (laughing) – Brecca, breck. – Brecca broke her. – Brecca broken.
– Brecca broke her own sternum – Brecca broken.
– Brecca broken. – That’s the error code? – Yeah, I have a very bony chest, so. – There’s no skin there. – Who goes first and who wants this? – You pick first.
– Jake go first, Jake want one. – Okay.
– Thank you. – Denise go second, and Denise want two. – Yeah, I thought that–
– I guess I’ll take two, okay. – Gimme five.
– Ooh, okay. – Bold, bold. I’ll take four.
– And I’m gonna take, (voices interposing) Card. – Okay.
– Okay. I have avoided saying it, but I couldn’t help myself that time. Okay.
– I’ll get this part started with some super strength.
– Oh. – Which allows me to place on a strength and an agility, so that’s
the first and third on there if you wouldn’t mind.
– Okay. – Ba-Bingo. – Ba-Bingo?
– As Kraven likes to say. – Okay, two? – I’m gonna use my one time
ability, my arm growth. Place two of your villain markers together on a single skill on any heist. – What?
– So I will put it on number two.
– Whoa. – Oh dang.
– Oh that’s cool. – That’s really cool.
– On the dynamite there? – Yeah.
– Oh that’s your one time. – It’s my one time. – I’m gonna shoot, that’s cool. – I will be stealthy! – Yeah, you will. – It’s on stealth.
– Oh that’s all I got. – And number four is me and I must do the damn thing, huh? – Scheme it up.
– Aye yi yi. I might as well discard because I’m gonna pick it back
up in a minute anyway. So I will just dodge. – I looked at all of these cards. And this is the final battle, right? – Yeah. – But I can look at unrevealed
Spider cards at any time. – Yes.
– So I can look at these, right?
– Yeah. Denise cover your eyes. Shield yourself.
– All right. All right.
– Which ones better? Keep ’em in order, keep ’em in order! – This is the order.
– You bent them. – I bent them.
(laughing) – I am upset. – Spider-Man’s gonna come
and beat me, okay, all right. – Spider-Man hates bent cards. – Okay, ah, oof. This is not good. I’m gonna throw down my genetic memory and use my–
– Wild? – Wild on this last hand.
– Okay. – What a mastermind. – Really feel like I’m
throwing myself under the bus for the team here.
– Boy, I’m not even in there. – I’m like a heroic villain.
– You’ll be fine. – You’ll be fine. – I’m flipping and it’s Miles Morales, who adds one intel and
one tech to the mix. (players mumbling) Okay, number one, Jake. – We will play an extendable claw, which allows me to cover up
with a Black Market token one of those bad boys.
– Nice. – And then I–
– I guess you can choose which one.
– It doesn’t matter. I’ll take, yeah, I’ll take. – You have a resource. – Let me discard that for ya. – Well it also says, steal
one Black Market card from an opponent.
– Oh. – But we’re on a team. – We are on a team. So the guy who spent the first turn going, capture me.
– I’m out. (laughing)
– Capture us. – Venom out.
– I love how, I love how Becca just hid all
of her Black Market cards. – I saw it, don’t worry. She only has two, though,
whereas Denise has three. – Ah-ha!
– She does. – But Becca might get more and is a little bit threatening
in terms of my points score. – I’m not on here.
– So you are– – This is a really rough round for me. – Probably shouldn’t pick on Denise since she doesn’t have
nearly as many points as you two do. – But Becca has way more. – Do you have any Black Market cards? – I have one.
– All right, Becca. – ‘Cause she spent them all. – Yeah.
– I was saving them. – I know, Becca. – She’s got (mumbles) and I’ve got five. – You have three Black Market! – You were saving them. What do they do? ‘Cause we can’t use them–
– It says steal one, so let’s just do–
– No Black Market you can use in the final battle, right? You can’t use Black Market
cards in the final battle? I thought we just couldn’t
use our abilities? – So, you may use Black Market cards if you still have them in your hand. If you have played them already, they are gone.
– Oh, got it. – Gotcha, okay sorry. I misunderstood again.
– Yeah, I don’t believe I get to look at them, right? Okay. – Well take my good one. – I tried.
– Okay. – Okay.
– Ooh. – Player two.
– Denise. – Denise.
– I’m going to beat Miles Morales with science! (group laughing) Lizard science. – Okay, time to reveal. It’s Miles Morales.
– He’s back. – Oh!
– Cash. – I can do things.
– And resource. – Okay.
– Two kabooms on the board. – All right, I will get a kaboom. – Yeah.
– I will take a cash resource, please.
– Oh, damn. Becca, will you?
– I’ll grab it. (all laughing) Okay.
– ‘Cause man, I’m really bad at picking things. But it also says steal one
loot token from an opponent. And I remember–
– That’s my point, though! – But I remember you
making your happy face when you got your resource, ’cause you– – Okay, well hold on. (groups chuckling) ‘Cause I said it out loud and I said, no one can use this. I said it out loud.
– Oh, really? Okay, fine! I’ll steal it from someone else. – No, you can do it. – No.
– Yeah. – I’ll steal from somebody else. – It’s gonna be random now.
– I’ll just steal a tech then. – Which cup is it under?
– I’ll just steal a tech. – Ooh. – No. – Why not? – I’ll steal one of his techs then. – Sure, I mean that makes most sense. – Oh my gosh.
– Great. (laughing) – I’m so–
– Am I mean? – No!
– You are. – I know. I’m out of cards, too. – Oh, here’s, put my little hands. – We are very far. – No, you don’t get a
hand for that, I believe. – Oh, it’s a Black Market
token, that’s right. Little Black Market token on the boom. On one of the booms. Look, I’m really bad at picking. If you would know how
many ones are in my pile you’d be so sad, ones and twos. Yeah, I’m not, yeah. I’m climbing a very slow mountain here. – Well I’ve got so many
options in my hand. But, what I am going to do is I’m gonna play electrified net. Now because the left side of this card, I don’t have gear, or
there’s not gear showing for me to cover up with a BM, but I can get a loot. – Just poop all over it. – I can’t, I would, but I can’t. So I will steal one Black
Market card from an opponent. – Mm-hmm.
– You know it was. – Was this the one I gave you? Yes it is. – Aw, it’s like you shared it together. – Yeah, it didn’t feel sweet, though. – Denise we may have misguided you when we told you you
couldn’t take the loot for that one card you played.
– It’s cool. – But I felt you made a good choice. I only did it ’cause it’s all I could do. – Yeah.
– And I wanted to steal from Jake.
– That’s what really felt good – Mm-hmm, yeah.
– Yeah, absolutely. – I felt bad stealing from you, too. It wasn’t personal.
– You know what, guys? – I just–
– Just a game, that I’m gonna remember forever. – Becca gave me the eyes. (laughing) And I was like, oh, not those eyes. – Yeah she makes ’em well up
with water really quickly. It makes it hard to steal from her. – I think it’s allergies.
– Yeah. It’s the eyedrops.
– I’m gonna– – Is it Jake’s turn? – Yeah. – I’m gonna sludge bomb Miles Morales. – No! – I morph into the weapon, which how does it explode? You don’t wanna know. (group groans) – Right next to the BM. – So you ready, we got– – Big sticky mess. – Ooh!
– It’s Spider-Man. – This is crazy. – Spidey and going back–
– Okay. – To Jake.
– Oh, and he adds stuff. Doesn’t he?
– I should have really gotten cash a long time ago. Okay.
– I am going to, – We get all these back?
– Dodging. – Dodging?
– Dodging, okay. Number two.
– I can do this guy now right? I can hack the feed camera, right? – Yeah.
– Yeah! – The move.
– And I’ll get the intel, an intel.
– This one? Or this one?
– Gimme the third one. – Yeah.
– That guy. And then, I get to draw
two Black Market cards and keep one.
– Wow. – Yep.
– Cool. – Let’s just, we’re about to
get all our cards back, right? Let’s just do this, boom, boom. (snaps fingers)
– Nice play. – Defeated.
– Should I put it here or in discard?
– I think put it on the bottom of the deck.
– Okay. – Loot time in Herald Square. – Ooh.
– Jake, aka Kraven, what would you like? – Well my sper-cial,
(scoffs) my sper-cial. – Are you sper-cial?
– My special Hunter ability allows me to look at two and take one. So I’m gonna look at two of those techs. – You love tech.
– I do. It’s got some real potential. – Denise, make your
plan, ’cause you’re next. – Okay, I would like–
– You get two of ’em. Because you double handed it. – Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
– Double fisted. – Ooh, I was going there, and I didn’t. – Well, it’s, I had to think about whether it was a sex
thing or an alcohol thing, and it’s an alcohol thing, so. – Hey.
– Either way, I’d say it. (all laughing) – Fair.
– Fair. – Becca.
– Oh. – All of my cards say shocker, so. I mean what can you do? – I will take the top intel. – Ooh.
– And the tech that Jake didn’t loot at.
– That was that one. – Didn’t look at. – Ooh.
– Thank you. – Wowzer.
– Jake. – I will take the tech that I did look at. (group laughing) – Ah!
– Uh-oh. – Yellow is Bonnie.
– That’s me! I’ll take a– – Intel, cash, or resource? – Let’s do intel. I don’t know, I feel like I’m not
getting enough information. – Phil?
– Lemme get some cash-ish. – This one?
– Yes. – No!
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Yes, wait, hold on. – Too late.
– Okay. – Okay, Denise. – I will take the other cash. – Cash money.
– Thank you. – Phil?
– We want resources, bottom. – I’ll take the top resource. – That’s good ’cause it’s last. – I’ll take the last thing. – Yeah.
– But it’s my choice. – That’s exactly what I wanted, I think. – Well, friends, here we
are at the boss battle. Everything is going down.
– Discard pile? – Yes, discard any spent
Black Market cards. And now, let us reveal our big boss heist. – This is a lot.
– Chelsea, Battery Park City, Midtown, and then the Spiders in this– – No, not here.
– We do it all! – We do it all?
– We do it all. – Holy cow.
– Oh snap. – Planning.
– And no loot in this? – There will be loot. Oh yes, there will be loot. So we’ll go left to right. – This is crazy.
– This is a lot! This is really hard. We’re gonna die.
– This is a raid. – While Becca is setting it up, I’ll tell you what’s
even harder about this. Now we have to resolve these
icons from top to bottom. – Oh no.
– Oh yeah. – Oh wow.
– We’re not coordinate enough for that.
– I’m not really sure how we do this. (laughing) – All right then.
– How? This is too hard. – So we get our cards back, right? – Oh, oh, should mention– – Except for the ability card.
– If you are captured in the final boss battle, you can’t win. – What?
– Okay, calm down. – Yeah, well, that’s just the rules. You just get zero. – Screw it all.
– Oh, holy. – Make sure you’ve got
one turn order icon left. And that’s the one you gotta play when we finish collecting loot here. Spider-Gwen here says,
lose a resource loot token unless you are captured,
is this end of game. – This is when she’s revealed, I believe. – She’s revealed now,
so everybody has to lose both a cash, unless you are captured, and a resource, unless you are captured. – Here is my resource that I lose and then I lose a cash? – Mm-hmm.
– Perfect. – Do we have enough
people to cover all this? – Yeah, I don’t think we enough players. – Remember, each– – Oh there’s Black
Market cards, too, right? – Yeah, and each of your icons, each of your cards have two icons. So you’re gonna find and
ideally play them sequentially. – But we have to do it, you said you have to do it order? – At this point.
– But like from top to bottom? – You got it, right. So Chelsea, then Battery
Park City, then Midtown. – Oh, okay, but not like in
the order of the symbols. ‘Cause that would be.
– Yeah in the order of the symbols, that’s. – Yes.
– So, if I have one that has two that would be on this card, I can’t put like one here and one here? – I don’t believe so. Let me double check that.
– Let’s check. – Like that’s ludicrous.
– It’s insane. – I think that’s the rules. – No!
– Let’s look real quick. – That was the part–
– No! – Skills must be covered in succession from top to bottom. In other words, the active
player must continue to the next matching skill
symbol or dodge to continue. – Next matching? Okay, but it’s, I can’t skip one and put one on the other two?
– Correct. – And the next matching and another one? – Yeah.
– So the only way you could play the two is if they were right next to each other? – Hmm.
– Oh that’s bull. – That is brutal. – Hence why it’s the final battle. – Everybody reveal your
final turn order token. You’ve just got one left. One, two, three, go. – No time to decide. (laughing) – Okay, it’s gonna go, Jake. – If you want first, I’ll give you second. – I think I should take first. – Who is on first? – I think tabletop’s good
for this part, right? ‘Cause we aren’t trying to– – There’s no way we’re gonna do this if we don’t work together.
– Yeah. – It’s impossible, I’m
next, and I’ll take first. – And a bowel movement.
– And a bowel movement. Thank you.
– Of course, you also want first ’cause you get first crack
at loot there, Becca. – Well, it’s just– – We’re probably not
gonna get to the loot. – I’ll be honest.
– This feels impossible. – We have no arm, we.
– Okay. – We have no arms to
fill all of these things. This is a lot.
– We have a person with eight arms.
(group chuckling) We might be able to do this. – I don’t think this is possible. – Bonnie you are getting one BM card. And would you like to go
third, fourth, or fifth? (Bonnie laughs nervously) – Let’s hope that maybe
Jake has one of these two. – I’ll go,
– Supposedly. – I’ll go.
– You know, who knows. – Fourth.
– Becca you’re first and you just dodge. (all laughing) – Didn’t catch me. – That would be such a–
– Everybody, let me go first. Ha.
(group laughing) Get ’em, Spider-Man. – Denise, would you like
to go third or fifth? – I will go fifth.
– Okay. – I don’t think this is fair. I think we should put
a little arm on the top like we did with all the other ones. I felt like that was a fair thing. – I mean I take it with–
– You should write a letter. – I am gonna write a letter.
– Write a letter. – Let’s put the address right now. – Yeah, comment below if
you think this is bogus ’cause I’m gonna lose! – Well, it’s just gonna be hard. – I don’t like losing. – Well I don’t know, we’ll see. We have five villains to help us out. – I’m extremely competitive. – We’re gonna tentacle club here. – Ooh.
– And that is a mastermind, on the top one.
– Yes! And an agility on the second one. – Okay.
– Not done yet. Says Doc Oc. Not today.
– Not today! – Okay, second.
– We’re gonna do some tracking which provides a scheme and a stealth. Is that what it’s called? – Yeah, stealth and scheme.
– Oh shoot, no, I should have gone third instead. – Boom.
– I’m gonna flash grenade. And distract him so I can
get some cash from the heist. – Okay, so we’re gonna out a BM briefcase over this dynamite, it’s yours. And then add one loot
from supply to this heist. What kind would you like it to be? – Let’s add a tech, let’s go big. – Tech, this one.
– Yep, okay. – Okay. – I mean this is all I can do. – Yeah.
– But, there we go. – Yeah.
– One stealth. – Shocker’s gauntlet. (laughing)
– Yes it is. – That is what the words say. – It hurt.
– Oh. – Denise you are fifth. – Coughing gas. So, scheme, right?
– You get a resource. – And then I get a–
– Actually. – Oh yeah, my bad.
– The briefcase goes on it. – And then, oh fuck-a-doodle-doo. – Does this look–
– No, this doesn’t. It says switch the position
of two villain markers. That doesn’t help me ’cause
I don’t have any there. – You can screw up some–
– Shh Nike. – Yeah, you can switch me and Becca. – Or you don’t have to. – Or you could just switch two
of Becca’s or two of Jake’s. (laughing)
– You could put me at top! – You actually don’t have
to do the second ability. – Dammit, up to you. – You know what? Just for funsies, I’m
gonna switch two and three. Just to–
– Ooh. (imitates dramatic music) – Alternating.
– Ooh. – Just to barely shake the boat there. I forgot I didn’t have
a damn thing on this. – Who is up?
– Me. I wanna save one because it’s really good. – If you, you can’t double on this one? – But it’s not gonna. – If you can double on this turn, I might be able to double the next one. – I could do these two, but that’s like not possible. – It’s too late, yeah.
– Yeah. – I think I just do it now. (gasps) But depending on, oh. You know what? Okay, I’m gonna play, I
have a mastermind symbol on this Black Market card, and I will take a resource and look at three loot
tokens from a heist. – Ooh.
– I guess I could do that in the order I choose? – You have to do the
left most ability first. – Oh, okay, so I can’t look
at the resources and then– – Unfortunately not.
– I’d put a BM on that little man, though. – What is the, wait, what
is the symbol you covered? – Oh. – Okay, you did cover it, okay. – I can double up the next one. – And then look at three
loot tokens from a heist. Just for fun, these three. – That was hostages, and I’m number one. So number two, Jake.
– Is me. – Mm.
– Dang it. This is difficult.
– No wait, these two. – Oh!
– This is very difficult. – Do you see, I mean I guess
I kind of have to do this. I have to–
– Your wild. – Yeah, I have to play this. So Blackmail, it’s a wild, so
we can cover up the next one. And then I get to take a cash, just hand me the one
closest to you, that’s fine. And then look at three
tokens from the heist. Lemme look at all the, or let me look at three of them tech. Let’s see where those big boys are at. Ooh.
– Granted at this point, they’re all ones.
– All right, that’s my turn. – I’m gonna be a hero again. – Ooh.
– Genetic memory, my friends. – Oh, wow.
– You get two! – Bingo bongo.
– Nice. That’s good for you to be a hero because you also get– – Oh, that sucks for me, though, because I don’t have, that’s
the one card I don’t have. – Stealth?
– Oh no! Well you can discard something, but– – Or a Black Market card? – Okay, well. Oh, can I? Wait, if I play it, can I
double up to the next one? – Yes.
– Yeah. – Bingo bongo! – Nice.
– Perfect. – So put that on the bottom and that on the top. – Nicely done.
– Yes. – Can I get a witness? – Look at that carryover. – Amen!
– Thank you. – Can I get a villain witness? – All right, here we go.
– Okay, so– – Wow!
– They went in turn order, Denise needs a muscle and a gear. – I can tail attack. (imitates whipping noise) – Nice, that’s the next two. – Oh yeah!
– That’s the next two. – You got a mastermind and a muscle. – Yeah.
– We’re getting so excited. – What?
– Okay. I’m one, I need an explosion. I’m playing metal talons, it’s got a gear. Which I can’t use, it’s so close, but no. And then an explosion,
it’s my last explosion. – Oh no.
– Okay. – Jake.
– So I’ll, okay–
– Running man. – I’m gonna play super strength. I’ll cover up the agility.
– Okay. – Okay.
– That’s all I can do. – And Phil you’re next.
– Okay, team. – You actually have a lot
of Black Market cards. – The gear?
– I do. Shield Truck, oh man. This sucks for somebody. – You don’t have to do it. – Yeah, but I’m gonna. (group laughing) – So I can put a BM right here. – Uh-huh.
– Nice. – And then I take one of these bad boys. – Yeah.
– Mm-hmm. – Or you can take one of
the ones that I looked at. – These are the ones–
– If you wanna look at my eyes I can tell you everything. – I want the center one he looked at. – Ooh.
– The center one? – The center one. (laughing) – What is he saying?
– Dead. – I think we’re gonna go on a date later. – Name the restaurant. – Center bad boy, let’s do it. – And what’s your face? – Like a dog (mumbles). – All right, okay. All right, I will be the hero again. – What!
– And not screw everyone. – It would be screwing you, too. And we’d all lose.
– I mean if we were gonna be able to, listen up, it’s my turn. I have no stealth whatsoever, So I’m gonna have to dodge. But if you can get me to those muscle men. – Mm-hmm.
– That’s what I have. – I also have muscle.
– That’s all I have. – Okay.
– Is muscles. – Okay. – So fill up that stealth y’all. – Three stealth in a row
is what we have coming up. – Okay.
– I have to dodge. – We are four.
– I’m discarding. I have to dodge.
– Okay. – Okay.
– All right, Denise. Do you have any stealth? – Yes, Telepathic Control over Reptiles. – All right, there’s one covered. – I like the idea of how
that factors into stealth. – I’m number one and I,
too, will cover up stealth, throwing away a muscle. – Oh nice.
– Nicely done. – With an Octoharness. – I got two muscle in my hand. – Oh no.
– Get me to that muscle card. – I’m trying, I’m trying. – Okay.
– I’ve got a Jungle Potion, which allows me to cover– – Do you have a running man?
– Stealth as well. – Do you have a running man? – Oh my gosh, I had a stealth. I’m gonna have to dodge ’cause
I can’t do anything else. – Okay. You could do remove two
different villain markers from the active heist.
– Yeah, that’s great. Do the same thing.
– We’ve established we don’t want you to do that. – Yeah, I have to dodge, as well. – Okay.
– Oh fuck. – So now–
– Could have pulled just everyone off.
– I have to dodge again. – Oh no!
– Okay, Denise. It’s all you on the running man. – I have this. – Okay, we can do this. We can still do this. – Yeah.
– We can! – I’m leaping. – Okay.
– Ooh. – Okay.
– Okay, back to me. Any muscle?
– And I know some ninjas. So I will take a BM.
– Yes. – On this muscle. And I will take a loot. And I will eliminate one Spider card (gasping)
in the active heist. – Oh!
– Nice! – So now it’s Jake’s turn, one muscle. – I have to dodge, unfortunately. I don’t have a muscle. – I can’t believe we’re pulling this off! – I got one, I got one! – I have a muscle.
– Oh yeah! – All right, morphing into a weapon. – Did we do it, we did it? – We did it!
– Put your little man! – What!
– Wow! – How did we do that? – Oh my gosh.
– I’m shocked. Okay, I am shocked.
– Well, we all made it. No one was captured. And now we claim some loot. I’m gonna go firsties,
and I’m gonna take this, wait, hold on, I’ll take that loot. – I’m gonna use my, oh my
hunter ability is gone! – You can’t yeah.
– Aww. – No!
– Sad day. (Becca gasps) I don’t
get tech expert, either. Good thing I didn’t, I hadn’t done it yet. I was just about to. – I’ll take the first
one that I looked at. – Mm. – What about the safe? – Okay, here is that? – Okay.
– Okay, my turn. – No resource. – Well at least nobody–
– Okay, back to you. – That’s true. I’ll take an intel, actually, the red one. – I forgot what everything was. – One, two, three– – The one closest to you is fine. Generally the highest.
– Sorry. – All right, me. I’ll go ahead and take a tech. – That was great. – I thought it was a one. – So all those are gone. – Phil gets to pick two. – Give me two intel. (humming) Yeah, those are the ones. – Bonnie.
– Oh! I don’t know–
– Two in a row. – I’ll take the, (squeaking). I’ll take another tech. – And then what?
– Ooh! I’ll take an intel! – You’re just a great day over here. – I like the idea that
Electro is like, ooh! (buzzing)
– Oh! – That’s it for me. That’s all my– – You shocked yourself each time. – That’s all my loot. I’m done with loot. – I’ll take the tech on this side, and the middle cashola.
(group oohs) – Strong reactions. It’s me! Is that a good tech? Okay, I’ll take cash. – I’m done with that tech. – It’s you.
– Yeah, that techs been hunting well now. I’m just kidding. – But it was good, right? – It’s really good, I just don’t– – For sure, for sure. – I wanted to lose.
– Denise. – Tech, please. – Doing the math now, I’m very sad. – Me, okay. So the cash is the three, five, or eight. The resource is four, six, or seven. I guess I’ll take the resource. – I’ll take a resource, as well. – Denise gets the last one, and Phillip gets screwed. – Aww.
– Saving the day! – You know what, I got a solo movie. – Saving the day doesn’t help. – I’m fine. – So out of all of us?
– Yeah. – You’re the only one. – All right, everybody flip face up. If you have ar ed one, there are no sixes, there’s only nines. If you have a purple one, there are no nines, there’s only sixes. Start with Denise. – Okay, so I’ve got nine tech. – Nine.
– Plus 14 cash. So I’ve got 23, plus 11 intel. So it’s 34, plus 13, what are these guys? 13 resource.
– 47? – 47.
– 47. – Sweet.
– I have a bunch of intel, 20 intel, eight tech. – 28, that’s 13. – 13, so that’s, is that 41? I got a solo movie, you guys. Come watch Venom, we could have had a song from Eminem in it.
– Ooh. – Did you say you had 20 intel? – Yeah.
– 14 plus six, that’s 20. 30, 44, 54. – Oh no.
– 58, 64. – Wow.
– Sinister at war. – If I counted this correctly, I have 79. – What?
– But– – That’s some pretty high intel. – Yes, I have 20 here, okay yeah I don’t. Math is not my forte. I just counted all over my fingers. – 38.
– 29, 29, yep. – I just get two.
– 38 plus 17. – Is 55?
– Yeah. – Yeah, I’m not good at math. – Plus seven?
– Is 62. – Plus six.
– Is 68. – Plus five.
– That’s 73. – Plus three.
– 76. – Plus two.
– 78. – 79, you did it right! – Wow!
– I did the math! – 79!
– I should get a cookie. – All right, well let
me see if I can top it. I got 14, plus another 14 is 28. – Wow.
– Plus eight is 35. – 36.
– Is 36. 36, right, right, yeah. 46, 56, 66, 76. (gasping)
86. – Oh!
– Whoa! – Yeah, maximum suspense.
– Whoa. – Wow.
– All right, Jake well done. – Bonnie, really close second. – Really close game.
– It’s fine. You know what? I think this will be mine. – It’s an interesting race of strategy, and then the luck of whatever
numbers happen to be here. – Yeah! – But I think your ability to look at two and take the better–
– Oh yes. – That’s pretty powerful.
– Yeah. – That saved my bacon a few time, yeah. – For sure.
– Yeah you were saving that bacon.
– You got one of my 10s. – I know!
– I was so upset. – Your book supply is 19.
– I did get one of your 10s. – She’s I can’t, so the ones that I ended up picking myself was like a one and a two and a three. And that why I was like, you know what? I’m just gonna let them bring
whatever they want to me ’cause it was getting bad. I was just like–
– Oh with the superstition. – Let it come.
– Yeah. – Like Phil should never
pick the one I point to. (group laughing) – I learned a good lesson. Don’t dive out on the first heist. That is it. You can do teamwork.
– The very first heist. – Yeah, you really threw me there. – Denise, what is your lesson of the day? – Ooh, oh, we’re learning lessons. That I’m really bad at all
games, not just video games. – Aww, but there’s a show for that. – No, no, I had fun. Towards the end, like it really ramps up. – That was daunting.
– Yeah. – And you’re like, yeah! Can we do this? We can’t do this. We did it! – I’m usually not really the negative, but I really didn’t think
we would be able to do that. – I know! – I love playing games with you. Thank you all for being
here and coming back. – Yay!
– That was so much fun. – And I love when you watch from home. Thanks for watching Game the Game. We’ll see you next time, bye! – Bye!
(upbeat music) (joyful music)

14 thoughts on “Sinister Six | Game the Game”

  1. Boring. Again, another game that should be fast, action packed and not full of boring cards and tokens to look after with a bunch of not fun rules to use as mechanics. And that is too bad, because the concept is awesome.

  2. Youtube stopped recommending Game the Game video's to me a few months ago. I thought maybe they had stopped making them. I had to specifically search for Game the Game to find this video. 2 million subscribers with only 9k views? Ouch.

  3. honestly the company was great, fun interactions among the players, but the game itself was kind of boring, the theme is cool, i mean it's Spider-man, who doesn't love Spider-man, but a game of who can cover the most icons with their cards is not that interesting, the theme wasn't felt that much through the game, anyways good episode all always, kind of wished you guys would play better interesting games.

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