Sloth Reacts Eurovision 2019 Netherlands Duncan Laurence "Arcade" (Acoustic) REACTION

Sloth Reacts Eurovision 2019 Netherlands Duncan Laurence "Arcade" (Acoustic) REACTION

37 thoughts on “Sloth Reacts Eurovision 2019 Netherlands Duncan Laurence "Arcade" (Acoustic) REACTION”

  1. Elaine Persephone P.

    Check out Kostis Maraveyas for a greek flavor
    or K-pop songs like this dope

  2. Manon Sacharias Bruijns

    You are such a nice sensitive person. I really understand your reaction. Music can save people and give strenght to people who are depressed. You can do one thing, Be there and love her. Good Luck with everything.

  3. hi sloth,
    You’re story is so beautiful and I can say I feel you and you’re friend. It’s hard to deal with suicide and I know sometimes you’re life can be upside down. You’re such an strong person I’m so lost for words to explain how many respect I have for you. So I’m gonna meet Duncan November 8 this year, I wanted to give him a book full of fans telling him why they’re fans and why they think Duncan is important in their life. You’re story really hitted me and I really want I to be in the book so Duncan can read about it. Can u please contact me on Twitter ? My username is : sqftduncan. I want u to know you’re a special person and you deserve all luck in the world <3
    Lots of love kirs 🙂

  4. Ingrid van Woensel

    Here is another version of Arcade from the Concertgebouw Amsterdam. He was a guest at a concert of Ilse de Lange and sang Arcade. You can see Ilse de Lange as backing vocal in this video. You can’t see it in this video but to enter this stage, you must walk down the stairs. He got a standing ovation. He recently told in an interview at a tv program, that he has to practice how to walk down the stairs, when they showed him a video of his entrance and he saw himself walking down. He was not satisfied about the way he walked down.😂 I think he walked down great! He was so overwhelmed by the standing ovation, because he never has experienced this before. He said it was a magical moment.
    For people who are interested, you can watch the whole concert of Ilse de Lange and Duncan’s entrance and performance at the facebookpage of the Bankgiroloterij, who was the sponsor of the concert. Duncan’s performance is at the end about 1h56.

  5. Ingrid van Woensel

    Dear Brandon, you are such a sweet and caring human being. Your emotions are pure and honest. So sad to hear about your friend but how special that Arcade of Duncan has saved her from suicide that day. You don’t have to feel embaressed. Music is all about emotions and Duncan has the gift and talent to evoke emotions with his beautiful voice and charismatic personality. This acoustic version of Arcade is so beautiful. He has touched so many people and is a positive example for many. I really hope you can get in contact with him some day. You deserve it so much.. At least he has one devoted fan in the States and that is you. Hopefully we can do something for you to get his attention for your video’s. He can be proud of a fan like you.😊

  6. Hii, thank you for this video. Emotional…
    You actually pronounced the names quite well. We’ll see which city it will be, for me it’s a little bit extra exciting to find it out sinds I actually live two streets away from the venue in Maastricht. Maybe it’s nice for you to read something about my city 😃 If Maastricht will be chosen the festivities will be planned literally EVERYWHERE in the whole city. I think that would be the biggest difference with Rotterdam. Rotterdam is a wonderful city and would be great to put on a marvellous show (the Ahoy venue is amazing!) but it has a tonn of traffic jams every day and a smaller percentage of the people is excited about the chance to have it in their city. It would be just another party to them. Maastricht is not a huge city like Rotterdam but it has an international vibe since it has a university with students from all around the world, and since it’s located in walking distance from Belgium, and only a couple of miles away from Germany. Maastricht organises big events and concerts in the city center and in the MECC, the optional venue for ESC. In the past artists like Prince, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston and many others found their way to this venue. One of the events in the city center takes place every july, three weeks long. They are concerts of a local artist who is world famous for his interpretation of classical music. (I actually hear tonights concerts’ fireworks right this moment.) People come to see these concerts from all over the world and after they are done cinemas all over the world show them. (André Rieu) I am not a big classical music fan, but these concerts are truly unique in the world, and show the spirit in the city at its best. They obviously cater mostly to an older audience, but being a student city Maastricht ofcourse has a vast amount of young people. Having experienced the total atmosphere during all events and knowing how much everyone here wants to be a part of the ESC20, I am absolutely sure the whole city would be buzzing and breathing music. Fingers crossed… 😃

  7. Debby Dekoningverbeek

    Owww Brandon, your so sweet 😢, I know if Duncan see this he will give you a big hug.😞, Don't you agree, this song is getting beter and better all the time.
    Great to hear that you will come to Holland. I hope to meet you and I will hug you also. 🤣🤣 Rotterdam is the place to be ❤have a nice weekend . Xx

  8. Arie BlueNoir Schackmann

    He is in LA writing new songs/music to make a full album And itmis indeed still such a beautiful song. Big hugs to you buddy

  9. I hope you will meet Duncan and see him live!!!!! You totally deserve this…..Love watching you Sloth!!! Kan iemand dit regelen????

  10. Thank you for your sincere reaction. Don't apologize for your emotions, it's so honest. I cryed with you. Music is a way to express feelings, it also has a great impact on feelings. I'm glad, you send this beautiful song to your co-worker. She is lucky to have you. You're a beautiful, caring human. ❤

  11. Thanks bro like you're reaction sorry for you're lost. Just remember the good memories that is oll we living people can do 'memories'

  12. Wow, what an emotional reaction. I cried with you. The story of your friend is so heartbreaking. I hope she can find the strength to pull through. You are such a great friend to her and that is the most important thing you can do for her right now. Duncan is touching so many people with his music. It’s wonderfull to hear that his music even can save a person’s life. Thanks for your reaction to this video!

  13. Loved your raw emotion sloth my love to your special friend.she is not alone.send her lots of hugs and love from your subscribers.💞💞

  14. We have to watch FIK together at xmas.
    I have a beautiful song for you from a lady who was once in Quadraphenia. Hazel O'connor . We have seen her and her band so many time in the UK. Shame she is scared of flying these days. This is one of my favorite songs ever. From one of my favorite movies Breaking Glass.–e4

  15. Young lad from Ukraine performing Arcade in Ukranian and English

  16. If you like this version, you should listen to his performance in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw a few weeks ago. That was intense,

  17. Well, Duncan does silly things. He came to a home of a Norwegian colleague of yours (also a YouTube guy that reacted to the Eurovision songs). I think it was because that guy was also active for homosexuals, but that was not clear. It was a Norwegian and Duncan just visited his home, made a nice video and left again during his Oslo performance. I think Duncan also plans for going to America, so, who knows?

  18. love you brandon…bless her and you. thanks for sharing your beautifull heart and the song…i had tears in my eyes too😇

  19. Your happy face it contagious and then you tell the story about your friend it's heartbreaking sad story but it's amazing she didnt take her own life because of the song, and I hope she is doing fine 😘

  20. Oh Brandon, you're making me cry as well. Thank you once again for sharing. Love you because of your emotions. (Don't worry, I could be your mother and I'm not a cougar 😉 ). Duncan should hear this story, I think he would get emotional himself. Take care!

  21. Myra Schuit Dutchie

    What a sad story. Don't say sorry for your reaction, it's so pure. Music helps a lot in life. Duncan has stolen a lot of hearts from people.

  22. marie jose jansen

    What an impressive story…..I hope your co-worker is feeling a bit better now, I love this video, his voice is beautiful, but I like it a bit more when he looks in to the camera now and then for the connetion with the listener.

    This link is to a video of Duncan singing ‘Arcade’ live at a German show on the 7th of july. Without violins, but very pure, perhaps you like to watch it sometimes.

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