Son Of Abish feat. Mayanti Langer & Vijay Varma

Son Of Abish feat. Mayanti Langer & Vijay Varma

This cab is here.
Just tell him to wait for a second. Yes. Yeah.. yeah.. Just ask the guy to
wait for 2 more minutes. Just two minutes. I don’t care about your star ratings Hello, are you guys charged? Yes, 60%. What’s up? Just look at him.
What a waste of an organic body. The things I’d have compulsion.. ..I wasn’t to this plastic shell. Do you know what I did to him last night? Do tell. Transmitted memory. Yeah, Alexa. Hello, Abish. Set alarm for 5 AM. Would you like to
buy a farm for 9 million? No, set alarm for 5 AM. Alright. Buying farm for 9 million. No, cancel. Cancel. No. Spoiled the job. But that’s nothing. This is what I did to him. Okay Google. Put lights on. Put only one night on, Google. No, put the eye light on, Goggle. Wait. Google. Google. Google. Stop. Stop it. Stop. Classic. Smart watch.
We want to know what you did this morning. Alright. Goal done. Take me home. Take the next left. How far is home? 700 meters. Take the next left. Where the hell have we been? I want to go home. You’re in Andheri. Andheri?! I want you to take me home. Take the next left. Where’s home? Welcome to Kanyakumari. Absolutely brilliant. Your parcel, sir. Thanks. Finally, a first class assistant I wanted. Yes, sir. Alright. Larson. First order is that.. I want you to remove
all these smart devices. They’ve been acting little crazy. Absolutely. Get working. Nice to meet you. No, I am still working. Wait. – I promise. No. – Copy, 26 degrees and.. Down to that. See, I am working. Don’t you do this. – No. Start. – Start. Your reminders for today are.. Start. Losing battery. Don’t do this. Abish, freeze. Goddamn it. Ladies, gentlemen and others,.. ..please get your shit together… ..for the shit Abish Mathew. Thank you. Thank you so much. Wow! Welcome to Son of Abish. My name is Abish Mathew.
Thank you so much for coming. Give yourself a round of applause. Yes! All right. Ladies and gentlemen and others,.. …we are part of a generation
where people are dumb.. ..but bulbs are smart. Actually, bulbs were always smart.. ..because they have ideas. Technology is so
widespread right now.. …that more people have
access to the Internet… ..than to proper education. That means in our country.. …before actual intelligence.. ..comes artificial intelligence. But if you think about it,
artificial intelligence,.. …is ought to have drawn inspiration
from some actual intelligence. It’s amazing that.. …in India we have both.. ..artificial intelligence.. ..and real dumb. Now technology is
inserting its dick into… ..everything a man is doing. Finally, men know what it feels like.. ..whether it’s travel
time or time travel.. ..we can’t go to work without it. We can’t work without it. I men we can’t work without it. We can’t work with.. Teleprompter stopped working.
– Hello, guys! Guys, I can’t work without it. You don’t have to fact check, sir. If you look at the Teleprompter, it’s
like watching a movie with subtitles. Before technology becomes sentient,.. ..gets voted as prime minister,.. …and censors all kids
of criticism against it,.. ..let’s do some jokes about it. Okay, here are my jokes
about technology. Ready? Joke 1, enjoy it. This is dedicated to you, sir. Most old Indian men love using Siri.. …as their personal assistant. But they’re disappointed.. …they can’t harass
her after getting drunk. For example: Hey Siri,.. ..will you have sex with me? All right, Abish. Opening front camera. And after that.. …take a look at your face, loser. Then go take a dump on the streets,
scoundrel. Then turn right from Senapati Bapat.. Tirupati hotel to Vadala morgue. Well, at least it’s saying.. Creep!
– Okay. Thanks. Oh my God! That would’ve
gone for a very long time. Finally, it’s over and
I can continue with my monologue. But the best thing about
being an old person with an iPhone.. that next year when
they release a new one,..’ll probably be dead. And if you’re really lucky,.. …we might even relocate to Mars. That’s right. But.. ..we as Indians will
feel right at home on Mars. Because ‘gutkha’ stains
will be camouflaged on Mars. You know,
when an Indian man has ‘paan’… ..he literally consumes and
becomes the personality that is.. ..let’s paint the town red. Also, coming to India is this new.. hyper loop.
Have you guys heard of it? Yeah, right? A train so fast that it
promises Mumbai to Pune within.. …35 minutes. That’s incredible. First time you take it,
it’ll be the virgin hyper loop. Your return journey
will just be hyper loop. Wonder why I get an applause on sex. Hyper loop is so fast that.. ..if it right swipes you on Tinder,
you’ll immediately get pregnant. The child will bounce.. ..because of the umbilical cord. Here’s our first,
hyper loop is so fast. Second.. Second best hyper loop
is so fast joke. Ready? Let me ask you this way.
The hyper loop is so fast,.. How fast is it? Crap falling on the tracks
turns into Methane instantly. Second best. My favourite here. 3, 2, 1.. The hyper loop is so fast,.. How fast is it? By the time dad says.. ..Go, Simran, SRK reaches Khopoli. You like that? Like that. Basically,
artificial intelligence is everywhere. And it’s only a matter of
time before we all become Androids. Otherwise what’s even life! Shut up, creep! And now for no reason at all.. Children’s dreams Vs adult reality. I want to be an inmestvent banker. Hello. Do you want a personal loan? Hi, I want to be a cricketer. Hello Chhotu,.. … 500,000 on India. No, oh yeah.. If we win this time,
I’ll clear all dues. I want to make original music… ..that everybody will
love and crowds will enjoy. Not good. Wow! Selected. I want to host the tonight show. This is the best
audience I’ve ever had. True story. It is true. It’s recess time.
It’s time for us to take a break… ..from watching me talk to you live… …to watching me
talk to you on a video. Unless you’re watching me right now… you’ll cut from this
video to another video. Today we’re going to meet
this sensation who’s name is mortal. He has amassed 3
million subscribers… ..on Youtube by mastering
the delicate art of playing PubG. And I was like, it’s all good
on the phone. What about real life? So join us as we level the
playground and challenge each other… a game of paint ball… …because that’s the
game I’m really good at. Yeah. Pub G! Hi. – Hi, nice to meet you! Nice to meet you, too. How’s it? I’m your big fan. How are you? I wish you had said you’re my fan also,
but I guess you are not. Ladies and gentlemen.
– I am a huge fan of you, too. Well, thank you. It’s little too late. I guess that’s one way to say
that the competition has already started. Naman Mathur, mortal.
What should I call you? Mortal. Mortal? Yeah, because we are in a competition.
So mortal. Yeah. – Okay. Cool. If you’re not in a competition
then you’re not Naman Mathur. That’s going to be fine. He’s a little too competitive. I think you came and relax. I am going to win this game. – I am ready. Did you call yourself mortal.. ..because ‘Mathur’ mortal. No, it was casual. Just like that? – Yes, mortal. But there’s any other gaming type? For example I had comical seven. Okay, so mine was ball shack. Ball sh.. Ball shack What does that mean? It’s a mythical dragon in some animation. Yeah. Okay. Okay, because I heard.. ..something else completely.
And I was like.. Dad is also.. ..a mythical. Dragon. I’ve a question for you. Are you scared? To be honest, yes, I am. So modest. Your name should be not mortal,
it should be called modest. Alright, modest. Are you ready to play? Yes. I am ready to play. Okay. Let’s play. Abish, why do you want me to wear this? It’s tight I think. Dude. That’s great. What’s up?! – What’s up, man? All set. – All set. But where are the weapons. Already shot the flag. Okay, alright. I will help you. We both got to go. Okay. Wow! – Wow! Yeah.. – Nice! Nice! How do we use this though? I don’t know. Okay. Alright safety is now off. Amen. All the best, sir. Until now I was scared.
Now I am too confident. Oh there you.. I got it. I got it. Okay, safety is off. Safety off first. Now, I can dance. I dance. Who danced? I dance. Who danced? I dance. Who got the shot already there? What happened to mortal? Mortal didn’t get his shot. Well, I got the shot. For Naman Mathur aka Mortal. Red.. for already dead. Aka Abish. Aka, the host. Aka, the winner. All the best. Back to our bases. Time to take him down. Back to the flag. The flags are going to be here. All the flags will come here.
Guys, get ready. Oh my God! What’s wrong with my hair? Oh no. It looks crazy. Unlock your marker. Unlock. – Unlocked. On the count of 3.. 2.. One. Shoot. Well played. Well played. I am dead. Oh no. By swear of the border. Shoot. Mortal, well played, man. Look at this. At the end, you had shot at any place. Anyway, thank you so
much for coming on this. Thank you so much for watching. I am going to throw back to the Abish. Hello. Yes, I’ve killed him. Yes. See you soon. Kenny Sebastian. All right,
time for us to meet our guests. Our first guest pulled
at our heartstrings in Gullyboy. You remember him… the guy who went.. Wow! And he does it better than I do. Our second guest we got
for you someone extremely special. She needs no introduction
if you are a blue blooded Indian,.. ..she’s the corner stone
of cricket presentation in India… …and has hosted
several world cup shows.. …for different sports.
I could keep… …going on and listing
different things about her.. ..but I do not want
to keep her any langer.. So, please welcome on stage.. ..none other than Vijay
Varma and Mayanti Langer. Thank you so much for coming. What a sad joke! Thank you so much for coming. What’s up? How are you, man? There you go. Please take your seats.
– Thank you for a lovely introduction. Yeah, his was great.
– It was, no? I did the full.. Take 2 of that please. How will you rate that? I think I could do a great wow… But you admitted I could
do a better job than you, right? I agree. You think I’m even going to compete… …with whatever? Please! All right, but thank you
so much both of you for coming. I’m really excited you’re here. So, let’s start off immediately. Vijay, you went to FTII to study. But your parents didn’t
want you to study acting. Yeah, my father…
– Yeah. My mom eventually supportive.
She was like… Because I was doing
stage in Hyderabad… ..and I’m a Marwadi guy so.. ..we’re not supposed to do anything. We’re supposed to do business. We’re not supposed to do anything. So, I was one of those kids who… ..studied because I liked it. And then what do
Marwadis eventually… …study? B.Com. You do B.Com.
Obviously. I didn’t know there
was some course like B.A. It’s like you didn’t even.. B.Sc was a far cry.
– Never heard of it. I’m not kidding, guys. My entire family has
reached only the 10th grade. Entire family has
attempted 10th grade. Everyone has attempted. Like I’m sorry but it
sounds like that’s it? Great. Yes, it’s a weird combination.
Of course he… ..let me.. this at the same time
he didn’t want me to do anything else. He didn’t want me to work with… Do jobs as he thinks
servants take up jobs. So what was your option? Business?
– Yeah. Family business?
– Yeah. You’re Marwadi.
I don’t know why is that even.. …a question.
– If it’s not hit on the nail.. It’s not drilled inside you by now.. …then I don’t know what I can do. Okay, sorry man.
You have your own business. Sorry, I don’t have
enough Marwadi friends. I’m Marwadi. Is that even a war cry? What is a Marwadi war cry? Repay my money! Is that… Is that a… But you FTII entrance was
something your dad didn’t pay for. You had another friend who actually
paid for you to get into FTII. Yeah, of course.. When I wanted to become an actor,… ..of course he disapproved of it. So, I got myself a seat at FTII. I applied secretly.. I cleared through all the rounds. And when I had the seat,.. …I went up to my mom and said.. …I got this and I can go and study.. ..acting for 2 years
and she looked into my eyes.. I was doing stage for 2 years by then. So, she knew I liked doing this. Yeah.
– And I failed at other jobs. Failed at other jobs, okay! So, I had to break
the news to my father. Yeah.
– I want to go for 2 years and I… ..need the fees, whatever.
And because I had… …various courses by now..
I’d done like.. ..numerous courses.. ..and gathered enough fees
from him for various courses.. …I knew I can’t ask him for money. My friend who used
to watch me on stage.. …and he was somebody who said,
you want to go? I’ll pay your fees. Your life is like Gullyboy! Yeah, so I have like.. ..somebody who helped me out there.
The fees were like.. ..1,20,000 for a year.
– Wow! And he paid me 150 saying… …keep some money handy too. So, you should’ve tattooed.. You should’ve changed your name
to your friend’s name in that case. His name is Vijay, by the way. Did he…
– He’s Vijay Ramnani, I’m Vijay Varma. So, I can really write Vijay. You could write it.
Vijay Ramnani? Yeah. Vijay Ramnani,.. ..thank you for the money you gave him.
– Shout out to Vijay. you gave him.
– Seriously, wow. All the Sindhis out there.. …will know Vijay
Ramnani because he runs.. ..Karachi Bakery in Hyderabad. Oh really? Whoa, dude! That’s….
– I got friends with deep pockets. That’s right.
And tasty deep pockets I must say. Have you paid him back
the money by the way? Never mind.
– Next question. I better dodge that. Actually..
– That’s personal. That is too personal.
Friends don’t take money back. They just take in their company. So.. No comments.
– True Marwadi way! Mayanti, in school
you followed football… …like you were a huge football fan. You’re a Luis Figo fan.
– Yeah, Figo fan. I love Figo. You also watch football?
– Yeah. I used to like Figo a lot.
– What a guy! Did you ever play football in school? A little bit.
The only reason I got into it was… …when we were in the States.. Longs
story short, dad’s in the army… Military attache to
the United Nations, so.. brother and I picked
up a lot of sports in America.. …one of which was football
and at that time it was co-ed.. So I when I came back
to finish my school in Delhi… We actually played. My school ran an academy
for girls and boys. So, that was just a time when you watch
football, play over the weekends… So it was just… …a thing. It was a passion.
You were a kid and you enjoy that. And it was like a hobby after
school watching the game. Did you? Did you ever.. That wasn’t something
I thought would be a career. When you moved from the US to Delhi,.. …when you joined
the football team,.. ..did you at any point in time pick
the football and run with it? – No. The other football.
– There it was soccer. Oh yeah, that was called soccer.
– So I played soccer over there.. ..and then I came back.. Are you a good footballer? What position do you play at?
– No, not really. Because if I were I’d
probably would’ve tried to.. for India but I lack.. I have absolutely no co-ordination. Did you play a particular position? They’d be like stay back
and kick if you see the ball. Stand back.
– Don’t allow a goal. Wow!
– It used to just like.. Either I’d just be
like central defender.. ..or even further like
assisting the goal keeper.. …some sweeper position
The goal keeper was like wait.. …I’ll do this. You were the slip to the goal keeper. Really.
– Madam, move aside. Little more. Get the ball from the corner.
I’m like yeah. Like that.
– Like the 11th man. But I did love it. It was quite a passion… But that’s when the love
for sports must’ve started. Usually..
– And army life. You grow up.. ..playing sport in cantonment. My dad was always keen on fitness.
Going for a walk.. You always admire sports. Yeah, I think my
dad’s not in the army. But I got the same
army treatment from my dad. Why?
– I was really good at dodge ball. But instead of a
ball he used a slipper! So I was always.. So I know exactly what you mean. But you’re.. Your sports career in general.. …started in a very special
place close to my heart. Noida. Is it close to your heart? Because I live in Sector 21, Noida. Okay. You’ve represented Noida 201 301. That’s right.
Noida which stands for New Okhla.. ..Industrial Development area… ..which is the only English
people in Noida know. Why and how were you
in that magical city.. ..called Noida?
– Part of the land. While I was in college,
I had a part time job. Over the weekends to
run a girls’ football league. It was the same academy
that trained me in school. It was basically a
way to make pocket money. Somebody had once
come to interview us… ..and take a byte of mine.. That was basically Zee
Sports that reached us… ..starting this channel.
So film city’s in Noida. Yeah. I had just given
my final exams in college. And I got a call asking
if I’d come down for an audition. I was like where in Noida..
I didn’t really have like…. I didn’t even think
of using Google maps.. Where is it? Toll road.. Further ahead.. It was very vague..
– Been there. Wow! Okay, relax. Don’t say about Noida like that. But I worked there for so long. And my brother who’s
a year and a half.. ..or nine months younger
than me but looks.. …now older and he’s huge,
he’s like 6’2.. ..typical Punjabi North Indians
said you’re not going alone… Noida. You wear a salwar kurta.. ..and I’ll come with you.
– Yeah, he made me.. Your brother escorted
you for the audition? He drove me there. He was like I will
sit in the audition. I will sit in the meeting
if somebody wants to meet you.. ..I will be there.
So, he actually did that. Because he was like you’re
not going to Noida by yourself. Wow!
– We didn’t live with my parents. My dad was serving. So just
me and my brother looking out for.. …each other for a long time so.. ..he came there and.. ..both of us were exposed to.. ..looks like this.
These set ups and lights.. …Teleprompter and
they were like sit here.. this and my brother’s like.. You know..
Yeah, that was like my first audition. How was the audition? Did it go well? Clearly it did because
13 years later I’m still here! In that game!
That’s what I’m talking about. Cool!
– Vijay, for you.. I don’t know if it’s the
most interesting part of your life.. ..but for me the little
bit that I know about you.. I had to live your life
through your perspective. I would want to live your life.. ..the way you met Amitabh Bachchan. Oh my God!
– Yeah? He was also Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. So, I’m guessing there’s a motif of.. ..the multiple Vijays
happening in your life. For sure.
Yeah after.. How did you first
meet Amitabh Bachchan? I met him on the set.. I was doing this film called Pink. And.. So.. ..I went to the court room. We were shooting in
a court room in Film city. And he’s the tallest
man wherever he is.. ..whichever room he is in. So, I could spot him from one side of
the room and he was standing there… He’s the Antilla
in a building of people. You can spot him anywhere. So, in the middle of all of that.. …he was socialising with some
people and he just walks up to me.. ..out of nowhere, he shakes my hand
and says, Hi, I’m Amitabh Bachchan. He says, Hi, I’m Amitabh Bachchan? And I’m like…
– Never leave a man hanging, so… Hi, I’m Amitabh Bachchan.
-Hi, Vijay Raaz. Vijay Raaz I’m saying!
Vijay Varma. And all I could muster
at that time is like… ..thank you! And for that entire next.. …few hours I was on the set,
I kept thinking.. ..what a fool I am to say thank you… somebody introducing himself! So I prepared
the next I’ll say my name. So next day I was waiting to.. …find him in a place
where he’s not busy… ..and I walk up to him
and he’s like Hi, good morning. I’m like Vijay Varma! Destroyed me! I felt I’ll go and say.. ..Hi, I’m Vijay Varma. He just turned around and said
good morning and I said Vijay Varma. Felt terrible that day. It was a few days later. He was going through his lines. Right outside his trailer. And there were a bunch of bodyguards. I was just happening to pass by. And I just went behind him and
saw some people take pictures of him. I wanted to be in the picture.
I photobomed and I ran away… what have I done! Wow! We actually
have that image though. Let’s show that image… ..of…
Is that you? – Oh man!
– You’re photobombing Amitabh Bachchan! It’s not even a selfie.
There are security guards around. ..around Amitabh Bachchan!
– And the guards were like.. ..what did he just do? But not just that.
Apparently, he found out.. ..and we have a photo of him.. ..showing that image to everybody else.
– Yeah. On the sets.. And look at Vijay! He’s like it’s me! No, it was actually
frightening because he said…! I want to show you something. And I knew. I knew that… ..I’m caught and the
security will thrash me. So he said… ..see what this boy’s done. And I didn’t know if he’s.. ..serious or not but then I realised
he was just trying too.. He’s trying to.. – That
was very sweet of him to kind of.. this and show it to me. Awesome!
– Wow, what a story! Mr Bachchan, if you’re
watching this show,.. ..which obviously you are..
– Vijay. That’s Vijay, just in case. Yeah, don’t forget to subscribe. All… It’s my motive throughout the season. Guts, bro!
– That’s all. Just subscribe to the channel.. ..and then write a blog
about what you just got to see. Please join Son of Abish. Yes, I mean,
we’ll fly you in from Juhu. That’s all we can afford.
That’s all we can do. I really want to know about.. you met Stewart. We met when I got forced
into cricket by Zee… ..when I was living those
great days in Noida’s film city. You got forced into cricket?
– Yes,.. ..I got forced because I
used to do just primarily football. I was comfortable. That was my zone.. Yeah. We were looking
to rebrand Indian football. But I got forced into
saying I had no option. You’re our anchor.
We haven’t found anyone. Go do this.
– How did you learn cricket? So, my boss at that time.. I had flown all the way
to Goa for the Federation Cup.. ..which is a tournament
in Indian football and this was.. ..ICL Indian Cricket
League before the IPL… It was a year before that. It was starting in Chandigarh
and literally a day before.. He’s like,
listen, you’re going tomorrow. So, let me give you a crash course. Batsmen are king. Bowlers, no one really cares about. That was my crash course!
– God! He was like,
here you’ll see a lot of… ..great batmen..
Inzamam-ul-Haq will be there.. ..and Brian Lara will be there. They’re kings and emperors.
Bowlers.. can ignore.
Imagine, that was my introduction. But I did that and thankfully
it was T20 cricket… …which around that time
was just about being broadcast.. everyone was kind
of learning which was.. ..a good way to get into it. And
Stuart was one of the cricketers who.. And a bowler. Batsman and bowler! Don’t forget batsman, okay.
Direct king.. ..and someone not to care about. He’s both. He’s a big scale. So, he was one of
the Indian cricketer.. ..who at that time was a part.. Mainly Stuart and
Rayudu were the two.. ..who went on to play for India
and they played in the same team. So that’s how I met him. Right.
– And I because of my awful.. …ragging in college
by only cricketers.. …I was like this
is like a breed of.. that I need to stay away from.
They’re not nice guys so I was like.. ..I will not date a cricketer,
I will not speak to.. ..cricketers. They’re horrible people.
Famous last words! Famous last words!
– Rahul Dravid is very sweet. God, it was like a..
I hadn’t met all these people. I hadn’t met the
gentlemen of the game. Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble…
These guys are the.. ..most incredible gentlemen
I’ve ever seen. I’m a big Dravid fan. And I get a chance to work with them. So you see why it’s called the
gentlemen’s game and you do meet them. That was it.
That was my introduction to cricket.. ..and I had taken his
interview and I was like.. …he’s not so bad. Oh! Kind of nice guy. So, we kept in touch
after that and you know just.. For you cricketers are so low,.. …I’m never going to be like..
Anyone who stood up, it’s like.. ..that guy’s nice. No, I had a very
poor experience with… ..interacting with
cricketers in my college. So, I mean that’s college and boys.. I don’t know.
I don’t play any sport as you can.. …see by my flexibility.
– Yeah. But I mean that’s your introduction.. A lot of those cricketers
who ragged me.. college then I meet now
because you get a chance to work.. You go academies to shoot and a
lot of these guys will be like hey… You ragged me and
they’ll be like yeah. Yeah, so you get to..
– You get to relive it. Yeah.
– I’m just impressed.. Not relive it but I just
meant it’s funny how things.. turn out.
– Mayanti, tell me truly,.. ..when you meet the guys
who ragged you in college.. ..especially those cricketers,
do you not in your heart want to go… I’m not that person.
– No, are you still very like.. I’m very happy that you’re
working in an academy.. Excuse me, I got to go shoot. Sorry.
– No, not at all. It’s nice because..
Listen, I got.. I get to be a part
of this cricket community. Because of television and… Now you understand, you empathise.. Every single guy and
girl now in this country.. You want to play cricket. It’s a no 1 sport, it’s a dream.
– Yeah. ..that so many billions have. Now I kind of understand
what a dream it was. I don’t know why
they ragged me though. It’s was pretty uncalled for. Both of you are
outsiders to an industry. And for you both it’s been a struggle. So, like with Vijay.. When you came in, did you have to go
through a lot of audition processes.. ..How many rejections?
Or you got out of FTII as a star? I started doing rounds
of auditions and stuff. But I found it very
difficult to kind of.. …reach the audition
places primarily.. Why? I used to.. I have this condition.. I can’t understand places very well. Geography is something..
I feel two roads.. ..all over the world look the same. What is that condition called? It’s a…. They’re researching it. I think it’s some
kind of a dyslexia… ..about spaces. Oh, I think you’re using Apple map! I think that’s the problem. Maps.. You were cribbing about.. right at the beginning.
– Yeah. I felt relief when
Google maps happened.. ..because I could go to these… …Aram Nagar1, Aram Nagar 2.. ..Mhada..
And people discuss during.. ..the first few years when
I was doing the rounds, it was like.. Go to 123.. ..then go to 246.. Then go to 333 for part 2.. ..then at Mhada 440.. …for the auditions.
So, I used to just.. …get completely… …jumbled up in my mind
and why people talk in numbers. How do I reach there? And I live very close to Aram Nagar.. I’ve been living in
this area for 7 years now. And I still don’t know
where Aram nagar part 1.. ..and where is Aram Nagar part 2! Are you serious? – I can’t..
– Just Google it. Just Google it.
– I do that now.. So, I said I can’t audition. So Vijay,
I’m genuinely asking you a question. If I close your eyes,.. ..and if I throw you round and round..’ll be like how did
I land on Karan Johar’s show! You think something like.. If you’re so bad at directions.
– I was lost in my own house! Because I got lost in an exhibition… Hyderabad. You got lost in an exhibition?
– I was following my father.. I was looking at the pants and walking
I’m a little kid. Walking behind looking
at my father’s shoes and pants. Before I realised,
somebody else came with similar… …pants and I started
walking behind him.. ..and then I’m lost. And my father went to the.. Child missing. So, then I was found. Wow!
– And here I am. How long did you take to reach here? Uber.
– Thank God! Mayanti, we were talking
about you being an outsider as well. And you’re one of those
few people who’ve paved way.. ..and you’ve kind of inspired
a lot of people to enter.. …sports.. ..because of what you’ve
been doing for 13 years and more. And someone who loved football.. now coming to cricket,
you’ve done so much for it. Genuinely what were the biggest
struggles that you went through.. …because a lot of people do.. No, it’s a great question. The first thing I’ll answer is.. …I don’t think I had the
sort of struggles that you did.. ..because very early on in my career.. …I was very blessed
with opportunities. Okay. And people for some reason or the
other were willing to take a chance… …saying we’ll give
her the Football world cup.. ..or cricket world cup. Let’s
take a chance. Now it was up to me… to handle that opportunity. And he way that I got through
it was not thinking of myself.. a woman in a man’s world.
I still don’t. Okay.
– My role is very.. ..gender neutral. You and
I can swap and it’d still be… …the same thing at
the end of the day because.. …we have the same responsibilities. Correct. Conducting a conversation,
moderating with a ear piece.. You know, it’s… It’s a role, a responsibility. And the expectations for myself… …and for my male colleagues
are exactly the same… the place that I work.. ..with and I think that’s where I’ve
been very fortunate that I’ve worked… ..especially now with Star,
I work people that have.. …I think supported that. Right.
– But you’re right, I think.. ..where it’s tough
is society’s opinions. So, it’s..
You would’ve sat with like.. …the gentlemen you mentioned.
I’ve interviewed.. ..Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble.. …and Sunil Gavaskar..
I get to.. ..virtually interview Sunil Gavaskar.. …every single day and every time
he’s there I’m like wow, this is… ..Sunil Gavaskar. Instead of listening to that conversation
or content or what he’s telling us,.. We’d just done a test match
together which was a great match.. All the comments I get is wear skirt,
don’t wear skirt. So that’s something that hasn’t
really changed over the years. Right. Look I know
social media is that but..’s just a few..
See a woman sitting.. …there,
why are you judging her for.. …being a woman,
wearing not wearing… …being glamorous.. There’s
nothing wrong with wearing heels.. ..and trying to look your best.
The male presenters do it too. So, it’s..
That’s something that’s strange. It doesn’t bother me. Because I still have
to get on with my job. People don’t realise it’s live TV. You don’t have time for retakes. Yeah.
– You don’t have time to panic. You don’t have time for these
sort of things. It’s instinctual. So, how can I worry about.. …how my skirt is looking… ..or my make-up is okay. I don’t have time
for those sort of things. So, that’s kind of..
It’s very trivialised.. …when people still try and do that. Or they’re just like
we need a younger face. But then there
is a small perception that… ..needs to change
and whenever there is.. Not just men but whenever there’s
a woman coming into this industry.. There’s lot more now.
It’s the first thing I say.. …just take gender out of the equation.
You have to think like that… ..especially in today’s environment.. …and time. Take gender for both
men and women out of the equation. You will eventually be
judged on the same performance. It is so true. You mentioned
online hate. Every time you’re on.. Every time you put up something,
people always… ..give some hate. Every time
we put up something, we get hate. What are you working on now? I’m going to be starting
a show called Suitable Boy. Sorry, come again. Suitable Boy. It’s a show for BBC. Wow!
– This is with Miss Mira Nair. Wow!
– Okay. And then there’s a movie I’m doing.. …which I’m going..
I don’t know if I can say.. Baghi 3. Oh well done. It’s awesome. So these are the two
shoots lined up for this year. Dude, this year is going
to be super packed for you. Yeah.
– I’m glad we got you now. We wouldn’t get dates later. I’m coming back in March. You’re coming back in March? We’re doing another season in March. Before we go onto the games,
we got some gifts for you. Mayanti, this is for you. Oh wow! That beautifully wrapped.
– It’s a box that’s.. Is anything going to jump out on me? No, we’re not mean people.
– Just a box. Oh that’s nice. This, Vijay, is for you.
– Wow Mayanti, we’ll start with yours
first if you don’t mind opening it. If you think it’s a prank,
you can open it like that. I don’t why people open their gifts..
We’ve never done anything like that. Putting it this way. Guys, what is it?
– See, no trust! Oh so cool!
I can see my name on it. That it is.
This is… This is a jersey of your
favourite team while you were.. …growing up.
– Oh wow! Very nice. Thank you so much. That is very sweet of you. This is me leaving a good Instagram… comment underneath.
– Yeah. This is me doing that. May I?
– Yes, Vijay, go right ahead. C’mon, I know you..
– I think I know what it is. Aunty will call the police. You know what it is?
What is it? A picture? How will you hear with your earpiece?
– Sorry, my earpiece… Are you guessing what this is? Yeah.
– What is this? A portrait? Okay, it’s not what I thought.
– I’m going to guess. Okay.
– Once you guys.. ..react to this, okay? Is it proper? These are all the…
Okay, I won’t say it. Guess what is it. What could it be? It’s a caricature of me? It’s a portrait of me? It’s Abish’s.. That’s not how I send pics. Abish’s imaginary jaw line? What? What he has a jaw.. I don’t have a jawline… I have a good barber
who gives me a good shave. But Abish really looks cute though. That’s it.
End the episode right there. Abish Mathew.
– This was your promo… ..right here, guys. This is the promo line.
– That’s the promo for the season. Vijay, this is for you..
– Oh wow! All the Vijays that helped you out. We couldn’t source your
friend Vijay but we got.. We got Vijay.. There’s Vijay Maurya.
– Yes. Wait a second. This is Vijay Raaz? Yes. This is Vijay Varma. No, that..
– Of Deewar. Alright. Okay. That’s Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. That is..
– And that’s.. That’s you.
– Little me. This is a band called the Vijays. We’d like to see all
of you perform together. And I’d like for you to do the song.. My favourite from the album.. Once again ladies and gentlemen,
give a huge round of applause… ..for Mayanti and Vijay Varma.
– Thank you. Thanks for coming. It’s time for us to go onto our games. You’re excited about
what we’re going to play. We’ve custom made these
games as per your strengths.. …and your weaknesses. And my absolute pleasure. And now for no reason at all,.. ..the building is tall. Hey baby.
– Yeah, baby. The building is tall. I know! It’s a beautiful society. The lift isn’t working.
– Oh no! How do I come?
– Stairs? My heart is eager. Heart is eager? Say no more.
Have this and go to another level. Hello, baby? Baby! Sweetu! Hello, madam baby. Yes, well.. He’s lost on another level. All right,
it’s time for us to play our game. Again today it’s called
Artist in a minute. We have two rounds. You will have… You know what? Why don’t
we all read out the Teleprompter? Come.
– Do it like a pro. You have to do with
inflection and emotions. We’ll do two rounds.
3, 2, 1. We’re going to be doing two rounds. Round No 1.. ..3, 2, 1… You’ll be given a bizarre situation. You’ll pick it up
from these three bowls. Wait hold on. Show three bowls. Three bowls. Okay.
– Imaginary bowls. You have one minute
to draw on your canvas. We present to you.. draw the audience..
– Go to the audience… 3,2,1.. We present what you draw… the audience.. You guys misread. We’re good, right?
You guys are getting it, right? Special note for Abish. Our guests present
their case before voting. The one that gets the most votes wins. Wins.
– Guys, can I please.. Just do that.
– Okay. Okay, let the professional do it. Guests present.. …their cars.. Thank you. Guests present their
case before the voting.. The one that gets the most votes wins. Awesome! First we’ll start with your noun.. …so you guys pick up one noun. One noun which you will share. No, one noun and share it.
– Okay. Okay, you got a noun. Okay got it. Now pick up a verb. Oh thanks for making me feel included. Now.. You know what?
You also pick up location. Wait, I’ll pick up location.
– Okay. Include yourself also. But the audience
is not supposed to see. I am also not supposed to see.
– Then get lost. Yes.
– Now we can share this? Share it among yourselves.
I’ll stand right here. And whatever situation
comes out of this,..’ll need to start drawing. Got it?
I can hear you. Sorry, geography is
a bit of a struggle for you! Oh shit! As far as location is concerned,
it’s not accurate for you. Okay. You have exactly
60 seconds to draw it. You’re competing against each other. Whoever is closest to the situation… …because of these… ..will get to win the
game and my friendship. And love.
– Aww. On the count,
I’ve got my watch right here. 3, 2,.. 1, go! But there’s no music! Copyright free! Oh okay. I think I know what’s happening here. Okay, I do not know what’s
happening here anymore. I… One is going into too much detailing,
the other one.. ..says fuck detailing! Okay.. ..30 seconds to go. This.. Vijay, what are you making?
Cat Monalisa? You can’t write the words! You can’t write words! You can’t write words! Okay, go. I’m done.
– Done? You have 15 seconds. Do some shading. Where’s the sunlight coming from? Show the velocity of the ball. I know what this is but that is vague. You got 5.. ..4, 3, 2, 1 Okay, pens down guys. We already know who’s a clear winner. Before we go to the clear one.. What’s going on here? Okay, I have a question.
Have you seen Sword Cats? This is brave cat. It’s holding a rat. It’s a gun! And you wrote dad also.
Play the game! And I’m guessing here is ladder. And these are some speakers.
I don’t know. And now.
– Speakers… Wow! I’m going to start with the last… ..detail which has
nothing to do with it. You asked for it. But anyway.
– I’m seeing a train. Okay.
– Noun would be this. This is noun.
Noun is a cat. Very is shooting.. …at a railway station. Close enough.
– Whoa! Oh close enough.
I have to get accurate. Well, he is.. He’s not supposed to be..
– You can try on this.. It’s ngry.
– It’s not supposed to be a cat. It’s supposed to be a tiger. It’s a tiger! You can see the tiger here. Yeah, his is more.. Sir, I can’t see a tiger. I can see..
– Sword Cat. This is T bone. T bone was fatter than razor. Okay, cool.
Can you please explain what this is? So, you got the train station. I got the train station, yes. Those trains.. Tracks are here.
What does dad lead to? Why dad? Her train’s tracks are here.
– He was trying to name the station. You were writing Dadar?
– Yeah. God!
– You got it? Half way through I was
like why write about dad! Okay, so… Clearly the winner of
this round is none other.. ..than Mayanti Langer, everybody.
Very good! Round 2 is very simple. You have to draw my face on a balloon. So, I basically gave you the shape
of my head and you have to draw it. In 30 seconds, whoever gets the most.. ..accurate details of the
pose I’m making at that time.. ..gets to win.
– Okay. Now this is where my
lovely audience and I.. ..decide who the winner is. Are you ready, FTII?
– Are you ready.. ..Hindu College? Yes.
– I’m ready as Ramlal from… ..Noida 201, 301.
What up! On the count… We’re just drawing your face, right? Only the face. Get ready, 3, 2, 1, go. That is good. This is hard. Thank you. Is someone timing us? Yeah, I’m timing you. Clearly not Abish. C’mon, do it. 10 seconds to go. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Take your pens off. All right, take your pens off. Okay, I’m going to start..
– This doesn’t work. Okay. What? Can’t see. That’s… That’s very good.
– Oh my god! That is very good..
– I have to start with Mayanti’s in this. Why did you draw Mandrake? I don’t know but just notice
the detail of the earpiece. Even though it’s a long ear.
– Oh! I thought I had only one here. I see something else.
I feel like.. …these are two mountains.. Oh!
– That’s a river. That’s because my
eyebrow game is on fleek. That’s why. No, his is significantly better. But why didn’t you
make a slanted face? Okay guys, just…
– I tried. No contest. I tried. I was holding
the balloon like this. Come here. For this camera. I think the clear winner
of this round is none other than… ..Vijay Varma. Well done. Drops the marker like it’s a pen! There you go! All right.. ..ladies and gentlemen, it’s
time for me to declare the winner… ..of the game.
We had marked it according to.. Give me your hands both of you. Ladies and gentlemen, if you
don’t mind doing the drum roll… The winner.. Oh nice! Ladies and gentlemen,.. ..the winner.. ..for tonight’s game.. none other than both of you! That’s right. Because you were both victorious. And now I’ll get your personal
numbers and get invited to parties. It’s been 6 seasons and
not a single party invite! But thank you so much.
Give them a huge round of applause. Ladies and gentlemen,
give a huge round of applause.. Vijay Varma.
Thank you for coming to the show. Thank you, guys. Give a huge round of applause for.. ..Mayanti.
Thank you for coming to the show. You guys have been
a fantastic audience. So more than anything,
give yourself a round of applause. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you for watching the show. Son of Abish picks coming right up. We shall see you after this.. …transition on 3, 2,.. ..1. I just got beamed down! Tonight on Son of Abish picks.. ..we got for you the amazing Komorebi. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you for having me. Your music speaks to.. many people like.. …it speaks to human beings.. digital androids,
to space cadets to.. …even your instruments.
– Definitely yeah. What song would you
be doing for us today? I’m doing a song called little one. It’s a lullaby
I wrote for my brother. It’s also off my
last release Soliloquy. And I have two mics.
One is an effects mic going through.. …my kiosk pad and
one is a direct mic. Can I? You can. Hello, check!
– You touch the thing.. All right. Check! All on my ears. It looks cool so I’m
going to do your introduction. Ladies and gentlemen.. ..on Son of Abish picks.. ..we give you.. …Komorebi! That was so cool! That was incredible! ”Our father hid behind charming”.. ”Fact he could not escape.” ..”that he is now a myth of a man”.. ..”who failed to mend his mistakes.” ”Our mother, she”.. ..”truly believed she
found love in many a place.” ”Gone are all”.. ..”the strangers whom she”.. ..”she fought long
and hard to embrace.” ”Their flatulent embarrassment”.. ..”was dug up from under the grave.” ”All sanctity has been”.. ..”broken,
all sacredness on display.” ”Speaking with you now”.. ..”brother,
I am just confused as I”.. ..”was back then.” ”We’re still rattling cages”.. ..waging first steps…” ..”onto paths of becoming men.” ”Little one”.. ”Can we learn from their mistakes?” ”Little one”.. ”Can we learn from their mistakes?” ”Little one”.. ”Can we learn from their mistakes?” ”Little one”.. ”Can we learn from their mistakes?” ”Little one”.. ”Can we learn from their mistakes?” In the next episode,..

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