– What’s up, YouTube? This is Larry, and welcome to Episode Six, Five, One, of Larry in the Hole. Today, by popular request, we’re going to our local A&H Games. Y’all know the deal. $40. Spend it here. All sealed product. Gonna see what we get, and see if we can plus. Graciously, because of our, kind of, poll that we did, from last episode, I was allowed to add
the difference in price of Malicious Bane to what it was between Episode One and Episode Six, or now, and that difference comes
up to about $30-ish. So, instead of me being neg $37, I am now neg $7. Also, make sure to stick around
to the end of the episode for a special announcement. Even Paul doesn’t even know what it is. So, $40. Let’s go in here.
Let’s see what we get. (rhythmic reggae music) This is our local A&H Games. Usually have a tournament
here every Friday. Matter of fact, this past Friday, we had a tag team tournament, and Trell and I teamed, and we ended up winning the whole thing. I was playing Timelords, and Trell was playing Planes,
Trains, and Automobiles. It actually worked out a lot better than what we thought it would, because they have a lot of
synergy with each other, ’cause they’re both level 10s, so it was easy for us to
kind of just make rank 10s, as to where, I guess,
other people were kind ofー they just played two individual decks. So, it was like, “Okay. You go.” Where, with ours, it’s kind of, even though he could make
something using my monster, too, and it just kept on going, and we never really lost anything. I don’t see any deck building sets. I was really hoping for
some Mystic Fighters. Or, we can get lucky
off some Magical Heroes, or Immortal Destiny. But, looks like the normal setsー Ignition Assault? Chaos Impact? Lot of special editions to pick from. One or two Mega-Tins. Are
Mega-Tins still a thing? Fists of the Gadgets? We gonna stay away. Hidden Summoners? It’s not all that– Duelist Pack. What is
in that Duelist Pack? – [Paul] Oh, you’re talk aboutー oh that’s that, like, really bad one. That’s Dimensional Guardians.
No one liked that set. – [Larry] Paul, you know
something I can’t wait for? – [Paul] What can you not wait for? – That new Legendary Duelist mega-super-set, with all the stuff. It was supposed to being, like, get rarity bumps and stuff. – [Paul] Oh, yeah. That got announced. That’s like in, July? – I’m glad, ’cause I’m glad, ’cause I’ll finally
get the Red-Eyes stuff, ’cause, like, those Red-Eyes
cards were expensive for no reason. Like, nobody plays Red-Eyes. They’re just expensive. Ignition Assault, we’re
looking at Lightning Storm, which costs, we’ll just be on the safe side, and say, what, a kidney? Half a spleen? A lot. Legally. Not as much
on the black market, I’m sure. What’s in Chaos Impact? – I:P.
– I:P Masquerena? – [Paul] Well, wait.
I guess, first of all, with Ignition Assault,
we also forgot about theー did you mention the Gizmek? – No, I didn’t. Gizmek? Mm, does that Gizmek get played? Ignister field spell that
they need. It’s kind of– – A.I.Land?
– A.I.Land. Fire the guy who comes
up with these names. – [Paul] I like it. I
love cheesy Konami names. – Of course you do. – [Paul] Ignister A.I.Land is– – Like Fur Hire? – [Paul] Toadally Awesome?
Like, that stuff’s great. – That should be y’all’s niche. Like, Yu-Gi-Oh puns, we’ve got them! The Darkーwhere’d they get
that Dark Magician from? Graciously donated by some kind people. Helped improve the feng shui of the shop. That’s my favorite
artwork of Dark Magician. I think I’ve told you that before. ‘Cause I wanted the movie packs, and somebody wouldn’t let
me get the movie packs. – [Paul] It wouldn’t have been worth it! – And I said, “‘Cause
there’s my favorite artwork “of Dark Magician on it. And Blue-Eyes.” Yeah, I:P Masquerena is $50. The Starliege Seyvert is $40. – [Paul] I’m actually looking
for one of those personally. – Striker is $17. Why? – I just want to build–
– I thought you had one. – [Paul] I have two right
now, but I need one more. – Abomination’s Prison is $15. – [Paul] And so, I’m
guessing people bought out Legendary Duelists, ’cause
that probably was theーright. – They did. I came here, and
it was already bought out before I even got off work, and come here, and be like, “Oh. “I’m gonna go to the shop
and look for the stuff, “’cause I know we need it.” – [Paul] Unfortunately, such is life. – Everybody was like,
“Ha ha. You unwise fool.” Does Larry in the Hole
count for, like, singles? – I mean–
– It doesn’t. I said, I said, before I came in here,
it was only sealed product. Remember when this card
used to just shut decks out? – [Paul] Wait, which one? – Knightmare Corrupter. – [Paul] Oh, yeah. Iblee.
Man, those are dark days. – You used to justーGoukis ran it. It just like, “Oh, here’s Ilee.” Or Iblee? Italy? We’ve had so many
inclinーincarnations of ib and lee. They give you that. And just like, “Okay. “Good luck playing.” Two special editions,
five Ignition Assault. That’s about the norm. Oh, we’ll go for that, then. I’m gonna have fun with these. This is a fresh box. Just got opened. – [Paul] Oh, that’s just freshly opened? – [Larry] Yes. They knew I was coming. And I’ll soon come again. – [Paul] Coming in the hole, huh? – Only when I feel like it. That one. – [Paul] You’re feeling the packs. Like, what is it that– – [Larry] I told you, last
time we were in Target. It’s the tingle. – [Paul] Is it any
different when it’s, like, packs like this, compared
to Blisters? You know? ‘Cause, like, these are
just, like, loose packs. – I like doing loose packs better than, like, when they’re
in the little, like, cellophane thing, ’cause the tingle is stronger. Really, like, feel it in there. – [Paul] So, a fun fact
about all Booster Packs is they used toーlike, Konami
had, like, a mapping problem. – Mapping?
– Well, basically, yeah. So, basically, like,
the secret rare in a box might, like, always be the
second to the bottom pack, in the left side, or whatever. And so, like, people would show up and be like, “Oh, I want to buy, like, “one pack out of this box.” And they would, like, go in specific– – Yeah. Pick that one. – [Paul] So, is this what we’re thinking? – [Larry] Thinking?
I’m buying. I’m buying. – [Paul] So, we’re set on this. – Yes.
– Okay. – I’m ready. – [Paul] All right. Cool. – So I see it delivered. I’m yours. My favorite sleeves. Dragon Shields. My favorite sleeves. To me, honestly, if we’re gonna be honest, sleeves are sleeves. Some are more durable
than others, sure, like– – [Paul] See, they’ve got Ultra Pro here. – These? Yeah. See, I buy Ultra Pros
’cause I’m a deck collector, and I like to put the
different decks that I build in different Ultra Pro sleeves. I will buy them for that, all the time. – [Paul] So, like, your tournamentsー so like, Dragon Shield–
– No. No. Normally, whenever I go to a tournament, or a YCS, or, like, Nats,
or anything like that, I normally buy a fresh pair
of Dragon Shield sleeves, as soon as I get there, and I’m sleeving them in the
hotel room, that Friday night. – [Paul] But, this is,
like, the collector’s. – Yes. They go in these sleeves,
and they don’t come out. You know, I used to be a tabletop guy. – [Paul] Were you? – Yup. – [Paul] What games? Are any
of the games you play here? – Um, what have I played here? I have played Small World. I’ve played 7 Wonders. I loved these games. The Eldritch Horror and
the Arkham Horror games. I loved those. But, that was the DC
deck-builder game that was. It was. I don’t see it anymore. Somebody must’ve bought it. But, tell me how fun it was. – [Paul] I mean, I had a good time. And see, the thing is I have never played a deck-builder game, so
that was all new to me. – And it was, it wasー see, here’s an example of a deck-builder. This is, like, super. Wow. My childhood. But, I want to start playingー I told Alec this. I want to start playing Star Wars: X-Wing, but the way my fund’s set up. This game. So many memories. All the Dragon Ball Z:
Budokai games. Oh my goodness. – [Paul] Wait. Whoa. – What do you see?
– Whoa. – [Larry] Super Smash Bros. Melee? – [Paul] They have Melee in here? – [Larry] Look at that price tag. It’s rare. – [Paul] That game is, like, worth, like, loads online, in some places.
– Is it? Fun fact: I think they mightー they were talking about canceling
the Olympics, this year. – [Paul] Oh, the actual Olympics? – Yes.
– Do you know why? Is it coronavirus?
– Yes. They said if they can’t
get, like, a handle on it by, I think, May, then they’re probably gonna cancel it. Look. I’m gonna carry this
around, everywhere I go. And just to make a, to make a choice. Just be like, “What should I do?” Ah. – [Paul] You can use that
when you’re playing Endymion. – Quick fail. Okay. Think we’re ready. – All right. Whatcha got? – These. – [Cashier] All right. (Larry laughs) – [Paul] Literally the money shot. – [Larry] He said he wants
to get the money shot. – [Paul] I’m sorry if that
made you feel uncomfortable. – [Cashier] Hey, it’s my 15
minutes of fame. I’m good. – Special edition or Ignition Assault? I’ll go with Ignition Assault first. As always, I wasーbefore I walked in here, I was $7 in the hole. Spent $40, so, I am $47
in the hole, right now. That’s a Gamma Oil? Daruma. Shiny Black “C”. Shiny Black “C”. Uh, this thing. Link Party. – [Paul] Lightning Storm? Lightning Storm? – [Larry] Witchcrafter.
I pull so many of these. – [Paul] Did you hear, actually, she is, like, she is Servant of Endymion. – Is she?
– Yeah. Witchcrafter Genni is actually Servant of Endymion. – Huh.
– Not even kidding. Like, the lore. Like, that’s what she is. – As I see, she has the triangle thing. – [Paul] She’s the same person. They make the weapons for
the Mighty Master of Magic. – [Larry] The Witchcrafters? – [Paul] Yeah. They craft the weapons. That’s why they’re called Witchcrafters. – [Larry] If only someone would
give us a lore explanation that we could use. Wow.
– Ooh. That’s justーactually, what’s that? – [Larry] I actually got
lucky and pulled a secret. – [Paul] How do you pronounce that? – [Larry] Um, good luck. Something @Ignister. Aiーyeah. Aichichi. – [Paul] I think that’s
why everybody calls them. They just use the colors.
– The red one. Jack-o-Bolan. Gravity Controller. Getting a lot ofーoops. Gaining a lot of steam. Light Dragon @Ignister. – [Paul] Were you really
about to eat the thing? – No. I am not Trell or Alec. – [Paul] Wait. Trell eats card like that? – I mean, he’s eaten a card before. First special edition. First pack. Suppression Collider. That’s a giant hammer. Aromaseraphy Sweet Marjoram. Evil Eye of Gorgoneio. First special edition. Last pack. I feel like this, there, like, what they do, they give good cards good
effects, but they make them traps, so they’re least likely to get played. Ooh. Unchained Abomination. – [Paul] That’s pretty cool. – That is. I think I saw this, like, 10. 10 bucks, about. – [Paul] I thought that was
I:B Masquerena, at first. I was really like, “Yeah?” Be a pal and pull a sacred for me, yeah? – [Larry] I mean, Cauldron of the Old Man. Need to put a lore on this old man and all this wacky shenanigans. Tachyon thing, Protocol Gardna, another Evil Eye. Infinitrack Brutal Dozer. A rocky ape. Abomination thingy. Ooh, Gladiator Rejection. Another. See, two ultras and a secret. Last one. – [Paul] Last pack gang. – [Larry] Gizmek Yata. – [Paul] Oh, the Gizmek
people don’t like as much. – Let’s do some maths.
I’m not good at maths. – [Paul] We gotta look
up some card prices. – In conclusion, we got
$10 for the Achichi, $10 for the Unchained Abomination, we’ll say, $1 for Gladiator Rejection, hoping another $1 in bulk. So, that gives us $22. So, minus the $47 that I’m in the hole. I am currently $25 in the hole, right now. Well, all in all, today, I can’t complain. I mean, I pulled a secret and two ultras. They just kind of. – [Paul] Not too bad. – I mean, the luck is good. It’s just they weren’t the right cards, which, sometimes, can’t be helped. But, regardless, I told y’all, if you stuck to the end, we would have a very special announcement. That announcement is if this
episode that I am filming, right here, gets 60,000 views. 60,000 views within a week. One calendar week. Seven days. Then, next time at Larry in the Hole, 60,000 views in seven days? $100. If we don’t make it, it don’t make it, then, we back to normal. So, that means, like, comment, share, subscribe, tell your friends, tell your mama. Don’t tell your girlfriend,
’cause I’m married. But, tell everybody. Make
sure to get those views. And we will see y’all next
time, on Larry in the Hole. I’m Larry. This has been Team APS. Pastor. Some are more durable than others, sure, but it’s like, I almost said condoms. But, I don’t wear those.

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  8. Fixing to start this:

    Commenting on the most recent APS upload everyday until Alex finishes the World Legacy Lore series, Day 1.

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