Why did Anakin Skywalker cross the road? To get to the Dark Side. Which program do Jedi use to open PDF files? Adobe Wan Kenobi. Which Star Wars character travels around the world? Globi-wan Kenobi. Which website did Chewbacca create to share Empire secrets? Wookieleaks. Why can’t you count on Yoda to pick up a bar tab? He’s always a little short. Why is Yoda such a good gardener? He has green thumbs. What kind of car does a Jedi drive? A Toy-Yoda. Why did the movies come out 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3? In charge of scheduling, Yoda was. Where is the best place to shop for lightsabers? The Darth Maul What do you get if you mix a bounty hunter with a tropical fruit? Mango Fett. What did they call the Star Mars movie with an invisible droid? C-through-PO. What is the internal temperature of a Tauntaun? Lukewarm. What did Darth Vader say to the Emperor at the Star Wars auction? “What is thy bidding, my master? Luke: What’s for dinner tonight, Dad?
Anakin: Wookiee steak. Luke: Is it any good? Anakin: It’s a little chewy. Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi walk into a Chinese restaurant. Ten minutes into the meal, Luke still can’t figure out the chopsticks. Obi-Wan finally snaps: “Use the forks, Luke.” What do Gungans keep things in? Jar Jars. How do you unlock doors on Kashyyyk? With a woo-key. What is Jabba the Hutt’s middle name? The. What do you call Chewbacca when he gets chocolate stuck in his fir? A chocolate chip Wookie. Why does Princess Leia keep her hair tied up in buns? So it doesn’t Hang So-low. What’s a Jedi’s favourite toy? A yo-Yoda. I get nothing from stink master Luke
Master Luke I’ve got a posh accent and now for the last impression do you want
to hear the best impression of all I gotta turn this off for a second
all right he’s is the absolute best impression that I can possibly do I’m
gonna have to turn his way up they I mean turn it down again your Eddy
stinking hey I’m gonna do r2d2 what did you like that impression I’ve been
working hard on the Star Wars impressions is what I’ve been doing
prior today this dream doing a little bit of research I was no comment from
the stinkier easy daddy why do you ask me we’ve already got a water we’ve
already got a Boomer somebody said that was a good impression sleep said that
Luke says I am your father I say my hidden camera on you with the look she
gave me well I said how are you via New Jersey
Shore did I did all of that to try and get the di impersonations going did you
like any of the mother done Yaya Chewbacca Darth Vader c-3po
and I TDT what’s the name of the hairy man
that’s Chewbacca how about its pleasant oh let’s jump on the hop no he speaks in
a different language so then I added a Darth Vader mask on or something well
I’m gonna take that as a compliment there is just me doing my rather poor
impressions say it’s good it easy daddy you don’t like that one do your hand
solo uh I don’t know how I could do that cuz that’s basically Harrison Ford with
an American accent Japanese here however ebony how are you without the answer me
me a numb impression ah this is where we’re gonna get into trouble cuz all boo
me here and boomer ads we’ve watched the original Star Wars and I always argue
with my sibling over which is which hang on a sec you call yourself boomer they
call me boomer but I’m not a boomer I’m not a big kangaroo wasn’t born after
World War two I’m annoyed and tired I guess she’s saying but I care how you
always wear grid weird sorry to hear that ebony hopefully we can cheer you up
it was good to hear your voice man bye and love your videos sipes disappearing
already but thank you for joining we appreciate that
so don’t know if we we know all of the new Star Wars characters be one of the
new ones Jar Jar Binks I know he’s so whassa
yousa Mossad he says something like that stinking nothing from you
we’ve got a water add nine minutes late it doesn’t matter randoms always here so
happy for that okay I’m gonna stream their typical
talking and they are boomers who are the Eastfield that’ll be Kane and random
with Breanna’s only that’s what I’d be thinking so no I don’t even know who
what’s the name again nyan um I don’t know who that is
we’ve got to catch up on our Star Wars watching who’s your favorite character
from Star Wars ask Seth Yoda okay good I actually got a friend from
Hong Kong and her name is Yoda then what about everyone else’s favorite
oh well is that her real name or a McKnight I think it’s a nickname because
she has like you know she’s small and she wrinkly say yeah we’d like to know
everyone’s favorite characters you know me is an original trilogy character hang
on how do I not know Union amuse bother fed
I know Jabba the Hutt maybe one can I be me and um I’m not too sure or we’re
gonna have to find out here that is if there’s hobbies here hello hey how are
you no one is boom oh that’s right ebony
we’re all too young yeah put it up and stinkier boomers there’s too much here
we go so who has a favorite Star Wars
character and also quick topic of the day if you could have a charity or a
started charity what would you do that for me yep that’s gonna be hard
I’ve got one you know how we have nature strips that patch of grass that’s at the
front of everyone else connection what are you still doing all
right so nature strips have grass on them I
would like to see a lot of food plants or native plants on them no one uses
their nature strip and they gotta mow it and some waste of space and you know
they gotta use petrol and whatnot for the the lawnmower so there’s my charity
of the day does anyone else have one I love Darth Vader says Kane that
doesn’t surprise me because Kane is a hundred years old there’s a prima fire
may the force be with you that’s right I agree with that
ah there’s too much speed up when stinkiest boomers says Kane he loves
Darth Vader you probably don’t know in the end um because he’s just in the
background in the movie well there you go
I tell you what they might my sibling he would know he would know just about
every character on the planet he’s a autograph hunter as well he’s
probably got me in numbers autograph I’ll have to ask later on yes and marry
early Christmas that’s coming soon as is the updates for this CAC charity for me
to get a gaming PC I’m a Sith Lord raise your hand if you want coal for Christmas
wait wait one more thing do you teach at a school you sound familiar
well I always get that it’s not the first time that someone has said you’ve
either got a very unique voice or you sound familiar I think I know you
because I’m Darth Vader Oh Yoda Yoda is the t-shirt so me yes I am a teacher am
I Yoda the name is get any reaction from
you ah bright lightnings here hello how are
you well it’s this again not too sure what
that one means again no one can stop talking about townhall 13 and it looks
like bright lightning doesn’t like this game he says it’s a boring okay so sorry
for that we were trying to mix it up but I thought that the last one came it
crosses it’s a fun game to play but not to strain but the reason I picked this
one is number one store Star Wars movie is coming out soon apparently so let’s
try and get some views off of this one and number two the graphics wow I still
think they look impressive no I think we’ve got a couple of big games that
aren’t oh sorry no didn’t answer saves question no I’m not a teacher
professionally anyway I have taught music before I take to stink pants about
life and hopefully I teach everyone like everyone in the dlg that it’s good to be
a you know a good influence or a positive influence on society if that’s
teaching of any sort but no not really it would have been a good profession to
get into your teaching is quite good isn’t it
I don’t know if the kids would like me though you’re not supposed to agree with
me stinky no might not watch much so I’m sorry for that bright and hopefully we
can entertain you purely on the commentary ah any of stinky pants I
thought they said flying and everything you know that’s what it looked like in
the trailer but you do these sort of battles but then on top of that you can
fly around in space in that Millennium Falcon which I can see there on the
screen so I don’t know no I welcome you never
know what you’re about to play D – oh well – to make people happy and to get
out of the bad family all well making people happy would be an awesome charity
they have and hopefully the the family’s not too bad generally speaking they love
you you know there’s very rare exceptions to that rule you fight with
your siblings you fight with your parents but they still love you
I am I except for stinky and I it’s much much yen mum was also the coke pilot
with Lando in their return of the Jedi I know Lando Calrissian
where is him I’m not sure how to pronounce that
playing games 10 or Thirteen’s around the corner that’s so true and so many
people are probably going to rush to town all 13 stinky and P dot what do you
want for christmas awesome question and what do you guys want for christmas
while we answer that okay alright bye man I should have not answered the
question you would have stayed ronald Finch is here hello how are you welcome
to the stream won’t believe you own you how’s your week been so far and how’s
your weekend as well if you guys like a Halloween spooky trade pressing it makes
a creepies if you guys have a Halloween spooky tree don’t press so it makes a
creepy noise we don’t have that now rush to town online
let’s boom beats got HQ 23 your channel seems a child child friendly I should
tell my grandkids about it thank you for that Ronald yeah we do try and keep the
channel family-friendly we don’t know what that’s gonna mean come the 1st of
January with all of the YouTube updates I want to make it really clear that we
don’t target under 13 year olds AI but if you’re listening but they’re
certainly welcome to join but AI BOTS listens to everything we say so yes we
try not to swear don’t read stink pants I swore once in one streamin that’s it
stink pants may let the occasional one out because she does most of the
gameplay but we do try and keep the language very civil and not talk about
anything that’s not like great well old mind you know having a genuine
discussions about all sorts of things and waiting on whatever I’ll look see
look at run and finchy now he’s 83 years old he’s a little bit older than my dad
say for all of you young people out there that keep calling everyone a
Boomer Ronald is an actual boom are born around the right time Ronald you don’t
have to answer this if it’s too personal but just to explain to everyone here how
many siblings do you have brothers and sisters again if you don’t want to
answer that that’s fine if it’s too personal but it is a definition of a
Boomer there and we love the fact I think Ronald might be one of the oldest
I don’t know if he’d be older than our friend from Wales cuz he’s pretty old
but we love having that age range sir I shouldn’t say all of us should see what
maturer is the best way to say it nobodies hold really everyone’s oh yeah
well that’s true too everyone has an age about them there see
Ronald’s got 10 10 siblings that beats my dad and both your parents for that
matter isn’t it so I want gum and food for Christmas says ebony what would you
like for Christmas Ronald Studio of boom oh I’m a zuma-zuma begin new expression
Burma is born in the 1940s yes seas born around my dad’s age Wow
like 10 you should know you are a very mmm he hasn’t finished the sentence yet
say there you go where I’m a quite flawed Ronald to be
honest hopefully we can enter tiny we’re sort of would you call us
middle-aged Ponyo I’d have to be middle-aged you’re still young
you’re a spring chicken you’re an awesome chicken and your summer chicken
and what would you like for Christmas cuz I guess you’d what I have you’ve got
to tell me that or you don’t get anything oh really
hang on baby the sperm I’ll be held to it where’s oh well thank you for your
service sire Ronald here we see me or Austria smelly military I don’t know if
I spelt that correct now spelt said that correctly or Trias
can you explain what that is a little bit more Ronald I’m quite curious
ratbags around somewhere but she didn’t come home last night as a general rule
we don’t let her out at night time we try to be responsible cat owners but she
also knows that safe she cheeky she’s cheeky she actually came to us when we
came home after shopping that wouldn’t come up wouldn’t come back inside and
then we went to bed so I’d say yes our nicknames say the girl is stink pants
and I am put up or in this one maybe Darth Vader and Yoda how come you have
to choose one yeah one day our names will probably come out so we do want to
try and keep them quiet for as long as possible
but you know I guess we be internet people find out sooner or later and then
for people that none and I say stink pants is the girl stink pants say
something say something you always do that so that was stink
pants the game anon commentator and Peter I’m puto right here and and then
the last one just to explain Ronald the we don’t like calling people
saving me a lot of them actually see but they’re fans of elves so instead they’re
known as the DL G which stands for how far are we yeah we can do it now which
stands for dirty laundry gang it spewed out stink pants and the dirty laundry
game well that’s all of us here and I probably should explain some in jokes as
well rotten all the kids they have a lot of them now so you’ll see a lot of food
jokes you’ll see a lot of Burma jokes you’ll see a lot of comments about water
stopped incorrectly because apparently I say water funny water and you’ll get a
lot of do G for life say but yeah they they’ll save water either wate or with
an R on the end because apparently that’s how I sound when I say the
life-giving force I’m gonna have to call it h2o you from now on though they
probably come up with something they’re say there’s quite a few in jokes if you
knew oh yeah and the Vegemite that’s enough
stink pants loves Vegemite know you want to get a spoonful of it get to you yes I
did that in a stream previously I thought it was into a into a Snite
region an oxygen is that what you’d call it into oak I have no idea yeah it’s in
the science field again now humanities anymore and again Ronald
I don’t sorry for my bad english it is in my first language it’s my third well
so then yeah Ronald again just add to anything that you feel comfortable with
but now I’m curious to know where are you from and what are the languages that
you speak and I just mean country I don’t mean your act
address and banking details take parent says water paradigm having pizza for
dinner in the oven he’s doing it again but we’re eating
healthy today because we’ve got so many things we have to cook after the
shopping last night and I can certainly type in your primary or secondary
languages Ronald it just takes a little longer to
do the Google Translate but yeah very curious to know where you’re from and
what languages you speak pizza did you know that’s well I know bright can speak
English so I’m not gonna cut it you know her already I’m not paying to translate
any any chat messages that are in another language if I know you can speak
English good if you can’t that’s when I do the translate everything is having
chocolate pizza Oh cereal I know Arabic Japanese in English say
just to show you I don’t even know if this is going to be a good translation
but hopefully Ronald you can tell us how accurate this is so just bear with me
Arabic sweets the hardest one cycle engine still here I thought he’d
disappeared well my mom made it oh well her mum made chocolate Pizza Pizza yeah
you know I’ve had that before I never have I can you do a face cam in your next
dream I’ve been talking distinct pants about whether or not we can put her face
on a stream she she hasn’t agreed to it yet but she’s no she’s an attractive
girl and ya know we’re happy for a confession there Ronald hopefully it’s
not too bad wooden Yin mum this is peanuts routine make your stream eats
lots of food I mean lots and there now overnight still the next
mr. glitzy man’s been spying on me he knows me exactly you do the strain you
eat the food you’re takin up and then it’s the next string that’s how it works I’m random I’m not a boomer ah Ronald
for Nietzsche he suckered me in the whole time that’s random ha random with
the multiple accounts that he put I and I think I said thank you in the previous
stream but I’m just gonna say it again random that with the watch time where he
put all of the computers on we got something like 50 50 or 60 hours worth
of watch time from that stream hopefully like YouTube doesn’t go go or you using
BOTS cuz we weren’t there is someone we didn’t even ask him he did it on his own
volition where did the day volition say I in games yeah lol you and they’re
speaking you know the languages I’m not gonna translate that but if anyone wants
to see they can just remember to keep it clean guys but you already know that
hopefully not doing anything naughty particularly when you know they should
know better good random he says gonna play Rainbow six siege I’ve seen a lot
of people play that game what’s Rainbow six siege but I don’t think it’s it it’s
a very popular game I just don’t think it’s available on mobile cuz for memory
I didn’t try to search it at one point and really we bunny we haven’t heard
much about people’s charities or what they want for christmas do you want to
do you want to hear a Christmas joke now yeah alright so this is that’s actually
it’s not a joke it’s a true story you want to hear a true story
alright it’s a Jake then say Christmas was coming Santa’s busy at this time of
year maybe it’s a future Jake yeah he’s got to run around organize all the elves
get the presents ready get the sleigh all up and running
make sure the reindeer is fed lots of work today
yeah so he sent out the angel to go and get the Christmas tree for this year and
he’s waiting I’ve sorry it’s Christmas Eve should I say okay no it doesn’t
matter it’s Christmasy Christmas tree should be up already okay say sent her
out and he’s still waiting and and as he’s waiting and waiting and waiting
things start to happen not in a good way they old’s decided to go on strike mrs.
Claus is upset with him the realistic mrs. Claus his wife ah the reindeer is
sick there that wasn’t just rid off that had a red nose they all had red noses
and he’s getting all stressed and flustered and he’s still waiting for the
angel and the Christmas tree all of a sudden the door slams open snow blows in
and there’s the angel with the tree and he’s a good Santa says what took you so
long the angel says do you know this one I got a nice one that’s an Ewok come on
say but he interrupted me with a hawker did the one he dropped you back say the
question is how did the angel end up on top of the Christmas tree when the angel
walked in with the Christmas tree he said yo Santa here’s your tree where do
you want me to stick it that’s a joke we’re here
every time I got to explain my jokes where do you want me to stick the
Christmas tree and that stink pants is here the angel claimed to be a top the
Christmas tree ready all right I give up no more jokes for me that’s a terrible
joke says Evony all right I give up with that bed okay I need to go you’ll play
what it’s not hot the time line they don’t like it when I play I’ll be back
what do I do just press around here whatever is available all right say does
the come on you do you think I’m going on strike again pins and needles she
says and sorry I’m a little bit behind in the chat guys almost done now where
was a lump of coal for you yes well naughty or nice that will determine
whether or not you get the good Christmas presents or not maybe
battlefield 5 ways chests mentioned another good game they’re random and
sorry bright lightning and random does love Colo sir II mentioned that in the
in the discord server as well not my ball
that means welcome to the stream I’ll sell at PC console hohoho Merry
Christmas I made a rhyme when I saw a Santa smiling on an emergency exit sign
I wonder what he was doing there cane you’re in timeout don’t do that
decane he’s not doing anything naughty ho it’s time for you to
no if I should say that out loud I’m smiling on an emergency exit sign
what’s with the emergency exit sign we can’t see your message
um you’re not in timeout stop picking on your enemy I’ve said that to him before
stop picking on him and I’m sort of trying to play the game without even
looking at it at this point that’s Charis his stinky sounds like
she’s 13 that’s true she does have him very well I think she has a bit of a
date voice for a girl myself that one of us he says got even a date deeper voice
I should say but I’m neither of them as deep is yours truly Darth Vader here and
sorry I will catch up on the chat but it looks like I’ve gotta press things
mighty quick at the moment oh my stay I still waiting for the
stinky and I descends like she’s taking a shower in me I’m just gonna keep trying to press
things and keep up with the chat just bear with me but if Miss Clause is mad
she shouldn’t she shouldn’t because all she does be lazy and drink hot cocoa say
Santa should be mad at him speaking of which two people like eggnog no I got
defeated cuz I’m not even looking at the game
come on the stink pants what are you doing come on Quest’s I’m wondering when you get to
the the flying part of these right sure there’s a flying part I’m just gonna
gain more than just because what does that mean do I have to have please
squadron say sorry guys I am trying to to do two things at once here it’s been
hard do we have kids well only if you count
that kitty cat she does I mean here that’s terrible watch he’s on way behind
come on instinct I can’t chattin game at the same time stinky sounds more like 6 or 5 that’s
true do you know I’ve read all of that terrible joke or easting pants the
traitor she’s a traitor she’s on the one that’s meant to be on strike I don’t
know what team y means stinky woman that’s true too and we keep losing
because you’re not here stinky stinky woman hurry up
do they have rap back yeah we do and if these pesky halts i’ii go as friends no
we our arch-nemesis particularly when steep yeah can’t you be a steep body in
the air stink-ass my goodness you’re getting where like to the strength is
you she’s walking as slow as she can at the
moment stink pants I’m gonna have words with you after the extraneous stink come
on get on it kill one or two more old Speer see I didn’t know that I’m getting
tips but I’m so far behind in the chat like the one or two more old Speer make
50 or maybe he’s just talking about he’s off two counts he’s eye base should be
blacklisted by Google ah Manjeet melons here how are you how are
you we’re both well it looks like you’ve changed your profile picture as well it
looks good ah he’s losing his temper yeah yeah I’m stinky Jose naughty
ah make me lose my temper I’m on strike you’re gonna have to do the commentary
now don’t give me excuse to tend to be angry can I call you Luke yet but I love
cat do you have a cat sigh pledging we’re we’re pretty much animal lovers
doesn’t really matter what the animal is stinky pants even enjoyed petting a baby
crocodile where is that at that festival thing yeah I’m sorry festival give the
crocodile a pat big smile on the face you loved it yeah the profile pic looks
really good mr. background voice at the last room
that’s directed at you stink pants that’s why you need to be here to be in
the rain ah stinking I don’t know what you’re talking about I’m talking me is
thinking I went to work good enough excuse strain or strain there is no try nothing from the stink oh my goodness
he came bright li-ming’s back bad stinky bad Title II agreed you just changed
Prairie father looks nice totally a great tree fact I have everything’s got
a lot of pets you know Oh horse dog bunnies and even a snake what is that a
carpet snake you can you can now have a reptile license here so you can can own
snakes and things but don’t think you can own them without the license I could
be wrong about that I’m sure if you got like a little gecko
or something you probably wouldn’t need a license for that but for certain
things you do I mean school we have to make up our own keep cat flavor because
of Japan Oh what KitKat if you could have a KitKat flavor of any kind what
would it be me honeycomb honeycomb Kit Kats mmm would just be like a violet
crumble at that point for a crunchy you don’t know those things
yep basically I mean came flavored now we were supposed to draw mine I didn’t
they made it digitally and got away with it
nice one I should have done a KitKat KitKat flavor yeah my sister got it the
snake I’m guessing hey stinky attention if you both do streamer will be nicely
finally any one of your stream that will not be nice
got that stinky now you what Manjeet is saying is if it’s just me doing the
stream then it’s not that good if it’s just you doing the streamer to be
horrible you’d be alright if you can keep up your commentary candy bother ya
you can’t can you stinky no but I wish my beard there’s apparently soy sauce
flavor huh soy sauce soy sauce flavored KitKat that’s got to come from an Asian
country but still seriously what about a fish
sauce KitKat oh do that I think she lead KitKat it’s kind of stinky woman says
evany lucky you’ve got the doj the number of comments that I got been you
know stinky where’s stinky Oh peanut doesn’t have any dlg it’s always stink
can’t stay oh geez today that man that’s not true Eve I’m away oh is it
tomorrow that the town whole 13 updates coming ah don’t tell me it’s the same
time right after the what they say the half-price even well bit I might ask you
guys to vote now whether or not whether or not I should do is strain tomorrow
and it might possibly be on mine you what are you doing tomorrow can you make
it cuz you know if I could time the stream with the update that would be
good although it does mean that we might struggle to get the visas and watch time
on this particular stream if you don’t give it a little bit of time but you
know I’ve been putting off a clash of clans stream in anticipation of the new
update so should we do it or shouldn’t mean
when it comes to when it’s there do it just do what you got to be part of that
vote to you what happened when I was not on this train well I didn’t pick a great
game ebony for streaming it’s a great game to play but probably a little bit
boring to watch and stink pants wasn’t here either
so unfortunately it didn’t we didn’t have the consistent number of people in
that we usually do they were all there at the start but then they left cuz I
was boring according to everyone man they made me cry hey stinky who told you you’re not nice
you’re a nice guy but I’m your del G boot up buddy and you’re do G all say
stinky mandate loves us both and we love the man G you know imagine a it’s up
really early to participate in our streams
there’s even told these friends about it like we can’t thank you guys enough for
getting us the exposure that you do very appreciative aren’t we stinky yes
tomorrow sage eldane hang on wait ten people in the stream well I’m gonna go
cuz my phone is on the charger and I have to a dinner and the percentage is
going down so be right back and might be when the stream ends but a night he
didn’t put his phone on the charger pre stream 15 people speaks is Renton hello
Kaena how are you oh you might have gone already
ba I don’t know what that means look for noon night hang on
Awesome’s saying look for me and um he’s in the game that’s a lot of characters
unlock there that looks like doesn’t it love for both of you forever our man
deeds say kind to us puts a smile on my face does man gee they all dirty I’m not
singling just one person out there everyone puts a smile on my face daily
they lost her except for stink pants yes he should stream says soap say is
that that can you guys handle look two streams in a row today em tomorrow
and then we’d also have to work out what time the update is because if it’s not
well number one if it’s not sort of before or around the regular time that
we stream then I wouldn’t be able to do one well maybe I can but just they’re
regulars might not be there the second thing is they I probably don’t want to
wait once the
the updates there I had the stream or a don’t do you say what I’m saying is you
know I don’t want to wait because everyone’s gonna rush their base
including stink bands played the game for so long I don’t want anyone to catch
up not true I want everyone to catch up sooner or
later so then it’s more competition Manji does see comin like others yeah
that’s true too Manji it’s very calming the stream he’s
always very polite and says nice things could learn a thing or two from Manjeet
stink pants I’m talking to you I say common like others I can’t tomorrow says
everything you see that’s the problem and you know it’s Sunday for some people
but it also could be late if you don’t get up early enough stinky still no
comment from the stink in future I’ll participate in every stream of mr. Peter
and mr. stinky Winky you’ve got another nicknames the channel 13 update comes on
December the 9th on Monday 6 p.m. safe that’s if that’s 6 p.m. your time
Manjeet that’s actually a perfect time for no it’s not it’s gonna be really
late for us from memory use about 5 or 6 hours behind us which means that’s going
to be like midnight or something for us so it might not be viable to do and
tomorrow I could do one on Tuesday but again I don’t know if that would go down
well because we you know you might have checked some people to this dream but it
wouldn’t be the regulars what do you think but it’s a big update do you have
anything to surprise them on the big update my um my what do you call
it you don’t have to review it today I’m just asking if you don’t have anything
well then maybe just do you remember the last mass upgrade stream that I did I
can do that again because the what do you call it the spell thing
what do you call potion what do you call a magic items my magic item things
almost fall which man plus we’re doing the clan war leagues at the moment so
that’s a lot of updating you can do after your den I’m a very rustic town
all tell ten says random school tomorrow yeah well that’s true so you know you’re
not gonna have a team particularly Australians are not gonna be there we’ve
been making lots of vids we’ll have to check them out but you gotta leave a
comment on one of our videos try not to you advertise like everyone knows that
everyone’s got a you know Channel and pretty much they’re all supporting each
other from you our streams anyway tomorrow’s the school night oh no it’s
one you want again yeah but I’m the source of wide world my friend dies so
tomorrow a random can’t be up till after 8 p.m. cest if it’s a school night it
makes it and the end um is also an alien says awesome pug speaking of which the
last video I watched it of Awesome’s he’s got this pug mask that is looks
like a real dog and the mouth even moves I was very impressed
my father is an actual dog for a moment give me a passkey ok spaniel mask it’s
gonna be yeah 11:30 p.m. or excuse me or 12:00 a.m. our time so it might be a
little late to stream I’m tired and I didn’t sleep I wake up at 11 p.m.
oh that means that Deborah Dean Evan he’s already been up for a good 12 13
hours hmm we went to bed pretty late last night but stink pants generally
doesn’t get up early do you stinky Manjeet says that he’s a rushed town all
12 push the trophies up to 5000 so got into the legends league but all three
start my base yeah that’s generally happens if you’ve rushed and you managed
to get to the legends league or a high league you’ll get hammered down pretty
quickly but I also find it harder these days to stay in the legends League
because you have to do your attacks every day if you don’t you end up losing
too many trophies one day of not attacking in you’re out
at the end of the oh yeah cuz I pick this shun I’m still going excuse me I’m
a little bit oh you won half that was a fear hey he capping them so they came
back to Crystal de max the base yeah this is the whole farming thing I never
did it myself but do you don’t mind a DS staying in a lower league
stinky would be sleepy at 9:00 on 10 p.m. she’s sleepy all the time that’s a
sting one a nap back for more games and more IRL so are we I’ve always wondered
if the IRL for streaming you have to walk around the streets and show your
face and interact with the general public as opposed to a gaming stream is
that the same thing IRL stands for in real life say there’s
a guy who do I know you Isis iDEN is like an IRL streamer so they just
basically walks around and does stuff and streams that while he’s doing it
would you call it the same thing but the other thing is we try to interact with
our actual people in the live chat so I guess that’s kind of interacting IRL –
who knows I’m not not that savvy when it comes to modern terminology me too now I
will do all my attack everyday but I still gain 115 trophies at least 320
yeah it’s how do I explain that because it’s so true
clash of clans makes it such that you don’t pick up many trophies but you lose
a lot when you play do you find that distinct boss no answer
idn’t Poseidon’s Peter Peter new game every day is getting boring maybe series
of games hmm we’ve been asked to do the Walking Dead series but I think you have
to pay for that and the others we get asked to play PE BG a lot cooler GD
maybe less so but a lot but the thing is it’s kind of the niche that we’re trying
to target at the moment is the more new games that we play what we’ve noticed is
you end up getting a wider audience I don’t know how else to put that because
they might not be interested in every game that’s being played but they like
seeing the variety I don’t know let me know what you guys think because the
only other the only series that I ever thought of doing was to do a actual
clash of clans one starting with a new yeah but they would be marathon streams
you know I was thinking of doing that as a celebration if we ever get monetized
like okay celebration time let’s start a new clash of clans account and just see
how fight and get until people get bored with it cuz I guess the other problem is
like we despite what it might look like on the channel we’re not big gamers are
we you don’t really play any other gaming
except for clash of clans do your steam ID there fair enough
well now we’ll take your input as well say whatever you think is good today
we’ll certainly look at doing it yeah but are we I guess the other thing is
are we any good at games stinky probably is I don’t know if I am well we could
start doing some streams from the PlayStation but again they’re old games
so I don’t know if people be interested in that because I do a Call of Duty
series but we’ve only got what have we got World War 2 in black ops 3 and then
Diablo 3 I do and then depending how much Diablo 4 is we definitely do that
if it’s not too expensive is that yeah we’re still waiting to be released
Diablo for black ops oh say brights got black ops 3 playing
online with people a we can’t do either because we don’t have that play station
accounting the F to pay for because they’re so cheap you type tight bottom
that’s your stinky no that’s the both of us we don’t actually use the PlayStation
enough I would say to to warrant paying whatever that yearly fees but I’d be
looking forward to doing a split screen on it you could watch stink pants and I
play together black ops 3 if you know mine
the split-screen gameplay you’d do that wouldn’t you stinky can’t place six each
without PS plus there you go well that’s two strikes for us we don’t have the
game and we don’t have PlayStation Plus PlayStation gives people a free trial oh
I didn’t know that it’s a all right if if we do a PlayStation livestream and
people want to join so that we’re playing in a team like we we have done
with four mobile games you probably want to come to an agreement as to which game
to play say you’d have to narrow it down to the
games that we actually have unless you can download free ones from the
PlayStation as well I guess that’s another option so yep made a UK can’t to
get 14 days of free PS plus an awesome plays playstation accept friend requests
for that so but if you accept friend requests you still have to have
PlayStation Plus right now you’re talking to a grandma
should I be admitting that I don’t understand much about the PlayStation I
actually had a Boomer friend set it up for me but he knows how to use a
PlayStation and uses it often as a place to me Gee’s says ebony bright lightening
says no hmm well we should do I tell you what maybe we can organize it might not
be for the the next stream because it might take a little while but we can
organize something in discord I guess and go from there directly stinking okay
people you can play battle Royales free bright lightning Kings because that’s it
is more entertaining isn’t it I don’t even mind playing against the was about
to say computer and we call it AI for you know having games you either play
the game where you can play other people fuckin yeah black ops yeah I don’t mind
eyelids they’re detaining to both of me cuz I like first-person shooter games
and deadly is fun to play well if you ever watch stinky and I played the a
play together she’s greedy and fast that’s a fast and greedy
that’s stinky you talking about me fast running away yeah he collect all the
items faster than I can she has quite a talent for it and then I
had my other boomer might play with us and he was getting frustrated because he
was so slow compared to both of us might have to speed up because the stink pants
and him is just running around going I can’t pick anything up what do you say
about that sting get to the flying Patti nice all these night flying have no idea
what is fine time you’re talking about that you can zoom around in a spaceship
somewhere maybe awesome bug can tell us if he plays actually plays the game I
don’t know if he said he plays or just knows about all the characters I don’t
tell me as mine if they stop chatting or is my thing frozen again but I’m still
going say I guess nope it means that you don’t play the game or lose that right
cuz art is really opened it to get some of that spice action meaning you want
the spice action Wayne’s net is being bad stopped getting a little bit
confused down what’s been oh if it’s not airing tonight it shouldn’t be no I
never he’s brought out can we entertain evany let’s talk about you got a topic
stink not really nothing does anyone go to
visit family and friends let Christmas it seems to be a bit of a
people travel others night we’re not gonna travel in our family and you’re
not gonna do a tasting and they don’t they don’t even celebrated your family
do they celebrate Christmas ah no so it’s just like another day
yeah pretty much flaky right now probably comedy well I
say awesome says you got to play through the game more to get to the the flying
part of it so keep the play in there yes says
random play a game that allow multiplayer so he can join you I
actually thought this game what’s multiplayer he can join so you might
have I did a little bit of research on some other games to play I guess I’m
gonna have to look out for multiplayer now as well because that certainly makes
a difference it’s enjoyable when others can join you know like the pixel 3d or
the PD BGE or Call of Duty Oh clash of alex is here hello how are you and he
says he’s the biggest star Wars fan boy well I don’t know about that you’ve got
to compete with my sibling he’s a huge Star Wars fan as well how do you play
the game this game is well clash of Alex his
funds what was a galaxy of heroes I don’t know I think that was the name of
it so give me a trivia all right what can we do who who says I’m your father Luke by he plays too many Star Wars games
well we’d appreciate some tips on this one I’m trying to get stinky to get to
the point where she can fly around because at the moment it’s just straight
battling isn’t it just battle and battle you’re not really getting to the flying
part yet is there a way to accelerate that no davines Star Wars true yeah I’m
trying to think of there’s stuff but I haven’t seen Star Wars for such a long
time yeah we don’t we haven’t watched the new ones yet right we only watched
the all what does Jabba the Hutt like to eat when we stop at the hat he’s that
big worm looking fella with the the huge map that doesn’t move around a lot he
doesn’t really play this game made I am poor any other now he can entertain yay
now can we entertain everything what what do you like to do everything what
is it that keeps you happy and entertained and then we’ll add something
to work with at that point and in numbers another one that I really still
haven’t figured out you don’t go it in the background he killed Darth Vader
hmm that’s an interesting one isn’t that his own son I was gonna say Luke it was
like wasn’t it was that like maybe not cuz he fits the latest I was we’ve seen
I’ve probably seen one and a half yeah what cuz I fell asleep in this oh you’ll
that was in the cinema see we went to see all the Star Wars as a family says
the little kids that saw the original Star Wars in the movie theater and then
we watch the next two in the theater I probably shouldn’t say this we we
actually saw a part at one before it came out in the cinemas I
don’t know how that happened wasn’t my my family that did it but family friends
saw that the skills you’re washing anyway he thinks he should examine games
led yeah you’re probably right I don’t do a lot of research beforehand wrong it
was Palpatine Palpatine Darth Sidious that’s the guy with a red and black face
if I’m not mistaken I might be wrong about that too bright lightning red
lightning is any updates on no actually scents like a private message but he
hasn’t responded yet I hope it wasn’t because I promoted if he call it that
bright lightning and look to have the high level admin role because sometimes
things go wrong when randoms asleep and people are asking for it to be fixed so
I figured you know if you had two or three people on different time zones it
would be easier to do that but yeah I didn’t ask him first I’ll say did nice
bright lightning and first say I that wasn’t the reason yeah and I must admit
I haven’t spoken to look for quite some time
so hopefully you’ll respond to me one day I hope everything’s all right with
him we’ll find out sooner or later I like sleep I like sleep to sleep means
dreaming dreaming is fun but dreaming is like going to the movies
Palpatine it’s gonna be probably my pronunciation again I’m not very good at
pronouncing words am I mmm-hmm you need space to agree with me stinking why not
I can pronounce water I can pronounce boom I
yeah and your house dreams the realm of darks is random
I’ve often I actually did beat a dream therapy night train therapy is that what
you call it dream analysis University this is part of the philosophy what’s
that soon an arse it’s Amin young Carl young
get a lot of dream not therapy dream analysis like why things happen in
dreams why some dreams universal no such a universal dream have you ever had a
falling dream or a flying dream oh yeah you’re Annie and they’re supposed to
mean something you know if you have a flying dream it means this if you have a
falling dream it means that have you ever had a a I don’t want to say naked
but maybe missing some clothing dream where you might be missing your pants or
something you often demonstrate stink pants cuz they’re in the wash dreams the
dark realm or dream second question this is easy who killed
Jango Fett does that bobber fit son my father
ba ba ba ba ba Phillies so they made Jango Fett ease I have no idea what it
you guys talking about these are all characters in the star wars may visas
stink panties mean let’s say true and sub stack yeah you’re mean you mean to
me all the time in the background such as stinky Oh
Jango Fett is the father of bobba fett and no I don’t know he killed Jango Fett
because he feeds the father that’s got to be the prequels say it’s got to be
new on you want to hazard a guess I don’t even
know if I’ve got the characters right these Anakin Skywalker did Annie can do
it the only hope of possibly God is if you ask me a trivia about the first
three Star Wars movies and by three I mean the original three yes
now I constantly have arguments with my bro about that is that he knows exactly
what I’m talking about but he refuses to let me say them in sequential order if I
say in sequence of when the movies were made he still won’t accept that because
the original Star Wars is number four you know that right yeah so then he has
to confusing the good of man and Vassy a good amount of you is it a single time
say I’m not sure what that meant right but yeah hopefully we’ll we’ll end up
getting more consistent views over time it does take a while way doesn’t it
stinky yeah but you know back in the old days we used to have two or three people
in the stream have old days isn’t it odd stay but let just be you know you know
people come and go and pretty consistently sit at two or three unlike
the last rain that was so boring without distinct pants we got down to about four
on that one well just go back to original there’s nothing wrong like
Jessie ages here hello how are you it’s good to see you again
are you a Star Wars fan and also tell us about Christmas and anything else you
like these seem to be the main topics of conversation they’re doing some Star
Wars trivia at the moment and I’m failing badly why because I think two or
three questions have been asked and I’ve got zero correct so far mace window you
hang on there’s more here how did you get the name stink pants and put off so
I’ve been thinking about this a lot what I will do when I have the time is I’m
going to put a secret subtitles on one of our videos and that will have the
story of poo don’t stink pants you know now if we can ever convince our
animators to to do something really cheap for us do you think the garbage
animator buy that amazingly you know who I’m talking about would she do it cheap
for us can she do it cuz the professional one costs a fourteen so
what I’ll do is put it the story of how we got our names in the subtitles on one
of our videos and I’ll tell you where it is once it’s done but we also would love
to make a short animation clip for it but you know we paid for the
introduction for if you have a look at not the streaming videos but just the
normal ones that we did we actually have an intro on them that seven second clip
was very expensive and we got a huge discount because there was family that
did it for us so it’s not cheap seven second
professional clip set us back about a hundred and fifty bucks
normally costs twice that so imagine doing it three-minute animation you’d
have to tell a story very quickly so hopefully that answered the question
mase window killed Jango Fett by decapitation I don’t know if I should
say that word I don’t even know he may suite means he’d gotta ask me the
original Star Wars I have five computers in stream he says random awesome random
thank you for doing that much appreciated someone else in the
discord told me they did it as well I didn’t ask anyone to do this but they
just sent me a private message saying they put on our play all like there’s
one playlist that we’ve got that has all the videos in it
and they set up three computers to do that so again mr. AI bots the this isn’t
BOTS doing it it’s actual genuine people but I have genuine access to the
Internet that’s all I’m saying the third or a ki might be able to
answer that one so third question from the 1980s movies what material had
frozen hand solid that was the dry well what is it nitro
come on what’s there you know we have flash freezer bodies so that you can see
you can freeze yes and then in a hundred years when they can cure your disease
I’ll slap you yet on another body it’s not dry ice it’s more extreme than that
nitrogen nitrogen something or just nitrogen liquid nitrogen that’s that’s
our guess hopefully we got one of these right I mean I’m the only might accept
Peter okay I’m gonna go he’s off again I did that Oh is MCLA how are you
congratulations on your channel growth by the way ASM it’s awesome at the
moment I’ve been watching his channel to go from stride destroyed also oh and by
the way cuz there’s a lot of clash of clans players if you haven’t seen a SM
channel yet he’s now doing a series of weapons designs they look really good
very talented very talented indeed and on that night because I’ve got a lot of
the regulars here I was going to do a video on this I still might because we
made something stuffed upload while we’re away but having said that we’re
looking to add some featured channels mutual featured channels
so if you add us to yours we add you to ours and it’s just good way to get more
exposure and it really only applies to the you know the people that have been
very strong supporters which is basically everyone
the stream at the moment and should also say they SM guess what’s happening yes
what we’ll be visiting we’re gonna be going to eat some Walker
food soon enough he’s in Singapore yeah we’ll be going to Singapore soon well
not son not that soon next year what were you heading to this a stink
pants connait that’s all she wants to do we’re gonna do a full tour in Singapore
for a few days hahahaha dad oh it’s cabin I’m not look good night you didn’t
watch the TV how do I know see I said says Star Wars is great
classic ten clans talent clear dainty it’s coming oh you people in our clan
I’m just gonna rush your bases again aren’t you
because that’s what you all do trying to catch up with y’all
who da legend we’ll see how to put up Layton I’m back are you back hi hi e
that’s great yeah I think there’s a it’s been a long time coming kids like they
maxed for a few months now and it always the the reality is once you’ve maxed
everything it’s not that the game gets boring but you kind of wait for the next
update and then you regret it cuz there’s so much to update why do I want
the new update and then it comes on here we go again and I think you might be out
voted on the Star Wars ebony cos there’s quite a few fans of Star Wars here and
I’ve got to say we don’t mind it but it’s just the new ones or not not as
good as the original movies can I say that without getting a lot of hate jazz
i Binks kinda ruined it for me is that guy that he’s so awesome Master Luke sir
have no idea what you’re talking about again never mind me um I’m not big star
Wars fan oh yeah because you keep doing that I’m kinda remember that’s you know
like my Chewbacca impression that it indeed
I thought obviously really exciting no I can do all of these Star Wars the
impressions that I’ve been practicing and then no one asked me to do them
again so stop they’re not as good as what is
it radio voice and and the other ones today are we going have we got into the
flying Pato still not yet I have no idea what you’re talking about yeah I saw it
in there and I don’t know what to do I just keep doing whatever I can it’s the
one that you fell asleep watching the maybe yeah but I’m not talking about the
original ones I’m talking about the later ones I don’t know what happened to
me what you see in in our family maybe is a really big
thing dad’s a very avid maybe watch as he’s my sibling and I used to be but as
I’ve gotten older I just trying to have the patience for it so often instinct
pants will say come on let’s watch your movie and we’ll set it up and I fall
asleep during them day night I get up and I’ve had enough and I go do
something else you talking about cinema you say look the reality is at the
cinema I try to stay awake is you’re paying for it it’s not like you’re going
to cinematic often come on how long we haven’t been to see any much you want to
go to the movies couple yeah we can go to the movies you let me know what you
want to watch we’ll go yeah that’s okay so what’s new let me check
what’s new movie that people like to watch these days I think I do research
during this stream there why not because you’re not doing UK
playing the game man your dog does anyone know what a soulless tan is but I
know what that is huh solar standards gotta be something Star Wars related but
again if you’re not asking about the first three movies then I’m gonna
struggle and even if you ask me out that I’m still going to struggle I like the
old Star Wars same in Cain’s same yeah the solar Stan is what me and num num is
Star Wars the rise of Star Walker might be the last Star Wars maybe yeah they’d
a lot of fans have been turned off by it all of the new ones cuz it seems to just
be back cashing in there’s this place to making
quality but why weren’t you interested in any of it you don’t take a great
interest even what you’d be all about Marvel movies Archie anything Marvel
pretty much comes out can you get that can you get me the the Marvel’s maybe
plays yeah because it was kind of everyone’s talked about it so I went to
watch because people talk about it yeah Oh some time I watched trailer and it
looks nice look good so I want to watch it but usually yeah I
remember on one of my abandoned counts in 2015 there is a video that I played
Angry Birds Star Wars but didn’t even know there was such a thing Star Wars
I did get angry bird two haven’t played that one yet I finally managed at it
managed how to work out what are the popular games took me only took a year
and work that out will say found a youtube channel it does great graphics
for that it’s quite amazing to watch he does like a series of maybe the last
seven years what are the most popular games and it’ll show you things go up
and down and up and you should have seen the rise and fall
of fortnight I thought fortnight was pretty much the most popular played game
in the world it’s not you know what is 8x legends I don’t even know that game
you’ve played by Ball legends bang bang my ball edge into whatever it is which
is basically the same thing and your little rep bags see bling that’s what
shape planks I’m sure of it right League of Legends apex legends
slaughtered still here with another yes sir say have you been in slaughter we’ve
only met you recently I remember he likes copying and pasting other people’s
comments or she I don’t know if it’s a he or she
because I know this they did that to me and then I went and check the channel
out you got anything to say about that stinky nothing
I made his Star Wars Battlefront 2 video when I played a rebel solaced and maybe
main kid oh yeah that’ll be like Star Wars fan fiction I guess my Stan
Greenberg games took off the App Store oh say that’s another thing random
suggested a clash of clans game that I am kicking myself that we didn’t strain
cuz they removed it only after two or three months you can’t I’ve still got
the yellow way slow no I was fast enough to when he suggested and I’ve downloaded
the game but I know nothing don’t know what you’re talking about
canes well so with the snow on CAC you can actually switch it on and off I
think year round came cuz I didn’t know you could switch it off until someone
told me in a stream basically if you go to your settings function it’ll have a
option for you on or off I think it still applies I
haven’t checked it recently and slaughters a dude okay good so I know
that I’ll say you have great taste in music so that’s where they saw an
original comment yeah it’s very thank you for saying that slower I’ve got to
say you do too cuz that’s how we met now I was thinking of maybe putting the
playlist of music that I’ve got public because you know it’s it’s not our music
that we’ve done it’s just stuff that I’ve collected and it’s very eclectic
isn’t it stinky the the music my music playlist it’s all over the place we got
old stuff new stuff this and that you like most of the songs on it Dane she
got bored of it after a while to be honest either you play for months there
it’s dreams yeah well I like that song that Kings like the Halloween’s the
scary one I’m talking about not YouTube’s free music ah normal music
normal songs popular songs I don’t know about that you Reba favourite scary
music eh you’re talking to me Jane never he’s gotta go I think she just can’t
handle look I’ve tried to change your talking a couple of times everything but
I don’t mind talking about Star Wars or music for that matter what’s everyone’s
favorite music what are they that’s a good question for me to ask if you don’t
mind because I’m always looking for new music and to find out what the can I
call them baby boomers just if they’re gonna use the term boomer for us can I
say that they’re baby boomers which is where the original term came from okay
always wanting to learn about me popular music that the younger generations of
listening to say this old grandpa can keep up today old uncle food I dunno
David’s here we haven’t seen him for a long time
hey Jenelle it’s good to see you again we hope you’re in good health and
everything’s fine we’re having a discussion about I guess
music and Star Wars at the moment don’t know what NF means so solaced is a
planet in the Star Wars universe geez awesome does know his stuff
I’d like to pit awesome against my brave see if he can do it yeah thanks you yes
we’re good had a relaxing week this week we’ve got a fair bit of YouTube work to
catch up on stinky we’re getting close it’s going to
be less than 300 hours after this stream and there’s a lot of work to do on the
channel to make sure that they’re happy with tags and so on and also talk to me
about your music tastes name some songs I can add it to my playlist last time
you like my song well not my song do you even know the names of the songs
you’re pretty good with the artists surprisingly what surprisingly you can’t
name actors to save yourself but you know you know artists of music became my
actors I don’t watch you watch plenty of movies though not reason I do know you
do know I know all these stuff because I played bait star wars battlefront games
I did see some of that online but again we couldn’t get battlefront on the phone
then he had two or three Star Wars games that looked legit and then a whole heap
of others that look like they were ripoffs there’s a Star Wars Lego game
and watched all the movies what is your favorite Guns and Roses song mine back
in the day where’s patience but lately and – he’s a funny thing slaughter I
only liked a couple of guns and raises of songs growing up one being patients I
didn’t really like sweet child of mine and then stink pants played it and then
I started to really like it once I had a the acoustic version of it / playing
with them he’s that guy that he used to replace Axl for a bit when they had
dodgy body memories name but yeah the I learned I’ve now learnt how to play that
song or at least part of it say and then what else there’s a few good ones I’m
trying to think of some of the other Jesus been a while since I’ve listened
to Guns and Roses and just to let you know slaughter actually sing guns and
razors live back in 1992 that’s going back away back away that’s nice to hear
that my favorite youtubers are fine Thank You Janelle that’s very kind of
you we love hearing from the DL G and what’s your favorite guns and razors
long songs I can name them I just don’t know if I’d call them favorite like
November rain it’s a good song not my favorite sweet shy or my patient it’s
alright welcome to the jungle it’s okay yeah so
you do know song names and bands pretty well I think I saw that okay boomer free
I did there it is there’s the okay boomer can you name the you know more
precent kind of strong Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Ariana Grande’s huh oh not
a tease bad law that’s not new new already does
they said not our paradise city there yeah that’s a classic um can I actually
make him a new song you mean from this year
uh-huh okay let’s make them very old of the murderer can i name is song for me
see ya parents be very silent at the moment that’s because songs these days
they’re just not as good as the old songs I just play some song that you
actually said you like and that’s kind of new did I ask you what the name was
maybe not you asked what’s the play listen I’m like they keep changing
things it’s YouTube right or something how about give me one of the Justin
Bieber I know you know one of the HR on Justin Bieber songs at least one of them
I know that like I can recognize the song I just don’t know the name of it oh
oh okay can you can you name a song from this year a non rate song from this year seven ring ariana grande no that’s not
this year isn’t this year’s almost finished come on I’ve got one seven
rings ariana grande hey late design what’s everyone’s favorite artist
I’d like to know you that like here are your favorite bands very
tell me first yours for yours Oh Beck Beck Beck is the favorite solo artist by
far Beatles Rolling Stones remember it’s just one most favorite how about that
most favorite The Beatles would be the most favorite band Beck would be the
most favorite individual artist I’d say you just try to make it modern one right
Beatles are before my time guys maybe me here where we are you I like many kinds of music before I
don’t like hip-hop oh no no not hip-hop rap yeah you don’t like rap until these
days I actually like it I told you it’s like you know it tastes it’s him yeah
much everything else I like hip-hop but I don’t generally like rap but II mean
I’m I think his music grow and that’s why I’m stacked like some of his music
that I’m never appreciated before yeah as you get older it’s like you know
either I didn’t like Brussels sprouts when I was young but I’ll likely now as
you get older your tastes change there’s a lot of songs that I did make when are
you only not to like me to God nice against farm and slaughter says my guy
with the Beatles yes what’s your favorite Beatles song everyone should
have a favorite Beatles song I’ve probably got two of them to a very
hard to beat for me why do you love away awesome Beatles song and then the other
one is Oh Jeannie I’ve got to think of it it’s George Harrison right it here
comes the Sun two of the most beautiful songs ever written I think one of them
is quite simple to play in singing and all that but it’s very very good in my
life says slaughter that’s an awesome Beatles song as well I can play that one
too I think of in my life and yesterday in the same vein I mean you don’t have
to answer this slaughter but I’m quite curious tonight how old you are if it’s
too personal don’t answer but looks like swords got a awesome taste in music and
what about you can you pick anything for beat oh yes Ford is your favorite song I
only know what about your favorite song my favorite song hmm it’s kind of keep
changing I don’t really have like I’m not sick with anything for long I will
get bored and I will move on for another song for a few years and then I keep
move on I have I like um so I like the orchestra metalic yeah you do night
which from I don’t know what countries around Netherland Scandinavian something
like that but they changed the leading vocalist so the present one I don’t like that much
fair enough now there’s a question here that I’ll answer in a second but
slaughter says they’re 13 and I’ve got to say if that’s the case you have the
best taste in music well anyone that can appreciate music from their before their
time that is truly a I respect that a lot because I was like that when I grew
up you know I didn’t listen well I did listen to music that I grew up with and
enjoyed it but I really enjoyed music from before
my time oh you haven’t oh so yeah like an old
soul but the music was better back then Simon and Garfunkel Cat Stevens great
music now ran random it has an awesome question Peter if you had one wish what
would you use it on use it in or what would you explain how how can it go like
how broad can it be anything I guess if you could if you could wish for anything
what would it be and would like to hear your answers to
from the live chat what do you got there stinky me yeah this is gonna ruin my
future career but that’s my which I would say I don’t want anyone to have
disease that’s a very good week yeah I would love to say something like world
peace but I don’t even know if that’s achievable say and this might sound
really greedy but I do have a reasoning behind it I’m told or ultimate wealth if
you you had extreme wealth and you actually want to do good things in life
it would give you the ability to do that and that’s not by donating to other
charities and whatnot that’s actually using the money yourself to create
better things like take care of homelessness and make sure all the
animals on the planet that you can take care of it taking care of you know that
build like a big zoo I’m not a zoo but like a wildlife sanctuary
so that you can take care of all of ya pretty much all of the animals that need
to be taken care of you know from all over the world breeding programs all
that and unfortunately it all costs money if we didn’t have or maybe maybe a
world with no money how about that you go back to bartering and having
relationships with people as opposed to the capitalist exchange anything except
more wishes that’s the the typical one ring so all my wishes what would you
like feared if you Jani rub the bottle rub the genie bottle what wishes could
you have wish number one I’m number two number three and the third wish is
another three wishes and then another three after that what be right back he’s
got a message someone that’s fine and what about you if you could do anything
if you could have anything except for three more wishes what would it be
I’m asking the live chat that mm-hmm because we already know about you but if
you hadn’t let me ask you this if you had no more disease does that mean that
you want people to live forever cuz that wouldn’t be I’m not saying you can’t die
I’m saying just not die it’s not disease yeah not suffer from disease wherever
you say I wish for a painful or painful I wish for a painless death for every
living thing how about that you discuss oft ly into the good night a painless
death fair everyone I don’t know you know people when you
got sick you might suffering and you not die but in suffering for a long time
like chronic disease or something like that like Al’s arm is or something
that’s not necessarily painful but yeah debilitating and yeah randoms the same
like the richest man ever because you could do a lot of good things if you
were if you had that mindset if you you know want to create or do things to make
the world a better place and you have the money to do it what Bill Gates kind
of does I believe he’s a good guy we’re very lucky that the more I’m not
gonna say all of them but a lot of the really extremely rich people in the
world they tend to have a good heart not all of them but we’re lucky that they do
if you’re that wealthy and you do good things say anything it wouldn’t be good
if you didn’t do good things but also I’d have to say I think once you get as
rich as they do they realize well what’s the point in keeping it all for your
family no one’s gonna be able to spend it all in your lifetime what are you
gonna do buy countries and then one said I’m saying they probably do it already
me and mum set it up good ass for years so obsessed with me and mum awesome
or maybe very pissed off because we don’t know I don’t know is it good after
checking me out after this stream what do you think does anyone actually play
musical instruments in there this train I would love to do a collab one day
imagine doing that collabing with other from across the world we could do a very
basic song like what Ray Ray Ray your bait ah
I will safely something a little bit more entertaining than that but you get
where I’m coming from oh you’ve already collabed with me sort of stinky musical
challenge viola nice one we all know I always think those kind of stringed
instruments are hard to play cuz there’s no frets
yeah on it like a guitar or a bass yeah so that’s why she presses me that they
know we had a place their fingers you have to train exactly but my mate that’s
a bass player he got a a fretless bass and didn’t seem to make a difference to
him so wow you really know where your fingers are meant to be slaughter says
recently started playing piano but still learning awesome to hear piano is a very
good instrument to learn it’s very difficult stink pants is a very good
piano player just stinky check out our musical challenges I win yeah but we’re
not I’d get any votes musical challenge when is that stinky because seriously
I’ve got to start recording some stuff for when we can’t do the live streams I
have made no backup videos at the moment like none and I’ve been talking to you
privately about the one video I want to do which it could bring it’ll bring a
lot of attention to the channel but it might not be good attention it could be
very bad attention so trying to get stinky to get ready for another musical
challenge because we wanted to surprise you guys to show you that you know we’re
multi-talented can we say that haha the two dots multi-talented stink pants
pretends to be yeah we do say slaughtered
we’ve already posted three music all challenges on on the channel but
they’re all using the same instrument and we can actually play more than one
instrument and when I say we I mean we both of his can can’t we stinky and she
wouldn’t let me buy I was gonna buy another instrument recently she said no
you can’t we’re spending too much money this month and then she goes and makes a
mistake with the traveling pan plans the cost us a fortune not the
thought you Wyatt each tip is another alien in Star Wars where are all these
characters coming from white achievement I only know the old old characters and
even then if they’re if they don’t get much screen time Oh Evan ease back
welcome back I guess she was bored without us she’d rather be bored with us and do you play any instruments
slaughter odd nice sorry he answered that started playing the piano cranes is
a squid like alien we’ll have to get into the figurines with Yuri yeah if you
get the Star Wars figurines you can see what all of these characters are and
then what about learning it if you could learn a new instrument what would it be
to learn the new one yet I want to you know practice the old one that I haven’t
had a chance to do it properly say when will we get that should I tell them what
you want to get or shouldn’t I what do you mean cuz I like keeping if we ever
upload a music video it’s better that they don’t know what it’s gonna be like
that I know what the next instrument is but I know what you want to get and to
be honest I wouldn’t mind getting into we even went in there and you just
looked around and went luck I don’t have time to do it mmm until I you know
finish my study and have a proper job that kind of thing and then it’s a good
way for stress relief isn’t it with that instrument I’m getting an education a lesson from
awesome at the moment why he’s teaching me about all these characters I’ve never
even heard of before we love to get on a bender you want to go on a a movie
watching bender like you did with marathon yeah like the day you did with
what was it Harry Potter my goodness I couldn’t you got through every single
movie in a day didn’t you two days to do that yeah well well I have any plays
drums piano and flutes there’s a multi talented musician hmm I’d love to hear
some of that and then when you think about it as well it’s piano sorry it’s
percussion it’s wind instrument and I don’t know why you call a piano what do
you call that okay boys I have no idea in English
drums is Bokashi slater’s wind instrument mm-hmm piano is keyboards the
lack of a bit of you know the fingering lovely instruments you gotta use your
fingers that’s true so like even Kida I put the same as piano like guitars
stringed instrument piano is also string inside the machine thing if you don’t
have the electric one Oh suppose you’re right same as d hoc the
hable so you snippet and hop would be a stringed instrument or a string
instrument but I do agree with what you say like that kita and violin viola
that’s different that’s with the what he called the bow that make Baris yeah the
bow that makes noise yeah that’s not really it’s kind of left-handers
fingering yeah but the way you produce out is because it’s the bar the bow yeah
mmm you make a good point Riley no twinkle twinkle little star on piano
you’ll get there everyone I think that is the first song I learned miss twinkle
twinkle a star on the piano and then you
progress from there and then if you’re really good can you play by year or not
I can play by yeah better than red music you you’re much better rating music good
you are on the piano you kill me but I have to take time to read it
yeah been translated from – how can I do it but people can do sight reading which
I can’t do that yet except it’s like twinkle twinkle little star if it’s a
basic one but I have seen the shape music the youth studying it’s not simple
it’s quite complex to me anyway I don’t know I reading that kind of music it was
very difficult so I used to cheat I’m not encouraging everything your
slaughter to do this by the way but when when I had piano lessons
I’d actually ask that teacher can you please play it for me so I can see I
hear what it sounds like and then I’d sheet I just work it out by
yeah from there rather than read the music but it’s funny like you know if
you can both skills are good and very few people can do both equally as well
you’re either a sheet music writer or being able to play by ear it’s very rare
to meet someone that can do both very well but my mate could or can I should
say who’s very good at doing it and you stinky you got no hey if you listen to a
song can you just start playing it or not I have to learn how to do the court and
whatnot like I did study the theory of music until grade 4 but then I give up
but I didn’t I never have a chance to do practice type of exam I never learned
okay never did music exams so never know what
you’re talking about now and I thought music was in every
school sport is saying you wish you had music in school that’s interesting
because we had music in our school job I had a son I didn’t know that hey we’re
all these new Star Wars characters being born from maybe number one number two
number three we don’t lay the law do he but it’s all from George Lucas’s mind
isn’t it at least in the early days then even sold the Disney and now it’s just
they make up stuff well you can read if you want they’re very original it was a
book before it become oh these are true nine say awesome saying some of the
stuff he’s mentioned the troops from comics and video games not from the
actual movies the Clone Wars so we’re not up to date with any of that are we
you know I don’t think I’ve ever read a Star Wars comic or screenplay maybe
maybe that that’s a little bit different the other thing you’d like to do yeah my
school trash that’s sort of funny and can have different levels of education
isn’t it actually there is a news report recently saying that Australian students
have dipped quite considerably in the world they have some sort of well
ranking but how good is your educational system and ours has dropped a huge
amount alarmingly sorry then we’re apparently so far behind
China now why’s that don’t know they they were calling for an
investigation to find out why apparently we’re three years buys so that means if
you already year say you twelve level in Australia yeah that’s the equivalent of
year nine in China that’s a big difference you know our main like no no
I know that some of my other friends that study interstate or went to school
interstate see our state system is not as good as their state system so even
within the country you’ve got that sort of thing happening there are firefighter
battle droids Oh awesome pug of played Lego Star Wars three the Clone Wars for
the Nintendo 3ds we are not up to date with anything Star Wars are we no you’re
not that’s the failing of our Star Wars educational system in Australia do you
say about that fail fail with everything these days
fail with the accents failed live stream now they’re calling for a series of
games as a place to a new game each time which is a pity because I actually
looked at some of the really popular ones which isn’t this one I only chose
this one specifically because of the new Star Wars maybe coming out and stinky
you don’t choose any games I’m not in the position I can choose
game what are you talking like in season there is one that you’ve chosen that I
know you want to play no longer in existence maybe we should do that soon
what do you think you you do a game that no longer exists people but they made a
good point earlier saying picky we’re people from the live chat can
actually join yeah say that have to tell us what they are they you know I didn’t
know that they could join in pixel gun they just happen to same if PE BG mobile
call a GD on you they could instinct pants nice nothing the fader has entered
the check well when did you want to have you finding finding the game is it a
deep before say say well it’s getting had an active playing for a why I
suppose but I’m not a big fan of Star Wars so I’m not you know not really into
it just yes obviously thought they could have done more like I still think the
graphics are amazing the graphics are very very good
but this is like what was that game you played recently you wanna peek and just
you know the one I’m talking about there right something legends yeah whatever
was it’s very similar to that like a tight turn take it in turns type game
mm-hmm so my fan ran had a chance I’m using my computer nice fun at my school
we have choir and band guitar so that was the same for me well I went to two
different schools one was a public one in the country and another one was like
the boarding school private school the one in the country they didn’t have
choir but they did have guitar that was the only inside guitar and um what’s the
the wind instrument everyone lands not float there’s an even simpler one than
that record so what it’s called yeah so that recorder lessons and they had
guitar lessons and that was it but then when I went to the boarding that’s still
better than mine my high school only teach recorder yeah because we have the
our own country musical instrument so we learn one each year so one year we study
recorder and not the year study nah not kita
it’s already know our old country needs to go instrument well that’d be good
yeah I think it might be just one semester not one whole year I want that
instrument now that’s too simple it’s just like playing this it’s like a group
play so you it’s almost like think about drum right you got one kind of drum and
another person got different tone so you kind of have to work in the group that
this and you’re playing this note is your your turn that notice your turn
right did stinky just stays bless you I didn’t have any hearing you know I know
there’s a female Gator in the Phantom Menace called jumble and a baby yo Don
well yo diz breed I didn’t even know that I thought he’s like a priest yes I
did I like a monk or something that didn’t didn’t have a family maybe just a
bleep the family the one that we watch the he’s one have
you guys seen the the Chewbacca movie there is it’s very very hard to find it
came out around the original Star Wars I can be finished here hello how are you
welcome to the stream now yeah I think you joined us briefly in the last one
but we’re only just starting to get tonight can be fit they’ve got an
awesome Fitness channel I think if memory serves me a product
needs it yeah well we memory serves me correctly can be fit does like before
and after weight loss comparisons I think I might be wrong about that
because I’m in contact with a few Fitness channels but the transformations
are very impressive well I have to say an important motivation that is true
they copying me slaughter is doing that before
baby ADA is from the comic and TV shade the Mendel orang men I don’t even
pronounce that correct correctly Matt Matt Lauren I think that’s yeah the
cows up on AC yeah slaughter you I noticed that you do that a lot you
probably shouldn’t they’re not not in the live chat but I noticed that he was
copying other people’s comments videos which we get annoying after a while I
guess I don’t know I just ignore these sorts of things but then again tell I
met him I don’t know what that expression man trying to do is silence
one oh that’s what you’re trying to tell me
giving me secret codes these distinct pants so okay for a little bit longer we
are getting to the two-hour mark now we tend to keep it around two hours or two
and a half yeah we’ll be ending it soon awesome
so which is a pity there’s 12 people in there at the moment but we do try to
stick to the two two and a half hour mark
he’s an acoustic he gets bored sometime not because of you guys because of me because of what I write because of me
that’s what you’re saying isn’t it say I should I stop doing the goodbyes now
should we do that yeah do the two-hour mark for this one that’s
right guys so I was right about that can be fit as a it’s really these sort of
channels are motivational I’d have to say and I probably don’t give enough
plugs to people like awesomes got a great channel as well a lot of I just
love the masks he’s got grace he’s got an awesome mask I don’t know what else
to say about that I want to get he’s right cane does
gaming stuff which is good randoms got a very educational very educational
channel high level it he explains things that I don’t understand to be honest
random genius when it comes to computer stuff so yeah I’m like made everyone
stop commenting on patience search near number watch my Star Wars Battlefront
team yeah I think it’s a time in the stream one of my computer’s restarted
just to update yeah alright so we might might finish it at this point we’ll just
get the last battle in there thank you all for staying as
long as you get have we loved the DOJ you know that dlg is awesome awesome
awesome what DLJ awesome I can’t believe I explained a okay to random yeah
Here I am thinking we’ve got actual Bhima in this dream and I’m taking my
time to explain what dlj means and I know after that it was yeah we already
knew what I was mmm-hmm so we’re almost done we’re just
gonna let stinky getting the last last little attack there and off with you my
goodness enough with the eros spamming there random he should know better your
moderator you shouldn’t be doing that stuff or put you in a timeout again yeah
look they’re all all of them are just standing by at this point I do have to
say you’ve got to be a little bit careful with doing that guys I’m serious
because Mark plier I think got into trouble with people spamming his live
chat so just be aware of that we don’t want to you know have bad things happen
to us because you guys are spamming for some reason starting to buffer mbm I
think ah are you in Australia can be fit and being I wonder if that’s
international as well I don’t know but we definitely have it yeah but yeah I
flee will get 5j and then everything else will be obsolete and well
apparently five days already obsolete with something else that’s already
coming out of China that’s right I don’t know what it is maybe random can answer
that but we’re still having 5g getting rolled out here and already China’s come
up with something better but it’s got a ridiculous down like
speed like something had so many gigabytes per second which is insane
fast gigabytes per second yeah not megabytes right that means you
know you could download a medium ten seconds or less and you’re talking
that’s blue not blu-ray what’s the next one in 4k you’re talking 4k quality
stuff I don’t know what a four seconds what is 4k for case you know how we do
1080p like yeah our streams are in 1080p what’s it like the TV that’s 1080p okay
for case up from that and you one look at me use a lot of it not tech-savvy
teaching the tech-savvy person alright so we’re done
stinkies finished a gameplay well over the two-hour mark so that’s good enough
yep hopefully I have a chat to us in the discord about what you think we should
be doing next to lower suspect that’ll be a clash of clans stream to be honest
for you probably be the very next one I may or may not do an update live one
which no one can join we’ll see we’ll see what happens with that so have a
fantastic weekend hope you have a good week good luck with the new update as
well for all the clash of clans players I’m not looking forward you loving it
yeah it was great to see you all again hopefully we’ll see you in the next one
as well okay got any final words just bye-bye that’s it
yeah nice to see ya all right catch you later guys


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