Star Trek Online – Legacy Launch Trailer | PS4

Star Trek Online – Legacy Launch Trailer | PS4

♪ ♪ ♪ Every generation, Starfleet officers hear the call of duty. If the Federation is to be saved from chaos, new officers will need to take up
the task of restoring peace. But there are many who oppose peace. The Klingons have chosen war. The Romulans want revenge for their lost world. The Borg are nothing if not resilient. They are faster, aggressive, relentless, remorseless. The situation is critical. The Federation is doing its
utmost to protected its borders and the billions of innocents
who call this space home. If the Federation is to be saved from chaos… Starfleet must douse the flames of war before they consume the entire quadrant. When the galaxy is threatened… we must heed the call to action. The fate of the galaxy rests in your hands. Live long and prosper. It is time. Let the trial begin.

61 thoughts on “Star Trek Online – Legacy Launch Trailer | PS4”

  1. Lol! Using Star Trek Dysentery to market your game is a bad idea. It guarantees that I will only look at it long enough to mock it.

  2. Gráfico de Atari. Ia mandar pro meu amigo q e mega fã igual eu, mais senti vergonha disso ai, trabalho com design gráfico e ate os mlk com 2 semestres fazem umas animações mais massa…

  3. The learning curve to get into the game is SO STEEP. I want to play this nonstop, but trying to figure out what the im doing every time I log on….

  4. Oh great! The Star Trek killers are here as well! Burnham and FAKE 7of9!! Kirk, Picard(TNG), Cisco, Janneway??? NO this is how you sell your ST game!!!

  5. Warp 10fps
    featuring the michael burnham show – hey everyone we got a problem
    ooooo noooo
    there's only one person in the universe who can save us
    let's make everything about her/him/sclee and also have swear words because -edgy and modern

  6. I love STO i just wish it had some of the PVP elements like EVE offers in the game. I always feel the map space and Corps could be used so much better if it was redesigned a little.

  7. Twisted with Melancholy

    Just recently started STO. Kinda obsessed with it tbh.

    Pretty fun for a game thats been going 10yrs, though I've noticed "The Graphics Brigade of Tweenies" throwing a wobbly in the comments again.

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