Secret creepy level Secret creepy level

THE SECRET LEVEL OF SLITHER.IO Hey guys. So today we’re going to show you the secret level of If you don’t know with slither io is,
then you’re not addicted to one of the greatest online games ever. You’re a snake and you grow bigger and
bigger by destroying other snakes, and eating their remains I know, that sounds a little morbid but
it’s not. It’s really good family fun. Now, wait a minute. If it’s such family
fun… why would it be featured on the Don’t
Turn Around channel? Because I received a video which revealed a shocking secret level. there’s been a lot of chatter about this level on the forums and they’ve
talked about how to access it but there’s been a lot of misinformation. Until now it’s been somewhat of a myth
but…as far as I can tell, for the first time this level has been recorded and
for the first time ever, this is how you can get to the secret level…but beware you might not actually want to. So we all
know about the suicide snakes. They’re the little snakes that just
don’t have a player. Really they’re just snakes that people
have given up on. But have you ever seen the bigger suicide snakes… and wonder why
they would just run themselves into the wall and die. I’m sure you’ve been on the outer wall
and seen a snake crash into it and just disappear. Well stand by for something that’s about
to blow your mind. So this only works if you have a snake
between 8,000 and 9,000 points. So it’s already out of reach to a lot of
players. And if you try this with a bigger snake or smaller snake, it just doesn’t work. No idea why. OK, so your snake needs to
head east… and as you hit the border you don’t actually die. A secret tunnel is revealed. They’re going through a path of what
looks like dead suicide snakes. Snake ghosts? I don’t know. Anyone have a clue? Be careful here, as one slip-up can end you. The screen just restarts It’s also entirely possible that within
the secret level we’re supposed to be doing something else. What do you guys think? Let me know if
you guys can advance any further than me, and if you do and get to the secret
level and see anything I haven’t seen, let me know and I’ll make up another
video Until then… keep slithering!

100 thoughts on “ Secret creepy level”

  1. Chosen one cintimatic Universe

    Edit: also pause and press 0 on keyboard and you find a red screen for a split second

  2. Hey I try it and I try to enter secret level and I died in red border BUT I SEE THE SECRET LEVEL ON MY EYES it's TRUE I really see! 😬

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